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LB's "LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues" (Nintendo DS) Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC version please go here:
LB's "LEGO Indiana Jones 2" Walkthrough - X360, PS3, Wii, PC

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  • 100% Completion
  • Nintendo DS
  • ALL Artifacts, Journal Pages, Red Bricks, and Gold Bricks
  • Story Mode and Challenges Mode Wwalkthrough
  • ALL Extras/Cheats Unlocked
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Get our 100% Completion LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (NDS) guide:

LB LEGO Indy 2 DS Game Guide!

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LEGO Indiana Jones 2 (DS) Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (LIJ2) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Nintendo DS (NDS) contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

What does that mean? This game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of the Story Mode and Challenges Mode, the locations of all Artifacts, Red Bricks, and Journal Pages, and a complete explanation of all game elements and character abilities.

In other words, if you're having Indy troubles, this guide contains the Indy answer!

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Below you'll find a sample pulled from the game guide. Note that the downloadable guide is in PDF format and is much prettier than what is below. It is beautifully bookmarked and includes screenshots! That being said, you'll get an idea of the quality of information contained in the guide. Enjoy!

Opening Sequence

After the long opening movie, you'll end up in the water next to your downed plane. Follow the stud (coin) trail to the ramp on the far side of the plane. Exit the water and go through the door.

Hit the "Y" button to punch and destroy the crates. You'll see some bouncing lego pieces on the ground. Press and hold "A" to build the pieces into a ladder. Climb up.

At the top, head left to the brown WHIP PAD (the floor pad where you are prompted to use your whip). To use the whip pad, stand on it and you'll see your touch screen turn into a whip. Slide your thumb along the whip to use the whip to automatically swing across the gap.

Head left and the balcony will collapse. You'll fall to the floor. Build a BOUNCER (jump pad) from pieces on the ground and then hop up on it. Press and hold the "B" button to jump higher, landing on the balcony to the left. Climb up the ladder there.

Head right and jump the gap to the right. You'll reach a green PARTNER PAD. These pads allow you to toss your partner up to higher levels. When you stand on it you'll see your touch screen turn into an arrow. Run your thumb along the arrow to toss your partner up to the higher level.

You are now playing as Marion. Build the ladder so Indy can join you. To the right is a hanging bar switch. Both characters need to jump up to the bar so that your combined weight pulls it down. The depth perception may be a bit odd here, so if you're jumping and not grabbing the bar just try from a different spot. Once you grab it, your partner will automatically grab it if you are playing by yourself.

That switch lowers a ladder. Drop off the switch by hitting "A" and then climb the ladder. You'll be outside on the top of the tower. Follow the stud trail and jump off.

The Island

You'll end up in water. Swim up to the beach and head right to the hut. There isn't much you can do here right now, but this is your central place for all of the data in the game. Just to the left of the hut are two large wooden doors, like those in Jurassic Park. Approach them and they'll open. Go through.

Journal Page Hunting

You'll now be asked to choose a character. You only have Indiana Jones and Marion, so choose one (confirm) and then choose the other (confirm).

Your goal is to free the hanging Mac.

In front of you, you'll see two blue pads. There are two nearby blue boxes that you need to find, placing each onto the blue pads. Head left and grab the blue box sitting on the ground. You can pick it up using the touch screen or by hitting "A". Carry it over to the blue pads and place it down.

Head right and you'll see a partner pad. Toss your partner up the ledge, grab the blue box, and carry it to the blue pad. Place it down. You can now build a ladder from the parts. Climb up and then climb up the next ladder. You'll see a partner pad. Step on it and toss your partner up to the plane wing. It'll collapse under your weight, creating a ramp. Climb up.

On this ledge you'll see engine parts. Assemble them and use the engine as a step to jump up to the higher ledge. Climb the GRAB BARS by jumping from one to the other. You'll end up on a wing with a whip pad. If you happen to be Marion at this point, look down at your touch screen and you'll see Indy flashing. Tap him and you'll turn into him.

As Indy, use your whip (slide your thumb along it on the touch screen). You'll free a boulder resulting in Mac being freed.

Jump down to him and talk to him. He'll leave behind the CRYSTAL SKULL JOURNAL PAGE. Grab it.

Although Mac says that you can do some exploring to the left and the right (and you can if you want), what you really want to do is tap the journal on the touch screen. Select: Story >> Act I >> Hangar 51 >> Story. You'll now be asked to save, finally!

Indy's Journal

Indy's Journal allows you to play the various levels in the game and gives you access to information. It also gives you a quick briefing on each level. To flip pages in the journal push left or right on the control pad (D-Pad). To skip the journal, just push the "B" button.

You can access the journal anytime that you are on the island by hitting the journal icon on your touch screen.

Get our 100% Completion LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (NDS) guide:

LB LEGO Indy 2 DS Game Guide!

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Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Act II

2. Soviet Camp

At the start of this level you have Indy, Mutt, and Marion available to you...oh what a happy family.

Find Oxley and the Crystal Skull

Enter the tents until you find Oxley. Break the lockers inside and in the right side locker you'll find the crystal skull. This will make Oxley active and you now have him as one of your characters.

Beat up the enemies back outside and head right until you see star sparklies at the top of the screen (not the ones in the lower right). As you approach you'll be told that the Crystal Skull can move and build special LEGO pieces. Switch to Oxley by tapping his character on the touch screen.

Move him to the sparklies and hold down the "A" button until the leaves above move. Find where they landed and hold "A" again until the leaves form stairs for you to climb the rock in the middle.

At the top, use the skull again (hold "A") to move the leaves back up to where they started, thus forming a bridge to the left for you. Go across and head up the path. Head right until you go through a cave entrance.

The Cave

Head left along the narrow path and use the skull to raise the jeep out of the swamp (a Yoda moment). Do it again to form a platform for you to jump on. Do so and cross over to the tree root path on the other side. Head left a tad and then use the skull to move the jeep platform again.

This time, cross the platform and you'll end up on some rocks in the middle of the quicksand. Use the skull again to move the jeep platform one last time and use it to get to a second set of rocks.

From here, use the skull to raise and build a platform from the plane. Cross it to more rocks, move it one more time, cross and you'll get to a rope hanging from a tree. Climb up and you'll see a Mutt wall.

Switch to Mutt and climb the wall. Cut the rope to drop a bridge into place below. Either hop down, cross the bridge, and climb up the next Mutt wall, or, swing from the ropes.

Either way you'll be on the upper path. Cross this bridge and cut the rope to lower it into place. Indy can now cross to the left. Assemble the pieces near the rope you just cut and a rope will be lowered for Indy to climb up.

Now that both characters are on the upper path, swing from the ropes heading right until you get to the bar that you both need to jump up to. Do so and your weight will open the bars on the doorway behind you. Go through.

Crane Game

Switch to Marion and head right across the green beam. Climb up the ladder and head left along the green beam. Walk in front of the crane truck and you'll see an enemy rise up a tad. Just to the left is a crank and some pieces. Build the pieces into a rope and then turn the crank to rotate the crane basket to the left.

Hop down and grab the blue box. Walk to the crane basket and set down the blue box. Climb up the rope to the crank and turn it to move the basket to the other side of the gap.

Head over there and grab the box out of the basket. Place it on the blue plate and assemble the pieces into a pressure switch. Have both characters hop onto it and the crane truck will start up. Step into the crane basket and you'll be lowered.

Forklift Frolick

Use the whip pad to pull down a special lego piece. Use Oxley to arrange that piece into a platform near the pile of wood. Use the green partner pad to get to the forklift and drive it to the platform you just created. It'll lift up.

Use the pile of wood and the platform you just created to get to the top of the conveyor engine. If you want to find an artifact, head up the ladder and through the tunnel. Otherwise, build the two steam stacks from the pieces.

Drop back down and hop into the forklift. Drive it right and run it into the next platform on the gray/silver floor. Just like it did before, it'll automatically raise the platform. The machine will start working and it'll spit out a crate that breaks into pieces on the left side.

Assemble the pieces into a lever and pull it to open the door to the right of it. Go through.

Indiana Frogger

Hop into the water and swim right, going up the broken bridge. You'll see the river fill with logs which you have to hop over, frogger-style. Okay, technically you don't, but still it's fun. Either way you get there, cross the river and head up the broken ramp/bridge on the right. You'll see a torch on it. Grab it.

Head back down and hop on the rocks toward the burning barrel. Light the torch on it and head back to the broken bridge. Climb up and fall down onto the boat with the barrel. It'll ignite, thus destroying the boat.

Head back up to the top of the bridge, and, as Oxley, use the skull to move the pieces into a platform so that you can cross over the gap in the bridge.

Jungle Cutter Chase

This challenge asks that you collect 15,000 studs as you run from the jungle cutter. It doesn't matter if you actually get 15,000 or not as that has to do with an artifact. Just stay in front of the jungle cutter and the level will eventually end.


1. In the camp. Use the torch to light the three unlit torches.

2. After you leave the camp you'll cross a stone bridge. Dig up the star patch.

3. In the room with the blue crate and the crane at the top, hit the punch pad on the far right side. A crate will drop with an Artifact inside.

4. In the room where you use the mini-forklift to raise the platform. Before exiting the room, work your way along the platforms to the right, where you'll find the Artifact.

5. In the same mini-forklift room, move through the tunnel at the top and enter the conveyer belt room. Place the blue crate on the blue pad that's high and left for the Artifact.

6. Cut the boat free and grab the Artifact from the chest.

7. Grab it as you're cross the log area.

8. Just after the log area you have to hop on rocks to light the torch. Near where you light the torch there is a hidden cave/tunnel at the back of the area. Jump up to the tunnel and once in the new room, jump on the gray rocks as they appear to get the artifact.

9. Complete the Jungle Cutter Chase with 15,000+ Studs.

10. Maps. The first is in the tent where you find Oxley. The second is in the swamp room, where Oxley raises and moves the swamp trash so you can cross it, up above, between hanging ropes. The third is in the river area. Make your way toward the waterfall via the moving logs. Jump onto the downed log to the left and fall into the hole (fall from the top of the hole). Inside, destroy the chests to reveal the Artifact.

Get our 100% Completion LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (NDS) guide:

LB LEGO Indy 2 DS Game Guide!

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