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LB's "LEGO Harry Potter"
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Year 4

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LB LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4 Game Guide
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LEGO Harry Potter Game Guide

LEGO Harry Potter Table of Contents

  • Year 1
    • The Magic Begins
    • Out of the Dungeon
    • A Jinxed Broom
    • The Restricted Section
    • The Forbidden Forest
    • Face of the Enemy
  • Year 2
    • Floo Powder
    • Dobby's Plan
    • Crabbe and Goyle
    • Tom Riddle's Diary
    • Follow the Spiders
    • The Basilisk
  • Year 3
    • News from Azkaban
    • Hogsmeade
    • Mischief Managed
    • The Shrieking Shack
    • Dementor's Kiss
    • The Dark Tower
  • Year 4
    • The Quidditch World Cup
    • Dragons
    • The First Task
    • Secret of the Egg
    • The Black Lake
    • The Dark Lord Returns

Year 4

The Quidditch World Cup

You will begin this year at the biggest sporting event a wizard has ever seen. Unfortuately, it will begin on a bad note, as the Weasleys and Harry are in a spot of trouble. Time for Hermione and Ginny to save the boys.

From the beginning, move forward, then down the path to the right. At the bottom, make another right, and you'll find George. Zap him with your wand to free him. Continue along that same path, past the wizards and the fireworks, and you'll find another Weasley. Free him by striking the dementor with the glowing pan-like object near the cauldron.

Speaking of the Cauldron, collect the Spider from the nearby web. Have Crookshanks dig at the paw prints, then zap the tree to free the Cherries. The turkey leg is on the nearby grill. Strike to grab it. Drink the potion (invisibility), then move over to the chomping book to the left. Ride it and the car to the left will glow. Use WL to move the car, then enter the camp. Strike the dementor then lift the tent to free George.

Return to the main path, then head up and left. Move down the hill and you'll find another Weasley. Zap the dementor a few times (you may need to also zap a few things in the booth behind), then raise the table.

In the next area, move forward and zap the grey and black plaque. Use WL on it, then use the springboard to clear the fire. Head up the hill a bit and you'll spot a water barrel. Zap it to release it, thus putting out the fire.

Continue up the hill to the next fire. Open the box next door with WL, and one of your friends will extract a barrel. Use it on the fire, then use Crookshanks to dig up the dirt patch. Collect the wheel and place it on the car to the right. Move the car and head forward.

Move up the hill and have Crookshanks dig up the dirt patch. Use WL on the cauldron to activate it.

Take out the Pixie and collect the dropped spout. Place it on the barrel to the right, then use WL on the water bucket to put out the fire and collect the Tooth. Next, move to the bottom right area of the screen, up the small hill to the chest. Destroy the pile next to the chest for the Flower. Finally, for the Bone, take the path that leads to the back left corner of the area. Hit the barrel, watch the skeleton dance, and grab your Bone reward.

Drink from the pot and pull the handle to the right. Move through the door.

Another Dementor battle! Since you are without Harry's Patronus powers, you're going to have to fight those around you with Expelliarmus (the red one). Zap the Dementors, then the Dementors and Snakes, then the Dementors and Snakes one more time. Doing so will complete the chapter.

House Crests

1. Clear all 8 fires in the first area (don't miss the one by your camp, bottom right).

2. Clear all 5 fires in the second area.



Follow the ghost stud trail to Potions Class. Looks like you are looking for a Snake, a Leaf and a Banana.

Begin with the Leaf. Locate the trunk in the bottom right corner. Open it and carry the released step over to the water machine just left of the fish tank. Step on the left step and a friend will step on the right. After a while, all the stepping will release the Leaf.

Move the the bottom left corner, where the orange shade usually is. This time it's a ram door. Use WL on it, then have Hermione access the bookcase. Use WL on the dropped bricks, and a potion machine (for lack of a better word), will be created. The book on the table tells you that you need a purple potion, a green potion, and an orange potion. You have red, blue, and yellow. So, mix the red and blue for the purple (pop the bubble), blue and yellow for the green, and red and yellow for the orange. Doing so will create a Snake (who knew?). Place it in the Cauldron.

Finally, unplug the pipe and stick Crookshanks in it (Scabbers is no longer with us). Have him move up and right, then walk left to the opposite side. Tap the weight, then drop back down below. Zap the bird, then place the resulting bird legs in the tank. Collect the Banana.

Mix for the Ageing Potion, then drink.

Follow the ghost studs to the Great Hall. After the cutscene, continue to follow the trail to Hagrid's Hut, where you will learn about Dragons.


Move past the first cell and note the purple ball. Free it of the smaller yellow balls, then use WL on it. Place it in the purple bucket, high above the first cell, then zap the lock on the door. Enter the cell and use WL to move the ball up and right. When it drops, continue to move it along the pipe to the right, until it drops, releasing a baby dragon. Exit out and cross right.

Free the handle from the Pixies, then build it so it attaches to the left wall. Have Hagrid pull it, then make your way along the revealed path. Use Lumos on the vines at the end, then build from the bricks a mushroom pad. Bounce to the upper level, fix the handle, and have Hagrid pull it. Cross the bridge to the second Dragon.

Unravel the mini-xylaphone inside the dragon's cell, and watch as the dragon spits out notes. Play as he does (hover over the bars then guide the mallet on top of the bar). After three rounds, the dragon will go to sleep.

Head right. Jump over the gaps, avoiding the blue fire as you go. At the end head left. Use WL on the bucket that's above the flames (and right) to dip it in the tank, then hover above the flames. You'll need about one full bucket per flame to completely extinguish it. When all three fires are out, build from the bricks a ramp, then climb for the third Dragon.

Here, simply grab the purple ring and hover it over each of the chain connectors. The dragon will aim and fire at the hoop. After a few hits, then chain will break. Break all three, then continue to make your way up the path to the stairstep bricks. Build those on the left side, from bottom to top, green, blue, and red. Start the building to the right, so the stairs actually go over the gap. Climb to the top, and jump right. Make your way down to the bottom and exit out.

Head right and pull one chain while your parter pulls another. Someone else will pull a third. Move up the path and have Fang dig up the dirt patch. Have Hagrid fall through the hole and pull the handle. Switch to Harry.

Slip on the Invisibility Cloak and move right. Use Lumos on the vines, then break the flower. Raise the platform to the right and wait for Hagrid to pass under it. Continue through the opening in the tree.

Switch to Hagrid and use WL on the mushroom, then creating a passage below. Move through it and have Fang dig up the dirt. Use WL on the chain, then quickly switch to Harry. Target and hit the revealed chain disk before it retracts. Move along the bridge to the right.

The First Task


Work your way out of the Gryffindor Common Room and follow the ghost studs to DADA, where you will have a new spell at your disposal, Reducto. Reductor breaks metal, which is good, as five students in the room are trapped by metal. Cast at the metal trapping the boys, and the spell will become your own. Exit.

Follow the ghost studs to the tent left of Hagrid's Hut. Enter.

The First Task

Make your way to the right, using the large stone pillars for protection. When you get to the last one, stand behind it and wait for the dragon to hit it with his tail. Build from its remains and a tiny dog creature will aid in knocking down the line of pillars to the right. Move through them.

Continue right until you spot a purple pool of sorts. Next to it is a large rock. Move the rock atop the pool and drop it. This will create a platform AND some bricks. Build from the bricks a cauldron. Collect the Tooth from the nearby dragon skull. Grab the Bone from the nearby skeleton. Finally untangle the Flower from the vines, and you'll have your potion. Use it to pull the handle up on the ledge.

Climb back up to the high ledge and move the platform onto the peg to the right. Cross right. Make your way across the stone platforms, waiting for the flames to disappear before jumping. At the last platform, look right and use WL on the water barrel. Wait for it to put out the water, then cross.

Make your way up the hill. Release the red brick from the Pixie, have Crookshank dig up the blue one, and destroy the pillar to the right to release the green. Line them up on the purple platforms, shortest to tallest, and make your way up to the top.

After the cutscene you'll find yourself up on the rooftop. Head right...then RUN! Run from that dragon until you reach a safe area. Take a breather and the RUN again, as Mr. Dragon will eventually break through. Continue forward until you reach the end of the path...and chapter.

Character Stone

Cedric (Dragon Task) - Pour the small bucket of water of the flames to reveal.

Fleur (Dragon Task) - As you run across the rooftops (away from the Dragon), you'll enter a few temporary safe areas. The stone is in the first one, back right corner.

Secret of the Egg

Follow the ghost studs until you get a cutscene, then follow them again. You'll end up in the restricted area, right of the Great Hall. Continue along your path until you're block by some metal bars. Break them with Reducto and enter the bathroom.

Begin by collecting four frogs (or green shells?) and placing them on the rim of the bathtub. The first is in front of the tub. Easy enought. To collect the second, empty the barrel at the bottom of the screen. Build from the bricks a toilet seat cover, then use WL to close the two toilets. A frog will be released.

The third frog is in a water tank on the left side of the room. Free it by using Reducto on the sinks to the left of it.

Finally, collect the fourth frog by zapping the lockers in the back left corner. Release the umbrella and use WL to give it to the portrait.

When all frogs have been placed, hop into the tub. After the quick cutscene, make your way to the stained glass window. Use WL on the window washer to scrub the window clean (go all the way to the top). When the mermaid awakens, she'll toss crabs at you. Zap them. Next she'll throw bricks at you. Build them into a train. Take out the next group of crabs, then use WL to carry the clouds over the mermaid. She'll spit out a wheel. Put it on the pipes to the right (bottom corner), and turn. End chapter.

House Crests

1. Use WL on the three torches in the bathroom (two right, one left).

2. Open all the medicine cabinets (three left, one right).

Character Stone

Cedric Diggory - Use your Patronus on the Dementor Bogart that pops out of the trunk.

The Black Lake

Follow the ghost studs across the covered bridge and along the path down the hill. Use Reducto on the gate. Continue down the stairs to the water.

Swim down to the line of studs. Follow it to the right until you come to a circular vent of sorts. Swim down into it and you'll be spit out a different vent. Continue right. Along the way you'll run into a few octopi. I found Expelliarmus most useful against them.

Swim down the hill, then continue forward. A large vine structure will appear before you. Backtrack a bit and look at the ground. When you come to the rock structure, hit it with your wand until another vent is exposed. Swim down into it and you'll be spit out the other side. Swim forward and use WL on the vine. Cedric will do the same on the other side. When the vine falls, swim back to the vent and move through it. Make your way right.

Look to the cliffs above where you'll eventually spot two highlightable objects. Swim up to them and place them both on the nearby staff. The staff will fall and break through the rock wall ahead. Continue forward.

In the next area, take the high path while Cedric takes the low one. Switch to Cedric and use WL on the barrier, then swim beneath it. Continue right to the crab. Use WL on it, then place it on the bubbling structure behind you. The above rock will drop, allowing Harry to swim right. Switch to Harry and do just that.

You'll find yourself blocked in an area with a single blinking eye and a few tentacles. Zap the tentacles and the creature will disappear, creating an open path for Cedric. Switch to him and take it. Use Lumos at the vine.

Eventually the paths of the two swimmers will merge and fork again. Take the high path and destroy the red plant at the end. Pick up the pearl and swim it down to the clam below. Place the pearl. Swim up and right.

Use Expelliarmus on the mermaid, then break through the coral below to reveal another vent. Swim through it, take out the next mermaid, then swim right. Use WL on the purple ball and place it on the weight. Next, use WL on the anchor to release the chain behind you. Next, swim back through the vent and go right. Highlight the anchor here to release the second chain. There is another all the way left (stay low and use Lumos on the vents to access it).

House Crests

1. After moving through the tunnel area, where Harry is high and Cedric is low, the tunnels merge. Take the high path to the dead end for the crest.

Character Stones

Crum Shark - In the area where you place the purple ball on the weight, swim all the way left and open the trunk. Highlight the discs on all the chains with Reducto and cast your spell to complete the level.

The Dark Lord Returns

Turn the staircase and move up it. Use Reducto on the metal object, then WL on the wheel. Zap the portrait and continue up the next two flights. Take out the Pixies, hang up the portrait, zap the portrait, climb again. Move up the spiral staircase to the final arena.

Destroy all the plants in the middle and build from their remains a Gold Knight. Strike the knight with a spell and he'll rotate, pointing his sword to the right, then to the left. Run right. You'll mometarily disappear, the reappear on the left. Run left. Do this before he rotates back around and resets.

In the next area are Pixies. Take them out. Build and zap the Knight who will point left, right, front. Run in these directions.

Use Lumos on the vines, then build the Knight. Right, left, front, back.

Make your way forward, along the main path. Avoid the sliding walls as you go. Go straight, then right. Work your way through a small covered corner, then go right again. There will be two doors ahead of you, one is dark with red sparkles (you can't go through it in story mode). The other is lighter, but won't move. Back up a few steps and free the Pixie of the key. Place it on the small pillar next to the door and turn. Move through the door.

Continue forward and right. Use WL on the glowing book and use the trampoline to get over the wall. Use Lumos on the vines, then WL on the fly. Use WL on the second fly and the spider will break the walls. Approach the nearby lion and use WL on the third fly. Make your way to the Goblet of Fire.

To defeat the Dark Lord, you must first take down his Death Eaters with Expelliarmus. When they fall, Voldemort will pull you next to him. As he casts his spell, rapidly tap the button indicated ("X" on the Xbox 360) to return Voldemort's spell back at him.

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