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LB's Mercenaries(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. Spades

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Mercenaries > 5. Spades

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LB Review: 7.4
Platforms: Xbox, PS2*, PC
Release Date: 01.10.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Intro Contracts
2. Clubs
3. Diamonds
4. Hearts
5. Spades
6. Purchasing Options
7. "Mercenaries" Review

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Mercenaries Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - 5. Spades

5. Spades



AN EYE FOR AN EYE - Defend artillery, Destruction of all artillery will result in mission failure - $150000-200000 depending on the number of artillery weapons left intact

Hop into the Type 95 Anti-Air. Drive to the middle of all of the Artillery units. Your first priority are the helicopters spawning to the South. Don't even worry about the ground troops coming from behind. Switch weapons in your Anti-Air vehicle to the rockets and wait for each helicopter to get in range. When your red reticle flashes, fire a rocket. When you run out of rockets, switch to your machine gun and shoot down the remaining helicopters. When you don't see any more helicopters coming in from the South, turn your vehicle and start taking out any NK forces that you see. If your vehicle is destroyed, run back to China HQ and get into the Type 96 Tank. Keep destroying enemies until time runs out.

If you take out the helicopters quickly you shouldn't have any problem with protecting all 5 Artillery units. If one does get destroyed, you can start over if you like.

You'll earn $400000 total if you protect all 5 artillery units and DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 3 of Spades, Jin-weon Seo, South of the Chemical Plant.

CHOKE POINT - Destroy cargo planes, Destroy freighter - $150000

Hop into the S70 Transport Helicopter. Fly South to the Freighter. Land near the ramp and go onto the ship. Run around the deck, killing as you go, until you see the Jammer. You'll know you're at it because you'll get an option and an icon to "Disable". Do so to disable the jammer then run off the boat. Either run or hop back into your helicopter and head East to the nearby round hill. Climb the hill and call in a Surgical Strike.

Next, fly/drive/run to the North of Chongju. If you're zoomed-in on your map, head exactly to the "F" in Chongju Farms. Stay on the North side of the road there and you should be able to look South and see the three Cargo Planes. Again, call in Surgical Strikes for each of the three planes. The laser will go right through the fence and try to aim low. If you are seen the S. Koreans will attack. If so, take out any immediate threats and continue calling in Surgical Strikes. Doing it this way, you don't have to destroy the Jammer on the airfield.

If you want to try the Attack Helicopter route you can find a pair of Scout attack choppers just to the East of where the red and black road meets, North of Chongju Farms, on a hillside.

You'll earn $150000. Cheat code unlocked. Check your email. Enter this code in PDA FACTIONS mode: Press left, left, right, right, up, down, down, left on the directional buttons to play as Peng. DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 6 of Spades, Min-seon Yum, Chemical Plant in the North.

TWO DEGREES OF SEPARATION - Find community leader, Death of community leader before contact will cause failure, Verify the Queen of Spades - $350000

Head to the Yellow Marker in Unsan Village by either flying or driving...it doesn't matter. As soon as you talk to the Community Leader all hell breaks loose. First, note the 2 Healths near the Community leader; one near him, one on the other side of the wall. Next, head right and find the Anti-Tank Rocket and all of the ammo under the awning area. With your Anti-Tank Rocket equipped, look toward the Queen of Spades and destroy the Anti-Air vehicle near him. Still facing in that direction, run left along the shoreline and look for another Anti-Air vehicle between two huts. Destroy it. Now, run back up to where you got the Anti-Tank rocket, grab some ammo, then call in a S. Korean K200 APC Delivery. The delivery chopper may go down, but you should end up with the K200 nearby. If it fails, try again.

Before you hop into your vehicle, try to destroy any tanks near the temple or the bridge with Anti-Tank Rockets. Basically, you have three shots, so run out, try to get a lock, fire, repeat, then run back up to the temple for more ammo and do it again. Keep doing this until you feel that you have several of the Tanks/APCs destroyed.

Hop into the K200 and start your way down the main staircase area. Shoot any soldiers, then slowly make your way so that you can see the two APCs at the bottom of the stairs. If you haven't yet taken these out, do so. Also take out the Jammer just past them. Next, focus your attention on the bridge. Destroy the Tank/APC guarding the bridge if you didn't earlier. Cross the bridge slowly keeping an eye out for Tanks. If you see a Tank start laying into it. Continue forward, blow up the next Jammer, and then make your way up the hill toward the Queen of Spades. You'll probably run into a Tank or two. If so, start laying into them. Once the final Tank on the hill is destroyed you should be pretty safe.

Drive up to the Queen of Spades, subdue him, kill off any resistance and call for Extraction.

You'll earn $350000 and DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 9 of Spades, Soo-heon Park, Southeast of Chongju.


IN AND OUT - Identify SK agent, Deliver SK agent to SK HQ - $165000

To begin with you are given, "S. Korean K966 Scout Delivery". The agent is all the way North in Dandong. This is an easy mission. Simply grab a vehicle like a Scout or Mafia pickup. Drive there (he's at the end of the red road), talk to the SK Agent, then hop into your vehicle, honk your horn to make him get in, and drive back.

You'll earn $165000 and DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 2 of Spades, Dae Kim, South of Farm Valley.

BOOM! - Destroy the radar jammer in Dandong, Destroy the Sinuiju-Dandong Bridge - $165000

To start you get "Cruise Missile Strike". You'll be using this to destroy the bridge. Drive to the Yellow Marker, the Jammer. Drive right up to it, hop out and plant a C4. Run away, destroy it, then run toward the artillery that you protected in an earlier China HQ mission. Take cover behind a cargo container then call in your Cruise Missile Strike and put it anywhere over the bridge. Survive long enough for the bridge to blow and the mission will end.

Although the mission is over you still need to get out of here and there is no bridge. The easiest way to do this is to die. Simply let yourself be killed and you'll end up at Allied MASH.

You'll earn $165000. Cheat code unlocked, check your email: press left, left, right, right, up, down, down, down on the directional buttons to play as Buford in PDA FACTIONS mode. Also, DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 7 of Spades, Moon-han Cheon, SE of the Chemical Plant.

TITULAR REGIUS - Locate the King of Spades, Verify the King of Spades - $375000

To start you get a "Heavy Weapons Drop" and "Covert Supply Drop". The King of Spades is at one of three locations marked in Yellow on the Map. You need to check out each one until you find him. Each time you play the site he is at may switch.

This is a pretty straightforward nab and grab. Drive by each of the three Yellow Markers and you'll be told it's either the right one or not. When you see the Yellow Spade symbol, subdue the King of Spades, find a vehicle and get out of there for Extraction.

You'll earn $375000 and DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 10 of Spades, Yum-yeon Cho, South of Kusong.


ESCORT SERVICE - Deliver Josef to the arms deal - $1000000

A car will pull up, the VIP Sedan. Get in and wait for Josef to get in. Drive to the Yellow Circle and Josef will get out. Wait a few seconds and you'll be told it's an ambush. So, as soon as Josef gets out of the car, call in a K200 APC Delivery. While you're waiting for the delivery, some enemies may hop out of the Cargo Truck. Shoot them or Grenade them. As soon as the APC is delivered, hop in and note the three red blips on your radar: helicopters. Take out the left and right attack choppers first, then the middle transport chopper. When Josef comes out, honk your horn to get him into the APC then continue shooting enemies as you make your way to the gate. At the gate, blow up the fence to the left of the gate and drive on back to Mafia HQ.

You'll earn $1000000 and DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 4 of Spades, Joo-eun An, NW of Yongbyon.

HOUSEKEEPING - Identify and kill 4 renegade officers, BONUS: Do no kill any loyal Mafia soldiers - $90000 + $30000

First, if you don't have the Sniper Rifle or Anti-Armor Rifle call in a Sniper Drop or a Special Weapons Drop. Before you kill each of the Renegade officers you have to identify them. Do this with your Binoculars (click down on Right Analog stick, PS2 version, don't have a Sniper Rifle equipped). Zoom in on the target and wait for confirmation of the "Renegade Officer" after that you can shoot him. Also, you can turn off your "Flags" and the one guy with the "Flag" remaining over his head is the target. However, if you don't identify the target with your Binoculars first then you won't get kill confirmation. Also note that there are "Renegade Thugs". You can kill these guys because they're not loyal. You shouldn't have to kill them, but you can and not lose the Bonus.

For the first target, nearby, go on the street and use your binoculars to zoom in on the group of Russian Mafia. Identify the target then use your Sniper Rifle (or Anti-Tank Rifle) to kill him. The second target is at the train station. Go to the facility to the North of the Station and climb one of the balconies. Identify then kill. Next, head to the NE target, climb the snowy hill across from the target, identify and kill. Head to the last target. When you near it, you'll see that the target is in a Humvee. If you wait right near his drive way and t-bone him when he comes out you can easily tip the humvee over and then kill him. If you don't get that chance, chase him down and make him crash. You can probably take out the gunner of the Humvee because he's a Renegade Thug. Do so and hijack the car to get the target out. Then, kill him. If you didn't harm any loyal Mafia then you'll get the bonus.

You'll earn $120000, "Heavy Weapons Drop," Cheat code unlocked, check your email. Play as Josef in PDA FACTIONS mode: left, left, right, right, down, up, up, up. Also, DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 5 of Spades, Keon Park, SE of Sinuiju

LOOSE ENDS - Locate Sergei, Locate the Jack of Spades, Verify the Jack of Spades, BONUS: Kill Sergei - $300000 + $100000 Bonus

This is a rotten mission. Basically, you have to drive and kill Sergei, drive all the way back to Mafia HQ, quickly hijack a tank, take out other Tanks and APCs, find and subdue the Jack (inside an APC), and call for Extraction.

Now the details. Grab a Mafia MG Technical pickup as they are pretty fast. Drive like a maniac toward the Yellow Marker. Soon, Sergei will be marked by a Blue Marker and you'll be told that the Mafia HQ is under attack. Ignore the Mafia HQ for now and keep chasing Sergei. If you crash or get held up while chasing Sergei you may as well start over because time is of the essence: no crashing! When you finally catch up with Sergei, ram him off course, hop out of your vehicle and pump his truck full of lead (he's in the driver's seat and you can shoot him while he's inside). As soon as you get confirmation that he is dead, drive like a maniac back to Mafia HQ.

At this point, Mafia HQ is probably half-damaged (consistently, I was able to get back to HQ with about 3/4 of the health still there). You need to prevent any future damage. Upon arriving at Mafia HQ, drive by the Anti-Air Tank and head straight for a Tank. Kill the gunner then hijack the Tank. Now inside the Tank, drive around the perimeter of the HQ and destroy any Tanks/APCs/Anti-Air that are shooting it. When you find a relative calm, after about six or seven destroyed tanks, and you don't see any damage coming off of HQ, and you don't see any more tanks making their way to the HQ (note, more tanks are probably on their way so be wary), locate the Jack of Spades.

The Jack of Spades is inside a BMP APC. Drive your Tank near it, hop out, and hijack the APC. This will cause the Jack of Spades to run away. Hop back out of the APC and chase him down and subdue him. Immediately call for Extraction then start taking out any nearby resistance while you wait for the Extraction chopper. Load him up and mission over.

You'll earn $400000 and "Mafia VIP Car Delivery".


Go up and speak to the Allied HQ Guard. Don't speak to Garret for the Ace Contract yet.

HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS - Retrieve the vaccine from the Allied medic, Deliver vaccine to Allied MASH unit in Tenement Ruins, Too many civilian casualties will result in contract cancellation, BONUS: Deliver vaccine without incurring civilian casualties - $80000 + $25000 Bonus

This is an easy mission. Simply drive to the first Yellow Marker and pick up the vaccine. Then, drive to the Tenement Ruins. It is here that you have to be careful about civilian casualties. First, don't drive over anybody. Secondly, try not to draw fire toward you which may inadvertently kill a civilian. If you drive quickly yet safely you shouldn't have any problem. Drive to the Yellow Marker and talk to the Medic at this MASH and the mission will end.

You'll earn $105000 and DECK OF 52 INFO RECEIVED.

SAVE. Open your EMAIL for info on the 8 of Spades, Shin-seok Kim, East of Dandong.

THE ACE OF SPADES (ACE CONTRACT) - Investigate prison, Verify the Ace of Spades - $100,000,000

Time to go get the Ace of Spades, General Song Himself. Go to Allied HQ and talk to Garret outside for the "Ace Contract". Once inside, walk up to the Lt. to Accept the Contract. Be sure that you have all the other Spades before accepting this contract or you won't be able to go back to collect the Spades' bounties.

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First, a few tips:

This is a very hard and very long mission. Get your gameface on, pee, grab a beverage and get ready for one heck of a contract. This mission can be done many ways. I tried using helicopters (mildly successful), driving through the whole mission like a wild man, and using various North Korean vehicles for disguise. What follows is the most rock-solid method that I found.

As a general rule, if you're injured or need a vehicle, simply call some supplies in. If you're in an area where you're jammed, simply run/drive back until you are in a clear area again. Also, I use a lot of Carpet Bombing throughout this mission to clear the path in front of me. This will cost some money, but when the mission is worth $100,000,000, who cares?

Whatever you do, you need to get the M1 Tank to the Prison in one piece. If it blows up, restart. If along the way, you see that you are getting low on Ammo or Health for your Tank then you can hop out and call in either a "Vehicle Repair Drop" or "Vehicle Ammo Drop" support item. To use them just drive over them. Sometimes they'll just be dropped on you. Make sure that there are no threats around you when you call for these items.

Time to actually do it. You start out in an M1 Tank as part of a convoy of about three tanks. You must get all the way to the Prison in this tank or the mission is much more difficult. Drive forward slowly looking left and right for enemy Tanks and other vehicles. Soon, Fiona will chime in and tell you about some enemy attack copters. Keep an eye on your radar for the Gray then Red Blips. There are 3 of them and they come one after the other. Shoot them down as soon as you see them.

Continue along and keep your turret on the swivel for enemy's with RPGs, Tanks, Artillery, and Anti-Air trucks. You'll eventually come to the gate of the Prison. Blow up each of the guard towers on either side of the gate and if the gate doesn't open, just keep firing to the right of the gate until it blows up. Once through the gate you can either make a break for it and hope for the best or stay and fight. If you make a break for it, simply drive to the Yellow Circle, hop out and run to the Yellow Circle as fast as you can. As soon as you're inside the circle hit your "Action" button you'll be safe.

If you choose to stay and fight, then take out the tank infront of you then look a tad to the right, in the cliff wall, for the Tank bunker where the tanks are respawning. Fire several shells at the bunker and it'll eventually blow up cutting off any more tanks. Then, look to the left and do the same on the small personnel tunnel/bunker. Continue forward destroying any Tanks or threats. When you get near the Yellow Circle, run to it as fast as possible.

NOTE: I also had success just driving fast the entire way and only firing on the move. Just blow up any immediate threats, like tanks directly in front of you. Don't stop for anything. By about the 20th time I played this mission I could get to the Prison in about 2-3 minutes flat with an average of about 50% health on the M1.

You are now entering the second stage of this mission. After the cutscene with Kim, exit out the door. You'll see that the Allies have come in to secure the area. You are given the "Bunker Buster Bomb". You'll see that your M1 Tank is repaired and restocked with ammo. This is a good time to take a deep breath and collect yourself.

For this section you're going to constantly have to keep your eye on your radar for Gray then Red blips. These are attack helicopters...don't confuse them with the red blips that are stationary (radar jammers). You can deal with them in several ways. First, you could call in an Anti-Air Supply Drop and arm yourself with the Anti-Air Rocket before you set off. When you see an attack chopper, hop out of the Tank and blast away. I prefer, however, to call in Air Superiority any time I see any Attack Helicopters. Just hop out of the M1 Tank and and call it in right over you. Jets will come screaming by taking out the attack choppers. If you are in an area where you are being jammed, then run/drive backwards as fast as you can until you can call it in.

Also, for this section, if, at any time along the way your M1 Tank gets destroyed then either call in an APC of your choosing or hijack an enemy Tank. You'll want to stay protected in something, even if you don't have the best fire power. Also, it's worth your while to destroy any tank/personnel-spawning bunkers. You can do this with any Tank (keep shooting at the tunnel/bunker until it collapses) or call in a Surgical Strike (or whatever strike you want). This will seal off the tunnel/bunker so no more tanks come out.

Time to get going. Hop into your M1 Tank. Drive through the gate and destroy the personnel bunker on your left. Go forward, shoot the Anti-Air vehicle on the right, then the Tank in front of you or coming from the left. Find the tank-spawning bunker on the left and shoot it until it collapses. Continue forward to the Helipad area. Destroy the two Scout choppers on the helipads, then take out the Anti-Air units and any enemies. Again, be on the lookout for any incoming attack choppers.

Once this helipad area is clear, use it as a base of operations. Call in any repair, ammo, or health that you need. Up the road from you is a roadblock, a tank, some enemies with RPGs and a guard tower. Instead of dealing with all of these enemies with your Tank, simply call in a Carpet Bomb and place the satellite between the two sides of the roadblock. This will clear the area.

Drive the tank past this now ruined place and stop before you get to the next roadblock, the one with the two guard towers. Again, call in Carpet Bomb and annihilate the area. Continue forward, to the next road block. What should you do? Yes, call in a Carpet Bomb and destroy the area. Drive forward and look to your right for a tank-spawning bunker. Destroy any tanks, then destroy the bunker. Move forward a tad more and you'll see another tank-spawning bunker on the left. Destroy it. Move forward and you'll see a large base on your right (there's a crate near it), past a smaller garage base. Again, call in a Carpet Bomb and aim it just left of the large base building.

A bit before the large base building (probably near where you're standing when you call in the Carpet Bomb on the base), on either side of the hill, is an artillery station. Run up either hill, man an Artillery unit and destroy anything you want. When satisfied, go back to your tank and call in any repair/ammo that you need. If your Tank is gone, call in an APC. This is pretty much the end of the hard part for this section but don't get too relaxed. All that is left in front of you are some roadblocks with Sungris (Jeeps) and some regular men on the ground. Move forward destroying Jeeps and men.

When you approach the bridge it'll blow up. Your M1 is now useless...say goodbye. You need a Jeep (Sungri) or other fast vehicle to jump the bridge. Fortunately, there are two Sungris parked just NE of the bridge near some houses. Grab one, get some good speed and make the jump. You'll land at a road block. Exit your vehicle and kill all of the enemies in the area. After this battle if you're low on health or ammo, call in an Allied Supply Drop.

Run forward and you'll get to another roadblock with lots of enemies. I went ahead and, surprise, called in a Carpet Bomb to take care of the area in front of me. Move forward to another hot area and you'll see a bunker on your left. Call in a Carpet Bomb for this area to destroy the enemies and the bunker.

Continue forward and you should be fairly safe. Soon, you'll see the large Yellow Arrow over the gate of the fortress. There are about 4 enemies guarding the gate. Run up to them and shoot them. Note the crate on either side of this gate area. One has Health and one has C4.

Before you call in an airstrip on the large gate (Yellow Arrow) there is some prep work to do. First, you need to get rid of the three Anti-Air units surrounding the compound. There is one each to the North and South of the gate and one is up on a hill at the East end of the compound. Grab some C4. Drive either the North or South Anti-Air vehicle to the East one, park them together, then blow them up with C4. Run to whatever one is left and drive it to the front of the gate so that your airstrike will get it, too.

Next, backtrack a bit down the road. Call in a Chinese Anti-Air Type 95 APC. If you don't have that APC, go for a SK K200 APC, or the BMP APC. Also, heal, rearm yourself, and make sure you have a full supply of C4. Then, drive yourself to the helipad to the North of the gate. This is a good area to shoot down attack choppers if any come.

Time to get the third segment of this long mission going. As soon as you call in an airstrike on the gate you'll be given a countdown timer of 6:30. This is plenty of time, don't panic. The most important thing is to keep your eye on your radar to make sure you see as soon as any enemy helicopters come in.

From your helipad position in your Chinese Type 95 APC, call in an the Bunker Buster on the gate. Now the fun begins! Hop back into your APC and wait. Yes wait. Wait for about 45 seconds to a minute to make sure that there aren't any attack helicopters coming your way. If there are, switch to your Anti-Air missiles and fire away. If you think the coast is clear, drive right on into the compound through the destroyed gate.

Using your cannon/machine guns spray the sandbag area in front of you and kill off any enemies you can. When it's safe, quickly jump out of the APC, run to the gate (fence) and set a C4. Run back to your APC, detonate the C4 and then drive over the sandbags and through the gate.

Here is a second gate (fence). Do this one the same way. The third and final gate (fence) is more heavily protected. Beyond the gate are various enemies with RPGs on top of the cargo containers. Make this your first priority. Spray the tops of the cargo containers with everything you got. Then, kill anybody in the immediate area. Even if they're still shooting rockets at the gate (fence), hop out of your APC and set a C4. Since you had full health going in here, you should be able to sustain a few explosions while you set the C4. Then, run away and destroy the fence.

You are done with your APC now, so if it blew up, don't worry about it. Continue heading forward, through the maze of cargo containers and don't worry too much about killing everybody. Get to the computer console where you enter the launch kill codes and do so. Wait while the code takes (watch the meter). Note the crate right next to you. There is health in there, use it.

Once you've stopped the missile your main objective is to stay alive. Keep an eye on that radar for any enemy helicopters. If you see any, you can use the Anti-Air vehicle at the back of the compound to shoot them down. If you're lucky, you won't have to deal with any attack helicopters as you run the heck out of here.

Yes, run like crazy, backtracking all the way out. As you run out you will see the Ace of Spades on your map, but ignore him for now unless you have a good deal of health. When you get out, continue running down the road and, if choppers are on you, as soon as you get out of the Jamming area, call in Air Superiority. If the choppers aren't on you, be aware for them, and call in any health that you need.

Next, call in a fast vehicle like the Mafia Technical MG pickup. You may have to run back down the hill a ways until a supply chopper can drop safely due to the remaining anti-air in the area. Once you have your fast vehicle, drive right up to the Ace of Spades, hop out, subdue him and load him into your vehicle. Drive to a safe area down the road and call for Extraction.

Holy wow! You did it! You are rich!


At this point, you have intel on each and every Spade. Whatever you do, DON'T go to Allied HQ and start the "Ace Contract". Doing so will void all of the other Spades and you won't get any money for them. First, round up Spades 2-10, then visit the Allied HQ for the "Ace Contract".

2 of Spades - Halfway between Chongju and Yongbyon Reactors, South of the road a tad (if zoomed in on your Map, North of "91"). Nothing tricky here, nab and grab.

3 of Spades - SW of the Chemical Complex, to the West of the 6 of Spades, if zoomed-in, above the "153". I recommend getting the 6 of Spades first, so that you can get the M3 APC. So, from the 6 of Spades and now in the M3 APC, head toward the 3 of Spades. She is on top of a small mountain. Drive the APC around the base of the mountain taking out the many Anti-Air vehicles. Once you make a full circle it's time to get up on the mountain. Believe it or not, you can use your APC to climb the mountain, you just have to do it at an angle and work your way up. At the top, take out the helicopter and last two Anti-Air tanks. If you can't get up the mountain or are having trouble then run away and call in a helicopter delivery. If you want an Attack Chopper, you can find several NK Scouts to either side of the road where the red and black roads meet between Sinuiju Farms and Chongju Farms...it's quite a ways away, but you can fly your transport chopper there. Anyway grab her and run her down the hill then either driver or run her to the road and call for Extraction.

4 of Spades - North of Unsan Village. High up on a mountain, at the top of the waterfall. Take a helicopter there. There should be little or no resistance. Subdue then call for Extraction.

5 of Spades - South of Changsong Train Station and East of Tenement Ruins. Fly there in a helicopter (there is road access as well, unmarked), land, hop into the BMP APC and destroy the other Tank in the area. Next, take out any other resistance, subdue the 5 of Spades and call for Extraction.

6 of Spades - Between the Chemical Complex and the NK Village, at the West curve of the black road. Run up to the Tank, hijack it, destroy any enemies, then run to the 6 of Spades. Nearby is an M3 APC. First, subdue the 6 of Spades, then hop into the APC and drive down to the road. Call for Extraction, then clear the area of any enemies. Run back and grab the 6 of Spades and bring her to the Extraction chopper.

7 of Spades - East of NK Village. Take out the Tanks by hijacking one of them then make sure you get the two Anti-Air tanks on top of the hill. Then, subdue the 7 of Spades and call for Extraction. There are a lot of crates nearby so you shouldn't have any problem with Health.

8 of Spades - NE of Dandong. Since you blew out the bridge in an earlier mission, you'll have to fly here. Do so in any helicopter and land right over the 8 of Spades. Hop into one of the Anti-Air vehicles and take out the other one. Then, watch for the four Attack Helicopters. From your Anti-Air vehicle, destroy them. Hop out and nab the 8 of Spades and take out any other enemies. Finally, blow up the Anti-Air tank you were just using then call in Extraction near the helipad. If you can't get the Extraction to take, try the North side of the helipad until you get it. There are several crates with a ton of Health in them, too.

9 of Spades - SE of Chongju. Take the South red road to the East of Chongju. At the end of the red road, climb the mountain to the 9 of Spades. There are several Anti-Air vehicles nearby. Hijack one, blow up the others and the Anti-Air rocket launcher and then take out as many spawning enemies as possible. Subdue the 9 of Spades and call for Extraction while fending off any enemies or drive up with a vehicle and grab and drive him away.

10 of Spades - Southeast of the "y" in "Farm Valley". When you arrive, note the attack chopper and various APCs and an Anti-Air vehicle. If you get there fast enough, you can hijack the attack helicopter and take out the enemies from the air. If the helicopter takes off, use whatever powerful weapon you have to bring it down (I used the Anti-Armor Rifle). Then, nab the 10 of Spades and call for Extraction.

Jack of Spades - Captured in Russian Mafia mission, "Loose Ends".

Queen of Spades - Captured in Chinese mission, "Two Degrees of Separation".

King of Spades - Captured in South Korea mission, "Titular Regius".

Ace of Spades - Captured in Allied HQ mission, "The Ace of Spades".

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