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Lunabean's Max Payne 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part I: The Darkness Inside

Max Payne 2
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Max Payne 2 >
Part I: The Darkness Inside

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Part I: The Darkness Inside
Part II: A Binary Choice
Part III: Waking Up From the American Dream
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Part I: The Darkness Inside


When you finally gain control of Max, you're in a hospital. Move forward into the hall and through the unlocked door. Move to the double doors and you'll get quite a little cutscene. Continue through the double doors. Go into the reception area and answer the phone with "Use". The detective was DOA. Sad. Exit out and run left to the orange cooler. Inside are some PAINKILLERS. Pass through the double doors next to the cooler.

Approach the dead body on the floor. With his weapon in hand, shoot the masked man who comes through the door. Kill him, the enter the room from which he entered, then pass through the next door. Stand by the elevators and wait for one to open. When it does, enter and hit the button inside.

Here you meet Jim Bravura. He seems to think you did something bad, then he gets toasted. Ah well. After an explosion, you'll end up in the elevator shaft. Pass through the opening, then into the next room. Here is Winterson, dead. You are the murderer. Oy vey.

Chapter One: Elevator Doors

First thing you should do here is Save. The PS2 version of the game doesn't auto-save...I'm not sure about the Xbox or PC versions, but check it out, because if you die here, you'll be going all the way back to the beginning.

Outside, find the open gate alongside the building, and work your way down the alley. Round the corner, move up the stairs and go through the door. Move forward through the warehouse until you get a cutscene. Like the last game, TVs will fool you. Turn it off, grab the PAINKILLERS next to it, then exit out of the cubicle. Run to the opposite corner and you'll get a cutscene of a man appearing from the Squeaky Clean Company. Follow him. When he says "after you", enter the next room, but be aware he's setting you up. He'll pull a gun on you, as will someone in the room he just opened up for you. Kill them both, then make your way to the steel door in the room. Use the control panel to open it up. Kill the two men talking here, them pass through the unlocked door, then the next one. Move up the stairs, always keeping your guns aimed upstairs. When you see the man at the top of the stairs, shoot him, then the next guy who pops through the door.

Continue moving forward until something is mentioned about an answering machine. Go to the desk and use it to listen to the message. Pass through the next door. There's Ammo in one of the lockers. Pick it up, then go through the door across from the lockers. Open the green cabinet along the right wall for some PAINKILLERS, then the Safe for Shotgun Ammo. Move to the far end of the room and you'll hear voices. Pick up the PAINKILLERS from the desk and go to the door and you'll get a cutscene. After the men kill the women, kill them then enter the room to collect the PAINKILLERS and SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN from the desk. Exit out and kill the two men who enter the room. Exit the room via the door you originally entered, and pass through the now unlocked door to your right.

Three more men storm this room. Kill them, then open the lockers to collect the many goods. Continue forward. Here you'll find a cutscene with Ms. Mona Sax. Interesting. Approach the elevator and hit the button. Wait for it to come back then enter and press the button inside. Exit and enter the warehouse area to your right, then move right again through the next door. You're Sawed-Off Shotgun will do some good damage to the attacking men. Continue through the next open door.

In this room move quickly to the left, as the shelves in front of you will fall to the ground, killing you if you're under them. Kill the man and continue to the next door. Cutscene, and you meet Detective Winterson...the woman you claim to have murdered.

Chapter Two: A Criminal Mastermind

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In the cutscene, you find Max is protecting Mona for some reason. OK. When you get control of Max, save. I'm not going to tell you to do this anymore, just do it. Move forward and into the hall to the right. Pick up the PAINKILLERS here, then move back to the entrance and up the stairs, with your Shotgun armed. Shoot the three men at the top, then continue into the open office. Speak into the intercom on the desk, and kill the man who comes through the door. Exit out, then continue up the next set of stairs.

Here you'll find Mike the Cowboy taking out some men. He seems to be on your team...kind of. Anyway, he's not killing you. Continue up the next set of stairs and forward, through the hall and into the open room. Kill all of the men inside, then pick up the many treats. Jump up on crates if you have problems obtaining the items. Continue through the back hall, and up the stairs. Killing anyone in your way. Pass through the brown door and you'll be in the attic.

In the attic, kill the man on the stairs, then move down the stairs. Follow Mike down the many sets of stairs. He'll stop at the landing before the floor and pass through a door. Follow him, while killing. Through the next door and in the next large room is where I lost Mike. I guess I couldn't protect him. At the far side of this room is a green cabinet with lots of goodies inside. Collect them, then move through the unlocked door into the room with the large hole in the ground. Kill the guy on your level, then then three men below. Pick up the goods on your level, the move to the scaffolding and work your way down to the level below. Be sure to collect the many items on the bodies of these toasted men below before passing through the double doors.

Behind these double doors you will be attacked from all sides and from above. You should have enough Painkillers on you to make it not difficult. This is also a good area to use your "Bullet Time", if you haven't already. I simply went in with my double 9mms and did the job. It's really not too difficult. There are just a lot of guys. Once you've cleared the area out, there a quick cutscene where you see Vinnie (bad) and Vlad (good...kind of). When the scene ends, turn around, as three men will attack from behind. Once they're out, go into the room the came from, and move to the far end. Down a ramp to your right is an open door. Pass through it. In a cutscene, Vinnie escapes and you save Vlad. Good enough.

Chapter Three: The Depths of My Brain

You enter a dream. Move toward the knock and move through the door the photo is slipped under. Go down the halls. At the cross hall where you can move left or right, go left and down the stairs. Watch the box behind you. Through the door at the bottom you'll come to a morgue. Approach the body on the shelf to your right, then Mona, sitting on the table. The phone behind her starts ringing. Pick it up. You surrender...they shoot anyway. Turn around and run into the darkness.

Interrogation starts, then you get up. Collect the 9mm on the desk and start shooting. You have no other choice.

Chapter Four: No "Us" in This

OK...back to the real world. Cutscene with Mona, and a sniper with his eye on you. Mona runs out. Follow her out of your apartment and down the hall. She blocks her exit. Go back to your apartment and into the bedroom. Use the phone to call Winterson. Back up is on its way. Go back into the hallway. At the intersection, move left. A crazy old lady takes out a bad guy for you...interesting. Across from her open door is a window. Go through it and onto the ledge. Run to the opposite end, then jump across to the next ledge. Then repeat to the next ledge. Here, a black van will drive up below you. Kill the men who pop out of it, then enter the open window. (You may choose to do this the other way around, as the window will serve as protection from the gunfire below).

Inside, pass through the unlocked door and enter the room with the sleeping man. He can be ignored. Pass by and go through the open window. Enter the halls via the next open window. Slowly move down the hall and wait for the two men to appear in front of you. Kill them, then the next guy who appears. Move down the hall to your left, then into the old woman's apartment. Move to the back of the apartment, then into the small room on the right. Again, an open window. Pass through, then jump to the catwalk to your left. Move up the ramp and jump into the window. This is from where the sniper was shooting you.

Use the mounted camera and watch the men in your apartment, then pick up the Sniper Rifle next to it. Play the tape on the desk. It's you. OK. Exit out and go into the bathroom to your left. Find the PAINKILLERS, then exit out into the main hall. Here will be a couple of bad guys. Toast them. Continue down the hall. You'll see another old woman, then a bad guy through the door. Kill the bad guy and run up the stairs, killing as you go (I really enjoyed the Double Ingrams here). Whatever you do, don't stand at the base of the stairs as grenades will be tossed your way.

At the top of the stairs you'll get a quick load. Again, run to the top of the next set of stairs and the next set. Move through the open door and you're told you can't get through to the suites without the code. So, move into the elevator to your left instead, and hit the button. As you're riding the elevator, arm a Grenade or Molotov Cocktail. When the elevator doors open, toss a couple out to quickly take out the surrounding men. Be aware of the guy hiding behind the cola machine to your right, too. Once everyone has been killed, exit out and head down the hall to your left, all of the way to the end. Here, go through the unlocked door you your right.

Move down the stairs and you'll come to a cutscene. A cleaner gives you the code to the door upstairs. Let him live, as he has a nice singing voice. Go back upstairs to the elevator, killing any new guys who appear. In the elevator, hit the button to return upstairs. At the top, use the new code on the keypad to the right of the door and pass through. Be armed and ready to go. Men will come from the hall to the right. Kill them, then move down their hall into the open suite. Inside, collect the PAINKILLERS from the cabinet in the entryway, and the one in the bathroom to your left. Then, move to the room across from the bathroom and kill the man in the cleaners outfit. Once he's out of the way, check the rest of the apartment for Ammo, then exit out the open window in the den.

Make your way along the ledge, jumping the gap along the way. When you finally run out of ledge, simply move forward and drop to the ledge below. Here, move forward then drop through the gap to the next ledge, then through the open window. Collect the PAINKILLERS from the apartment and move into the entryway.

Chapter Five: A Sign of Her Passage

You have to get to the street. So, move forward and collect the PAINKILLERS to your right. Go through the door in front of you and kill the three men behind it. Down the stairs you'll find some bodies. Mona had come through here. Continue down the stairs and knock the plank away from the door so the man behind it can escape. Move forward through the door and you'll see the busted gas pipe has prevented you from getting out. So, backtrack to the stairs and head down again...all of the way to the bottom. To the right is another trapped person. Open her door up, then exit out. Move down the hall to the right and you'll hear some gunshots. The two people you saved are taking out some bad guys down the hall. Just wait in the hall until the bad guys cross your path and take them out. Once they're toast, gather your pals and head right, through the open door from which the bad guys emerged. Move down the stairs.

Follow the path to the utility room, collect the goods in the lockers, and turn the valve. Now backtrack to where the flaming gas pipe was blocking your path, and go through the door to your left. You'll encounter some bad guys as you emerge from the utility room. Kill them.

In the room beyond the gas pipe, move forward and through the open window on the left. Work your way along the ledge, killing the men below. Jump to the fire escape at the end of the path and work your way up. Move to the ledge at the top, then use the ledge to jump across to the opposite one. From here, arm yourself with something good and drop forward and down to the catwalk below. Move across to the neighboring catwalk before the one you're on completely falls out. Repeat the process and you will fall safely to the ground where you will be attacked by many. If you're skilled, toss a Grenade or Molotov Cocktail at the back of the black van to take out a good number of men. Otherwise, just shoot them fast. Once you clear the area, the level will be complete.

Chapter Six: A Linear Sequence of Stares

Winterson is on to you. Ah well. Work your way forward through the fun house, up the ramp, through the tunnel and down the street. At the end of the street move left and up the stairs. Move into the open room, then out to the catwalk and work your way down. On the street, answer the phone, then walk into the open cage at the opposite end. You'll be taken down a crazy tunnel and you'll come to a quick cutscene.

Work your way forward through the creepy sliders, then down the hall. Move through the scary bathroom, through the door, then down the next hall to the next cage. Again, step into it and you'll be taken up a level. Exit the syringe room through the double doors to the right, get yourself out on the street, then into the room with the spinning sections of floor. Work your way to the back of this room and left. Again, you'll be on the street. Answer the phone at the end, and a new area will be revealed.

Move through the stars. At the end, hang a right and pass through the hall. Along the left wall is an opening. Pass through it and go left to the stairs. Take the stairs up. At the top, check the door. It's Mona's and it's locked, so move along the catwalk to the opposite end. You'll be outside. Jump onto the tin roof behind you and jump through the open window. Check the rooms for PAINKILLERS and Ammo, then move toward the singing voice. Approach the door just past the toilet, and you'll get a cutscene. Mona is inside.

Chapter Seven: The Million Dollar Question

You have Mona in your ear and you're riding the elevator up. When the door opens, Mona tells you where "The Cleaners" are. Good to know. Exit out and move forward, then toward the voices. They will lead you to an open door in a hall with a large painting (looks Space Needle-esque). Pass through the door and you'll be in a nice apartment. Immediately to your right are The Cleaners. Take them out. Move out to the balcony and look left. A few men will appear on the neighboring balcony. Kill them, then jump through the opening in the barrier to make it over to their balcony.

Enter the penthouse the balcony belongs to and give it a good search. When Mona tells you to go upstairs, arm yourself then head up. One Cleaner will be at the top. Kill him, but don't go charging up as there are many waiting to kill you. You may want to use a little Bullet Time here to slow things down, then stand on the landing of the steps. Wait for bad guys to come to you, and take them out as they appear. If they stop coming, slowly move up the steps and look forward and right to see if anyone else is around. If so, toast them, then head into the bathroom to collect some PAINKILLERS from the cabinet, then into the open room. Here you will find your man...dead. There will be a cutscene.

After the cutscene, quickly exit out the room toward the stairs and through the now unlocked door by the coat rack. Three men will be waiting for you here. Toast them. Move into the lobby then right and into the open apartment. Another group of three Cleaners are in here. Take them out then move quietly down the stairs. At the bottom and to your left are some men at a piano. One Grenade will take them out. Head to the balcony and immediately go left. Jump onto the ledge, then fall left onto the awning below.

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On the awning, you'll hear voices. Back over the edge to the balcony below, so when you fall you're facing the two talking Cleaners. Kill them and move through the door. Another group of three are cleaning this apartment. Kill them and collect what's on their bodies. Exit into the hall and you'll witness a murder. Run forward and kill the killers, and be sure to collect the PAINKILLERS from the murdered man's person, then enter the room he was running from. Find the PAINKILLERS in the bathroom, then move down the stairs. Move right and into the lobby. Go right when you can and fire at the Cleaner. Head to the last hall on the right and go down it. Enter the apartment. Slowly move forward. There's a window in front of you, and one directly left of it, which you can't see. There are two men next to that window. Run and attack before they know what hit 'em.

It sounds like something has happened to Mona. Jump out onto the window washer platform, then walk forward to safely drop down to the next level. Fall to the right, then through the opening behind you. Take the ramp down (jump the bar), and go through the open window, killing the man standing in it first. Get the PAINKILLERS from the counter, then move into the lobby where two men will attack from the left. Run into the next lobby and you'll find two more men. Upon killing them you'll get a cutscene of some men emerging from and elevator, one of them being Kaufman...and this is not the only elevator from which men have appeared.

When you get back to controlling Max, you have men coming out from many doors. Bullet Time and Grenades are both good things here, as is the Kalishnakov. Focus first on the group of men in the room you are facing after the cutscene, then take out any stragglers from the other room. Then, find the open elevator, enter it and hit the button inside. Congrats. You have graduated to Part II.

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