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Lunabean's Max Payne 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part III: Waking Up From the American Dream

Max Payne 2
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Max Payne 2 >
Part III: Waking Up From the American Dream

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Part I: The Darkness Inside
Part II: A Binary Choice
Part III: Waking Up From the American Dream
Max Payne 2 Review
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Part III: Waking Up From the American Dream


You start of this new part to the story as Max, in dream form. Follow Mona out the door and down the hall to the right. Continue working your way down the hall. You'll pass yourself in a few jail cells along the way. Continue through the door at the end of the hall, and toward Mona's moans.

Move through the cell door in front of you, then left down the hall. Continue through the rooms to your right and move up the two sets of stairs. At the top will be a man. Move past him then up either set of stairs. Continue forward into the offices and see Mona and Winterson at eachother. Winterson will shoot at you, ending the chapter.

Chapter One: Too Stubborn to Die

You are back in the hospital, but now with the story behind you, you have more of an incentive to take out the cleaners. And, thank goodness you do as one is standing outside the door in front of you. Go ahead and grab the PAINKILLERS behind you. Check the morgue and you'll find no gun. Grr. You're going to have to evade the man outside. Open up the door. This should knock the man outside on his back. While he's down, run to the unlocked double doors to the left. Move up the stairs, past the first set of double doors, then through the second. Here, wait behind the doors for the guard from below to catch up to you and just jump on him. This will take him down again for a couple of seconds. Move left past the reception area, then through the first door to your left. In here are some PAINKILLERS. Move into the room to the right (you'll recognize it) then through the set of double doors to the left of the green lockers.

Out here you'll see some hospital workers. You'll also have more attackers of your own. This is a good time to go into Bullet Time. Move across the hall and into Recovery, then left, through the open door and into the cubicle area. Check the desks for PAINKILLERS, then move to the back of the room. Stay hidden back here for a few seconds and you'll hear your enemies at the front of the room...then security will come in. The poor guard will be killed. Run forward and jump on the man in the Cleaner suit to stun him for a second, then grab the guard's gun, which is on the floor next to his body. Finally you have a weapon. Nice. Arm it and use it first against the men in the cubicle area, then exit out the door from which the security guard emerged.

Move down the hall and into the security room to your left. Here you'll find a Pump-Action Shotgun, some Ammo and PAINKILLERS. Run toward the door to the right. It will open up and you'll see some new security guards being blasted by the enemies. There's no saving them, so just use your Bullet Time to take out the bad guys. Move into the room and through the door to your right. Head left down the hall. Move around the corner and go to the open door on your right. Kill the two men inside, then collect the PAINKILLERS along the back wall. Exit back out into the hall and shoot the men who appear to your right. Move forward and around the corner, then pass through the door to your right. Kill the man inside, collect the PAINKILLERS, and exit out the next door.

You'll hear a TV. It's to your right. Ignore it. Instead, move through the single "Exit" door to the right of the elevators. This will take you to a stairwell with many enemies in it. Shoot as many as you can from above, then work your way down. Go through the red double doors at the bottom.

You are now in a parking garage. You'll be attacked by men on your right. Bullet Time to clear them out. When they're dead go to the ramp and you'll get a cut scene.

Chapter Two: On a Crash Course

Vlad has lied. The cleaning company men were his. Rotten bastard! You start off in the Manor. Go up the stairs and kill the men. You can take cover behind the wall to your left. Use the scope on the MP5 to pick them off. When the area is clear go up the stairs and grab the PAINKILLERS to your right. Go through the door behind the bar and stock up on Ammo, Guns, and PAINKILLERS. Exit out the door you just came through and go through the brown double doors across from you. There will be some men inside this kitchen using Shotguns on you. Take them out and go through the door on your left where there are more enemies. You are in a lobby/bar with some scaffolding. There is one man shooting you from above and a few men on the ground floor. When the area is clear go upstairs. Notice the two sets of double doors with the wooden ramps in front of them. Men will come out the right side double doors. Kill them and be sure to collect the Grenade and Molotav Cocktail that they dropped. Two more men will come through the same door. Kill them then go through the double doors yourself.

Move forward. You'll see an opening on your right. Go up the stairs. Kill the man at the top. Go through the next set of double doors. You should see a dead body in front of you that you killed earlier from down below. Go toward it and through the door on your left. Kill the two men that come out. You are in an attic area. Collect the Ammo and PAINKILLERS then proceed through the door on your right. Go through this room collecting Ammo as you go. Kill the men behind the last set of boxes. You'll hear an explosion. Turn around and go back to see the hole blown in the wall. You will also be able to see some stairs. Take out the men on the steps both in front of you and across the way.

Then move up the stairs. Cross the catwalk at the top and go down the stairs on the other side. Kill anyone left on the ground. Go to the opposite side of the room and down the small ramp. There will be some men who shoot at you from the right. Kill them. Then, wait for two men to come in from the door on your right. Kill them then pass through this door and move down the stairs.

Go through the door at the bottom and toss a couple of Molotav Cocktails to clear the area. This will cause many explosions. Go into the now cleared out garage area. Collect the PAINKILLERS from the orange crate and the wall as well as all of the Ammo around. Go through the double doors on your right and go up the stairs killing as you go. Continue up the stairs and kill the men at the top behind the boxes. It's easiest to toss a grenade at them. Move down the green hall and through the first door on your right. There will be two men inside. Toss a grenade in there. Kill them and chapter over.

Chapter Three: A Mob-War

Move through the open door in front of you. In the next room you'll see a green door on your left and a stair case in front of you. Open the green door on your left, toss a grenade at the men, then back up into the previous room, making the attackers come to you. Pick up the PAINKILLERS and other stuff on the dead bodies. Go all the way to the top of the stairs. Once you can't climb any farther, notice a crack in the wall and push through it. Go through the gray door and then jump through the hole in the wall. There is bum watching TV. Collect the PAINKILLERS from that room. Then, pass through the white door. Go out onto the small balcony/catwalk and then go right. Men will come down the stairs. Kill them as they are coming down. Then, collect the PAINKILLERS on the floor above.

Go back down the stairs and continue down the next set of stairs. More men will come out from the right. Kill them and then go through the open door to the left. You'll be on some wooden planks. Go through the green door and kill the man inside. Time for some jumping. Jump onto the wooden plank in front of you, go across, and go through the hole in the wall. Turn around and kill the men coming at you from behind.

Go through the next door and exit the apartment. If you'd like some PAINKILLERS, go all the way up the stairs, kill the two men, and go into the bathroom to find the PAINKILLERS. Otherwise, head down the stairs. Kill the two men at the bottom. Go back up to the apartment that you came through and then go up one flight of stairs. Go through the door at the top, then move through the open door immediately to your right. Kill the men.

Go through the hole in the wall and onto the wooden planks and beams. Don't fall. This can be frustrating. Go into the opening on the left which is a bathroom. Collect the PAINKILLERS on the bureau then approach the black door. There will be a cut scene.

You now have three men with you. Follow them down the stairs and exit out to the street. Move down the street, killing the enemies that come out with the help of you gang. Continue to follow them, fighting as you go. Soon, someone will come out and tell the men that are with you that you are a cop. Kill the men before they kill you. If this proves to be too difficult, simply kill your gang as you're fighting the rest of your enemies. Continue down the street. Go through the unlocked green door to your right. A black van will pull up in front of you. Toss some Grenades at it and run toward the back of it, shooting. Cut scene and end of chapter.

Chapter Four: Dearest of All My Friends

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The level starts off and the Scary Mascot is now with you and has a health meter. Follow the Scary Mascot around the corner and collect the PAINKILLERS and Ammo. Then, shoot the men who come in after you. Collect the remaining Ammo from the shelves then go back out into the larger room. Pass through the double doors, grab the PAINKILLERS from the shelf on your right, then pass through the unlocked door on your left. From here move outside to the parking lot, and kill anyone you see. From the parking lot, take the ramps through the windows back into the room you were just in...with the Scary Mascot still inside. More will be inside. Kill them. Once the area is clear, the Mascot will run again.

Follow the Mascot as he breaks through some previously locked double doors. Continue following him until he stops. Two men will come from the windows above. Kill them then collect the PAINKILLERS. Continue to follow the Scary Mascot. The Mascot can't fit through the door he wants to pass through, so open up the double doors across the way, run in and stand in the corner. Two enemies will come through the set of double doors to your right. One will come through the set you just came through. Kill them then follow the Mascot. Locate the PAINKILLERS near the stairs. The Mascot will run into the elevator. Let him do so, then you stand in front of the double doors by the elevator. Kill the enemies who come through, and the man who comes from the right. Go through the double doors and collect the many goods, along with the PAINKILLERS. Exit back out and move up the stairs. Here you'll run into your Mascot friend again, waiting for you in a nice apartment.

Protect the Mascot from intruders. Once you clear out the first set, move along and he'll hide behind the bar. Go back to the apartment entrance to collect the goods from the nice cabinet, then go back to the Mascot. Pass through the French Doors to the odd little balcony area. There's a lamp to your right. Shoot the wall behind it and walk to the newly created opening. Take out the men below. Once you take out three, the Mascot will move and jump out of the opening. Follow him down then watch his back as men will attack from behind. Toss a Grenade at them to take them out, then continue to follow the Mascot. When you see a black van approach, go into Bullet Time, toss a Grenade at it and kill everyone around and above it. The Mascot will enter the open garage door to your left. Once everyone is dead, follow his in.

In the garage, locate the PAINKILLERS on top of some boxes on top of shelves (shoot the boxes off to get the PAINKILLERS), then run up the stairs to the right of the Mascot. Hit the lift button and the Mascot will come up. This will also trigger attackers a van to drive through the garage door. Toss a Grenade at the back end to kill the men who emerge from it. Once they're toast, continue down the hall and down the stairs. Follow him into the next garage area and he'll hide behind some boxes. Kill the three men who come from behind. Once you do this your chapter will be complete.

Chapter Five: A Losing Game

Max runs into Vlad. Bad news. You are now Mona, on your way to get Max in the burning building. As Mona, run into the large room to your right, then down the stairs immediately to your left. From the landing, jump onto the roof of the structure next to you, then drop down through the hole. Move into the hall and go right. Head up the ramp. Before dropping into the room below, shoot the barrels in front of you to your right, far in front (a little to your left) and directly below you. If you don't do this, you'll be killed almost immediately upon dropping down.

When you do drop down, quickly move along the left wall and stand by the red truck cut out. Stay there until the explosions subside. At this point, run forward, then quickly left through some flames (you will get damaged a bit). There will be a hole in the wall to your left. Quickly step through the door leading to the hall on your right, then quickly step back out to avoid the explosions here. Once they've stopped, move forward through what was the hall, and jump onto the fallen beam in front of you. Walk up it then jump up to the right. From here, move to the back wall, then fall off the right side. You have successfully avoided the flames.

Move down the hall and pass through the opening to your left, then go through the archway to your right, then the next two doorways. Watch out for the large green cylinder, then move past it. Collect the PAINKILLERS along the left wall, then, more importantly, break the glass on the fire alarm, then pull the fire alarm. The sprinklers turn on, extinguishing the flames in front of you. Move forward and through the unlocked door to your left.

Inside, a cutout is blocking your next door. Run into it to move it, then pass through the door, and past the room with the crates. Inside, approach the electrical box to your left and hit the switch. You have turned off the power. Nice work. Exit back out to the main area and enter the caged in area now to your left. Go up the stairs (they were blocked earlier due to the electricity) and move forward through the room at the top. You'll see the toasted Scary Mascot. Ah well.

After the cut scene, move forward over the rubble and get to the stairs. Go up them, then take the path behind you, where you will find Max. End of chapter.

Chapter Six: There are No Happy Endings

Max gets deep...kind of. Then you watch as he gets shot in the head. When you gain control of Max, you are in another dream state. Move forward to the detective. Below is your body. Cut scene. Watch as the body in front of you is oddly revived...in your office, oddly enough. Walk into the lineup room for a crazy little scene. You shot you. Go out the door to the left, then move down the hall. Once you pass through the green door at the end, you will have entered a maze, but it's an easy maze as all you really have to do is keep going forward. Move through the first room, then out into the hall. Make your way to the end of the hall and pass through the unnumbered door at the end of the hall to your right. Pass through the door across the way. Again, run forward, directly to the door across from you, then follow the path through the next door. Again, go straight across and through the door in front of you. Pass through the next door and you'll hear Mona. Run down the dark hall and you'll get a cut scene. Mona says a bullet in the head brought her to you. Huh?

Chapter Seven: Love Hurts

It's tag-team time. You start off as Max, behind a van. You are being ambushed from the front. The best advice here is to stay behind the black truck until Mona says she's going in. At this point, run forward and kill the man on the roof. Get the PAINKILLERS from the box in front of your van, then move forward again. A man will bust out of the double doors to your right. Kill him, then enter the door, taking out the two remaining men inside. You are locked in this area and the ceiling is falling. Watch as it does and don't stand under any falling pieces. When the ceiling is completely gone, a man will come out of the door atop the stairs. Kill him and pass through the door.

Inside, kill them man behind the piano, then go through the glass doors to your right. Go into Bullet Time to take out the men in the courtyard. Grenades are nice here, too. Once you've cleared the area you'll get a short cutscene and the shades on the glass doors in front of you will be raised. Collect the PAINKILLERS from the surrounding bodies and kill the two men shooting at you from behind the glass doors. Once you do, pass through the glass doors and go through the unlocked door across from the explosive barrel.

Inside collect the PAINKILLERS from the cupboard, then enter the next room. Stay in the doorway so the bookcase to your left doesn't fall on you. Chuck some Grenades into the room, then enter once they've blown. Kill any remaining men on the floor, then look to the balcony for the others. Immediately after there's discussion of moving deeper into the building, more men pop out of a door leading to a hall. Kill them, then move to the far end of the hall. Pass through the door, and the chapter continues...

Go into Bullet Time and take out the men hiding behind the overturned marble tables in front of you. At this point, a few more men will come out. Work with Mona to clear the area. Pass through the door opposite your entrance. Slowly approach the stairs to your left, as there's a man on them waiting for you. Kill him, then charge up the stairs, killing the man at the top. Move down the hall and toast the security men who pop out of the room to your right, then enter the security room, yourself. Check the lockers inside for PAINKILLERS, Ammo and Grenades. Nice. Exit out the opposite door.

Go through this next room and open the door to the hall. Be aware of men who come out of the door to your right. You may opt to toss a grenade their way. Then pass through the door they came from. You'll be overlooking the courtyard. Clear it out, then move down the stairs. Kill anyone you missed from above, then find the PAINKILLERS on the boxes. Go back up the stairs and go through the now unlocked door to your left.

A group of men will be shooting directly at you. Toss a Grenade their way, then go through the door to your left. Move across the balcony to the next little balcony (Mona will be across the way) and go through the next door. Move right and down the hall, and pass through the door. You're outside again. Kill the two men on your right, then the men down below. Go down the stairs to finish them off. End of chapter.

Chapter Eight: That Old Familiar Feeling

Mona clocked you over the head, but can't kill you. Nice...I guess. Your lady friend is shot from behind by Vlad. Ah well. She was rotten anyway. Still, Max is pissed and goes after Vlad. Vlad blows a hole below you and you fall into the basement. You have a gun on you. Nice. Go through the door.

Run toward the man shooting you to your left as you shoot him. This will prevent the ceiling (and the Panic Room)from falling on you from above. Once you kill him, run into the fallen Panic Room and quickly shut the door. The men outside will be toasted by the explosions. Inside the Panic Room, collect the PAINKILLERS, then exit out once the explosions are over. Check the area for more PAINKILLERS, Ammo and Guns. Sometimes they can be located, other times they can't. It all has to do with where the enemies were when they blew up. Move forward and look through the blown out section of wall to your right. Kill the man below who is shooting at you, then drop down.

Below, grab the man's weapon. You'll hear as another mine starts beeping. Run out of the room, through the open door, and into the room with the barrels. There will be two men here shooting at you. Shoot them back. Quickly run out the next door and up the stairs. Stay at the top of the stairs until a chunk of the walkway in front of you blows up. Once it does, jump over it and run to the door across the way. You'll be charged in this hall. Simply shoot your attacker, then pass through the next door. Here, you'll get a quick break as the chapter continues.

Move up the stairs and through the door at the top. Quickly move up the next set of stairs and kill the men on the landing (there is a Grenade tossed behind you, so if you don't move, you're toast). Continue up the stairs and kill the next pair of attackers. The glass door will open in front of you, as will the door just beyond it. Inside are more enemies. Kill them and stock up on EVERYTHING.

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Hit the button next to the elevator, and enter it when it comes. Press the button. When the elevator doors open, kill the two men in front of you, and the guard on the balcony above. Vlad will also appear here, but you can't kill him now. Instead, go through the door and Vlad will appear above the broken staircase to your right. Shoot him here and he'll dive away. At the base of the staircase is a button. Hit it to bring the handi-ramp down to you. You may have to play the game of keeping Vlad away from the switch above, while shooting anyone who appears at the top. On the handi-ramp, hit the button to your left to move up. Once you get about a quarter of the way up, Vlad will escape through the door at the top, but two of his thugs will come in. Kill them as you ride. Collect the goods at the top, then go through the door Vlad escaped through.

Here will be a quick cut scene. Vlad is in the area above. You need to get to him. Look up to the platform. Notice the supports holding it up. You have to shoot them so they break, while avoiding the Molotav Cocktails he's chucking at you. The supports take a couple of direct shots. Shoot them at the corners, where you can see a little red/orange things. Three or four of them will cause Vlad to fall, but he's not out yet. Your new goal is to shoot at the little red/orange things near the spike which is directly above Vlad. Shooting these will break the supports holding it up. Watch out for the holes in the floor. The easiest way to do this is to stay along the wall...but be aware of the door along the wall, because if you fall into it, you could easily die. I wish I had some good advice here, but I don't as it was just ridiculously difficult for me to get through. All I can say is if you shoot out a support and you have decent health, go ahead and save.

Once the spike falls, you have to take on Vlad, himself. This isn't too difficult. Just shoot him a few times with a solid automatic weapon with Bullet Time activated, and you'll kill him, completing the game. Nice work!

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