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Lunabean's Max Payne 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part II: A Binary Choice

Max Payne 2
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Max Payne 2 >
Part II: A Binary Choice

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Part I: The Darkness Inside
Part II: A Binary Choice
Part III: Waking Up From the American Dream
Max Payne 2 Review
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Part II: A Binary Choice


You're in t-r-o-u-b-l-e and you are m-a-d. Check out the police station. There are some fun happenings all around. Find your desk. It's the back left office with the flag in it. Use the computer and Winterson's phone will ring. Max picks it up in a cutscene. No one there, but now you need to find Winterson.

Exit directly out of your office and into Interrogation across the way. You'll see Mona. Watch the interrogation as Mona is identified. Winterson will speak to you. Go into the interrogation room and speak to the witness. You'll discover Mona got in a fire fight with the Cleaners. Exit out for a cutscene.

When the cutscene is over, pass through the double doors by the Rec Room and move down the stairs, pass through the next set of double doors then, again, explore the area. In the briefing room, play with the projector and notice the "She Made Me Do It". It probably doesn't have anything to do with anything, but you never know. Once you've explored, move back into the stairwell and through the green door to Lockup. Follow the path to the locked door, then hit the pad to be buzzed in. Speak to the woman behind the desk and she'll tell you to buzz the next door. Do it.

Head left down the hall and you'll get a cutscene. Mona feels she's a sitting duck. You're told to call Woedon. Backtrack to the woman behind the desk behind the first buzzed door and use her phone. Upon hanging up, a bomb explodes upstairs. The Cleaners are here to find Mona. Mona gets herself out. You need to follow her. First grab the 9mm, Ammo and PAINKILLERS from the locker in front of you, then arm yourself. Men will attack through the door to your right. Kill them then head toward Mona's cell. The door at the end of the hall will open, exposing some bad guys. Kill them and enter the garage. A black van will appear to your right. Kill the men inside and grab what's on them. Move up the garage ramp to complete the level.

Chapter One: The Things That I Want

You run into Vlad again. Suspicious. You get it on with Mona. Alrighty then. You are chased and you fall to the ground, losing Mona. When you control the game again, step out from behind the boxes and kill the man in front of you, and the man walking up the catwalk. Turn around and move the other direction.

Kill the men on the next set of stairs, before moving up them, continue to the far end of the area and hop over the crate so you can get behind the door. Here you'll find some good ammo. Return to the stairs, climb them and pass through the door on the first landing. Collect the PAINKILLERS, activate the switch and kill the men through the window. Then exit out and move all of the way to the top to collect the many Molotov Cocktails. Move through the door and onto the catwalk. Toss a Grenade or two at the men below, then shoot any remaining men. Move across the catwalk and find the ledge to the right. Follow it, killing any men who appear below. At the end of the ledge, drop down to the next one and find the open door to your left. Hit the lever in front of you to kill the men below. Move to the far end of the room and to the left you'll find a door that's hard to see. Pass through it and kill the men in front of you and below. I recommend using both Molotov Cocktails and Bullet Time to get through this area. Run across the catwalk and check your left side for more men. Once everyone is cleared out, check the bodies for goods (several have PAINKILLERS), then go go all of the way down the stairs.

On the ground again, pass through the hole in the wall if you want to collect Ammo from the men you killed earlier, otherwise, run right along the hall to the far end. Here will be a door. Pass through it for a quick cutscene. After the cutscene kill the Cleaners in front of you, then through the open garage to your left. Continue through the garage, and forward. Up the stairs, move through the open door, kill the men in the next room, then go out onto the catwalk. Help Mona take out the men below, then move down the ramp to the ground. Kill the men to your right, then enter the "garage" with the black van. Go through the door to your left. Around this corner will be many men. Shoot them through the large piece of piping, then move through the pipe to the opposite end. When you hit a wall, look for the door to your right. Kill the men behind it and move forward. End of chapter.

Chapter Two: In the Middle of Something

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You emerge from the back of a van, which is parked in the garage of a construction site. Re-enter the van to collect PAINKILLERS and the MV5. Run right and up the stairs. To your left are more stairs...with men on them. Kill them then move up this set of stairs. When you go through the door at the top you'll see some explosive red boxes in front of you. Back up to the landing then shoot the boxes. Note how you don't want to be anywhere near them if they blow. Move forward through this room, then through the double doors to your left. Kill the two men inside, then move up the stairs and through the double doors at the opposite end. Stand back and shoot the explosive boxes blocking the elevator. Once the room is clear, jump into the elevator shaft, then into the elevator below. Enter the room and pass though the glass door and right, to the outside.

Once outside, immediately shoot a couple random shots to get the attention of the Cleaners outside. Then shoot the explosive boxes ahead of you. Back up back into the building to take cover during the explosions, then Bullet Time yourself and re-emerge outside, shooting anyone in front of you. Once the area is clear, enter the little building on your right through the open door and collect the PAINKILLERS inside, then up the stairs for even more goodies. Head back down and through the unlocked door. You'll be inside again.

Move through the open door to your right, then find the stairs down. Go down them and kill the guards in front of you. That was your only goal in this area, as, if you look around, you're really back where you started. So, exit back up and return to the hallway, this time passing through the closed door to your right. You'll be in a rather large room. Just move through the double doors to your left and left into the next hall, where there will be more men to kill. Here, you are pretty much just running through these halls, killing anyone in your way. There are men all around, so be aware. The halls are simply a square, surrounding one large area. At the opposite end of the square is another set of double doors. Pass through it, then move up the stairs to your left.

At the top of the stairs, look out for the hole in the floor and cross the beams to the next set of stairs. Take them up. On the next level there's also some floor missing, and a man shooting you from a door to your right. Kill him, then cross the beam into the room he was in. Toss a Grenade left to kill the enemies here, and look out for their Grenades coming at you. Kill the men down the hall. Once you get a scene of one falling to their death, you've killed them all...for now. Move to the end of the hall and through the open door to your right.

Go through the next door and left. More enemies. Kill them, then move past the double doors and into the door at the end of the hall. There will be voices from your right. Pass through the blown out area of wall to the next door, and again open fire. Grenades are your friend here. Move through the room to the door on the opposite side. In this room you'll find some Malotov Cocktails and good ammo. Exit back out into the larger room, and jump the hole in the floor to enter the open white door. Approach the door to the left and you'll get a cutscene.

Search the green crates in front of you for Ammo and PAINKILLERS, then head up the stairs. Shoot the two barrels in the room at the top, then collect the Sniper Rifle and Molotov Cocktail. Move through the double doors. Again, shoot the barrels in front of you and let them damage the men below. Run forward and jump the gap to get to the next room. Shoot the barrels here to collect the Sniper Rifle Ammo behind them. Then, enter the elevator shaft and jump up the crates to make it up to the room above you.

Exit through the next door and you have another walkway in front of you. Blow up the explosive boxes to turn the walkway into a ramp, kill any attackers, then jump over to the platform to your left then over to the door across the way (as you've turned the direct route into a ramp down). Enter the room, then climb the next set of stairs up. At the top, pass through the door and you'll see the Cleaners' clothes on the floor. No need for disguises here. Make your way to the next set of stairs and climb. Kill the man in the room at the top, then pass through the double doors to the next walkway. Run across then prepare to be attacked by many in the next room. Note that to the bottom right of the door are some explosives boxes. Use them to your advantage, along with your Grenades and Bullet Time. Once the men are dead, pass through the room collecting the PAINKILLERS as you go. Go through the two glass doors and you'll enter a room with many body bags. Yucka!

Chapter Three: Blowing Up

You are blown into a flaming room. You need to get out. Jump over the counter to your left, then run right, through the open doors. Move down the hall. When the floor drops out, pop into the room to your right. The man inside will be killed. Go through the blasted wall. Here, notice the two boxes near the section of wall that's cracked. Shoot them to blow out the wall and pass through the opening. Carefully jump onto the concrete section of the structure to your left, then continue jumping to and from these little platforms, avoiding walking the beams at all costs. Make your way to the opening, then pass through the hall. Drop down through the floor. Fire is guarding the forward path, so turn around and and run to the end of this hall. Another opening to the level below. There are men down there. Tossing Grenades to the right helps the cause. When no one else is shooting at you, drop down and pass through the open door.

A bad man in this hall will shoot at you. Take him out and continue forward. Run over the ramp, then fall down in the break to continue along the same hall. Pass through the double doors and take out the men inside (there are explosives in this room to use to your advantage). Once the coast is clear, pop a grenade down the hole in the room to cause many explosions below, and clear the area of enemies. Inside, collect the PAINKILLERS from the orange box, then drop down and take out anyone who might have evaded the action. Drop down to the next level (which should be clear), and through the double doors.

Move right and clear out the two sets of explosive boxes along the way. Pass through the blown out section of wall to your left, then run through the opening to your right. You'll come to a cutscene of Max taking quite a fall.

Chapter Four: Routing Her Synapses

You are now Mona, and you have gone back in time, but not too far back. You're just inside the construction site, with Max on the other side of your headset. The first thing you should do is look up. You'll see a Cleaner above you, to the left. Use the "Zoom" feature of your weapon and kill him. Wait for another guy to appear, then take him out, too. Move forward through the room, along the left side. You'll eventually find a wooden ramp. Take it up, then move up the stairs. Run to the top of the stairs and take out the guy shooting at you. Then, move back down the stairs and through the unlocked door. Run across the room, shooting anyone shooting you from above. On the opposite side of the room you'll find an entrance to some scaffolding. Carefully move up it, killing anyone in your way. Just past the open room (you should have killed the man inside from below), there are some stairs leading up. Take the stairs and wait at the top of them. When men start shooting at you, run back into the room at the bottom of the stairs and wait for the men to come after you. Shoot them in the doorway. Once they're out, continue up.

At the top of the scaffolding, work your way around to the building. Inside, there will be a man shooting at you. Kill him then move onto the platform he was blocking. Hit the button and you'll be taken down a couple of levels. If there are any shooters here, kill them, then move right and through the door below the "Danger" sign. There will be several to kill here, so use something that shoots fast. Move forward then right, collect the PAINKILLERS from the top of the crate, then go up the low double ramp in front of you. This will expose you to many on your left, both upstairs and downstairs. Again, it may be best to backtrack once they spot you and wait for them to come to you in order to kill them.

Once they are toast, head up the stairs and across the way, killing any surprise attackers. Continue up the next set of stairs, then through the opening to your right. Again, you'll have bad guys here. There is an initial wave of about 5-6 men and then about the same number of masked men will come out. Clear it out with a fast gun and use your Bullet Time. Use the multiple barrels to your advantage. I tried both the double Ingram and the Dragonov with equal success. You can pick up the guns that they drop to use against them. Be sure to find the PAINKILLERS which are around the corner from the blue stepladder. By the "Danger" sign near the last 3 masked men, you'll find your door in plywood surrounding it.

Work your way around the partition. Go through the next plywood door. You'll see some enemies. In front of you and to the left. Fire at them and then take them out as they come toward you. You can go back through the doorway you just came through for cover. Go past the dead bodies and onto the blue catwalk above the curing concrete floor. Kill the man on the other side. Find the opening in the ground and drop down to the crates below to complete the chapter.

Chapter Five: Out of the Window

Max is still OK and with you. There is an MP5 and some ammo near you. Grab it. There is a bad guy above you. Shoot him. Go right and down the hall. Notice the plank on your right with a gap to a blue catwalk. Jump the gap and in the room are some PAINKILLERS. Reverse your steps and continue down the hall. Go right and you'll see a low double-boarded ramp. Go out onto it, talk to Max, he'll tell you the building is blowing up. Exit out of the ramp room, go right, kill and collect the PAINKILLERS on the wall. Go through the next plywood door.

Kill the men in here. There is a blue ramp. Go up the ramp and kill the next several guys or take out the shooters above from down below. Once up above, collect the Ammo and Guns. Go back down and go through the next two plywood doors. There is a bunch of Ammo in here. Quick cut scene of Max on the ground. Kill the guy that pops through the wall and then start sniping the attackers below. Once you've cleared out the first wave of men below, Max will start running. You need to cover him. Watch his health meter next to yours. If he runs out of health, the level is over.

First, look to the building to the right and on the ground. Shoot the two men who appear through the door. Then, move through the open door to your right and continue forward. There will be one man you have to take out in front of you. Do so then collect the PAINKILLERS he was protecting, then run to the edge. Look below and take out the many men shooting at Max. Max will find his door to be locked. You'll need to continue covering him. You say you don't have a good angle and you'll need to backtrack. Do just that. Backtrack all of the way to the low double-boarded plank leading to the little balcony you were on earlier. Max spoke to you on it. However, be aware of the newly generated attackers directly across from it. Once you've killed both of them, stand out on the balcony and clear out the shooters. Doing this will cause even more enemies to appear. Kill them. When you hear what sounds like one gun firing, leave the balcony and head back to the entrance to this level. Just past the entrance, men will be shooting at you through a door. Kill them all and pass through the door.

Collect the PAINKILLERS to the right, then move around the corner to the left to kill your attackers. Pass through the plywood door and kill the two men here, then climb the stairs outside to kill the final shooter. He may jump down to the ground and live (somehow). If so, just kill him from above. Once you've killed everyone, Max will continue forward, and so will you.

Continue along the blue balcony to the opening to your right. Pass through and make your way into the room with the hole in the floor. Drop down to the crates below and your chapter will be complete.

Chapter Six: The Genius of the Hole

You are still Mona. Collect the PAINKILLERS in front of you and continue through the door. Kill the man in front of you, then start shooting in the yard below. Notice the blue oxygen tanks on the building below and to your left. Shoot them to cause some decent damage to the shooters. Once the area is clear, Max will run across the yard and find the next door locked, too. You have to work your way to the opposite side so you can cover him yet again. So, backtrack past the room you dropped down into, then right and down the hall. Prepare for some attackers. Kill them, then pass through the plywood door to your left from which a couple attackers emerged.

Pass through the next plywood door then work your way forward down the hall. Move into the area to your right, then locate the opening to the courtyard below. Look right and shoot the man shooting at Max from the building. Once he's toast, kill anyone who charges in (you'll have to move to the right edge of the balcony to get them). Max will run and find another locked door. He'll talk a bit, then you'll lose reception. At this point, you'll be shot at by men above you. Run to the ramp and take it up, killing as you go. Move through the opening back into the building, then take a right then a left, just beyond the partition. Work your way out and onto the balcony. Immediately turn around and work your way back through the area, as getting to the balcony triggers some men to appear behind you. Kill them, then find the next plywood door to pass through (facing the balcony, it's to the right).

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Through the door there will be a man to your left. For some reason, he absolutely scared the crap out of me. Drop down to the crate he was standing upon, then shoot the man below it. Drop down to the platform below and pass through the door. Move forward and run across the bridge, killing the man who appears across the way. Once you reach the other side, hit Bullet Time, and run to the PAINKILLERS in front of you. From here, turn left and kill anyone you see while moving forward. At the corner, check your right and kill anyone here, then look left and up the ramp. There should be one more enemy here to take out. Do so. Turn back to your right and get onto the scaffolding here. Immediately move right and kill the shooters who attack. Work your way down the ramps and jump from platform to platform (avoiding the narrow beams) to the next open area to your left. Again, there will be many enemies. Kill them in Bullet Time, taking advantage of the oxygen tank in the middle of the room. Pass through the room and find the next ramp down.

Move down the ramp and you'll find a couple of men to your right on the ground, then another couple of men up the balcony to your right. Kill them all, then collect the PAINKILLERS from the crate next to the men on the ground. Then, move down the ramp/stair system below the tall ramp to your left, killing as you go. Pick up all of the Dragonov Ammo at the base of the stairs, then move through the door, shooting the men who appear in front of you. Once they have been cleared out, look up and kill the men on the structure above you. After they're toast, Max will talk to you. You need to work your way up and out of the pit. Run across the area and take the small ramp to your left into the area with all of the little buildings. Take the next left ramp and kill the two men to your right. Go up the next ramp and move into the orange elevator in the corner. Hit the button inside and you'll get a cutscene. This is where Winterson intervenes, and where Max shoots her. This is also where Max falls into "The Perfect Hole". Oy. Time to move on to Part III.

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