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Lunabean's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Strategy Guide

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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Lunabean Rating: 8.5
Platforms: PS2*, GCN, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 11.04.03
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
Official Site: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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This walkthrough and strategy guide is free for those of you who use it for quick and occasional reference. However, we have made a beautiful bookmarked guide in Adobe .PDF format for those of you who would like to print this guide out, or for those of you who will be using this guide extensively. The $4.95 version of the guide is ad-free.

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Strategy Guide


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"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" is a button mashing extravaganza, and, if you're a fan of the movies (and the books, for that matter) you should love it. You will be able to play as Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas (plus you'll have three secret characters that will be unlocked upon defeating the last level). As you play through the first time you will be forced to play with certain characters or only have a choice of a select few as you have to choose among The Path of the Wizard, The Path of the Hobbits and The Path of the King. Along the Path of the Wizard you are Gandalf, the first time you play through the Path of the Hobbits you're Sam, and along the Path of the King you choose from Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli (we stuck with Aragorn here). You must play all three paths to make it to the final two levels. The order in which you play them is up to you, but we went King, Hobbits, Wizard, and the walkthrough below reflects that.

Your goal in this game is to, a) get through each level and b) get as many points as possible when you do. Points are earned by killing enemies. You will have a meter at the bottom left of your screen that will increase with every attack and block (Parry). The more this meter is full, the more points you get for kills. The meter will shoot down significantly if you are struck in the middle of building up. If you fill the meter completely up and kill, you'll get a "Perfect". At this point your meter will stay full for a limited time so you can kill more and more enemies for Perfect scores which gives you more points.

At the end of each level, your points will be added up and, with them, you can buy upgrades. When we upgrade we always go for health upgrades first. After that, it's up to you. Look at the button combinations for the upgrades and see if you're comfortable with them, if so, buy it.

Also on the bottom left display you'll see an image of your character. When you use your Special Ability, it will first tell you how long the Special Ability will be active, and it will then show you a clock-like meter of how long it will be before you can use your Special Ability again. Pay attention to it, as your character's Special Abilities will help you both survive and get you many points.

PS2 "LotR: Return of the King" Controls:
Move - Left Control Stick
Speed Attack - X or Right Control Stick right or left
Fierce Attack - Triangle or Control Stick up or down
Physical Attack - O or R3
Parry - Square
Action Button - R1
Killing Move - R2
Range Attack - L1 to Activate, then X to fire
Jump Back - L2
Special Ability - R1+R2+L1+L2

And, with that, you're ready for the game! Enjoy!


Helm's Deep (Play as Gandalf)

You start off in the middle of your battle in Helm's Deep, and you start off being attacked. Watch the top of your screen as you will be taught your Speed and Parry Attacks. The Parry is pretty much a block. Use these attacks to take out as many orcs in the area as you possibly can (the more you kill, the more points you earn toward leveling up). After battling for a bit, you'll have a cutscene of Legolas up on the wall needing your help. At this point you'll also learn the Fierce Attack, which will create a more powerful blow and remove shields the orcs are using.

Run to the ladder at the top left of the area and climb it. Once you get to the top you'll be taught the Ranged Attack. Use it to kill the orcs shooting at you and Legolas. Once you've done that, Aragorn will ask for your help in clearing the causeway. Run forward along the wall and you'll see a circle of light. Step into it and you'll be shown your Action Button. Use it to jump on the rope and reach the ground.

Here there will be more orcs. Kill, kill, kill as you work your way to the right. Along the way you'll notice more circle's of light. Some are at artillery crossbows, others are at fire spears. Use your Action Button to use the artillery crossbows on the causeway, and use your action button once to pick up a spear, then again to toss it. The third artillery crossbow will hit a wagon full of explosives, ending the level. Woo Hoo!

Here you can purchase upgrades. I went for health upgrades first, followed by simple combos. Once you have those, start getting tricky with whatever combos you feel most comfortable with. Once you've done this you will be shown a chart. You have three paths you can take: The Path of the Wizard, The Path of the King, and the Path of the Hobbits. We're going the way of the King first.

Paths of the Dead (Play as Aragorn)

Start off by running forward along the path. When you get to the fog you'll be slowed down. That's OK, just keep moving. You'll see the Spirits of the Dead pass by, then they'll infest the surrounding bones. It's time to battle. Your controls are what they were before. Speed Attack, Fierce Attack, and Parry Attack. Toss it a Killing Move when a body hits the ground but isn't dead. Once you defeat the first group you should find a Red Potion in the cave from where they emerged. Continue along the path.

More spirits will surround you. Keep moving forward until your path is blocked off and enemies begin to generate. Notice the spears in the area. Use them with your Action Button as you did before as Gandalf. When you kill them all your path will be cleared. Continue along.

Pass through the fog. Two enemies will arise. Easy enough. Move forward and some dead archers will appear above you. Use your Arrows, or your Range Attack to take them out. If you take the path to the left, you can get yourself up on the bridge the archers were shooting you from. There are more Arrows for you here if you need them. Either path you take you'll end up in the same place.

From here you'll see bad guys on both sides of you. Head right first and take these two out, then work your way out onto the central platform. Here you'll find your Special Ability refill. Use your Special Ability to take out the mass of dead guys who will attack you from behind. Continue left up the path and you'll find a rock at the edge. There's a light circle around it, meaning you can use your Action button here. Do so to push the rock off and kill the enemies below. Now, backtrack around to where these enemies were, fight any remaining ones and continue forward.

You'll come to another gang of dead. Take them out and destroy the pile of bones. Here will be a Green Potion. Continue along and you'll get to a bridge you cannot cross. There's a Red Potion here, along with Ammo. Collect them if you want to. There are some archers across the way. Kill them with your Ranged Attack, then step into the light circle and continue to use your Action Button until the bridge is lowered. Once you cross the bridge you'll get a checkpoint and you'll enter some fog.

From the fog will rise many a dead guy. Run to the far end, to the back (to the path that leads you to where the archers were) and use your Ranged Attack on the enemies. More archers will appear here. It's important to take them out early as they will hurt you if you're fighting in the fog with the other guys. At the top of this path is some Red Potion. Grab it if necessary, then run back into the fog and kill anyone you couldn't kill with your arrows. Once you've done this, continue along to the left side of your screen, through the fog.

You'll find some more Red Potion here. Good enough. Move along and the Spirits will knock down some pillars. Work your way through the fallen pillars, killing as you go. Enter the fog and move left.

Kill the two dead here, then climb the bone ladder behind them. At the top, move forward and you'll find yourself trapped again. Kill everyone and you'll be able to pass through. You'll also find here your first metered enemy. The meter is only there to show you their health status. They take longer to kill, but use the same strategies you've used before.

Move forward. There's a Red Potion in the alcove to your left. Grab it and run toward the large statue. Kill those who emerge at the base of the statue, then push the statue over with your action button. This creates a bridge for you to cross. Do so. You'll come to the main gate, but it's shut, and the switch to open it is on the other side of the wall. Facing the gate, run left, and you will find a path that takes you under the bridge to the opposite side, where you'll now have access to the switch. Kill what appears (they should drop some potion for you), then use the switch.

Once the gate is open, backtrack (taking out any enemies that appear along the way) and pass through the gate. There will be more Red Potion here. Cross the bridge and you will find yourself trapped between two dead generators. Notice the meter on the top right corner of your screen. You must toast 35 enemies to move on. Remember your Special Attack here, as it will help kill faster, and should help you attain higher rated attacks. Always attack archers first, as they will hurt you if you don't. Toward the end you'll start getting some metered enemies. Remember your Parry Block with them, then take them out the best way you know how.

Continue working your way across the bridge. At the end you will come to the end of the level.

The King of the Dead (Play as Aragorn)

Here you will be fighting your first real boss, The King of the Dead. As a rule, the first swing of the King cannot be blocked, so simply try to stand out of his way. From here, move in and use your Parry to block his attack. Usually there are three, then it's time for you to hit him. Use your Fierce and Speed Attacks, and whatever combos you have purchased at this time. After a short bit, he'll disappear into the ground and send some dead after you. This is a good time to use your Special Attack as it will take them out quickly.

You will, again have to take on the big guy. Remember, stand out of his way for his first attack, parry, parry, parry, then swing, swing, swing. Again, he'll disappear into the ground. This time his minions will appear above you, and they'll be shooting arrows. Use your Ranged Attack to get them back.

Fight the King again here as you have before. This time when he disappears, he'll reappear in front of you with a new wind blowing attack. Use the rock in front of him to hide from it. When it's clear, pop out from either side and shoot arrows at him. Be prepared, as after the third gust he'll come at you fast. Block and attack until he disappears again.

After all of this, you'll have to repeat the entire process. Use the rock with the Arrows behind it for protection this time around. Speaking of the Arrows, if your health is running low you may choose to shoot at the King more often then use your melee weapon against him. By this point you may not have that great of arrows as you probably haven't earned that much money, but you do what you have to do. The Arrows will continue to regenerate, so don't worry about using them up.

Upon defeating the King, you still have much work to do in this level as you must escape, which is easier said than done. There will be falling rocks at this point. You really don't want to be hit by any as they will cause major damage and even death. The trick to avoiding them is to continuously move forward. Don't let anything, even debris, hold you up.

Once you cross the bridge you will have to destroy many a bad guy in order to clear your path. Use your Special Attack to take care of this quickly. Remember, archers first. Also, make sure to stand clear of the boulder blocking your path, as upon killing your last bad guy, it will blow up and it will kill you if you're too close to it.

Continue moving forward, avoiding falling rocks as you go. You will again come to another blockade. Do exactly as you did before, but you might want to save your Special Attack for the metered guys who come out at the end here. Also, remember, you need to use the Fierce Attack to break any shields. Once you've toasted them, continue forward and through the blue fog. At the end of the fog you'll find your friends and a Green Potion. Whew. You have one more battle here, and your friends will help.

This, in my opinion, is your first really nasty battle. You will be attacked by many and it will be rotten. Just swing like crazy and keep your eyes out for any potions these guys may drop. Once the first wave goes down, be prepared as several metered dead will come after you. This is when I used my Special Attack. Also, you can draw a single metered guy away from the others just by hitting him and moving back. This makes life easier as you can focus on attacking one without being attacked by others. When one is dead, go fish for another. But, whatever you do here, stay clear of the blockade, because once you kill the last guy, it will blow, and, if you're near it, it will kill you, and that's just a horrible way to die after fighting so hard. Move forward and you will have completed the level. Nice work, that was a tough one.

The Southern Gate (Play as Aragorn)

Move forward and try to cross the bridge. A big ogre will appear. You don't want any part of that for now, so move back into your starting position and head to the left side of your screen. You'll find a couple of catapults here. Take out whomever you need to in order to use the catapults, but do use them both as doing so will form a bridge on the right side of the bridge the ogre is guarding. Run over to it and cross it.

Climb the ladder and kill whatever attacks you at the top. Move left and another big ogre will come after you. If you stay below the first set of steps, he can't hurt you and you should be able to simply shoot him over and over again with your arrows until he goes away.

From here, move up the stairs and do a little fighting. You will get a cutscene of an Oliphaunt coming at you. You need to take it down. Do so by firing your arrows at it. When you draw your bow you should see a section (three circles) of the Oliphaunt transport highlight. Shoot until it blows, then draw your bow again. You'll find another highlighted section. Shoot until it blows. Repeat. At the fourth drawing of the bow, the entire transport will light up. Shoot it until it goes down. If you run out of arrows simply look around the area and continue to kill those attack you. Someone will drop arrows for you.

Upon taking down the Oliphaunt, you will be shown the wheel behind you that you must use to open the gate. To the left of this wheel are some hot lava buckets. Use your action button on them to take out the ogre below. Then, focus on those who are attacking you from above. Once you get a second, use the wheel repeatedly to open the gate. When the gate opens, enemies will storm out. Again, use your lava buckets to do some initial damage, then make your way back down to where you started the level. Fight your way forward and through the gate and the level will be complete.

Pelennor Fields (Play as Aragorn)

To start the level, you'll have to kill 60 bad guys. It's easy enough. You've done this before. Just pop into Special Attack mode to start off, and clear out as many as you can. Then, simply continue with your best attacks until your meter hits 60. At this point you'll get a cutscene and a checkpoint.

The Oliphaunts are coming and they will kill Merry and Eowin if they reach them. You can't allow that to happen. Shoot at them exactly as you did before. Shoot out the three sets of targets, then shoot the transport itself. You can use the Artillery Crossbows, if necessary, but the transport has to be perfectly placed for you to do so. Upon taking down the first Oliphaunt transport, a second will appear, but you can't attack it from where you are.

Find the Arrows and run forward to the ledge. Here you will find a path to the ground. Run directly across, avoiding attacks as best you can, then move up the opposite path so you are now on the opposite side. Again, take out the transport while dodging attacks from the enemies around.

After stopping the second Oliphaunt, you'll see a Nazgul hovering over those you are trying to protect. Run to the left side of the ledge you are on, then shoot the Nazgul with your arrows, as many times as you possibly can. The Nazgul will retreat for the time being and another Oliphaunt will appear. This Oliphaunt will appear on either side, as it is random. You need to pay attention to which ledge the Oliphaunt is closer to in the cutscenes, as that's the only ledge you can attack him from. If you need to run to the opposite side, do so, remembering the ramps down are in front of the Arrows. After every Oliphaunt you take down, run over to the Nazgul as it will be attacking your friends. Simply repeat this process until the Nazgul dies, and the level will be complete.

At this point you cannot continue along the Path of the King without taking the other two paths. We opted for the Path of the Hobbits next.]

Escape from Osgiliath (Play as Sam)

Your goal here is to protect Frodo and get him out of Osgiliath. From the beginning, follow Smeagel left through the doorway. Move forward through the broken section of wall, then up the stairs (fighting as you go). Kill the orcs on the ledge in front of you and watch as the wall to your right blows out. Go through it. Then, make your way up along the left side of the rubble.

At the top of the rubble you'll first get the Frodo meter. This indicates the length of time Frodo is exposed to the hovering Nazgul. If it fills up, Frodo is gone. The meter will go down any time you are either inside a building or you have a shelter of sorts over your head.

Fight those who attack, and work your way around to the right and behind you to the stairs leading up. Take them. At the top, kill who is there and run directly across, under the archways at the far end. Here you'll find a ladder down. Take it. Move through the next archway and take the next ladder down. Here, move through the broken section of wall to your left, again, killing as you go.

After going through the broken section of wall, move right and up the stairs straight ahead of you (there should be some Red Potion to the left of the stairs). Move inside this area, then left and up the rubble again. From here, kill those who attack, then move across the landing and through the doorway at the opposite end (there will be Green Potion opposite the doorway).

Once you go through the doorway, you'll get a checkpoint. Nice work. Now, climb the ladder. Frodo will again be exposed here. Run forward and across the bridge, only taking on those in your way. Upon crossing the bridge, move right and into the covered area to lower Frodo's meter. Once it's lowered, run forward to the large hole in the ground. You'll find a ladder leading down here (and next to it some Green Potion). Take it down.

Sam will say something here about there being a dead end. At this point, fight whomever is in your way and move up the stairs. At the very top there will be a bell. Stand in the activation circle behind it and use your Action button. This causes the bell to fall down the stairs and break through the door at the bottom. If you need Health here, there's some Red Potion on the opposite side of this bell balcony. Grab it and move down the stairs through the newly opened door.

Outside, head up the stairs to your right, then run to the far left side as Frodo will again be exposed. Smeagel will take cover under a small shelter in the far corner. There's a Green Potion there. Go there and wait for Frodo's meter to go down before take the rubble ramp up to the next level. Once you do this, kill anyone in your way and move forward all of the way to the next rubble ramp leading up. Here you'll find shelter again. Stand under it until Frodo's meter goes does. When it does, move right and across to the next shelter. Here you will find a ladder down. Take it. Then take the next ladder down. You'll arrive in the sewers.

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Move forward here. You'll have some Orcs to kill. They're easy enough. However, at the end of this tunnel, you'll run into a a big scary orc with a meter. If you don't want to fight him, you don't need to as it's a good time to try out your Hobbit Special Ability of turning invisible. You can either sneak past the metered orc and straight to the gate switch, or you can simply sneak behind the orc in your invisible state, then use your Killing Move for a one hit kill. There's also the option of being brave about it and taking on the orc one on one. If you do, be sure to peel off his armor first with your Fierce Attack. Anyway, no matter what you do here, do get to the gate switch and activate it as often as you need to in order to raise the gate. When you do, pass over it and the level will be complete.

Shelob's Lair (Play as Sam)

Mr. Frodo has been taken from you. It's your job to save him. Move forward through the tunnel. When you initially come to a fork go right at every path you come to for a Special Attack refill. You will meet the first of the spiders here. The spiders can be tough to beat if you don't know the best way to take them out, so here it is: Flip the Spiders over with your Fierce Attack, then stab them in the belly with your Killing Move. Two hits, not too hard.

Head back to that first fork and move left. At the far end you'll come to a little room to your left. Go in if you want to fight spiders for some leveling up points, otherwise, take the path to the right. On this right path you are going to continue moving along the left wall. You'll pass some mini spiders in a mass to your right. They will hurt your if you run into them, so don't...just continue along that left wall. At the second set of spiders, move left if you want another Special Attack refill, otherwise, this is where you need to turn right.

You'll come to two torches on the wall with light circles around them. Use your Action button to pick up the torches, then toss them in the middle of the spiders on the path in front of you. Once the path is clear, move forward. Kill the spiders that emerge in front of you, then use the next torch to burn through the web blocking your path. Move forward.

Here you'll come to a room with many orcs. You need to get around them. Use your Special Ability to move undetected around the right side of the circle. You should come to a fiery coal bucket here. Turn it over to take out the majority of the orcs in the center. The remaining ones you can take out personally. Once that's complete, move forward through the tunnel opposite the one you entered the room from. Feel free to use the torches on the wall against any attacking orc.

At the fork, continue moving forward along your path. Here, Sam will say something about not being able to sneak by that, meaning the mass of bad guys in front of you. Notice a small path going to your right. Take it. You'll run into a few orcs up here, but, more importantly, you'll run into a light circle next to some rocks. Step into the circle to push the rocks and take out the many orcs below. Move back down the path and over the area where you took out the many orcs.

Through the next tunnel you'll run into more spiders. Take them out, then move forward across the bridge. You'll see a big scary spider below and you'll get a checkpoint. Continue across the bridge.

Some orcs will attack here. If you get the timing right you can toss the torch above the orc's entrance taking out many with one move. Kill the ones you don't get and continue forward. Kill the spiders, then use the two torches to clear out the mini-spiders. In this next area, toss your torch over to the web covering your next path, then move forward, killing as you go.

Next you'll get to a room with rows of spiders in front of you, and a bunch of them blocking your path to the right, too. Use your torch to clear the path to your right and move up the path. Take out the spiders here, then, at the top, toss the torch all of the way to the web covering your next exit. Move down the path, clear out the mini spiders, then, with the torches, continue clearing out the path toward your exit. At a certain point, orc archers will step out. You can either take them on from where you are, or use my method, which was going all of the way back up that right ramp and tossing the regenerating torch at them all until they died. Whatever your technique, use it to get rid of them and move through the exit.

Kill the attacking spiders and move forward. You will reach a checkpoint, then you will discover it's time to fight the Spider Boss. Eek.

Simply run up behind the Spider Boss and start swinging. Eventually, she'll turn around and you'll be going after her face. Use your Parry to block her attacks, and use whatever Attacks you can against her. After you take her meter down a bit, she'll retreat and give you some of her "babies" to kill. Do so with your Fierce Attack/Killing Move Maneuver, hope for some potion, then prepare to take her on again. She's really not too tough, her size is just daunting. Simply block her attacks (avoid her when she runs around like a maniac), then go after her as you're most comfortable doing. The whole process will repeat until she's all out of juice. Not too tough.

Cirith Angol (Play as Sam)

You're really going to want to have the Orc Hewer Upgrade before going into this level, as you'll be using it a lot here. You'll start off in a room with a nasty ogre with a meter in front of you. Use your "Special Attack" to make yourself invisible. Hobbits can use their "Killing Move" while invisible, so, sneak up to the orc with the meter, then stab him in the back with your killing move. This will take him out immediately. Now fight the remaining orcs. You can draw them near your entrance and spill the flaming coals to take them out easily. Once that is done, activate the switch the big orc was protecting and the bridge will fall. Use it to go up to the second floor.

On the second floor, run right and forward, killing as you go. You'll run into another metered orc. Parry to block, then use your Fierce Attack to remove his armor, then go at him as you please. Now is also a good time to notice the meter at the top of your screen. It seems you have 80 bad guys to kill. The blue rim fills up as you kill the ogres. So, with that being said, move forward into the next room.

Inside you have more orcs to kill. Use the flaming spear on the landing to kill a few distant orcs, then work your way down the steps (also, you can use this flaming spear on the metered orc in the hall. Get his armor off then run past him, grab the spear and toss it). On the ground there are many orcs in battle. There are also several more flaming coal buckets. Activate them to wipe out mass numbers of orcs. Locate the tunnel between the first two flaming coal buckets (to the left if you're running around the circle). You can kill a lot of orcs in here with some coal and there's a Green Potion. Continue along this path, killing Orcs as you go. You'll come to a room with a ton of orcs fighting in the center. Go to the opposite side (it's a good time to be invisible), and work your way up and around the steps. You'll come to a landing with another tunnel door. Pass through and use the flaming coal bucket to pour it on the orcs below. Exit out back to the stairs and continue to work your way up, killing as you go.

At the top of the stairs is a nasty metered orc. Kill him as you know best (I like removing his armor with the Fierce Attack, then tossing a flaming spear at him. The orc was guarding the rope that holds the chandelier at the top of the room up. Use it and the chandelier will drop to the ground killing all of the orcs at the bottom. This was where I cleared the 80 orc mark. YAY! However, this doesn't mean you're in the clear as more orcs attack. Use the flaming coal bucket to kill them and backtrack down the stairs.

At the bottom, work your way around the mess and go through the double arched doorway. You'll find yourself back in the first room we were in with the mass of orcs. Work your way around the left side, killing as you go. There will be an alcove to your left as you go with a Green Potion in it. Use it if necessary. Continue working your way around until you get to a switch. Use it to lower the bridge. Climb the bridge then move left to climb the ladder.

At the top of the ladder there will be two orcs in front of you. Kill them then move over to the barrels. "Use" one to kill the orcs below. Walk up the bridge to the mass of orcs above. Since you have killed your 80 orcs the next drawbridge will lower, causing the orcs to run across. Follow them until you're told you can't cut through all of them. Instead, move right and up the stairs. Kill the orc then use the artillery crossbow to toast the orcs on the bridge. Now you can cross. Once you do you'll get a quick cutscene.

When the cutscene ends, it's time to fight the big nasty orc. You can use your sword to break his shield, but to actually damage him you'll have to throw the spears on the sides of the room at him. It's possible to get in a pattern where you just stand in the activation circle tossing the spear over and over and over again. Once you've killed the orc the level is complete.

The Road to Isengard (Play as Gandalf)

You are Gandalf again. You will start off the level following the oraci. Do so until you are attacked then fight on. You'll get a quick cutscene. Continue along until your are attacked again. Use your Range Attack to get the guy up in the tree shooting arrows at you, then take out the others. In front of you is a wagon filled with explosives. Use your Range Attack to blow it up and kill surrounding oraci. Continue forward and you'll see another explosive wagon. Repeat, then cross the bridge, killing the archers on the way.

Continue forward, fighting approaching oraci and shooting any that may be shooting you from above. You'll eventually get to a checkpoint. Work your way down the path to where the Ents are fighting. Help them out. You must kill 75 Oraci in this area to continue on, so do it. The Ents will help you out by stomping on and swinging at enemies. But, as good as those ents are, they're a little big and a little clumsy. They will hurt you if they run into you, so be sure to avoid them as you go on your Oraci rampage. Once you've taken out 75 of them the Ents will clear a path for you. Take it and continue forward, killing as you go. You'll eventually make it to another checkpoint.

After the checkpoint, continue forward. Take out any Oraci in your immediate path, first, then look across the way. There are several towers on the opposite side of the bridge with archers atop them shooting at you. At the base of each of these towers is an explosive wagon. Shoot each wagon to take down each and every tower, then cross the bridge and kill any warriors who may be on it.

On the opposite side of the bridge you will be attacked again. Just fight and work your way down the path to your right, fighting as you go. Right after the switchback you'll get a cutscene of an Ent trying to take out the final support. He stops his work as he has fire arrows shot at him. First, take out the orcs in front of you, then use your Range Attack on the orcs on the opposite side of the Ent who are shooting at him. The Ent needs to not be shot at to continue his work taking out the last support. It is your job to protect him. You will be attacked by many from behind. Just take out immediate threats to you first, followed by threats to the Ent (don't worry, many Oraci will drop ammo for you). Eventually, Mr. Ent will take out the final support and the level will be complete.

Minas Tirith - Top of the Wall (Play as Gandalf)

You are (surprise) at the top of the wall. You have a meter at the top of the screen. It fills up according to the number of enemies on the wall. You don't want it to completely fill, for that will be the end. Next to the the circle is a little diagram. The diagram is the wall, the red marks are the ladders. You start out in the in the square section of the diagram, at the bottom. Many ladders come up in this area, along with the straight sections of wall to your right and left. Your job here is to take out and kill any attackers, and to knock down the ladders. You knock down the ladders by using your Physical Attack (Kick or Punch). When you do this for the first time you'll see an Activation Circle. If you step in it and hit your Action button you'll be taken to a small ledge just below the wall. The ledge really only serves as a fast way to get around and kick out more ladders. Step in another circle and hit "Action" to get to the top of the wall. Continue kicking down and killing until you get a quick cutscene.

After the cutscene occurs you'll notice a flashing red dot on the left side of your diagram. At this point, you need to run up the little watchtower on the bottom left section of the square diagram (behind and left of your starting point) and to the catapult up on top of it. Stand in the Activation Circle and command the men to shoot at the approaching transports. Two shots should get the one coming to the left side of the map.

Once you've done this, head back down to the wall, killing orcs and kicking down ladders. Work your way to the tower which would be at the top right corner of the square section of the map. You don't have to go all of the way up, but when you see the red dot flashing on the right side of your map, use your Range Attack on this transport. It only takes a few hits to bring it down. Once this has been done, go back to the wall and fight some more. You'll have to take out two more transports, each in the same way you did before (one with the catapult, one with your Range Attack).

After toasting the four transports you should get a cutscene of some ogres breaking through the wall. You should be at the top of the second watchtower now. Come down and you'll find your access to the left side is gone (as is your map). However, move forward and you'll find some stairs in front of the rubble. Climb down them and follow your men along their path. Once you reach the door, you will have reached the end of the level.

Minas Tirith - Courtyard (Play as Gandalf)

Get ready for some button mashing. Your goal here is to protect the civilians. Two hundred of them need to pass through the area unharmed for you to move on. I suggest locating their exit (on the stairs right behind you), then taking out any orcs who try to kill the people there. When you've cleared them out, do a sweep of the square, taking out any orcs you find along the way (especially the archers). Also, as you move through the square, crack open any barrels you find along the way. Almost every breakable barrel has a health potion inside. It's good to expose them now because they won't disappear until you use them, so if you get in trouble, all you have to do is look around for a potion and you'll be all good. Continue using this process until you you've freed about 100 people. At this point, you'll get some metered enemies. Make them your priority.

Remember, with many of the orcs here, you'll have to use your Fierce Attack to remove their armor and shields before you can damage them. Also, remember your "Special Ability" when in a bind, and hope you upgraded it so it actually does decent damage to the bad guys when you hit them with it...it can take out many an orc in a few short seconds.

Once you've freed about 150 civilians, things get really ugly. The ogres will break into the area. Be sure you have some ammo for your Ranged Weapon at this point...as you'll need it. Also, use the fire spears scattered around the square, as they take the ogres out in one hit. At this point it's important to remember that your health and safety comes before that of the civilians. The people will continue to regenerate. If you die, the game is over. Once 200 civilians make it through, the level is complete.

The Black Gate (Play as Aragorn)

You start off the level with a Boss of sorts. Defeat him the best way you know how. Block, fight, use combos and do whatever your favorite moves are to toast him. He's a slight challenge, but nothing too difficult. Once you defeat him, you'll get a checkpoint.

After the checkpoint you're going to be charged by many. Their goal is to kill members of the Fellowship. Your goal is to not allow that to happen. You have many activatable items in the arena. There are fiery coal buckets to knock over, and many spears to toss. Use those items in protecting your friends. When your friends are being attacked, you'll see their health meter appear at the top of your screen. Save them and allow them to regenerate health. They regenerate when they a) need it and b) aren't being attacked. So, if you can distract an attacker, your friend can regenerate. You'll also see at the top of your screen that you have to kill 6 big orcs. They'll be the big guys with the meters over their heads.

My method of attack here went something like this: As the first wave enters, run around the area spilling the fiery coal buckets and tossing a spear here and there. At this point, the archers will have placed themselves at the front of arena. Get them out of the way. Repeat the process until you see one of your friends (usually Gimli) being attacked. Rescue him then run over to Gandalf as this is where the first large orc will first run. Kill the first orc (the Orc Hewer and Dark Deliverance were my best attacks here) while protecting Gandalf. Once this is done, you may (depending on how quickly you did it) notice the end of the first wave. Prepare for the second wave (or just protect your friends) while you're waiting for the next orc.

For me, the second orc always goes for Legolas. When you see Legolas's meter appear at the top of your screen, run over to him and take out the orc. Once that's done, see who needs help and protect them. At this point, there should be another lull as you wait for the third wave. Make sure no one is attacking anyone at this point so the Fellowship can refuel. At the third wave, protect who needs protecting, then, again, work your way over to Legolas. This is where the third orc appeared for us, time after time. Kill him and you'll come to a cutscene.

After the cutscene the true onslaught begins. The enemy will be coming from all sides, and all three orcs are going to be in the arena with you. It's tough balancing your health with the health of your friends', but you have to figure out a way to do it. The first orc that will enter the arena area will be coming from the wall behind "Gandalf's turf". If you can get on him early, it will make life a lot easier. As for a method here, well, there is none, only madness. Just pay attention to your boys and go when needed. It will help a lot if you can make one of the big orcs walk through some spilled coals. If you have one after you, get on the other side of a bucket, then spill it as he crosses. The fire will eat away at his health while you're off protecting someone. When you do kill them all, you'll get another checkpoint. Now the Ringwraiths are after you. Oy.

The Ringwraiths will pretty much leave you alone if you keep your distance, as they are primarily after your boys. Use this time to run to the three sets of fire spears and toss these at the Ringwraiths (as they hate fire). Try to get as many into one Ringwraith as possible, because if you can get one out of the picture, things get a little easier (there are fewer Ringwraiths to damage the Fellowship which allows them to fight more and hurt less). Once you do this, go to whichever of your men is hurting most and protect them. Try to lure the Ringwraiths to the fiery coal buckets, and burn them when you get a shot. If the gang is relatively healthy, stand outside of the circle and shoot your arrows at the Ringwraiths. I never had one give up any potion, so you really need to look out for your own health here. If you last long enough, the fire spears will regenerate, but it takes time. When you defeat the life sucking bastards, the level is complete.

The Crack of Doom (Play as Frodo)

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This "final" level is much easier than most of what you've already been through, and thank goodness for that, as you enter it with Frodo at Level 1 since we haven't played with him yet.

At the beginning cutscene, Smeagel attacks you as you go to toss the ring in the the flames of Mordor. He then bites off your finger. Yummy. You must take him out.

Smeagel is going to continue attacking you. There's nothing you can do to hurt him, but you should block his attacks. You need to lead him to an edge of the platform and either give him a good hit, or wait for Sam to do it. When Smeagel is hit and on the edge, you'll see he'll lose his balance a bit. At this point either use your Fierce Attack or your Physical Attack to push him off the ledge. Doing this will make him lose his footing, and he'll fall, but he'll still grab on with his hands. At this point you must use your Killing Move to stab him, and he'll fall for real.

Smeagel will work his way back up, and rocks will fall from the ceiling. Avoid them and grab the Red Potion. You must repeat this process five or six times (lava will fall, too) until Smeagel's health meter is at nothing. At this point, you've defeated the game. How bittersweet.

Palantir of Saruman (Play as Whomever You Like)

This level is unlocked once you complete the game. It's up to you to get through the 20 levels of enemies. Fight as you do best. I can't help you with your own fighting tactics. I will say Gandalf was a good choice here.

Palantir of Sauron (Play as Whomever You Like)

This level is unlocked once you get three characters to Level 10. Same situation as Saruman, I can't tell you how to defeat 20 levels of attacks. Just do what you do best.

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