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LB's Mercenaries(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Introduction and Intro Contracts

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Mercenaries > 1. Introduction and Intro Contracts

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LB Review: 7.4
Platforms: Xbox, PS2*, PC
Release Date: 01.10.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Intro Contracts
2. Clubs
3. Diamonds
4. Hearts
5. Spades
6. Purchasing Options
7. "Mercenaries" Review

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Mercenaries Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - 1. Introduction and Intro Contracts

1. Introduction and Intro Contracts

Welcome to the Lunabean Mercenaries Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. What follows is all the information you need to complete each and every contract and find and capture each and every member of the Deck of 52. The guide does not include locations of "Bounties" (listening posts, blueprints, monuments, or natl. treasures). Nor does it include the "$" "Challenges". You can do these on your own. This is a very long game that can be played in an infinite number of ways. The strategies that follow are based upon doing the mission over and over until I found a solid, sure-fire, way of doing the mission. You can also do the contracts for each suit of cards in any order. For the sake of standardization, my order for each is Chinese, SK, Mafia, then Allied. However, you can skip around depending on where you are and what you want to accomplish. Also, looking at the Map make sure that if I reference a city/town that you are zoomed-in on the Map so that you see what I'm talking about. The unzoomed view won't show town/city names. With that being said, time to capture some bad guys and save the world!


Controls - To view your controls go to your Pause Menu and scroll to "Controls". There is "Hero" control where you're on foot and "Vehicle" control when you're in a vehicle. Note that "Hero" control leaves out your Binocular/Zoom button and the Crouch button. On the PS2 version they are R3 (Click down on right analog stick) and L3 (Click down on left analog stick), they are probably something similar on other versions. Note that in "Vehicle" controls you have 3 Exit Vehicle options: Exit, Hero Exit, and Passenger Exit. These can be helpful if say you want to remain in the vehicle but need to let a passenger out or you want a passenger to stay in the car (for protection) while you exit. Also, if you want friendlies to enter you vehicle, honk your horn. Just keep these in mind.

PDA - Your PDA contains all sorts of data like your Map, Emails, Merchant of Menace, and Deck of 52 info. Look for the specific section of the PDA below.

Map - Your Map is the first screen of your PDA. While looking at you Map you can scroll and zoom-in. Zooming-in will give you names of cities/towns/areas and is also helpful in finding the Deck of 52, as I refer to the zoomed-in Map often.

Email - Your Email is broken up into three parts: the current mission you are on, Help emails, and Deck of 52 Emails. Help emails explain things when you get to them like a certain weapon, your radar, etc. Read these help emails as they will explain a lot. Your Deck of 52 Emails give you the general area where each card is located. Since you have this walkthrough, you really won't need that info.

Shop (Merchant of Menace) - After a bit you'll open up Merchant of Menace, the shop. Here you can buy vehicles, supplies, or air strikes to have delivered to you while in the field. As you complete missions and find hidden items you'll unlock more items. Weapons

Status - Status shows how many of each deck of cards you've captured and whether or not you killed or captured them. You'll also notice a Intel Meter for the Ace. As you gather more and more intel you'll see the meter go up. When it reaches the line it means you have enough intel to get the Ace Contract. Also included in status is info on Bounties (Blueprints, Natl. Treasures, Monuments Destroyed, Listening Posts Destroyed...all to gain influence with one faction or another), Challenges (the "$"), and Statistics which includes such fun facts as number of bullets fired, distance traveled, and humans killed (1797 for me when I finished..oy vey, I'm going to hell).

Factions - Factions shows the status of the various factions in the game and how friendly/hostile they are toward you. I didn't worry too much about faction status but as a general rule if you want to stay in the good graces of a particular faction do what they ask you to do, like finding all the NK Listening Posts for the Chinese. Also, if you're concerned about factions status, try to avoid killing or being seen when killing soldiers of a particular faction.

SNS (Radar) - In the upper right of your display you'll see your radar. This is very helpful to let you know where you're going and whether there are any helicopters nearby. Helicopters appear as Gray dots when far away then will appear as either Blue or Red dots (friendly, hostile) when near. You'll also see the flags of any HQ that you can go to as well as "$" missions. You can also see if a missile has been fired at you...it'll be a moving, flashing red blip on the radar. While in a helicopter, you can see Anti-Air units as red triangles on your radar. Avoid these.

Subduing Bounties - Sure you can kill and then "Verify" the bounties but you'll only get half the money for doing so. Instead, you'll want to subdue the bounty and then call for extraction. To subdue the bounty, simply hit your "Bash" then "Action" button when near him/her. This will cause you to cuff the bounty. Sometimes you can simply call in extraction from nearby or sometimes you have to grab a vehicle and load up the bounty and drive to a safe place.

Disguises - When you enter the vehicle of a particular faction or a civilian vehicle you'll soon take on the disguise of that faction. Say I hop into a civilian vehicle, then soon it'll say, "Disguised as a Civilian". This disguise will last as long as you don't do any hostile acts, honk your horn, or get spotted by an officer. You can identify officers because they'll have an icon (Flag) above their head when "Flags" are turned off.

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Flags - Speaking of Flags. You can toggle on/off the icons over character's heads by using the "Flags" button (Left arrow on D-Pad on PS2 version). This is handy because you can spot officers (their icon remains when Flags is turned off) or when turned on, you can tell who belongs to what faction. This is also very helpful when using the sniper rifle from a distance. While zoomed-in, you can toggle your Flags on and off to see the target. The target will usually have the icon remain. This is helpful when you are very far away and can't see the target other than the icon. Fire just under the icon and you should hit the target.

Saving - Save after every contract. You can only save while not on a contract. Simply enter you Pause Menu to Save. And, for gosh sakes, save many different files...don't keep saving over the same one.

Challenges "$" - Throughout the game are various "$" money challenges. Basically they involve hopping into a "$" marked vehicle and doing a task such as making it to a certain location in a set amount of time or acting like a taxi service. These are not necessary and only earn you money.

Medivac Rescue - If at any time you need to get out of a bad situation you can enter you Pause Menu and call for Medivac Rescue. You'll be taken to the nearest MASH. I didn't use this once during my play.

Mercenaries Walkthrough and Strategy Guide


"Stand Up" then walk to the yellow circle. Hit your "Action" button to grab the PDA. Walk to the other yellow circles to pick up the CARBINE assault rifle and M67 frag grenades. Walk to the next yellow circle and use your "Action" button to open the Cargo Door. Then, walk into the yellow circle near the Scout (Humvee). After a cool cutscene of you exiting out the back of the cargo plane you'll be on the ground in the Scout.

Open your Map using the "PDA" button and note that you are the Green Triangle and your goal is the Yellow Circle, the Allied HQ. Drive North. Soon you'll see that you have a road block. Either smash through it or take the dirt path to the left up and around the road block. Either way, head to the Allied HQ. Upon arriving, you'll see the "Allied HQ Guard" labeled in Yellow. Approach him and hit your "Action" button to enter Allied HQ.

Colonel Garrett will give you a task. Approach the Major (Yellow Circle) next to Garret and hit your "Action" button to Accept the Contract. You'll automatically be placed outside Allied HQ. Open your PDA and you'll see a Yellow Club marker on your Map. You'll also be told about E-MAIL. Read the E-Mail, "Ante Up."

ANTE UP - Verify the Two of Clubs, Destroy N. Korean Artillery - $20000

Hop into the Scout and head North to the Yellow Club on your map. Follow the road around to the dead-end nearest the Two of Clubs. Upon arriving in this area, you'll receive the HELP EMAIL, "Verification," telling you how to verify a card. See "Verification" in the "Basics" section above. To grab the 2 of Clubs simply drive your Scout near him, jump out, stun him with your "Bash" button then quickly hit your "Action" button. This will subdue and handcuff the Two of Clubs. Then, use your "Action" button to "Pick Up Captive". At this point, you'll get to the option to "Call for Extraction" and the HELP EMAIL, "Support." Don't worry about that right now. With the captive on your back, run over to the Scout's (or any vehicle's) driver's side door. Enter the Yellow Circle and "Enter Vehicle." Drive back toward Allied HQ. When you are near or inside the Allied HQ area, exit your vehicle. Drop the Two of Clubs then access your "Support" Menu using your "Support" button. Scroll to "Call for Extraction" and select it. Now, your "Shoot" button will throw a Smoke Grenade Beacon for the Extraction Chopper to come in and grab the Two of Clubs and take him away. If, upon throwing the Beacon, you get a message saying "Area not clear" it doesn't necessarily mean that the area is hostile, it just means that you've thrown the beacon in an area where the chopper can't land. Make sure it's a fair open and flat area. You can keep throwing the Beacon until you get one that works, thus sending up red smoke. When the Extraction Chopper arrives, Pick Up the Two of Clubs and walk him over to the Green Circle near the Chopper door. Use your "Action" button to "Load Captive."

Next, you have to destroy the two N. Korean artillery outposts. You'll receive the HELP EMAIL, "Laser Designation," which requires you to place a laser target on the artillery and wait for an air strike to bomb it. You'll also receive "Surgical Strike" in your Support Menu. Hop back into your vehicle and drive toward the two Yellow Markers on your Map. When you get to them, stay a good distance away, and exit your vehicle. Access your Support Menu and select "Surgical Strike". This will turn your "Shoot" button into a Laser Marker. Hold your "Shoot" button so that the Laser is targeting one of the two artillery pieces. Hold it until you see the bombs drop in and the artillery piece destroyed. Do the same for the second artillery piece.

Next, you have to get back to Allied HQ, the Yellow Marker on your map. Go up to the HQ Guard on the stairs and collect your $20000 for the Two of Clubs.

Back inside HQ, Garrett briefs you on the "Deck of 52". Go to the Yellow Circle by the door and exit. Back outside, SAVE using the "Start Menu". Check your EMAIL for the "Lay of the Land" and the "Buford" messages. This tells you to go visit Buford at the S. Korean HQ and tells you a little bit about Buford.

Hop into any vehicle and drive to the S. Korean HQ (White Flag). When you arrive, approach the SK HQ Guard to enter the S. Korean HQ. Buford will talk to you. Then, approach the Yellow Circle of Lt. Yung Kim and "Accept Contract."

STEM THE TIDE - Defend the SK HQ and maintain morale, Improve morale by repelling attackers, Morale decreases when SK forces die, NK troops break through, or you abandon the defense - $55000

In this mission you have to defend each of the positions told to you. At the start of the mission you'll get the "South Korean Supply Drop" added to your Support Menu. If you want, for $5000, a helicopter will drop supplies health and ammo for you.

On to the mission itself. You'll see a Yellow Marker on your Map to the North of you. Run there. Man either the left or right Heavy Machine Gun. Start shooting at anything that turns your reticule red: vehicles or men. When it comes to the vehicles, just pump them full of lead until they explode. Don't let anybody break through your defenses. Keep this up until Fiona chimes in and tells you to go to the next defense point. Leave your position and run to the next Yellow Marker.

Here you'll get the opportunity to use the Recoilless Rifles, aka Heavy Missile Launchers. These are vastly more effective at taking out vehicles than the Heavy Machine Gun. Again, take out any vehicle or enemy until you get notification to move to the South Defense Point. Hop into a nearby Scout and drive there.

At this defense point you can either use the Recoilless Rifle to the left or the Heavy Machine Gun to the right. I recommend the Recoilless Rifle. Keep this up until you are told to go back to the North defense point. Hop into a Scout and get there quickly.

Again, use either of the Heavy Machine Guns until Fiona tells you that the South Korean reinforcements have arrived. The objective will be completed and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED. SAVE. Check your EMAIL for the "Opportunity in Pyongyang" message. Also, in the "Deck of 52" folder you'll find info on the 5 of Clubs, Tal-hum An, North of Pyongyang. Note the Black Flag (Russian Mafia) on the Map. Head there. Step into the Yellow Circle of the Mafia HQ Guard. Inside you'll meet Voronov and Josef Yurinov. Step into the Yellow Circle of Yurinov and "Accept Contract.

FOOTHOLD - Steal NK transport and return it to the Mafia Garage, BONUS: Destroy 3 machine guns - $30000 + $10000 Bonus

Now you have to prove yourself to the Russian Mafia. Look at your Map. The Machine Guns are labeled with blue and the NK Transport is Yellow. Hijack a vehicle and drive to the area. First, you should take out the three machine guns. There are several ways to do this. First, try to sneak up to them from the backside so that they don't shoot you. To view them from a distance use your Binoculars (R3, click down on right control stick, on PS2 version). This way you can tell if they're facing you or not. Next, to destroy the machine guns you can use Grenades or C4 from your Support Menu. As you approach your first machine gun you'll get the EMAIL "C4". If you want, kill the enemy manning the machine gun, then place a C4 charge. Run away then use the Detonator to destroy it. Do this for each of the three machine guns, or simply get close enough and chuck a grenade or two in the general direction.

Next, head for the Yellow Marker, the NK Transport. If your Health is low, find a Health Crate near one of the machine guns then head to the NK Transport. Once there, simply run to the hangar where the Transport is located. Here, you'll find a weapons cache. If you want, break open the crates with your "Bash" button and grab the goodies. Otherwise, get into the Transport and drive it back to the Mafia Garage, Yellow Marker. Drive it to the Yellow Circle and pull into the garage.

This will pay $40000 total and will open a new shop, "Civilian Car Delivery." Basically, you can steal cars and drive them here to earn money. You'll also earn "Surgical Strike," "Russian Supply Drop," "Allies Supply Drop," "Mafia Technical (MG) Delivery" as Shop Items to be used in your Support Menu. You can visit the Shop via your PDA. Also, DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED. SAVE. Check your Map. You'll see a Red Flag, the China HQ. Check your EMAIL for "Colonel Zhou Peng" and "Merchant of Menace." Also, check your "Deck of 52" folder for 4 of Clubs, Yeom Park, North of Haeju. Head to the Red Flag, China HQ. Upon arrival, enter the China HQ. Here you will meet Zhou Peng. Accept the contract.

PEST CONTROL - Destroy NK outpost at Children's Museum, BONUS: Destroy NK Barracks - $50000 + $10000 per barracks

You'll receive an EMAIL, "Mission Loadout," telling you that the Type89 APC is useable for this mission. This is an Armored Personnel Carrier with a Missile Launcher on top that you can fire with your "Shoot" button. The turret and the tank operate independently of each other so it may take a few seconds to get a handle on controlling the tank but it is quite easy. You'll also get the new Support item, "Artillery Strike." You'll use this to blow up the Children's Museum.

Follow the road South to the Yellow Marker. As you drive through the first checkpoint your disguise will be busted. Don't worry about it. Continue busting through checkpoints, try to drive over the crates as they are the easiest to crush without putting you off course. Upon arriving in the area you'll be told of a Bonus Mission, "Destroy the NK Barracks." There are four barracks marked in Blue.

First, drive to the Yellow Marker, and note the two Artillery Pieces in front of the Children's Museum. Kill the enemies near the Artillery then "Man Weapon" to take control of the Artillery Piece. Aim the Artillery at each of the four NK Barracks. You shouldn't be attacked while doing this. After the four Barracks are destroyed, head to the back of the Children's Museum and access your Support Menu. Choose, "Artillery Strike." Then, throw a Beacon anywhere near the structure and get the heck out of there. The Artillery Strike will rain down and destroy the Children's Museum.

You'll earn $90000, and the Shop Item, "Artillery Strike." Also, DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED. SAVE. You now have all 4 factions at your disposal for contracts and intel: Allies, S. Korea, Mafia, and China. Open your EMAIL for info on the 3 of Clubs, Su-yeong Kim, South of Pynongyang, across the river. At this point you can visit any of the four factions.

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