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LB's "LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues" Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking for the Nintendo DS version please go here:
LB's "LEGO Indiana Jones 2" Walkthrough - Nintendo DS

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  • ALL Bonus and Creator Levels
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LB Lego Indy 2 Game Guide
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LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (LIJ2) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC contains everything you need to earn 100% completion!

What does that mean? This game guide contains a detailed Walkthrough of every chapter and level, the locations of all Green Bricks, Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Characters, and Vehicles, how to unlock and complete all Bonus Missions, and a complete explanation of the new Creator Level.

In other words, if you're having Indy troubles, this guide contains the Indy answer!

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Below you'll find a sample pulled from the game guide. Note that the downloadable guide is in PDF format and is much prettier than what is below. It is beautifully bookmarked and includes screenshots! That being said, you'll get an idea of the quality of information contained in the guide. Enjoy!



Barnett College Town

You begin outside Barnett College. You're immediately told to use the "Switch Character" button to switch back and forth between characters. Each character has a certain set of abilities and you'll need to utilize those skills during the story mode. Don't worry, though, the game will always make sure that you have the right personnel selected. Go ahead and give the switch character button a whirl to get used to it.

Near where you start you'll see a blue mailbox. Punch it to reveal a banana. Use your "Action" (Use ability / tool / pick up / switch weapon / cancel) button to grab the banana. Head down toward the train and the railroad crossing gate. Next to it is a tree with a monkey at the top. With the banana equipped (if it's not equipped, just hit the "Grab" button again), follow the instructions to target the monkey (Wii: hold "B" and aim the controller at the monkey). When you are over him you'll see the crosshairs turn white. Release the "Target" button to throw the banana. The monkey, who of course loves bananas, will toss you a key.

With the key in hand, head to the left side of the railroad crossing gate (left if you are facing the gate) and use the key in the gears using the same "Action" button you used to grab the banana a few moments ago. The gears will spin and the gate will rise up. Walk into the train to automatically ride it.

Military Warehouse

You need to find a small crate to place on the green floor plate. Head up from where you start and you'll see such a crate...there will be a blue arrow pointing down at it. Grab it using your "Action" button (Z on Wii), carry it over to the green plate, and then drop it using the same button. You can now use it to climb the crates.

At the top head right and you'll see a hanging lamp. You need to use your whip on it to swing across the gap. To do this, equip your whip using the "Action" button. With it equipped, target the lamp until you get the white lock-on. Release the target button to latch on to the lamp. Now hanging from the lamp, move your control stick left and right to swing back and forth. When you have enough momentum, use the "Jump" button to jump off to the right, onto the next set of crates.

On this pile of crates you'll see a checkered floor. A checkered floor is a smooth floor, meaning that you can push something on it. In this case, push the green tool box to the ledge, thus making it spill, by simply pushing against it.

Drop down to the floor on the left and you'll see a pile of legos that you just created. Stand near them and build them by holding down the "Action" button (aka, the build button). This will result in a set of bars that your partner can use to climb up to the crates on the right. Do the same and then drop off the crates, now to the right.

In this area, destroy everything. You'll reveal a floor switch next to a fan (on the left), an inactive robot with green floor plates on either side (in the middle), a bullseye target atop a crate (on the right), a crate with lego pieces (far right), and a similar crate with pieces inside in the bottom left.

Carry each of the two lego piece crates and set them down on the green plates. When you set them down the pieces will become available to you. Assemble them to create the arms of the robot.

Switch to Mac (the other character) and use his gun to shoot the bullseye target (equip the gun and aim in the general direction of the bullseye while hitting the attack button). This will open the crate revealing to you several Staffs of Ra (seriously, isn't there only one staff of ra?). Grab a staff as Mac and carry it over to either of the two bright spots on the floor near the robot. When you get to a spot, use the action button to activate the staff and aim the beam of sunshine (light) onto either of the discs on the robot's arm. Switch back to Indy, grab another Staff of Ra from the crate, and do the same for the other beam of light.

If one or the other character leaves his spot, just redo it (aim one beam of light, switch characters and aim the other) until you get it.

Once the two beams of light hit the robot's discs, it'll freak out and crash into the crates on the right. Before you head over there, you may want to use the fan to get up to Purple Stud (10,000).

Head over to the now destroyed robot and assemble its pieces. This will create a platform for you to jump on, however, the crates to the right are on fire! Head back to the left a tad and locate the three water bottles on the floor. Grab one, head back to the fire, and target an area of the fire. Release to throw the bottle. Repeat. There are two targets in the fire that you have to hit to put it out.

Once all is clear, hop up onto the crates and drop down into the next area to the right.

As Mac, shoot the bullseye to reveal a cabinet with spears. Grab a spear and then target one of the three orange receptacles on the crates at the back of the area (up from the spear cabinet). Repeat for the other two receptacles so that you create a series of spears (aka, bars) that you can use to climb up to the platform. To do this, jump up to the lowest spear and then push right while jumping to get to the next highest. Repeat until you are on the checkered platform. Push the tool box along the platform so that it dumps out.

What the what!?! The tools are all magnetically drawn to one particular crate. Crazy!

Head to the middle of the area and climb the crates so that you can get to the three hanging chains on the right. Swing from each chain, jumping to the next, so that you can reach the tool box and checkered floor to the right. Push the tool box off of the ledge and the tools will also be drawn to the magnetic crate. The crate will open and you'll get a cutscene.

Military Warehouse - Vehicles

After the cutscene you'll have access to a jeep. To use a vehicle, get near it and press the "Switch Character" button. Once inside, use your control stick to go in the direction you want to go. To reverse, hold down the "Action" button.

You need to drive two vehicles and place each one on one of the yellow floor plates. But where is the other vehicle? Head to the right of the area where you see the large shipping container crate. Use the crates on the right of it to hop up. On top you'll find two floor switches. Step on one while your partner steps on the other to open the crate. Inside is a tricycle. Drive the jeep over one floor plate and the tricycle over the other. This can actually be a little tough because the vehicles are jumpy and sensitive, so just use the control stick gently.

Once both plates are activated, a garage door on the right will open. Enter and approach the lever. Stand near it and use your "Action" button to activate it. A ladder will uncurl from the catwalk above. Use the hanging chains to get over to it. Climb it and hop the gaps in the catwalk to get over to the Commandant. He'll drop down to the circular structure below.

Drop down and approach him in the circle. You'll crash through the floor and get a cutscene.

Boss Fight - Commandant

The Commandant is atop the jet engine. As Indy, equip your whip. Stand near the engine (but not close enough for it to hurt you) and target the Commandant. When you get the white crosshairs lock on, release the target button to whip your whip, thus snaring the Commandant. Drag him over to the two floor buttons and step on the left one. Your partner will step on the other. This will light the engine and as the engine spins, it will blast the Commandant. Repeat this two more times to finish him off.

If the engine's flame is not hitting the Commandant when you have him tied up and are on the left button, run away and then back so that he's as far from you as possible and therefore, in the line of the engine's fire.

Completion Unlocks

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark story mode
  • Creator (creator area)
  • Character: Janitor

Get our 100% completion LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues guide:

LB Lego Indy 2 Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Versions Included!

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Nuclear Family House

From the start, destroy the pile of rubble to your right and assemble it into a kiddie rocket ride for fun (meaningless, but fun). Head down the road and enter the house with the green arrow pointing to it.

After the cutscene you are in the house. Head left and punch the teal counch to reveal a tray of legos. Grab it and carry it over to the green plate on the floor (you'll see a white arrow above it). Drop it on the plate. Head to the back of this same room and grab another tray of legos off of the buffet table. Carry it over to the same green floor plate and drop it. Assemble the legos.

Push the assembled legos away from you (toward the top of the screen) to reveal a lever that you can pull to open the safety gate on the stairs. Do so and head up the stairs.

Now on the second floor, head left into the bathroom. Destroy the wall behind the toilet to reveal a switch. As Indy, target it and use your whip to hit it. This will cause the tile to pop off the wall resulting in a key ending up in the bathtub. Grab the key and head back to the hallway. On the left of the hall is a lever that needs a key. Approach the lever with the key equipped and hold down the "Action" button until a ladder drops from the ceiling. It won't drop all the way, so target it and use Indy's whip to pull it down.

Climb up the ladder to the attic. Head left and assemble the pieces so that you create a crate. Push the crate along the floor to the end of the path and then use it to jump up to the hanging rope. This will cause some items on the shelf to break through the floor. Drop down and then drop down through the hole you just created.

You are now on the second floor in the bedroom. At the base of the bed are some pieces to assemble (you may have to hop on the bed to reveal them). Do so and you'll create a paddle. Carry it over to the green floor plate and then push the green side of the paddle to open the patio door.

On the patio, grab the box of pieces and drop off the patio to the right. You'll end up in the yard. Carry the box of pieces up to the green floor plate. Assemble the pieces into a renegade lawn mower which spazzes out and breaks through the kitchen door.

Before you head through, approach the shed at the back of the area and target it as Indy. Using the whip, pull open the door to reveal a shovel inside. Grab the shovel and head to the bottom right of the yard where you will find a small garden patch that you can dig up. Do so to gain access to TNT.

Grab some TNT and run with it into the kitchen. Drop it near the chain on the refridgerator to blast it open. The chapter will end and you'll end up back at Barnett College Town.


You end up in Barnett College Town. Approach the young man (Shia LegoBeouf!) outside the corner cafe (with the large green arrow) to start the next chapter.

Soda Fountain Fisticuffs

It's you and Mutt. Note the faded out images of enemies at the top center of the screen. This lets you know who you have to beat up to continue.

It's an all-out brawl, so just punch away. Note that there are wrenches which you can pick up if you wish and a multitude of chairs and stools which can be picked up and used as weapons. Also, Indy can target and whip enemies to bring them to him. At that point he can pick them up and toss them. Generally, though, you'll just want to beat up the guys who match the icons at the top of the screen. Do note, if you want a bit of Star Wars Cantina music, then assemble the pieces near the jukebox and pull its lever.

After the first wave of enemies, a second wave comes in through the kitchen doors. They have guns and are dressed in white. To defeat them you either need to be Mutt with a wrench equipped, use a chair or stool to attack them, or use Indy's whip to snatch one and then beat him up while he's tied up or pick him up and toss him. In other words, normal fists won't do anything to these guys, so get a tad creative! The easiest way is to just be Mutt with the wrench, but do as you please.

After the second wave is defeated, a third wave will crash through the front doors. Defeat them in the same way to end the chapter.

Completion Unlocks

  • Character: Mutt

Blue Bricks

1. Hidden in a cactus inside the housing development, to the right of the refrigerator race line.

2. Hidden in a cactus to the right of the Hot Rod line, near the railroad tracks.

3. Hidden in a cactus located along the dirt road that leads to the housing development.

4. Hidden in a cactus located along the dirt road that leads to the housing development (closer to the actual development).

5. Hidden in a cactus in a corner of the hangar area, near the entrance to the Interrogation Room (bonus level).

6. Hidden in a cactus in the middle of the mine field (which is next to the secret hangar area).

7. Same mine field as above, different cactus.

8. Same mine field, different cactus.

9. In the cactus in front of the gas station (near the hangar area).

10. In the cactus in front of the control area (across from the hangar area…to the left).

Unlocks Fast Fix 300,000


1. Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull) - In game.

2. Mac - In game.

3. Janitor - In game.

4. Mutt - In game (café).

5. Russian (US Disguise) - Defeat him in the hangar area.

6. Russian Digger - Defeat the Russians in the secret hangar area (I got in by flying the Sabre Jet overhead and parachuting out), then defeat the last digger.

7. Hangar Guard - In the mine field (to the right of the secret hangar area) is a glowing dig spot. Use the Russian Digger to dig it up and create a whack-a-mole game. Whack all of the moles to make the Hangar Guard appear near the gas station (and Ice Cream Truck).

8. Agent - Defeat him on the streets in town.

9. Brawler - He'll fight with you on the street. Defeat him then buy him.

10. College Female - Drive the Fridge Car through the Fridge Car course, then locate her outside the café.

11. Greaser - Available once you make it through the Hot Rod course.

12. Stanforth - Available once you make it through the Hot Rod course.

13. General Ross - Purchase the Sabre Jet, then fly it through the Sabre Jet course. General Ross will be in the hangar area.

14. Taylor - Purchase the Sabre Jet, then fly it through the Sabre Jet course. The Taylor will be in the hangar area.

15. Mannequin Man - Defeat all the mannequins in the housing development to be offered this gent.

16. Mannequin Woman - Defeat all the mannequins in the housing development to be offered this lady.

17. Mannequin Boy - Defeat all the mannequins in the housing development to be offered this gent.

18. Mannequin Girl - Defeat all the mannequins in the housing development to be offered this lady.

Get our 100% completion LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues guide:

LB Lego Indy 2 Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Versions Included!

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