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Lunabean's Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
9. Whistle Blower

Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter
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Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter >
9. Whistle Blower

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1. General Notes, Hold Position, Back in Business
2. Trouble at the Temple
3. Sharp Shooter
4. The Rustlers
5. Gun for Hire
6. Clear and Present Ranger
7. Genetics Lab
8. Rescue Krugo
9. Whistle Blower
10. Infiltrate Tannan Corp.
11. Face Off
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9. Whistle Blower

Whistle Blower

01 - Meet up with Senator Schmidt in the hangar

Land and exit your ship to meet the Senator.

02 - Locate Barbo

Go to the large main door at the front of the hangar and go through the door. Then, push the button to open the next large door. Go across the bridge. Follow the path and simply run by the spiders and little dino guys. Keep following the tracks in the ground until you see a large tunnel on your left. Go through it. Watch out for proximity mines in the next area. Enter the smaller structure on the left and go up to find Barbo.

03 - Eliminate the incoming hostiles and link up with Barbo, Schmidt and Krugo at the bridge

There's some ammo in this room if you need it. From the long horizontal window, start picking off guys down below with your sniper rifle. There may be some guys coming into the building you are in so watch out. Work your way back down, taking out guys as you go. When you get to the exit of the building that you are in, exit and make a mad dash to the structure on your left. Go up the ramps and kill the guy on top if you haven't already. Inside the little room at the top are two crates with ammo. From this nice vantage point, snipe all the guys that you see. As you work your way back to the bridge, watch out for the proximity mines.

Go back through the large tunnel...there is a guy hiding in the dark on the rightside. Slowly work your way around the tunnel and have your sniper rifle ready. Shoot the elite soldier on top of the rock and then get ready for more snipers, guys with Super Guns, and some monsters. Dispose of them however you see fit. I used the sniper rifle almost exclusively, but you can use the Super Gun if you want. Be careful, there are snipers up in the cliffs.

Continue on and more bad guys. Soon, you'll see your gang by the bridge. Don't shoot them! Cut scene of a drop ship blowing the bridge. Now, you have to work your way around various canyons. Not fun. Follow Barbo.

04, 05, 06 - Clear the small cavern and canyons

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Follow the tunnel until you get to an opening. Take out the guys on the ground level, then, take out the snipers. If Barbo and the gang won't go to the next door that means you still have a guy to kill. He is probably above the entrance way to this cavern, on the little balcony. If he won't come out, shoot a rocket or a grenade up there. When the are is cleared Barbo will open the next door.

When Barbo opens the door, you'll have a guy to snipe in the distance, across from you, one up above and to your left, and one you'll see the streak of his shot from the right. Take out these three guys first as they pose the most threat, then, take out the rest of the snipers. To the right of the door on the other side, under a tree, is some Health and Ammo if you need it.

Now this next area is a real pain. I had many many difficulties here. I had been through this canyon successfully at least 3 times previously. Then, all of a sudden, while I was replaying it to write this walkthrough, the game began not recognizing that I had cleared this area. On top of that terrible time-consuming situation this is a hard room anyway. Therefore, I'm going to detail it for you so that you don't go crazy, like me.

OK, first guy is a real pain. If he sees you he'll shoot a rocket at you and it'll kill your whole gang that's with you and the mission will be over. Not cool. This is the guy on the rock bridge way up and quite far from you. When Barbo opens the door, crouch and get your sniper rifle ready. Slowly creep forward keeping the rock bridge in your sites. When you see his legs crouch a little bit more and blast him as quickly as you can. 3 times in the tummy does the trick or one head shot. So, that's the first guy.

The second guy is a sniper above, forward, and to your left...up on the cliff. He's not too dangerous, just snipe him.

The third guy you can see from your current position. Return your line of site to ground level and look down the canyon. You'll see a little head/shoulder sticking up. Snipe him.

The fourth guy. Move forward slowly and notice about half way up the rock wall on the left, far out from you, that there is a rocket coming at you. Just side step it and then line up your shot and get rid of him.

The fifth guy might or might not have started running at you by now, depending on your position. The guy is an elite guard who has the blue glowing markings. Fortunately, he's still far enough away and running in a straight line that you can easily snipe him in the head. If you don't like that method, just run away and blast him the normal way. Whatever.

Move forward and you'll meet your sixth guy. Just your ordinary everyday mustached rifle infantryman. Snipe him.

The seventh guy will be a sniper who is on the left side wall. By now, you have probably noticed the half circle cave that is on the right side of the canyon. If you go in there, it provides a good shooting point to get him along his little path. At least that's where he was for me.

The eighth guy is where it gets a little fuzzy. Here's what I think. I came across him near the end of the canyon. If you're running down the canyon from where you entered it you get to a part where the canyon gets less wide. This is really the only path you can take, I'm just being very specific. Anyway, pretty far up on the left, near the end of the canyon is a guy who is shooting at you. It's been my luck that he has blown himself up when he tries to shoot a grenade at me, so, I haven't had to shoot him. I just assumed that he was dead. He's not. He's most likely hiding out in the cave up above that connects the path that all the baddies have been on...along the leftside of the cavern. So, you can either use the handy large boulder and get up a little and kinda see if you can draw his attention. I assume you could also shoot rockets or toss grenades in there to try and stir him up or kill him.

Finally. We have cleared this area. I sure hope it was easier on you than it was on me. Back to the walkthrough...

So, objective complete. Yay! Now if I could only get a checkpoint.

07 - Clear the arachnid cave

Now, you have to clear the cave of all the spiders. Shotgun and grenades work well here. Once they're all gone, objective complete.

08 - Find a way of opening up the cave door

On the other side of the arachnid cave you will see that the door is indeed damaged. A little ways before the damaged door, look for the path up and to your left. Keep following this path up and around. Just stay on the path. Once you get up to the rock bridge that guy #1 was on, you'll see two guys coming at you, one with rockets. Take them out. Keep going down the left side wall and take out the final rocket shooting guy before you cross over the bridge. Cross the bridge and continue up the path. You'll get to the other, higher up, bridge. There will a sniper on the path across the bridge. Take him down. Go through the little tunnel and then run to the bunker/guard house on your right. There will be a bunch of guys to take out including 4 or so elite guards. This is a good place from which to do it.

Find the open tunnel on the left and go through. When you emerge, there will be a sniper to your left and below you, on the bridge. There is also an elite on the bridge. Take them out. Then hop down the platforms. Watch out for snipers from the sides. Once off the platforms, jump the gap and continue down the path. Drop down when you get to the small ledge and as you go forward notice the open duct on the right wall. Checkpoint. Halleluiah. Crouch and jump into the duct and then drop into the room. Push the button on the control panel to open the cave doors. Objective complete. Go down the stairs and take out the guys you come to. Continue down the path.

09 - Find a way of taking out the pilot and stop the ship from crashing

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Go through the tunnel and soon you'll see/hear the drop ship. Watch it for a second. See how it keeps hovering at that nice ledge and see how the back door is open? Yes, we're going up there. From where you exit the tunnel, go up the rock path leading up and to the right. At the top of this small path is a boulder. Turn right at the boulder. You'll see the rock formation on the leftside wall that looks like an arch. Go by that and then run all the way to the end. Now, turn around and look for the tunnel along the now rightside wall. Go up this path to the ship, wait for a good opportunity to jump in, go up to the cockpit, get near the rightside pilot's seat, shoot the pilot and then take control of your ship with the action button. All in a days work.

11 - Get back to the main hangar

Don't know how I missed objective 10. It must have been "land the ship" which was done automatically. Anyway, exit the ship you just landed and go through the door that the front of the ship is pointing at. You are now in a mine shaft room with a conveyor belt. There are lots of little dinos around. Kill 'em if you want. Go to the control panel on the left side of the far end of the room. This will lower the large ore bucket behind you. Jump on top of the ore bucket as it goes down. At the bottom, stay on the ore bucket and shoot the little dinos around you. Then, look down the red tunnel. The side tunnel off of it on the left has some dinos in it. Toss a grenade or two in there to help clear it. Then, go there and follow the cave, shoot the dinos you come across and notice the short side tunnel on the left with the red lit door. There is much need Ammo and Health there. You will get to a ledge and a series of platforms that you have to drop down on. One of them requires you to jump across. Otherwise, just drop. At the bottom wait for the red lit door to open and toss several grenades in there onto the baddies inside. Go through the door and follow the path. Watch out for the guy shooting rockets at you from the left, the sniper on the right, and the elite guard at the bottom of the stairs. Snipe them. The bridge will break so go into the water below. Now, swim through the tunnel until you can surface at the staircase. Go into the next room and deal with the spiders and the guys who come out. In the wooden crates is some ammo. After this room is a T intersection. Be careful because after you go left the rightside will open and elite guards will come out. So, use lots of heavy ordinance and watch your back. Once the area is cleared go through the green lit doors until you get to a control room above your ship.

From the control room, man either one of the remote guns and start shooting rockets at the enemies. They are pretty weak rockets, but, it's better than wasting your own ammo. Take out as many as you can. When you finally think that you have killed all the guys down there, take the elevator down. Enter the ship and take off.

Now, you have to eliminate the fighters before you can land in the main hangar...where you're tying to go. So, once all the fighters are gone, you are clear to land. Go ahead and land. Don't shoot anyone. Exit your ship and you'll get a cut scene of the Senator and Krugo getting killed by Richter. You are strung up. It looks bleak. Enter Deus Ex Machina, Grier. When the action starts up again, new level.

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