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LB's Mercenaries(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. Hearts

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Mercenaries > 4. Hearts

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LB Review: 7.4
Platforms: Xbox, PS2*, PC
Release Date: 01.10.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Intro Contracts
2. Clubs
3. Diamonds
4. Hearts
5. Spades
6. Purchasing Options
7. "Mercenaries" Review

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Mercenaries Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - 4. Hearts

4. Hearts



Notice that you are now in a new Map, the Northern Province! At the Kusong MASH, where you currently are, note that you can talk to the Green Marked Pilot to take you to the Southern Province, the Map you just came from. Also note a Green Circle outside one of the tents. Here you can change your Outfit (Costume). Head to China HQ. You may need to Bribe them.

MANIPULATE THE DATA - Download codes, Bring codes to Dandong - $100000

To start this mission you'll be given several support items but none that are free. To get to the NK outpost area where the Codes are, first go to Sinuiju Farms then follow the path to the NK Outpost. You'll meet up with a lot of resistance if the S. Koreans are mad at you. If they are, it may be worth you while to go to the SK HQ and bribe them to get them back in your good graces. Anyway, work your way to the Yellow Marker. When you get there, take out any surrounding resistance and download the codes. Escape any way possible and head back to China HQ.

You'll earn $100000, "Vehicle Support Drop," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL to learn about the 4 of Hearts, Chu-ho Ko, outside Taechon.

EXIT STRATEGY - Destroy SK command center, BONUS: Destroy marked targets - $100000 + $50000/marked target

This is a long and hard mission and you'll be spending some money to accomplish it. Look at your map. The Yellow Marker is the SK Command Center. The two Blue Markers are bonus buildings. First, find or call in a SK Vehicle like the Scout. Drive to Shinuiju and you'll be trespassing on SK Territory. You'll also notice two Red Blips on the radar that are jamming your radar. Drive right up to one of the Jammer Vehicle (Red Blip, K200 Surveillance). Drive this Jammer Vehicle to the other Jammer Vehicle. On the way, hope that it gets blown up so you don't have to do it. When near the other Jammer Vehicle, stay in your Jammer Vehicle until it blows then quickly run to the other Jammer Vehicle. Drive this Jammer Vehicle away from the city and when back in Neutral Territory, blow it up with some C4.

Now that you have the two Jammers taken care of you can go after the two Blue Marked buildings. First, however, it's time to clear some of the S. Koreans out. Head back to the bridge you crossed just before entering the city. Call in a Sniper Drop if you don't already have a Sniper Rifle. Go up the nearby hills and without entering SK Territory, take out anybody that you can. When this front gate area is clear, go and grab any vehicle, drive it up to the more Southern Blue Marker (building) and use an Artillery Strike by throwing the Beacon near the building. Then, get the hey out of there. Destroying this building will spawn many SK Forces and a SK helicopter. Go back out to Neutral Territory, call in a supply drop if low on Health then get ready to destroy the second building.

For the second building you can do a similar run at it by sniping first to clear, then driving a vehicle to it and using an Artillery Strike. Or, you can grab a Chinese Tank near the bridge and drive it there and use it to blow up the second building. If your vehicle is still in good shape, head right for the Yellow Marker (SK command center) and blow it up with either an artillery strike or your Tank. If you're hurting, make your way back to Neutral Territory, regroup and head back in. Once you destroy the Yellow Building the mission will end, so don't worry about having to escape.

You'll earn $200000, "Chinese Type 95 Anti-Air Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 5 of Hearts, Cho-yeong Cha, North of Kusong.

CHAIN REACTION - Verify the Jack of Hearts - $200000

To begin you'll get, "Artillery Strike," "Fuel Air Bomb," and "Chinese BJ2020 Scout Delivery." You need to go get the Jack of Hearts. Problem is, he's in an old reactor with lots of Radiation and there are many NK Tanks around him. From the start, hop into the Chinese Tank and drive toward the Jack of Hearts with all of the other Chinese Tanks.

Once you near the area, slowly move forward and be on the look out for any enemy tanks. Blow them up as soon as you see them. You can use destroyed tanks for cover. Continue moving in your tank blowing up anything that moves. If your tank blows up, go back and grab another Chinese Tank.

When the area is clear you'll need a quick vehicle to get to the Jack of Hearts. Remember, you'll be in a radiation zone, so time is of the essence. Go ahead and call for the BJ2020 Scout Delivery. Then, call in a supply drop that has Health so that you head in there with 100 Health. Now, drive as quickly as you can right up to the Jack of Hearts, jump out, subdue and load him into your Scout. Then, drive like a maniac out of there. When in a safe location call for Extraction.

You'll earn $200000, "Fuel Air Bomb," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 9 of Hearts, Dr. Nam-cheol Kim, South of the Tenement Ruins.


REPO MAN - Interrupt Mafia inspection of the KIFV, Destroy or recover KIFV - $160000

To start you are given, "South Korean Supply Drop." You have 5:00 to get there. Drive there and hijack a Mafia Pickup truck on the way. Wait for the disguise to kick in and drive through the Mafia gate. The KIFV is on the left. Drive right up to it and jump into it. You'll be under some heavy fire, so quickly drive to the left side of the gate and run over the fence and exit. If it does blow up on you, well, the mission will still be complete, but you won't get the extra $50000 so be quick and try to run over any enemies with RPGs.

You'll earn $160000, "Cruise Missile Silo," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 3 of Hearts, Hyeon-san Chang, Southeast of Sinuiju Farms.

CLEAR CHANNEL - Destroy Chinese garrison tents - $110000

To begin you are given, "Stealth Fighter Attack," and "Stealth Bomber Attack." There are 5 Yellow Markers. Hop into a nearby Scout (Humvee) with the rocket launcher and make sure somebody is manning it. Drive to the Southernmost Yellow Marker. When you get near hop out of your Scout using the "Grenade" button so that the guy manning the rocket launcher stays there. Let him provide you with cover while you run around and shoot any and everybody that you see. You'll notice that there are a lot of RPG-wielding enemies. Take them out first if you can. Also, use Grenades if you want to make them scatter then shoot them while they're running. Anyway, once this first area is cleared out, grab an RPG and fire two rockets at the tent. One down.

Get back into your Scout and drive to the next roadblock again doing the same thing where you are on the ground running around shooting enemies while the guy in the Scout is providing you with cover. Once this area is clear, destroy the tent with RPGs or C4. From this second tent, you can see the third tent off in the distance, marked by Yellow. Even if you can't see the actual tent, fire a few RPGs in the direction of the Yellow Marker that you can see and you can take out this third tent.

Now, head toward the now destroyed third tent. Get your RPG ready because as you round the corner you'll have an enemy Tank or APC (I couldn't tell which one from a distance). It'll fire at you if you're not quick and take it out. Once that vehicle is gone, continue shooting any enemies in the area as you make your way to the fourth tent.

At the fourth tent, again, clear the area, shoot a few RPGs at it then look across the valley for the fifth tent. You can destroy that fifth tent from the fourth tent. Do so and the mission will end. Keep in mind that you do have a few free airstrikes if you care to use them.

You'll earn $110000, "S. Korean K200 APC Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 6 of Hearts, Hye-min Park, North of Chongju.

THE ACID QUEEN - Destroy the chemical plant, Verify the Queen of Hearts, BONUS: Destroy the SAMs in the area - $225000 + $50000/SAM Bonus

To begin you are given, "Carpet Bomb." The Chemical plant is about as far away from you as possible. Thank goodness there's an LHX Light Attack Helicopter in front of you. Get in and fly to the Yellow Marker. Along the way you'll receive the Bonus objective to take out the SAM (Surface to Air Missile) sites. You'll want to do this anyway as they will make quick work of your chopper if you're not careful.

As you fly there be very wary of any Red Triangle blips on your map. These are Anti-Air stations and they'll destroy your chopper. If you see a blip pop up on your radar, fly away (around) it as best as you can. To avoid the majority of these, fly North to the red no-fly-zone then East instead of taking the diagonal NE route. When you near the first of the four Blue Markers change your weapon to the Anti-Tank missiles. If you're within range, you'll automatically get a red diamond reticle and then fire your missile. Destroy each of the four SAM sites this way. If you're not getting the red diamond reticle, just fire your missile manually. If a missile does get launched at you, descend as rapidly as possible because you're probably going down anyway. The closer you are to the ground when you officially crash the more chance you'll have of surviving. If you do happen to crash before all the SAM sites are destroyed you can either call in any number of air strikes or go up to each one and use C4 on them. Either way, once all four SAM sites are destroyed, head to the Yellow Marker.

To get there, depending upon where you are when you finish off the final SAM site, you may want to hijack a vehicle. When you approach the Chemical Plant exit your vehicle and climb the snowy hill to the South of the Plant. From here, call in your Carpet Bomb and destroy the Chemical Plant.

Next, run/drive to the Queen of Hearts. Don't worry too much about surrounding enemies. Quickly subdue and cuff him then, if you don't have a vehicle, go grab one (there are some Sungris around) and drive right up to him and take him away to a safe spot and call for Extraction.

You'll earn $325000 and "Gunship Support III."


IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD - Destroy 5 SK hideouts, BONUS: Steal allied tank and return it to the Mafia Garage - $60000 + $20000 Bonus

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To start you are given, "Strategic Missile Strike". You need to destroy 5 South Korea hideouts in NK Village. Jump into any vehicle and drive there. Once you are in the area, a good strategy is to drive straight into the heart of the Yellow Markers and look for the area on the left where you'll see a K200 APC and a rocket mounted Scout. Drive as fast as you can into the Scout, hopefully causing your car and the Scout to explode. Either way, you will have knocked the gunner out of the Scout. There is a Health Create nearby if you need it. Now, quickly hop into the APC. As quickly as you can, turn the turret and blow up the Scout before anyone else can man it then start shooting any enemies that you see. If you blow up, well, that's OK too because at least the threat of the APC and that Scout is destroyed. If the APC managed to survive, then start driving around blowing up any enemies that you can, clearing as much as you can until you get blown up. If the APC didn't survive, then go ahead and hijack any Scout and drive it around trying to run over people. Basically, just clear out the upper and lower areas the best that you can attempting to destroy any enemy Scouts and RPG-wielding enemies first. Note, there is another APC in the upper area that can also be handy and there are various crates around with Health (usually behind houses).

Once the upper and lower areas are relatively safe, start making your way (on foot or in a vehicle) from SK Hideout to SK Hideout planting C4s and exploding them as you go. After blowing up a few of the hideouts you'll get a mission update offering you a Bonus. At this point, locate the Blue Marker on your map and get into any vehicle and drive there. Hop into the Allied tank and you'll be given 6:00 to drive it back to the Mafia Garage, the Blue Marker. Stick to the main roads and it shouldn't take you any longer than 2:00. Drive into the garage and stop the tank, then hop out. Time to head back to the action.

Once you're back at the SK Hideouts, continue taking out SK Hideouts with C4. When you run out you'll have one last SK Hideout to destroy. If you have an RPG three shots will do it. If you don't you'll need to find the radar jammer (red blip) and destroy it or drive it away. Then, call in your Strategic Missile Strike. Or, hijack the APC and blast away at it. As soon as the fifth Hideout is destroyed the mission will end.

You'll earn $80000, "Special Weapons Drop" and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 2 of Hearts, Chi-seong An, South of Farm Valley.

106 MILES TO SINUIJU - Pick up contraband from Mafia contacts, Deliver the contraband to diplomatic courier, BONUS: Bring the sports car with you to the docks - Payment is variable

This is a pretty easy mission to complete but hard to do with the Sports Car the entire way. Hop into the Sports Car and go to each Yellow Marker. When you get to a marker, hop out, "Talk" to the person and then jump back in the car and continue on. After several pick-ups you'll be told to get back. Do so. To avoid damage you'll need to learn the course fairly well and know where the heavy action is. Avoid these areas or drive through them as quickly as possible. It's simply a matter of getting good at driving the Sports Car and learning the course. Remember, you can "Cancel Contract" and "Retry" if your Sports Car blows. The amount of money depends on how fast you do it.

You'll earn some money, "Allied M1027 Anti-Air Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 7 of Hearts, Mun-cheoi Yi, North of the train station in Yongbyon.

RAW MATERIALS - Destroy command bunker, Verify the King of Hearts, BONUS: Destroy all NK SA-8 launchers in the garrison - $250000 + $100000 Bonus

To begin, you are given the "Bunker Buster Bomb". Drive to the SE red road area where all the action is for this mission. You'll see the SAM site bonuses in Blue and the Command Center will be in Yellow. Take out each of the SAM sites using C4, RPG, or hijacking a tank (recommended). As you're doing this your radar will be jammed. Look for the red blips and destroy them to unjam your signal. When all four SAM sites are destroyed, go to the Command Center and call in your Bunker Buster Bomb. Get far away or you'll be part of the impact.

You'll now see the King of Hearts. He'll get into a Sungri Jeep. Shoot at him in the Sungri and he'll pop out. Grab him then pick him up and put him into the Sungri and drive out of there for Extraction.

You'll earn $350000 and "Mafia Technical (GL) Delivery".


Go up and speak to the Allied HQ Guard. Don't speak to Garret for the Ace Contract yet.

INSPECT AND VERIFY - Escort Allied Inspectors to Yonghyon 5 MW Reactor, 50 MW Reactor, Reprocessing Plant, and Return at least 1 Allied WMD Inspector alive to Allied HQ in Kusong - $80000

Hop into the nearby M3 APC and honk your horn to get the Inspectors to load in. Drive to the North site, "Site 1 5MW Reactor." When you near, you'll see a low wall on your right. Use this for cover as you shoot the enemy APC near the Inspection Site (Yellow Circle). Make your way forward a bit and find the Yellow Circle area and shoot the two Cargo Trucks then lay into the building behind the Cargo Trucks. There is an RPG-wielding enemy on the balcony of that building and blowing up the building will take care of him. Next, slowly move forward until you can see the enemy Tank. Switch weapons to your rockets and fire one rocket at the Tank then back off and wait for it to explode. Move forward a bit more and down the road to your right is another Tank. Again, use a rocket on it (your rocket may veer off to another target...if so, just try again). Now you just have to worry about small arms fire. Drive to the Yellow Circle and continue to clear the area with your turret gun. When it's safe, use the "Switch Grenade" button (L2 on the PS2 version) to make the Inspectors get out while you cover them with the turret gun. Watch the green meter to see how long they have left then when they're done, drive South to the next site.

The middle site, "Site 2 50MW Reactor Plant," is fairly easy. Simply drive to the Yellow Circle, clear the area of enemies then use the good ol' "Switch Grenade" button (L2 on the PS2 version) to make the Inspectors get out while you cover them with the turret gun. The only threat here is a double barreled Anti-Air vehicle. Keep an eye on the road to make sure it doesn't sneak up on you. When the Inspectors are finished drive slowly out of there knowing that you'll have to quickly blast the Anti-Air vehicle. On to site 3.

Continue along the main road to the final site, "Site 3 Processing Plant." Destroy the attack helicopter on the ground then watch your radar for a red blip coming in at you. This is an enemy helicopter. Shoot it down with your turret gun. You are safe now. Again, park in the Yellow Circle, clear the area, use the "Switch Grenade" button to make the Inspectors get out and cover them while they're inspecting.

Finally, you have to drive back to Allied HQ. Stay in your M3 APC and politely drive back.

You'll earn $80000, "Allied M1126 APC Delivery," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 8 of Hearts, Min-su An, Southeast of Chongju.

REACTOR RETRIEVAL - Locate Allied Inspectors, Rescue Allied inspectors, Return Allied inspectors to Allied outpost, BONUS: Return all Inspectors safely to Allied HQ - $80000 + $75000 Bonus

To start this mission you are given, "Tank Buster" and "Surgical Strike". To get the bonus you can't have any Inspector deaths. I tried this mission many ways including trying to be sneaky and using various air strikes but I found the best way to do this is to have a SK K200 APC Delivery (earned from the "Clear Channel," SK Mission). This will cost you a few bucks but is worth it.

In your K200 APC, drive to the site where the Inspectors are being held. It'll take you about 3.5 minutes. When you arrive, simply drive near the Inspectors but not too close so as to draw fire away from them, ignoring any attacks on you. Jump out and quickly kill the two guards with the Green Arrows above them. They are your primary threat as they will shoot the Inspectors if you don't deal with them. Run away from the Inspectors so you don't draw fire and run back to your K200 APC. Jump in and start destroying any threats with your cannon. If you blow up, start over. Your biggest threats are enemies with RPGs, the two or three Anti-Air vehicles and the Tank. Lay into each of these and when they're destroyed, drive up to the Inspectors and honk your horn to make them get in. Then, drive to the Allied Outpost taking out any enemies and/or Anti-Air vehicles in your way. Park in the Yellow Circle of the Outpost and you'll have successfully completed the mission.

Alternatively, you can fly the UH-60 from Allied HQ to the area...don't get too close. Land then climb the hills and Snipe the two guards. Then, call in air strikes for the Tank and any Anti-Air vehicles you can see. Finally, go grab a vehicle that will hold three people and drive to the Inspectors, honk your horn to get them in, then drive out of there.

You'll earn $155000, "Tank Buster," and DECK OF 52 INTEL RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 10 of Heart, Dr. Hum Hong, at a plant between Kusong and Yongbyon.

GAMBIT (ACE CONTRACT) - Locate the Ace of Hearts, Verify the Ace of Hearts - $300000

Time to go get the Ace of Hearts. Go to Allied HQ and talk to Garret outside for the "Ace Contract". Once inside, walk up to the Lt. to Accept the Contract. Be sure that you have all the other Hearts before accepting this contract or you won't be able to go back to collect the Hearts' bounties.

To begin you are given "Allies Supply Drop". This is all out chaos. You'll be running through the facility, doing very little shooting and more actual running. So, from the beginning, take out the enemies on the guard towers then make your way through the fence on the left side. Head toward the facility and look for crates along the way. Run into the facility and make your way toward the Ace of Hearts, shooting when threatened, throwing grenades to distract enemies, and always keeping an eye out for crates with Health. When you get near the Ace of Hearts, he'll take off. Follow him, running like mad. You'll make it up to the helipad where he is having his final standoff. Run right up to the Ace and subdue him. Then, take out the enemies in the area. Along the way, in one of the crates, you should have received the Anti-Armor Rifle. If not, make sure you have an RPG. There is an attack helicopter in the area. Shoot it down. I used the Anti-Armor gun and about 5 shots. When the helipad is clear, call in your Extraction.

Basically, this is more about running than skill. Take cover when necessary, but you shouldn't have a problem running the entire way and grabbing conveniently placed Health in crates along the way. There is no plan except keep moving.

You'll earn $300000 and "Carpet Bomb".


At this point, you have intel on each and every Heart. Whatever you do, DON'T go to Allied HQ and start the "Ace Contract". Doing so will void all of the other Hearts and you won't get any money for them. First, round up Hearts 2-10, then visit the Allied HQ for the "Ace Contract".

2 of Hearts - South of Farm Valley. On zoomed-in map, over the "ll" in "Valley". Pretty easy, just drive in and jump out, subdue and drive out of there.

3 of Hearts - If zoomed-in on the Map, at the "r" in Sinuiju Farms. Head there from the South and grab one of the two Attack Helicopters (Mi-35 Gunship). Take off and destroy the other attack helicopter and all of the APCs. Land, then subdue the 3 of Hearts. Grab a vehicle (or have one delivered) and get the heck out of there for Extraction.

4 of Hearts - At the "n" in "Taechon" of Taechon Western Battlefields. Easy one. Go and grab him and drive away for Extraction. There is a crate near the 4 of Hearts.

5 of Hearts - West of Unsan Village, on the Northern red road. Drive up to the first Tank you see. Hijack it and blow up the other two Tanks in the area. Then, find another vehicle, drive right up to the 5 of Hearts and drive him away for Extraction.

6 of Hearts - In between Taechon Western Battlefields and Chongju Airfield, to the East of the road between them. Upon arrival note the four crates to the right side of the building the 6 of Hearts is near. Do a quick nab and grab or if you get stuck, use the RPG to destroy the enemy APCs and Tanks then find a vehicle to get out of there. Or, have a vehicle delivered or call for Extraction right from there.

7 of Hearts - North of Yongbyon Station. There are a lot of RPG-wielding enemies nearby. Take them out, make sure the Attack Helicopter didn't take off and is causing you trouble, then subdue and call for Extraction.

8 of Hearts - Take the road East out of Chongju, soon you'll see a Southern red road. It's short. Take it. The 8 of Hearts is protected by tanks. The nearby bunker spawns tanks unless you take it out. To do so you'll have to spend some money. I used a Bunker Buster air strike from the hills behind the bunker (tank spawner) to destroy the bunker. Now that no more tanks will spawn, hijack any tank and start destroying the other tanks. When all the tanks are taken out, jump out and subdue the 8 of Hearts. Then, call for Extraction.

9 of Hearts - At the "t" of NK Outpost. Again, pretty easy, drive in grab, and drive out.

10 of Hearts - NE of the Yongbyon Reprocessing Plant, East of the water inlet. I had a UH-60 delivered and flew it to the 10 of Hearts' location. Clear the area, subdue the target, then call for Extraction.

Jack of Hearts - Captured in Russian Mafia mission, "Raw Materials".

Queen of Hearts - Captured in South Korea mission, "The Acid Queen".

King of Hearts - Captured in Chinese mission, "Chain Reaction".

Ace of Hearts - Captured in Allied HQ mission, "Gambit".

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