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Lunabean's Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Sharp Shooter

Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter
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Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter >
3. Sharp Shooter

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1. General Notes, Hold Position, Back in Business
2. Trouble at the Temple
3. Sharp Shooter
4. The Rustlers
5. Gun for Hire
6. Clear and Present Ranger
7. Genetics Lab
8. Rescue Krugo
9. Whistle Blower
10. Infiltrate Tannan Corp.
11. Face Off
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3. Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter

01 - Land in Refuge hangar

Land and approach the guys in front of you.

02 - Head for the settlement

Go through the opening/door in the front left corner of the hangar, if your ship is pointing to the front. Follow the path until you get to a cave with many crates and back guys. Clear the area.

03 - Get the disk

Go through the door across from where you entered. There is a switch to push. You'll reach a fork in the road. Go left. Follow the path, killing guys, collecting ammo until you get to the next door with a switch. You'll get a cut scene of what is in store for you. Use grenades or rockets on the big monsters, then snipe the rest of the guys. Go into the main door of the building, take out the guys behind the bar and the guys up on the balcony. Then, go up to the balcony and through the door on the left. Kill the guy behind the desk and grab the disk.

04 - Locate the processing plant

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Exit out of the office and explore the rest of the hallway for ammo and good sniping vantage points. Down below, you'll have a bunch of guys to kill and there will be more snipers and guys shooting rockets at you. Once the area is quiet, go across to the other building and open the gate. Work your way around to the room with the elevator and go up. Follow the path and you'll encounter your first spiders. Pop them and continue down the path until you get outside. Keep follow the path, killing baddies, watching out for snipers, avoiding spiders, whatever. Go down the ramp and soon you'll see a bunch of big monsters that you have to kill. Clear this large cavern area and go through the big hangar door. You are now in the area that you could previously see from the other side of the fence. Go through the gate on the right and up the elevator.

05 - Enter the transit depot and board one of the carts

Work your way down the cave/tunnel path until you get to the large open area. You are up above on a cliff. There will be many baddies sniping you and several large monsters. Take out as many guys as you can from up here. Then, work your way down the path on your right. There is some sniper ammo in one of the wooden crates on the path down. Once you are down on the ground, face the large building and go to the left side of it. There is an open doorway in the cave to the left of it. There will be some more guys to kill and a sniper above you. Go into the next cave pathway, deal with the spiders.

Soon, you'll get to a room with a large spinning apparatus with blue lit revolving things. Find the path that goes up so that you are level with the spinning apparatus. Ready to do some jumping? Get on a crate and jump to the central spinning structure. From there, jump down to one of the three smaller generator things. Then, jump across the smaller generator things and get on the pipe and crawl along the pipe through the hole in the side of the cave with the red light above it. Stay on the pipe. You'll notice that you have come out in the room that you were just in. Take out any enemies that you can, then, continue along the pipe up to roof. Get off on the roof and go up to where the pistons are moving up and down. There is some sniper ammo in the wooden crates in the door near you. Watch out for more bad guys. Once the area is re-cleared, get on the conveyor belt and work your way past the rock crushing pistons. At the end of the conveyor belt on the left is a door. Go through and down the path. You will be in another large cavern. There is a catwalk/ramp which goes all the up. Shoot the guys as they come down, then, take out the remaining guys on the platform. There is some Health in the water below that you can grab by going down the ladder if you need it. There is also some Health and Ammo in the various wooden crates around. When you're ready, hop into the cart. Make sure to crouch or you will be decapitated.

06 - Get into the mine hangar

As you ride along in the mine car, you will have many bad guys riding near you or trying to snipe you. I suggest grenades or the rocket launcher to take care of them. At the end of your ride it looks like there is nowhere to go. Just jump down to the ground and try to hit the big rock on the way down so that the jump is a little less high. Also, there are a bunch of spider down below so you may want to chuck some grenades down there to prepare. Find the elevator and push the button to take it up. Kill the many guys who will meet you there. There is some rifle ammo in the crate. Go down the cave/interior path. In the next area that you get to, there will be some snipers across the way. After you take care of them, drop down to the pipe and then down to the ground. More spiders. There is a Health down here. Quickly find the ladder and climb up to where the snipers just were. Go around to the next ladder and go up. Go forward and more baddies and a few monsters. Find the ladder and go up, then, up the next one, too. At this point, there are two ways to go; each side has a supply room. One way leads to an elevator down which just brings you back down. Go the other way. You'll soon get to a series of conveyor belts and lots of guys to kill. Snipe all that you can and then run down the conveyor belt to the ramp on the other end. Take out the guys on the left in the sparkly rocks and go up the ladder. Clear out the catwalk as you go. Along the catwalk, find the button panel (not the elevator one) and push it. This will lower the gate/bar on the opening around the corner. Drop down into one of the large baskets/rock sifter things. Keep riding it down, taking out enemies as you see them, until it stops. Drop down to the ground then take the elevator up. Go through the sliding door.

Go down the path and you'll get to an area with some baddies. They have hung one of the workers...how cruel. Anyway, take out everyone as best you can. Take the ladder down, then proceed up the ramp that the guy is hanging from. At the top of the ramp, go through the door on the left. Follow the path and take out the baddies. You'll get to a control room with a ton of baddies. Grenades work well. Continue following the path and you'll get to another large area. This is the mine hangar. Objective accomplished

07 - Get into the hangar bay control room and lock the hangar bay doors

There are snipers and guys with rockets around. Watch out and snipe them. When you have it cleared out enough, go down the ramp and then up the ramp on the other side. At the top of the ramps you'll find a green lit door. Open it and blow up the barrel behind the obstacle to enter. Go to the next door and you'll have found the control room.

08 - Eliminate Cantrell's men before they reach the dropship

Watch this cut scene carefully as there is an elevator which is going up to some baddies. Take note. As soon as the action starts again, pull out your rocket launcher. Shoot the guys in the elevator as they go down. One shot should do it.

09 - Pursue and stop Cantrell before he enters hyper space

Now, this is the tricky part. Remember from the cut scene that there is another control room below you? Well, you have to drop in there. However, if the glass is broken below you, you'll fall into the water and won't have time to do anything. If you do it right, though, the glass below you will support you when you fall and you can easily enter the control room below you. Once in the below control room, go through the green lit door, take out the guys and then call the elevator. At this point, you'll be give 2 minutes to get out into space and disable Cantrell's ship. Get into the elevator and go down. Run to the ship, and launch.

10 - Disable Cantrell's ship

As soon as you're out, find Cantrell's ship and start blasting it. Use both your laser and your rockets to let out a barrage on him. He has a slow moving ship, so, it should only take you 10-15 seconds to disable it.

11 - Escort Cantrell back to the mine hangar

This happens automatically.

12 - Sharp-shoot the explosives transmitters on the four solar shield generators

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Start by taking the elevator up. You have 12 minutes. Jump into the mine car. Again, crouch or be decapitated. The mine car will stop at the first generator. Snipe the little transmitter box to the left of the explosive. The car will begin to move again. When the car stops, get off and go through the door. Follow the path. Here you will meet the little dinosaurs for the first time. I just run by them. Go to the elevator and take it up. Follow the cliff path to the next generator. Take out all of the little annoying dinosaurs and snipe the transmitter. Continue through the large opening and follow the cave path. Ahhh! Spiders and lots of them. Run by them. Keep following the path and soon you'll get to the third generator. Turn around and take out any spiders that have followed you and then snipe the transmitter. Now, jump directly towards the generator into the water down below. Still facing the generator, you'll find a hole underwater that you can swim through. Do so. Once through the underwater tunnel, surface facing the third generator. Turn around and you'll see the next pathway that you have to take. Swim to land and go through the large opening and into another tunnel/cave path. You'll soon come to another open area with water. Jump in and stay along the rightside. Once on land again you'll see another opening to the right. Go up the path and more dinos. Kill them and you'll see the fourth generator. Snipe the transmitter. I had about 4 minutes left at this point just for reference.

Continue following the path and you'll come out at the fork in the road that we first saw oh so long ago in Objective 03. Go through the door through which we originally entered this area, hop over the crates, and work your way back to the hangar. Board your ship. Fly out and you'll FINALLY be done with this level. Use the action button to jump (warp).

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