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LB's Mercenaries(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
2. Clubs

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Mercenaries > 2. Clubs

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LB Review: 7.4
Platforms: Xbox, PS2*, PC
Release Date: 01.10.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Intro Contracts
2. Clubs
3. Diamonds
4. Hearts
5. Spades
6. Purchasing Options
7. "Mercenaries" Review

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Mercenaries Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - 2. Clubs

2. Clubs



NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW - Eliminate three Mafia officers in Haeju, Report to Chinese officer at the Docks in Haeju, BONUS: Evade Mafia Detection - $50000 + $15000 bonus

This is a frustrating mission if you're going for the Bonus. If not, it is quite easy. First, break open the Covert Supply Drop and grab the Sniper Rifle and Covert SMG (a silenced SMG). You can read about these weapons in the "Help Folder" of your EMAIL. Remember, to zoom on the Sniper Rifle use the Zoom button (R3, click down on right control stick, PS2 version). This is key to completing the Bonus part of this contract. Hop into any vehicle and drive all the way South toward the Yellow Marker in Haeju.

When you get North of Haeju, you'll see that the road splits to the East or West thus bringing you into the East or West side of town. Take the West road first. Now, note, as you approach Haeju itself, that your in-game radar has blue on it. The blue indicates Mafia Territory. You'll be alerted if you enter Mafia territory: the blue will flash and you'll be told, "Trespassing on Mafia Territory." If any Mafia spot you inside their territory your cover will be blown and you won't earn the bonus.

At that East/West split North of Haeju, take the West road (as I just mentioned). Locate the Docks and drive there. Looking at your in-game radar, note that to the East of the Docks is a small protrusion into the blue Mafia area where you can climb a hill and look down upon one of the Mafia officers. Climb this hill, and even though you may be slightly into Mafia Territory, take the shot and kill this Westernmost Officer. One down, two to go.

Next, head around to the far East side of Haeju by taking the East road. Look at your map. Find the Easternmost part of the bay (water). The water protrudes into the land making for a nice small little bay. Anyway, go to the Northeast of this small part of the bay where you will be able to climb up a hill, leading you to the higher mountains. Climb the hill, then follow the mountains West then South around the small bay. Follow the profile of this small bay, eventually heading South toward the main bay/shoreline. At this point, you'll be heading South and you'll barely be entering Mafia Territory, running alongside it. Still in the mountains, you can climb up to the highest peak nearest the two remaining Officers and you should see a distant Yellow Indicator marking the Northernmost Mafia Officer (of the two remaining). Go down the hill about half-way toward the shoreline until you're in the dirt area of the hill rather than the grass area. Zoom in on the faint Yellow Marker that you can see from here (the North one). Upon zooming in you'll see the "Flags" above each of the enemy's heads. Here's a little trick: toggle your "Flags" indicator off (Flags create the icon above the heads of all characters to let you know what faction they belong to). If you see one remaining "Mafia" Flag, that is the guy you're shooting at. Even if you can't see him through the fog, just aim below that indicator and you should hit him. If you don't, then there is probably a tree or something in your way. Move up and down the hill, zooming in, to see if you can find a clear shot on him. While zoomed in, look for the Yellow Circle below him. Even if you can't see him, aim above the Yellow Circle and you should be able to hit him. Be sure to toggle your "Flags" back on. Two down.

From your position on the side of the hill, you can turn and face the remaining Officer (the one to the South). You'll again see a faint Yellow indicator in the distance. To get to him, you'll want to use the wall that runs along the shoreline. Before you make a break for that wall, make sure that there are no Mafia Pickup Trucks or personnel in the area, then run to the wall keeping the wall between you and the water. Run West along the wall looking out for patrolling Mafia (look for the Mafia "Flag" above the heads of pedestrians). If you see any near you, crouch (L3, click down on left analog stick, PS2 version) and wait until they turn around and go away. Continue along the wall until you can get a clear shot in on the final Officer in the Gazebo. Again, if you're having trouble distinguishing the guard from the Officer, toggle off your "Flags" and the remaining "Flag" will be the Officer. Anyway, shoot him. Three down.

Next, you have to meet up with the Chinese Officer at the docks. I recommend backtracking out the way you came in, again making sure to move along the wall only if you don't see any Mafia in the area. Once you are back in the mountains, you'll be safe. Back out on the road, drive a car to the docks and meet the Chinese Officer at the top of the wide metal stairs.

NOTE: Instead of the Sniper Rifle, you can call in "Surgical Airstrikes" from your Support Menu and use the laser targeting to take out each of the Officers. It is fun, but not quite as accurate as they sometimes miss, and they do cost a lot of money.

You'll earn $65000 total, Shop Item, "Vehicle Ammo Drop," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 8 of Clubs, Yeong-suk Park, in Pyongyang. Also, you'll have the, "South Korean Listening Posts" EMAIL. This is a side mission. There are 55 Listening Posts throughout the game. The Chinese want you to destroy them. Do so if you want. Head back to the Chinese HQ.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT - Eliminate NK Forces, Verify the Queen of Clubs - $115,000

All 6 of the NK Forces are in Nampo, they are marked with Yellow Markers. Head there and to the North of the city, just a few feet south of the train tracks, you'll find a ridgeline of hills. Use your Sniper Rifle from these hills to pick off as many of the NK Forces as you can. I was able to get 5 of 6 from here. Then, take out any remaining NK Forces.

After all 6 NK forces are dead, you'll get a Yellow Club indicator. Chase the Queen of Clubs, ignoring anybody shooting at you. For me, the Queen of Clubs ran West to the docks and hid behind some cargo containers. Behind each container on the way to him was an enemy. Kill them as you go toward the Queen of Clubs. Upon reaching the Queen of Clubs, subdue him and cuff him. At this point, I recommend accessing the Shop via your PDA and asking for a Civilian Car to be dropped in. Leave him where he is and run and find a good spot to place the beacon. While the car is being flown in, go and Pick Up the Captive and carry him to the car. Drive away from this hostile area to a clear area and go ahead and, "Call for Extraction." Deliver the Queen of Clubs to the Extraction Chopper for your reward.

For this you'll earn $115000, new Shop Item, "Vehicle Repair Drop," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL to learn about the, 9 of Clubs, Cheol-han Cho, North of the DMZ.


A PROPER FUNCTION OF GOVERNMENT - Locate the SK agent, Bring agent back to SK HQ - $55000

At the start of this mission you'll get the "South Korean Supply Drop" added to your Support Menu. Note the three Yellow Markers on your Map at the Pyongyang Airport. Hop into the BJ2020 Scout Jeep so that you'll be disguised as Chinese, and head there. Once you arrive at the airport, drive through the gate to the West. If your disguise is blown, don't worry. Drive to each of the three Yellow Markers until you hear the SK Agent say, "Hey you, over here." The Agent's location changes, for me he was in the Middle, then the next time, he was in the East. Anyway, once you find the Agent, enter the agent's Yellow Circle and "Talk" to him then, have him "Follow" you. Get into your Jeep and he'll get into the passenger side. Head back to the SK HQ.

On your way back, Fiona will tell you that you can't let the Chinese follow you and to lose them. The Chinese will also have set up a road block on the bridge. Simply weave your way through it. If, on your way back, your vehicle gets too damaged, just hop out and grab another. Go back to SK HQ and drive into the Yellow Circle.

You'll earn $55000, "Covert Supply Drop," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL to learn about the, 6 of Clubs, Chong-chun Yi, just South of the Russian Mafia's HQ.

A FAREWELL TO KINGS - Destroy Ichon missile launchers, Verify the King of Clubs - $125000

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At the beginning of this mission you'll receive the "South Korean Supply Drop" and "Stealth Bomber Attack" in your Support Menu. Hop into any vehicle and head to the Yellow Markers on your Map, in Ichon. As you approach the area you'll be under attack and your radar will be jammed meaning that you can't call in any support. You'll soon see the three sets of three missile launchers in the area. They are all behind a fence that you can't get through and the gate didn't open for me as I was in a SK vehicle. In the NE of Ichon, if you follow the fence, you'll get to a point where the fence ends at a hillside. You can easily drive up and over the fence using this hill. You are now inside the fenced area.

Look at your in-game radar for the Red Blip. This is the radar jammer. Go there and you'll find an armored vehicle with an satellite dish on top. You need to use C4 on the truck. First, though, kill the guards in the area and "Bash" the two supply crates. One of them does have an RPG so you could use that to destroy the truck. But, C4 works well. Plant the C4 near the jamming truck and detonate it. Your Support Options are now back on line!

You're probably under some heavy fire at this point. Run or drive to a relatively safe area. Then, use your "Stealth Bomber Attack" Support Menu. For this attack, you'll position a Satellite target over the missile launchers. Since the launcher are in groups of three, try to aim for the middle one so that one strike will take out all three. Do this for the second set of missile launchers. For the third set, notice that you'll be charged $225000 for another air strike. If you want to pay that much, go ahead. Otherwise, go up to each of the missile launchers and place a C4 charge beneath each one, then detonate them.

If you're low on Health, you can call in a South Korean Supply Drop because you still have to Verify the King of Clubs. He is now marked on your map with a Yellow Marker. Hop into any vehicle and head to the Yellow Marker. Upon nearing him, the marker will change to a Yellow Club. Drive through the fence or go through the gate if your are disguised as a SK to enter the area where he is. He is on top of a roof. There is an enemy helicopter that has been dispatched to pick him up (Yellow Helicopter Marker). You need a helicopter. Fortunately, there are a few nearby. From where you see the King of Clubs, drive/run south and hop into one of the helicopters. While hovering near the roof, wait for the enemy helicopter to arrive and land on the roof. Switch your helicopter's weapon to rockets, take aim at the landed enemy chopper and fire away. Now you have the King of Clubs to yourself. Land on the roof, subdue and cuff the King of Clubs, call for an extraction on the roof and then load him in.

NOTE: There can be a small glitch where the King of Clubs will drop down to the lower balcony of the building. You can still land on the roof and subdue him but you have no way of getting him off the balcony (despite many efforts to try and drop him over the ledge). At this point, your choices are to kill him or restart the mission.

SAVE. You'll earn $125000 and "Gunship Support."


GIMMIE MY MONEY - Return the marked cargo to the Mafia warehouse, Return the helicopter to the Mafia garage, BONUS: Kill the Chinese officer in charge of the raid - $30000 + $10000 Bonus

Hop into the MD-530 Scout helicopter. Remember, you can switch weapons between the machine gun and rockets. Look at your map for the Yellow Marker (crate) and the Blue Marker (Chinese officer). Fly there. Upon arriving, lower yourself to about 150m and you should be able to see the Chinese officer marked by Blue. Shoot him. Next, take out any enemies on the roof because they have RPGs. Then, hover over the Yellow Crate and lower your winch using the same controls you use for your "Support Menu" (D-pad, up and down, on the PS2 version). Lower the helicopter, using your shadow for reference, and soon the magnet on the winch will pick up the crate. Don't try to raise the winch once you have the crate or it will drop the crate. Just fly to the Russian Mafia warehouse, Yellow Marker, and lower the helicopter in the Yellow Circle so that the crate gently touches down. Then, fly to the next Yellow Marker, the Russian Mafia garage and land as indicated.

You'll earn $40000, "N. Korean Sungri Scout Delivery," "Chinese Supply Drop," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

Open your EMAIL to read about the 7 of Clubs, Kang-keun Ha, SE of Kaesong.

BAIT AND SWITCH - Verify the Jack of Clubs, BONUS: Recover a FROG 7 missile truck from the area - $100000 + $30000 Bonus

Enter the Transport Truck in front of you and wait for the soldiers to get in the back. Look at your Map for the Yellow Club indicator and the Blue Car indicator in Sariwon. This mission is easy if you're just going for the Jack. If you're going for the Bonus, read carefully. In order to get the FROG-7 out of the area safely, you need to clear the path of the three tanks that are near the Jack of Clubs. You can do this by hijacking a tank, blowing up the other tanks, then leaving the tank you're in somewhere a fair distance away.

OK, so this is how to do it. Drive the Transport Truck to the general area where the Jack of Clubs is located. Don't get too close as the tanks will shoot at you. Park a good distance away. Then, run to a tank, zig-zagging so as not to get hit by its cannon, hijack it, blow up the other tanks and anything else in the area (being careful not to hit the Jack) and drive the tank to the Blue Marker, FROG 7. Here, blow up any resistance in the area. OK, now the FROG 7 is ready to go. Get into the FROG 7 and drive it to the Jack of Clubs. Hop out, take out any additional resistance, subdue and cuff the Jack, and then carry him to the FROG 7. Get in and drive to the Mafia Garage (Blue Marker). Pull into the garage (the door will automatically open when you're near). You'll be placed outside with the subdued Jack of Clubs. Call for Extraction and mission over.

NOTE: You can have the soldiers who are with you drive the FROG 7. Just drive the Transport Truck near the FROG 7, exit, and make like you'll drive the truck. One of the soldiers will then volunteer to drive it, but you have to clear the way, namely the tanks. I tried this mission many different ways and this isn't the best way to do it. However, this note is here just so you know it can be done this way.

You'll earn $130000, "N. Korean Transport Delivery," "Strategic Missile Strike," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.


OUT OF THE WOODWORK - Destroy NK tunnels - $40000

You are given two "Surgical Air Strikes" to start this mission. You need to destroy three North Korean tunnels. Look at your map to find the what looks like only 2 Yellow Markers. Actually, there are three. The two Western tunnels are right next to each other. Head to the Easternmost one first. Here, drive up to the small hill to the left of the tunnel or take cover behind the boulders and call in a Surgical Strike. If any enemies are bugging you, take them out before you call in the strike. Next, hop back into your vehicle and drive to the two Western tunnels. Climb up the hill to the North of the tunnels and you'll find an enemy with an RPG. Kill him. From this vantage point, call in a Surgical Strike on either of the tunnels. Then, pick up the enemy's RPG and get a clear line of fire on the remaining tunnel. Make sure your reticle is red then fire two rockets at it. This will destroy the third tunnel. Mission complete.

For this you'll earn $40000, "Cluster Bomb," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 10 of Clubs, Yeong-kil Kim, Southwest of the DMZ.

BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE - Destroy NK jammers, Verify the Ace of Clubs, BONUS: Destroy NK forces at South end of island (clearing LZ for allied support) - $150000

Time to go get the Ace of Clubs. Go to Allied HQ and talk to Garret outside for the "Ace Contract". Once inside, walk up to the Lt. to Accept the Contract. Be sure that you have all the other clubs before accepting this contract or you won't be able to go back to collect the Clubs' bounties.

At the beginning of this mission you'll be given "Tank Buster" and "Cluster Bomb" Support items. Look at your Map. Locate the three Yellow Markers indicating the NK Jammers and find the Green Circle indicating the "Bonus" mission to clear the Southern Landing Zone (LZ).

You start in the NW of the island. Find a vehicle and drive to the NK Jammer directly South of you. Drive right up near it and hijack it; if you want you can kill off the resistance. Drive the Jammer truck South to the Green Marker. Attempt to run over the 6 NK Forces. Keep it up until your Jammer truck explodes. Or, if the Jammer truck doesn't explode, use a C4 on it. One down. Kill off any remaining NK Forces and the LZ will be clear for Allied support. Watch as an Allied chopper lands. Upon landing you'll receive the, "Allied M1126 Delivery" Support item.

Go ahead and use the "Allied M1126 Delivery". This drops an APC in for your use. Hop into it and drive to the Northeast NK Jammer. Take note that it is at the North end of the red road. As you approach, your in-game radar will be jammed so you won't be able to see the road on your radar. Anyway, this one is pretty easy. Drive right up to this NK Jammer, hop out of your APC, then run to the other side to Man the Weapon. Now atop your APC, manning the machine gun, take out any hostiles. Then, use a C4 on the NK Jammer. Then, for good measure, go to the Anti-Aircraft truck and shoot off all of its missiles.

Time to head to the last NK Jammer in the SE. This is the toughest one because there is a tank and snipers guarding this area. I recommend driving your APC right up to the tank. Hop out and quickly kill the turret gunner on the tank. Then, find the Green Circle of the tank and hijack the tank. Watch out because there are many RPG wielding enemies. As quickly as you can, start blasting anybody that you see. Once it's relatively quiet, shoot a few cannon rounds at the NK Jammer.

Nice work! All three NK Jammers are toast and you are in a tank! You'll get a new objective: Destroy Song Tower. You'll receive the "Bunker Buster Bomb" Support item. Drive the tank (or whatever vehicle) to the vicinity of Song Tower (now marked with Yellow on your map). Go to a safe area close to the tower and use your "Bunker Buster" Support item. Place the laser target anywhere on the building and the building will go down.

After that, you'll get a Yellow Club marker on your map. The Ace of Clubs should be near you, running away. Chase him down, subdue and cuff him, then if all is clear, call for Extraction. If the area is hostile, either clear the area or drive to a clear spot and call for Extraction.

You'll earn $150000 and all of the Clubs are now Captured! You'll also receive the "Bunker Buster Bomb" Support item.


At this point, you have intel on each and every Club. Whatever you do, DON'T go to Allied HQ and start the "Ace Contract". Doing so will void all of the other Clubs and you won't get any money for them. First, round up Clubs 3-10, then visit the Allied HQ for the "Ace Contract".

2 of Clubs - Captured in mission, "Ante Up," the first mission of the game.

3 of Clubs - Follow the road West from the NK Base. At the big half-loop, up an unmarked dirt path. Simply drive near him, nab him, put him in the car and drive to a safe location for extraction.

4 of Clubs - At the "A" in "Farmland". Another easy one. Drive to him, grab and extract.

5 of Clubs - Look at North Pyongyang, find the road heading East that leads to the gray compound to the NE of North Pyongyang. Follow the road and you'll see that it's a temple/pagoda. Kill the three guards and grab the 5 of Clubs.

6 of Clubs - At the end of the red road running SW from East Pyongyang. There is a Tank and some Heavy Machine Guns protecting him. The tank is the problem. Snipe the Tank machine gunner then zig-zag to the tank and hijack it. Destroy all enemies being careful not to hit the 6 of Clubs. Then, grab the 6 of Clubs and call for Extraction. Note that there is a Health crate full of Health near where the 6 of Clubs is stationed.

7 of Clubs - From Kaesong, head East along the road leading to Allied HQ. Just after you get to the first sandbag roadblock, look to the right to find an unmarked dirt path. Another hint is that this is right near where you blew up the two North Korean tunnels in the Allied HQ mission, "Out of the Woodwork." If you're zoomed in on your map, the 7 of Clubs will be to the right of the number "40". Follow this dirt path. Kill each of the three RPG-wielding guards then nab him. Be sure to "Bash" the money crates for extra money.

8 of Clubs - Downtown Pyongyang. About a dozen guards and a manned Jeep Heavy Machine Gun. Snipe the enemies on the roof, throw a grenade or two under the jeep, subdue and cuff the 8 of Clubs, and jump into a nearby Cargo Truck. Drive to a safe location and call for Extraction.

9 of Clubs - Grab a durable and quick vehicle like the Scout or a Jeep of some kind. Look to the red roads to the North of the DMZ. They split into an East and West path. Go West. Drive past all of the enemies and drive right up to the 9 of Clubs, grab him and drive him out of there to a safe place for Extraction.

10 of Clubs - Take the road East from Propaganda Village. You'll soon see a North and South red road near each other. Stop at this intersection. Look to the South for some train tracks. Follow the tracks to the East. There will be a lot of men. Drive right up to him and do a quick nab and grab and get out of there. Call for Extraction from a safe spot.

Jack of Clubs - Captured in Russian Mafia mission, "Bait and Switch".

Queen of Clubs - Captured in Chinese mission, "Under New Management".

King of Clubs - Captured in South Korean mission, "Farewell to Kings."

Ace of Clubs - Captured in Allied HQ mission, "Bringing Down the House".

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