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Lunabean's Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
6. Clear and Present Ranger

Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter
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Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter >
6. Clear and Present Ranger

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1. General Notes, Hold Position, Back in Business
2. Trouble at the Temple
3. Sharp Shooter
4. The Rustlers
5. Gun for Hire
6. Clear and Present Ranger
7. Genetics Lab
8. Rescue Krugo
9. Whistle Blower
10. Infiltrate Tannan Corp.
11. Face Off
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"Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter"
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6. Clear and Present Ranger

Clear and Present Ranger

01 - Land in Fort Denver spaceport

Do just that. From your ship, go ahead an go into your machine gun mode and shoot all of the wooden crates just for fun. On your way out of the ship stock up in your ship's supply room. Exit your ship and go around and find the green lit door. Enter the elevator.

02 - Locate Senator Schmidt

Take the elevator down. You are in a market of sorts. Go straight forward through the large door on the other side. You have to wait for the door behind you to close before the one in front of you opens. In the next area, you start to see some action. Start clearing the area of baddies and you'll be give 10 minutes to find the Senator. From where you entered, you want to be on the raised area to your left so go forward and then turn around and go up to that area. Go all the way to the end and you will have an open door on your right. Go in and up the ramp. Once you're up to the next area clear it out and wait until the next main door down below opens and a bunch of huge monster guys come out. Use grenades or your rocket launcher on them. So basically, you're just running around this area until the large door opens.

Clear the monster dudes and go through the large door and up the ramps. Soon, you'll be in another open area. Take out some guys and notice the large gray hangar looking area with the green martini sign above it. At the back right of the hangar is a door. It's not open yet, but, that's where you need to go. Keep checking on the door until it is open. Once it's open, enter. It's an elevator. Push the button and then exit it when it stops. For reference, I have about 6 minutes left at this point.

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You'll get to another open market area. See the two crate on the left, in front of you. A monster will come out from the left, behind them. This is where you need to go. Run past the crates (there's is Health and Ammo in them) and go into the doorway opening across from the crates. Go up the ramp. Kill the two lizard guys at the top and continue up. You will reach a balcony. Kill the lizard on the left and there is a ladder on the right. Before you go up the ladder, snipe anybody that you can. There is Health at the ladder. Go up the ladder and make a mad dash across the pipe to the other side where all the guys are shooting at you. With where you just came from behind you and facing the area where the guys were shooting at you, go to the left of the roof top area that you are on. Go to the edge overlooking the market and notice there is a balcony that you can drop to. Do so and get ready to be attacked: two baddies and two monsters. Go through the opening and up the ramp and hang a right at the green lit door. Hang another right and go down the large hallway. About halfway through the hallway, you'll hear a message that the Senator's motorcade is being attacked. Work your way around to the green signed martini bar and enter. Immediately get out your sniper rifle. There are 4 guys across the way. Snipe them. Then, get out different gun, and, still in the bar, look for the "exit" sign. It is right near where you are probably sniping from. Go through the door and take out the 3 guys waiting for you. For reference, I have 3 and a half minutes left at this point. Go to the edge of the wall and find the balcony below that you can drop down to. Notice all of the action taking place down below. Drop down to the balcony and take out the guy behind you. Follow this hall and you'll see a dead end red door. Look down at the wall to your right. There is a slight angle to it and it is safe to jump over the edge and to the wall and it'll slide you down nice and easy. Now, you are on the ground level. Take out all the bad guys. Soon, you'll get a message that says your objective is complete.

03 - Provide cover for Senator Schmidt

Simply more guys to kill. 5 or so monster and a few snipers. Take them out and objective complete.

04 - Follow Senator Schmidt

Thus begins a series of rooms/areas that you need to clear out so that the Senator can go through.

05 - Clear the route to the Rickshaw station of hostiles

So, follow him until he ducks for cover, then, clear out the room in front of you. In this area, there are some good guys who are ducking. In the crates in this area there is some health and ammo. When the room is cleared, the Senator will proceed to the next keypad door and open it. Follow him, then, clear out the next area. This area is sort of a sniper alley. Get out your sniper rifle and look up and to either side. There are bridges spanning the whole area. Take out guys as you see them. Try not to stand too close to the Senator because the baddies will be shooting rockets at you and if you're too close, they'll blow up the Senator too. I liked to run to the other side of this area. On the left, the crates will have some sniper ammo. When you get to the other side 4 baddies will come out. Take them out, then, proceed to snipe the rest of the baddies in sniper alley. You see, from this side, the Senator is in no danger of getting hit by an errant rocket which was shot at you. There is also some Health in the far taxi. Once the area is clear, follow the Senator to the next area.

In the next area that you have to clear there are a couple of cross bridges that snipers will be on. No tricks here, just shoot away. Continue on to the next area that you have to clear.

Again, nothing special here. Just clear it out. Once it's cleared the Senator will open the next keypad door. Go through. You'll soon get to a futuristic motorway of sorts. Flying cars will be going past. Take out all the guys that you see until the Senator starts moving again. You may have to look for some time as they are pretty tricky. Anyway, follow the Senator once the area is clear.

In the next area, snipe the guys that you can see from the start, then, run around and take out the remaining guys. Watch out for the snipers on either side up above. When it's clear, follow the Senator and clear out the next area and follow the Senator. Objective complete.

06 - Board the Rickshaw

Get on the rickshaw (taxi).

07 - Destroy the pursuing hostiles

Pump some lead into the two taxis which are following you. Just wait for the rickshaw to stop once you have blown up the 3 pursuing taxis. Get off the taxi and kill the guys and the sniper. Go through the green lit door.

08 - Eliminate hostiles on the way to the Spaceport

Now, you have to snipe the guys across the way. They're pretty tricky as the move back and forth. They'll also be chucking grenades at you so watch out. If you are low on sniper ammo, start chucking grenades and firing rockets in their general direction. Also, there is some sniper ammo in the crates near the beginning of the area you have to snipe across. Once it is clear, follow the Senator. You will soon be able to see your ship.

09 - Clear the spaceport of any hostiles

Now, you have to clear the entire area of baddies. Just run around shooting them. Take cover when damaged. You know the routine. Once it's clear, board your ship.

10 - Get the Senator to the Senate vessel

The Senator is now with you.

13 - Engage incoming fighters then proceed to dock with the Senate vessel

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I don't know what happened to objective number 11 and 12. They must have been automatic or the game had a glitch. Anyway, this walkthrough should not have missed a beat here.

You are back in space now. Take out all of the fighters. Notice that you have several laser (primary) weapons to choose from. Pick which one you like the most. Once you're cleared to land, go ahead and do so.

14 - Destroy the torpedoes before they hit the Senate vessel

OK, this one was tough until I realized that as you scroll through your various targets you'll see a missile icon appear in the lower right of your Heads Up Display (HUD). This makes life infinitely more easy as before I realized this I spent at least an hour trying to find the missiles. So, make sure that your homing missiles are armed and scroll through to find the missiles, then, lock on and fire. Mission over.

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