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LB's Mercenaries(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Diamonds

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Mercenaries > 3. Diamonds

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LB Review: 7.4
Platforms: Xbox, PS2*, PC
Release Date: 01.10.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Intro Contracts
2. Clubs
3. Diamonds
4. Hearts
5. Spades
6. Purchasing Options
7. "Mercenaries" Review

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Mercenaries Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - 3. Diamonds

3. Diamonds



At this point in the game you have captured all of the Clubs. It's time to do all of the Contracts for the Diamonds. For the sake of organization, I'll do the Contracts in the same order as before: China, S. Korea, Mafia, Allied.

Head to the China HQ (I know it's a long drive). Depending on whether or not you pissed off the Chinese, you may have to bribe them to let you into the HQ.

ESCORT SERVICE - Find Chinese officer, Escort officer to Haeju, BONUS: Destroy a NK outpost along the way - $60000 + $20000 Bonus

To start this mission you'll be given the Support items: "Artillery Strike," "Artillery Barrage," "Chinese BJ2020 Scout Delivery," and "Chinese Supply Drop". Head South to the Yellow Marker. Along the way you'll have to get by a pretty nasty checkpoint. You can either hijack the tank at the checkpoint or drive by as quickly as possible. If you're low on Health before you get to the officer, call in a supply drop but be careful to destroy any nearby Anti-Aircraft trucks or they'll shoot down your supply chopper.

Once you reach the Chinese officer. Tell him to "Stay". Run down the road toward the three tents. Shoot any immediate threats, be wary of the RPG wielding enemies in the guard towers, then call in an Artillery Strike by placing the Beacon somewhere near the three tents. The Artillery Strike should take out all three tents, thus earning you the bonus. If it doesn't take out any remaining tents with C4.

Next, hijack a vehicle and drive back to the Chinese officer. Honk your horn if he doesn't get in to make him get in. Then, drive him to the Yellow Marker, the docks in Haeju, and drive into the Yellow Circle.

You'll earn $80000, "Chinese Type 89 APC Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Check your EMAIL for info on the 2 of Diamonds, Lt. Chan-seok Park, South of the DMZ. Head back to Chinese HQ.

PERSUASION - Protect Chinese officers, BONUS: No Chinese officers killed - $60000 + $20000 Bonus

You are timed. You have 3:40 to get to Propaganda Village before the S. Korean troops arrive. You are given the Support items: "Artillery Strike," "Artillery Barrage," "Chinese BJ2020 Scout Delivery," and "Chinese Supply Drop".

This is difficult mission to get the Bonus as the Chinese officers tend to have a mind of their own and don't stay in the most secure places. After playing it many times it really comes down to luck. Hop into a nearby vehicle, I chose the BJ2020 Scout (Chinese Jeep), and head to the Yellow Marker in Propaganda Village. Here you will find 6 Chinese officers marked by Yellow. They should currently be behind the sandbags. Get into the nearby tank as the driver and drive to the front of the sandbag area, and face South. This is the main road on which all the SK Forces will come at you. The SK Forces don't necessarily light up with a red reticule, so shoot anything that moves, being careful not to hit any stray Chinese officers. Keep using the tank's cannon to annihilate any and everything. Keep an eye out for an incoming helicopter and blow it up. At this point, Fiona will chime in and tell you the SK Forces are thinking of pulling out. Soon, you'll get an objective update: Destroy SK APC.

Continue blasting everything and make sure that you have at least 2 tank cannon shots left for the APC. The APC is the Yellow Car indicator on the Map. It'll come to you, destroy it. If you've been quick to take out any and everything you shouldn't have lost any officers. The first few times I tried this mission, I lost some. Once I learned where the SK Forces were coming from I was much quicker and didn't lose anybody on my fourth or fifth try.

You'll earn $80000, "N. Korean BMP APC Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 7 of Diamonds, Maj. Seon-keum Yum, East of Ichon.

KNOCK KNOCK - Destroy artillery, Verify the King of Diamonds - $200000

Once again, you are given the Support items: "Artillery Strike," "Artillery Barrage," "Chinese BJ2020 Scout Delivery," and "Chinese Supply Drop".

Locate the five Yellow Markers on your map at the NK Artillery Base. Head South toward your destination and approach it from the North side. When you near Fiona will tell you to get through the gate you'll either need some heavy artillery or a NK Vehicle. You'll also notice that your radar is jammed and you'll see a red dot on your radar marking a Jammer. Drive back to the checkpoint you drove by earlier where there is a NK Tank. Hijack it and drive it back to the gates. From outside the gates, fire at any guard towers or alarm structures that you can see and also take out any guards on either side of the gates. Then, drive through the gates. Slowly enter and be ready to fire two or three quick shots in on the enemy tank. Continue blowing up guard towers and enemies, especially if you see any with RPGs. Blow up the NK Jammer truck on the right. Once the area is clear of major threats, note the other red blip: another Jammer. Move up through the next gate again paying attention to destroying guard towers first. Also be aware of enemies on tops of the walls. You should be able to clear this upper area as well. If your tank does get damaged and explode, then run to either of the Jammers and drive it to the other Jammer. Now that the two Jammers are close to each other, use a C4 on them or wait until you man an artillery piece to blow them up. Once the Jammers are destroyed you have several options for destroying the 5 artillery pieces.

My favorite way to do this is to pick one of the artillery pieces, kill the man operating it, then assume control of it. Use it to blast each of the guard towers and any other threats, like the helicopter and another tank. Then, take aim at any other artillery pieces you can and destroy them. I was able to get 3 of the 5 from my artillery piece. Then, hop out of the one you're manning, use some C4 on it, then go to any remaining artillery pieces and do the same. Note that there is a bunch of health underneath the heli-pad. You could also call in any number of artillery or air strikes if you wish.

Once the fifth artillery piece is destroyed you'll get a Yellow Diamond marker on your Map. In order to get back through the gate to the lower area you'll need a NK Vehicle. There is a Sungri (Jeep) near the heli-pad or several other options like either of the little Baggage Carriers. Drive to the marker and pull up right beside the tank. The King of Diamonds will be manning the gun on the tank. Don't worry about shooting him, it won't kill him. Just do so, and then hijack the tank. This will cause the King of Diamonds to run away (how he survives this, I don't know). Chase him and knock him out and cuff him. Carry him over whatever vehicle you used to get down here, then drive to a safe place and call for Extraction.

You'll earn $200000 and "Artillery Bombardment". SAVE.


Head to the S. Korean HQ. Bribe the guard if you need to.

A HOT TIME IN NAMPO - Destroy 3 fuel depots, Find and destroy 10 Chinese fuel trucks, BONUS: Complete mission before reinforcement arrive - $55000 + $500/second Bonus

To get the Bonus in this mission you need to do it in under 7:00. I did it in 6:04 using this method. Upon starting the mission you'll be given, "South Korean Supply Drop" Support item. Take a look at your Map to find the three Yellow Markers in Nampo. Go to the two Scouts parked nearby and enter the one with the rocket launcher on top. Honk your horn until you get a soldier to man the rocket launcher for you. Then, head to Nampo as quick as you can.

You'll get into Nampo from the South. Upon entering, Fiona will point out the first Fuel Depot in front of you. Park your Scout and use the "Grenade" button to exit your vehicle (not your normal "action" button). This makes it so that the soldier manning the rocket launcher stays there. You may get lucky and he may shoot a few fuel trucks on his own.

Head straight to the first Fuel Depot (big fuel storage tank) and place a C4 charge and run away and detonate it. You should see a fuel truck in the area (they're all around at this point). Hop into one and drive it to the next Fuel Depot. Break down the fence with it if need be and park it next to the Fuel Depot. Place a C4 and blow it up which will also blow up a fuel truck for you.

At this point you want an RPG. Quickly look around for any enemies that have one. If it's taking you more than 10-15 seconds, temporarily give up your hunt for an RPG but keep an eye out for one. Instead, go ahead and head to the third Fuel Depot, down in the lower area. In this lower area there is an area with 2 tanks and 2 rocket APCs. I tried using these in many different ways and found that they are more trouble than their worth. Instead, head straight to the final Fuel Depot, place a C4 and blow it.

You have destroyed all of the Fuel Depots and still have to get your 10 fuel trucks. If you don't have an RPG by now, go in search of one by hijacking a car and seeing if somebody will shoot a rocket at you. When you see a rocket go by (or hit you), find who shot it and kill him for the RPG. Run/drive around looking for fuel trucks (they carry big yellow plastic gas tanks) and shoot an RPG at any one that you see. Ammo will be a problem which is why you need to keep an eye out for any enemies wielding RPGs as you run around; kill them, then take their ammo. In the lower area, Northside, you'll find a parking lot with three fuel trucks parked near each other. Shoot an RPG at the middle one to get all three. Other than that, the fuel trucks are simply driving around the area. Find them and shoot them with RPGs. If you run out of RPGs, three hand grenades will do the trick if thrown under the fuel truck. You could also go back to where you parked your Scout and drive around in hopes that your gunner will fire rockets at the fuel trucks; sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. Finally, you could purchase any number of destructive air or artillery strikes which will randomly take out fuel trucks, but that costs extra money.

When all 10 fuel trucks and all 3 Fuel Depots are destroyed the mission will end. If you did it before the 7:00 mark you will earn an extra $500/second under the time. I earned $28000 for 56 seconds meaning I finished in 6:04.

You'll earn $85000 + $28000 Bonus for $500/second, "Stealth Fighter Attack," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 4 of Diamonds, Lt. Yeoung-seon Seo, West of Ichon.

FIRST PRINCIPLES - Find and destroy downed aircraft, Find the downed pilot, Return pilot to Ichon - $85000

Upon starting you'll get "South Korean Supply Drop" and "S. Korean K1025 Scout Delivery". Open your Map and find the Yellow Marker NE of Ichon, along a red road. Check your C4 supply and if you don't have any, call for a "Demolitions Drop". Head to the Yellow Marker and hop out of your vehicle. Kill the enemies with the RPG near the plane first, then take out anybody else bothering you. Place a C4 near the Plane or use an RPG to blow up the Plane.

After this, Fiona will chime in and tell you that the Pilot has already been captured and is being transported to the Black Gate. You need to get to the Pilot before his captors get him to the Black Gate. Hop into a nearby Sungri (Jeep) and follow the Yellow Marker. When you approach the Transport Truck try to push it off to the side of the road or get in front of it and slam on the brakes, quickly jump out and shoot the driver or just hijack it. Either way, drive the truck to the new Yellow Marker in Ichon. The Yellow Marker is inside the fenced runway area. The gate will be open for you. Just drive into the Yellow Circle and park. Wait for the Pilot to run to the building and mission complete.

You'll earn $85000, "S. Korean K966 Scout Delivery" and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 5 of Diamond, Cpt. Pung-cho Yu, North of the Black Gate.

MASTER OF NONE - Destroy all NK artillery before 25000 casualties, Verify the Jack of Diamonds - $150000

Upon starting you'll get "South Korean Supply Drop," "Gunship Support," "Stealth Fighter Attack," and, "Stealth Bomber Attack." Look at your Map and note the Yellow Marker at the NK Fortress. You have to stop the NK Artillery before there are 25,000 casualties. You'll have a constant count at the middle right of your screen.

Grab a SK Scout Humvee and drive to Ichon, the SK airbase. Drive through the gates and hop into a LHX Light Attack helicopter. Note that you have the primary machine gun and two secondary missile systems, one for tanks (ground) and one for helicopters (air). The machine gun will pierce armor so it is very effective against the artillery.

Fly toward the Yellow Marker. You'll soon notice the 7 artillery pieces on your radar. There are four pieces nearby and three more to the North. Take out the first group of four with your primary machine gun. You shouldn't have any anti-aircraft (AA) fire in this area. AA fire is a different story for the last 3 artillery pieces. You can switch to your secondary weapons if you run out of machine gun ammo.

I don't recommend taking this helicopter too far into the next area because you'll be quickly blown up by AA fire. To accomplish this next section you have to be fast. Right after you destroy the fourth artillery piece, still in your helicopter, go North following the bridge. As soon as you get past the bridge, look for the large building in front of the middle artillery piece (the middle of the 3 remaining). Quickly land on top of this building and exit your helicopter. You now have access to each of the three upper artillery pieces. Kill off any nearby enemies, then man the artillery piece. Use it to destroy the other two artillery pieces and any other AA or trucks that you see. When you're satisfied, use some C4 on this last artillery piece and all 7 are now destroyed...or are they?

Fiona will chime in and tell you about one more gun, a huge one marked by Yellow. Run/drive up the path to the yellow marker. Just past the first roadblock is a crate with Health. When you see the huge artillery piece you are given "Cruise Missile Strike" but your signal is jammed. Locate the Red Blip on your radar, behind the artillery piece, and head to it. Kill any resistance on the way to it and either use two RPGs on it or some C4. Once it's destroyed you can use your Cruise Missile Strike. Note that there is a crate with Health to the left of the stairs leading up to the huge artillery gun. Kill off some enemies, find a safe spot, and call in the Cruise Missile Strike.

Once the big artillery gun is destroyed the Jack of Diamonds will appear. Chase him down, subdue and cuff him. Take out any other enemies in the area then use your beacon to call in an Extraction. Mission over.

You'll earn $150000, "Gunship Support II," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 10 of Diamonds, Maj. Myeong-han Kim, North of Haeju. At this point you may want to grab either a NK or SK helicopter to make your trip to the Mafia HQ go quickly.


PLAYING THE ODDS - Destroy SK forces at the garrison, BONUS: Bribe the Chinese artillery officer ($50000 req.) - $45000

Look at your map and find the Blue Marker, the Chinese officer, in North Pyongyang. Go there. "Talk" to the officer and he'll accept the money. Next, head to the SK airbase in Ichon and grab a LHX Light Attack helicopter. Fly directly West to the Yellow Circle. From the air, shoot anything that moves. Notice that you have a SK Forces Meter on the right of your screen. As you kill SK Forces (dressed in gray/blue) the meter will drop. You need to get the meter down to nothing. That doesn't mean you have to destroy ALL SK, just enough to get the meter down to nothing. Check the front gate for SK APCs and if you have RPGs use them. Otherwise, just keep killing until the meter goes down and the mission ends.

You'll earn $45000, "N. Korean BRDM Scout Delivery," "Artillery Barrage," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 3 of Diamonds, Lt. Tu-chin Cho, SE of Kaesong.

OMERTA - Terminate Allied officer, NK prisoner, SK officer, Chinese tank commander, BONUS: Do it quietly - $45000 + $50000 Bonus

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This mission is very difficult to get the bonus without spending money unless you have an Anti-Air Rocket. If you do, great. If not, it's worth spending a little bit of money and using a Strategic Missile Strike instead, but I'll get to that later. Look at your Map for a Yellow Marker in North Pyongyang. Then, wait for an email from Josef. He'll offer you a Bonus if you can do this quietly and will also give you "Sniper Supply Drop". Go ahead and call in the Sniper Supply Drop and grab the Sniper Rifle if you don't already have one.

Grab a civilian car. Drive toward the Yellow Marker, the Allied officer. He is giving a press conference. You can't let the journalists see you kill him. Don't get too close. Instead position yourself directly North of the target, near the NK flag pole in the plaza with the round building. Make sure that no Allied vehicles are driving by then take your shot and quickly hop back into your car. Your next target will be highlighted, the NK Prisoner. He is in a SK vehicle being transported. Soon, he'll meet up with the SK officer and the two of them will take off in the same helicopter.

Follow the SK vehicle toward the bridge. Don't cross the bridge, instead, find the railroad bridge running parallel to the car bridge. Drive a little more than 3/4 of the way along the RR bridge and stop. Hop out. Purchase then call for a Strategic Missile Strike and move the Satellite so that it targets the helicopter with the two Yellow Markers (your two targets). You need to do this quickly or the chopper will take off. As soon as you order the strike, get back in your car. The missile will strike the chopper killing both of the targets without anybody seeing you.

If you have an Anti-Air Rocket, simply wait at the beginning of the railroad bridge for the chopper to lift off, when you see it take off, target it and destroy it. Where can one find an Anti-Air Rocket? Try looking near places with artillery. Otherwise, you may just get lucky and find an enemy who has one. I didn't have one and I looked for a long time. The Strategic Missile Strike option works just as well.

Time to kill the final target, the Chinese officer who is riding around as the gunner on a tank. Drive to Nampo. Notice that the tank with the Chinese officer is patrolling the city. You can snipe him from one of many places. I recommend finding the railroad tracks running E-W just to the North of Nampo. To the South of these tracks there is a small hill. You can shoot the Chinese officer from anywhere along this small hill. Once he's killed, mission over!

You'll earn $95000, "N. Korean BRT APC Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Check your EMAIL for info on the 6 of Diamonds, Cpt. Yeong-il Cheon, just South of the Black Gate.

...IT'S WHO YOU KNOW - Make contact with the journalist, Locate the Queen of Diamonds, Verify the Queen of Diamonds, BONUS: Kill the journalist after he ceases to be "useful" - $175000 + $50000 Bonus

Drive to the Yellow Marker on your Map, the journalist. There is a lot of fighting going on around him. Just hop out of your vehicle near him, "Talk" to him, then have him "Follow" you to any car (I chose the nearby News Truck). If he's not hopping into your car, honk your horn. Drive to the Yellow Markers on your Map and continue following the journalist's instructions. Once you have located the Queen of Diamonds you can kill the journalist. Do so for the Bonus.

Next, chase down the Queen of Diamonds to the dirt path area where there is a boat. Drive up to him, hop out, subdue and cuff him, then put him in your car and get the hey out of there. There are a lot of crates in this area if you're low on health. It may also be a good idea to clear the area a bit. Once you have the Queen of Diamonds in the car, go to a safe place and call for Extraction.

You'll earn $225000, "Mafia Technical (AT) Delivery" and "Press Truck Delivery".


Go up and speak to the Allied HQ Guard. Don't speak to Garret for the Ace Contract yet.

EMBEDDED - Pick up journalist, Follow journalist, Death of journalist will result in failure, BONUS: Reach destination with time to spare - $60000 + $50/sec Bonus

At the start of this mission you'll receive, "Allied M1025 Scout Delivery". You have 2:15 to drive to the journalist on each leg of this mission. Get into a Scout and drive to the Yellow Marker (journalist). Honk your horn to make him get in your vehicle. Drive to the Yellow Marker, Ichon, and drive into the Yellow Circle and stop. The journalist will get out and do some filming. Wait for him to get back in.

Drive the journalist to the next Yellow Marker in Downtown Pyongyang. Stop in the Yellow Circle, let the journalist do his thing, then head to the next Yellow Marker in Nampo. Up next, Haejo. Then, Propaganda Village. Finally, bring the journalist to the Yellow Marker and drop him off.

You'll earn $60000 + whatever Bonus...I got $19050, "Allies UH-60 Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 8 of Diamonds, Cpt. Kyubyung Park, West of Nampo.

DOWNED BIRD IN ENEMY TERRITORY - Locate downed Allied helicopter, Rescue survivors before NK forces arrive, Return survivor to Allied HQ, BONUS: Destroy all NK anti-air units in the area - $60000 + $50000 Bonus

To begin this mission you are given, "Surgical Strike". You have 10 Minutes before NK troops arrive. Note the Yellow Helicopter Marker on your Map, near the NK Fortress Gate. To get there, you'll have to go through Ichon, where you can pick up a Helicopter of your own and fly to the location from there. While driving you'll get a notice for the Bonus mission. The Anti-Air units are marked on your Map in Blue.

A quick way to get to Ichon is to drive West on the road heading out of Allied HQ. Look for the red road running N-S from Ichon to this road you are on. You'll see that there is a gap in the red road. The gap is a bridge. Using this red road you can quickly get to Ichon.

Make your way over the fence where the fence hits the mountain, continue along, and drive up the red road toward the Yellow and Blue Markers. On your way up the red road, near the first anti-air unit, you will have the opportunity to hijack a NK BMP APC (looks like a tank). Do so. Continue up the red road in your APC blowing up anything that moves, especially the Anti-Air units. Take out all of the Anti-Air units then locate the three survivors. Stay in your APC, be careful not to aim near the survivors, and use your cannon on a['ny resistance. You may need to hop out and shoot any enemies near to the survivors. Once you have the area cleared out, get back in your tank, drive to the three survivors and honk your horn and they'll all pile into your APC.

You have to get back to Allied HQ. Don't take the same shortcut red road because the bridge will be blown out. Take the long way around. If you are taking heavy fire being in the APC, hijack something little faster like a Sungri or a Scout and drive defensively. Or, drive the APC back to where you left the Allied Scout (or whatever vehicle you were driving) that you were driving before you hijacked the APC.

You'll earn $110000, "Allied M1025 Scout Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 9 of Diamonds, Maj. Chu-ho Kim, North of Haeju.

THE GUNS OF KIRIN-DO (ACE CONTRACT) - Destroy the Type 07 Supergun, Verify the Ace of Diamonds - $250000

Time to go get the Ace of Diamonds. Go to Allied HQ and talk to Garret outside for the "Ace Contract". Once inside, walk up to the Lt. to Accept the Contract. Be sure that you have all the other Diamonds before accepting this contract or you won't be able to go back to collect the Diamonds' bounties.

To begin this mission you are given, "Surgical Strike," "Cluster Bomb," "Tank Buster," "Carpet Bomb," and "Allies Supply Drop."

Look at your Map and locate the Yellow Marker, the Supergun. Run South down the red road that you are on and find an APC or Tank, preferably a North Korean one. If not, spend some money and have one delivered. You need to be in an APC or Tank to avoid the radiation zones that will kill you. As you approach the area where the Supergun is located you'll get another Yellow Marker, a Prototype Gun that you can use to destroy the Supergun. Look to the SW of your map and locate the red road leading to the Prototype Gun. Take your Tank/APC up that path and if your disguise is lost, start shooting any other Tanks and any enemies with RPGs. You may need to bail and hijack another vehicle along the way. Anyway, when you get to the Prototype Gun, look for the staircase on the left side of it. Go up the stairs then find the door on the left side. Go to the door and "Man Gun". Now inside the Prototype Gun, fire two shots to destroy the Supergun!

The Ace of Diamonds will now appear on your Map. Still in the Prototype Gun area, note the nearby crate (to the right of the gun) if you need Health. If there is a vehicle up here, use it. Otherwise, run down the hill to the main road and grab any vehicle you can. Head to the area where the Ace of Diamonds is located. When you get there you'll see that it is a sort of oil refinery. To the South of the Ace of Diamonds there is a river. Go onto the bank of the river, directly South of the Ace of Diamonds. From here, call in several "Carpet Bombs" and "Tank Busters" using the Satellite to make sure that the bombs won't get too close to the Ace of Diamonds. It is a risk, but he didn't die for me the several times I did this. With some heavy bombing out of the way, the area is relatively safe. Run to the Ace, kill off any threats and subdue the Ace. Go back to the road and call for Extraction. Grab the Ace and bring him to the chopper. Mission over!

You'll earn $250000, "Air Superiority," and a new Outfit available at Allied MASH.


At this point, you have intel on each and every Diamond. Whatever you do, DON'T go to Allied HQ and start the "Ace Contract". Doing so will void all of the other Clubs and you won't get any money for them. First, round up Diamonds 2-10, then visit the Allied HQ for the "Ace Contract".

2 of Diamonds - Go to Allied HQ. Look for a M3 APC (APC with rocket launching capabilities). Get into it or a similar heavy armament vehicle and take the Southern road from Allied HQ to the end. This is a heavily fortified area. Go slowly and blow up anything that you see being careful not to fire in the direction of the 2 of Diamonds. Once major threats are eliminated, go for the grab and Extraction.

3 of Diamonds - Head East from Propaganda Village. Keep an eye on the left (North) side of the road. Before the two red roads that are next to each other, you'll see a fenced farm on the left and a whole bunch of Allies and NK action. Go into this area and you'll get the location of the 3 of Diamonds. If you're zooming in on your map, he's to the left of the "40".

4 of Diamonds - Take the road West out of Ichon. When the road splits into a North and South branch you'll see the indicator. Watch out because the 4 of Diamonds is carrying an RPG. Nab him, jump in a vehicle and drive to safety for Extraction.

5 of Diamonds - At the end of the long red road to the NE of East Pyongyang. Simply drive up there, grab him, Extraction.

6 of Diamonds - At the end of the red road to the SE of NK Fortress Gate. Do a drive and grab but be careful because the bunker spawns tanks.

7 of Diamonds - Take the road East out of Ichon. To the East of the first big hairpin turn you'll get the indicator. As soon as you see the indicator, get out of your vehicle and climb over the mountain to the 7 of Diamonds. Slide down the mountain towards him, take out the surrounding enemies, note the many crates with Health and subdue and cuff the 7 of Diamonds. You are stuck in this gorge area. To get out of here, head North from where you got the 7 of Diamonds and look to the West cliff wall for a break in the mountains that you can climb over.

NOTE: Alternatively, to get to the 7 of Diamonds, you can head East at the big rock formation that you see on the first big hairpin turn.

8 of Diamonds - Go to Nampo. Find the RR tracks running E-W, just North of Nampo. Take the RR tracks West of Nampo and you'll come upon this criminal. Watch out for tanks, but you know the routine.

9 of Diamonds - Go to Haeju. Follow the red road going West. Take the first right turn and he'll be at the end of that red road extension. Again, a quick drive right to him, subdue him, load him up and get out of there to a safe location.

10 of Diamonds - Go to Haeju. Follow the red road going West all the way to the end of the road, where you'll see a cul-de-sac. Drive up and nab the 10 of Diamonds. If the tanks are bothering you, hijack one and shoot the others. Or, grab a NK vehicle and try to stay disguised for as long as possible.

Jack of Diamonds - Captured in South Korea mission, "Master of None".

Queen of Diamonds - Captured in Russian Mafia mission, "It's Who You Know".

King of Diamonds - Captured in Chinese mission, "Knock Knock".

Ace of Diamonds - Captured in Allied HQ mission, "The Guns of Kirin-Do".

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