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Lunabean's Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Strategy Guide

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
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Lunabean Rating: 7.1
Platforms: PS2, Xbox*, PC
Release Date: 11.04.02 (Xbox), 03.03.03 (PS2)
ESRB Rating: M - Mature
Official Site: Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
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Dog Tag Location Guide
MGS2 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Strategy Guide

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NOTE: "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty," the 2001 PS2-only release is not covered here. Rather, we covered the re-release of "MGS2: SoL" aka, "Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance." The actual single person campaign is exactly the same between the games. The only difference is that in "Substance" you are given over 300 Virtual Reality (VR) missions and an unlockable skateboarding mode. This walkthrough, however, will work for any version of "MGS2."

MGS2: Substance Tips & Tricks

Dog Tags
To gain hidden items within the game, you can try to collect Dog Tags. You can try to collect an enemy's Dog Tag in a couple different ways. A) You can knock out a guard, then shake his body in hopes that he'll drop one. Or B) Sneak up behind a guard and point your weapon at him. This will cause you to yell "Freeze" and the guard to throw his hands in the air. Let your weapon down, walk around to the front of the guard, go into first-person mode and aim your weapon at his head or groin. He will then offer you his Dog Tags.
For more information about Dog Tags and Rewards, please go to the Dog Tag FAQs here.

Hiding Bodies
When you kill or knock someone out, you should always try to hide the bodies. If you don't, they can be found, or they can wake up and put the area on alert...which is not a good thing. If you can, toss bodies over disposal gates, put them in holes or lockers, or place them behind big objects so they can't be spotted.
If you're bleeding (your life meter will be orange), it's important to use the BANDAGES to stop the bleeding. If you can't do that, it's important that you stop moving and crouch/lay down until your life meter goes back up. If you don't do one of these two things, your life meter will continue to fall until you die.

The Tanker


The game will start with a cutscene and a mission briefing by Otacon. The important information here is that if you want to speak with Otacon (for whatever reason), set your radio to 141.12. If you want to save at any point, set it to 140.96. When you have control of snake, it's time to roll!

Your basic goal here is to get up to Deck E.

Decks A - E and Fighting Olga

Get to "Deck A - Crew's Quarters" by going through the back (aft) of the ship. Then, proceed to "Deck A - Crew's Lounge". Take out the guys there. Proceed up the stairs to Deck B.

You are now in "Deck B - Crew's Quarters". Run through the hallway until you get to the stairs going up to Deck C.

You are now in "Deck C - Crew's Quarters". Run through the hall. Avoid the security camera by pressing up against the wall. In the locker on the other side, you'll pick up a Chaff Grenade. Run up the stairs to "Deck D - Crew's Quarters".

You'll find that there is a laser grid gate with a bunch of explosives blocking your way. On the other side of the gate, you'll see a Fire Extinguisher. Shoot it. This will cause the lasers to be visible. Now, crouch then crawl under the lasers. Run down the hallway and up the stairs to Deck E. You'll get a cutscene.

SAVE (tune your CODEC to 140.96). Go out the door on the left. Boss battle with Olga. First, shoot out the spotlights. Then, shoot the strings on the tarp. This will allow you better views of Olga. Now, just try to hit her as many times as you can. Practice crouching, then, popping up to shoot. Eventually, you'll get a cutscene, and she'll be disposed of...for now.

Navigational Deck - Engine Room

You need to head down to the Engine Room.

You are now on the "Navigational Deck". You now have the USP (a real gun). Still outside, go up the stairs and up the ladder. At the top of it, you'll find some THERMAL GOGGLES. Go back down.

Go back into the ship and you're in "Deck E - Bridge". Work your way back downstairs to Deck A, stock up as you go and enter the Crew's Lounge (center room on Deck A). Take the staircase down on the right side down and enter the Engine Room.

Head down the gall and right. Pick up the USP ammo and open the lockers. Boo! A body will fall out. Put it back in the locker. Head out the door to the left if you're facing the lockers.

Go down the stairs and sneak up behind the guard to collect his goodies, then take him out. Head down the next set of stairs and sneak up behind the stationary guard. Take care of him. Go down the small ramp. Toward the back is a ration. Now move forward.

Look out for guards. Walk up the little staircase and run to the back for some USP Ammo. Move forward along the new catwalk, go to the left and grab a grenade. Head up one more flight and grab the USP ammo. Go up another flight, take care of the guard and enter the room on your left.

Head to the back of the hallway. This will trigger someone coming out of the room to the front of the hall. You're now in a locker room of sorts. If you move to the back of the room, you'll get a call from Otacon. You have more laser sensors in front of you. EEK!

Pull out your USP. Jump up on the platform to your left, face the grid area, and you'll see a greenish light in front of you. Shoot it out. This takes care of the first grid. Jump off and move forward. You'll see a green light on the ground and to your right. Shoot it. Move forward some more and you'll see a sack of flower. You have to shoot the greenish blushish box directly across from the flower (the light is on the opposite side of the box, so you can't see it...rotten!)

You've cleared all of the laser now, so move forward through the door. You will be in "Deck-2, port".

Move down the hall and grab the Ration in the small room to your right. Continue down the hall. You'll run into a guard. Take care of him. At the end of the hall, you'll run into a guard listening to some music...he's easy to sneak up on. Head right at the end of the hall, then through the door into "Deck-2 starboard".

Now, all you can really do is run forward. When you run down the hallway you'll get a cutscene. Now it's time to do some fighting.

Use the crate for protection. Shoot at the guards with your USP. Toss a grenade at them for fun. If they approach you, hand to hand fighting does a good job. Once you've cleared them out you'll have a cutscene, then a conversation with Otacon.

Photographing Metal Gear

After the cutscene you will find yourself in "Hole No. 1". You may also note the countdown clock. You have this long to take pictures of Metal Gear. Let's get to it!

Go in the door behind you for a Ration and USP Bullets. Go back out and down the ladder. Continue down the next ladder. You are now on a floor with hundreds of people who want you dead...be careful!

Crawl across the back of the room to the opposite side. Once there, crawl straight forward and through the door to "Hold No. 2"

Crawl along the back of this room to the opposite side. The men will be doing some stretching. Crawl forward while avoiding their glances. When you can't move forward anymore, head right, around the obstacle, and through the door into "Hold No. 3".

Your goal is to take 4 picutres of Metal Gear: 1) Front shot. 2) Front Right shot. 3) Front Left shot. 4)Close up of "Marines" lettering.

For photo 1, go to the back of the room and take a full on frontal of the Metal Gear. You'll hear a "Good" if the photo is acceptable.

For photo 2, go to the right side of the room. Work your way up a little so that you get the front and the right side of Metal Gear in your shot. You'll hear a "Good."

For photo 3, go to the left side of the room. Work your way up a little so that you get the front and the left side of Metal Gear in your shot. You'll hear a "Good."

For photo 4, you have to make your way to either the right or left side of Metal Gear. If you choose the right side, you have to take out the guard. Anyway, get up to either side of it, then, find the lettering that reads, "Marines." Take a photo of it. You'll hear a "Good."

When you think you have all of the photos, go to the back right of the room, near where you came in. There is a computer terminal there. Approach it and hit the "Action" button. Now, you'll see if your photos cut the mustard. If they do, this level is over! If not, pay attention to which ones are acceptable, then take the ones that you missed.

The Plant

Strut A Deep Sea Dock - Upper Section of Big Shell

From here on out, you'll be going by the name "Raiden". To contact Campbell, use the frequency 140.85.

The first thing you should do as Raiden is jump back into the water to retrieve the Thermal Goggles. There's on the far side of the pool, in the right corner about halfway down. Once you have those, get out.

Head up the stairs and open the middle locker for a ration. Open the door. There will be a cutscene. Go through the door and out the door to the right...another cutscene. Apparently, there's another intruder...he's taken out the guards for you. You need to use the Node to access the Soloton Radar. Head to the node next to the elevator (it looks like a computer). Use the "action" button. Now you have a map and more cutscenes. Someone named Rose is now a part of the game. She'll tell you 140.96 is now the save frequency.

When you get out of the cutscene, the guards will be waking up. Hit the elevator button. You have to hide from the guards while you wait for it to reach your floor. If they spot you, battle them with hand to hand.

When the elevator arrives, hop in. Yet, another, cutscene. Now you're on the roof, and you're told you have to get to Strut B.

Strut A - Strut B

The Pres. was spotted on Strut B, which means you have to get over there. Pull up your map and you'll see Strut B to the northwest of you, and you'll see the AB Connecting Bridge. That's where you need to go. However, before heading off, grab the Bandage. Now, go to the back area of the Strut, by the elevator you came up. There's a wired in area on the left side you can crawl into. Walk around, when you get the call the space will be right in front of you. Crawl under and move forward into the "Strut A Pumproom".

Head down the stairs. You'll be in a control room type area. You have located the Node. Go get the map from it. Go out the door to the "AB Connecting Bridge."

Flip over the railing by pushing the "action" button. Shimmy across past the guards. Enter the door. You are in, "Strut B Transformer Room."

Cutscene and you're given the SOCOM gun. Yay, a weapon. Go out the door on the far side (at the top, away from you). In the lockers there is a Ration and some SOCOM Bullets. Go out door. Cutscene of gun battle.

Your goal now is to take care of the C4 Explosives that the terrorists have planted on the Big Shell.

There is a bomb expert on Strut C.

Locating the C-4 Explosives

Strut B - Strut C

Go across the BC Connecting Bridge. Pick up the Chaff Grenade.

Go through the door. You are now in "Strut C - Dining Hall." Go into the bathroom on either side and pick up some goodies. No, not those goodies. Go out and proceed down the middle hallway. Cutscene, bomb expert. You'll get the Ion Mobility Spectrometer. This will help you find the C4, but, you have to log into the Node on each strut to get it to work. You'll also get the Coolant (Freeze Spray) and a Shell Securtiy Card.

C4 - Now, use your radar to find the fuzzy green spot. Head back to the bathroom on the right. Go to the sink on the right. Go into first person mode and look in the upper right of the mirror. You'll see the bomb's reflection in the mirror. It's right above you. Spray it.

Strut C - Strut D

Go to the "CD Connecting Bridge." Avoid the guard by taking the lower path. Watch out for the falling floor, though.

You are now in "Strut D - Sediment Pool." There are 3 guards in here. There are also lots of black hatches on the floor. The bomb is in one of these hatches. First, let's get to the node. From where you entered, it's opposite you and on the lower level. Stealthily go over there. If you get caught, just exit the area and wait for everything to calm down again.

C4 - Now, equip your Sensor A and you'll have your radar. The bomb is on the other side of the same platform that you are on...with the Node. There is a guard between you and it. So, either get halfway to him and hop over the railing so he passes by, then, hop back over and run to the green glow and the hatch, or, approach him and start kicking/punching him; he might fall over the railing for you. Now, open the hatch and spray the Coolant on it. Head all the way back to where the Node is, and go through the door to the "DE Connecting Bridge."

Strut D - Strut E

On the "DE Connecting Bridge," avoid the guards as best you can. Go through the door.

You are in "Strut E - Parcel Room." Head to the Node in the upper right part of the room. Go up the stairs in the lower right of the room and you'll be in "Strut E - Heliport." Cutscene. Continue up the stairs and you'll be on a helipad with a Harrier Jet on the far end of it. Head right and avoid the guards and head to the jet.

C4 - Go to the far side of the jet, avoid the guard, and check underneath the rear tire. Stop the C4 bomb with your Coolant. Strut E is now clear.

Strut E - Strut F

Head back down the stairs, turn right and go back into Strut E.

Head down to the first floor. Go to the forward right of the parcel room. This is the way to the EF Connecting Bridge.

Once outside on the EF Connecting Bridge, put on your Thermal Goggles. Note the red spots. These are mines. Avoid them. Also, throw a Chaff Grenade into the middle of the bridge, so the hovering patrol can't see you. Get yourself across to the "Strut F warehouse".

Go left, and move forward and continue past the railing, down the middle hallway and into the room on your right. There is a ration outside the room and the M9 Tranquilizer in the room. Now you can be stealthy. Very nice. Now, there are a bunch of doors that you can't get into because they're Level 3 doors. So, head back to where you came in from the Connecting Bridge and go down the stairs.

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C4 - Move forward through the room to the hallway at the middle-front of the room. On the left (to your right) is a room with the Node in it. Get the info for your bomb scanner. There is a Ration and some Pentamazin in the lockers there, too. Head out and you'll see that the bomb on the left side, blocked in behind some crates. Looks like we're heading back upstairs.

Position yourself above the bomb, jump over the railing, drop down and use the Coolant on the C4. Hop over the crate area. Again, move to the front of the room and move to the far left. This is the FA Connecting Bridge.

Strut F - Strut A

Throw a Chaff Grenade and then avoid the guard as you run across the FA Connecting Bridge.

C4 - Now, you're in Strut A - Pump Facility. Run to the bottom right of the screen, go through the door run forward. See the small set of stairs? Go up them, then, down them and begin to crawl under the pipes towards the left of the room. When you get to the red pipe, crawl directly under it and follow it. This will lead to the bomb. There is also a Bandage in this area. Now, go back to the control room type area, and out the left. This is the way to the AB Connecting bridge.

Strut A - Strut B

On the AB Connecting bridge, flip over the railing to avoid the guards and shimmy your way across.

C4 - You are now in Strut B - Transformer Room. Go up the hallway and into the door on the right. Take out the guard and then, in the Nortwest Corner (upper left) of the room, there is a control panel door that is open. The bomb is behind it. So, close the door and use the Coolant on the bomb. Head back to Strut A.

Backtracking to Strut C

You know the way there. Just get there.

Now, in Strut C, go to the dining room/kitchen and go into the kitchen. In the Pantry there, you'll find Sensor B. You need this to find the next bomb. Taking the Elevator at the Roof of Strut A

Head to Strut A. Go to the roof of Strut A, and step onto the large elevator there in order to take you down.

You are now in "Strut A - Deep Sea Dock". Equip your Sensor B. Run towards the South East corner of the room, past the pool, and you'll hear the bomb getting closer. Underneath the orange Sub/Sea Explorer thing, you'll find the bomb. Use your Coolant on it. There is a Ration in this room, too. You have to crawl to get it. Walk towards the elevator and you'll get a cutscene.

Fighting Fortune, Disarming the Fatman's Bombs, and Defeating the Fatman

Fight Boss, Fortune. Don't even shoot at her once. Simply avoid her shots by moving. Eventually, you'll get a Codec Call telling you to go get Fatman on the Helipad of Strut E. Fortune will go away and you'll have a countdown. It's 400 seconds if you're on Normal Difficulty.

Get to Strut E any way you can. Once you're on Strut E run up the stairs and move to the Helipad. Equip your Sensor A and put out the C4 with the Coolant. Now you must defeat the Fatman.

Upon immediately confronting the Fatman, equip your Sensor A. You will see him place two bombs. You have to make it to these bombs before time runs out or the mission is over. Through the entire battle, the Fatman will be placing bombs, always find them and spray them with Coolant before going after him. When you get a little time between freezing bombs, locate the Fatman and shoot his body a few times with your SOCOM. This will not harm him, but it will knock him down. When he's knocked down, go into first-person view and shoot the Fatman in the head. This is the game you will play until he runs out of life and eventually dies. Oh, but the fun ain't over yet.

Now, cutscene. Fatman tells you the biggest bomb is yet to be found. You have a time limit. The bomb is UNDER Fatman. So, unarm yourself, then grab the body. Now, use your Coolant on the bomb. You'll get a Codec call telling you to head to the Central Core.

Locating Ames

Head off the Helipad, and you'll get a cutscene with a Mr. X. You'll be told that the one man who knows the location of the President is a guy named Ames. He'll be in a roomful of similar-looking men, and hard to find. But, Ames has a pacemaker. So, you need to find the Directional Mic to hear the pacemaker. You are given a Guard's Uniform so that you can blend in, however, you need a Guard's gun, the AK-74U. You are also given a Level 2 security card.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself the AKS-74U. It's in Strut F. So, head on over to Strut F, Warehouse. When you first enter, go down the stairs on the right of your screen. Go into the first Level 2 door you see there. In the back right corner of that room, you'll find the AKS-74U. Now, you can pass as a guard. Equip your new gun and put on the Guard Uniform (B.D.U.) that you have. Now, you look like a guard. Yay. So, now it's time to head on over to the Shell 1 Core.

Go to the EF Connecting Bridge. If you don't have any Chaff Grenades, shoot the hovering patrols with your SOCOM. From that Bridge, go to the central core, "Shell 1 Core." As you run towards it, holes in the bridge will open, so run fast.

Go through the door. You're in, "Shell 1 Core, 1F." Now, don't act suspiciosly. Just take your time walking around. Go towards you, and then to the left of your screen. There is a door there. Go through and in an area with some crates, you'll find the Node. Download the map. Now, go all the way to the top of your screen/map. You'll find a door marked "EV" (Elevator). Push the action button by the elevator button and the door will open. Go in. Go down to B2. We have to get the Directional Mic before we go to B1.

Once on B2, go either direction and find your way to the node in the main central room to download the map. On the opposite side of the room (by the parrot) is the Directional Mic. Now, head back up the elevator and go to B1.

When you exit the elevator on B1, you'll get a cutscene of a guard using a retinal scanner. Facing the elevator, go into the room on the right and you'll find the Node. Download the map and in the locker, grab the Ration.

Now, you have to find some poor sap to get into the Retinal Scan room. There's a guard patrolling the hall. You have to grab him from behind and drag him over to the retinal scanner. If you want, knock him out first with a Tranquilizer, then wait behind him, and when he wakes up grab him and drag him over. Go through the newly opened door.

You're in a room with Ames and many hostages. You need to use your Directional Mic to listen to the heartbeats of the hostages to figure out which one is Ames. Ames has a pacemaker which makes his heartbeat slightly different. Be careful when you pull out the Directional Mic as you lose your cover when it's out. Aim the Mic at the hostages in the room until you find the heartbeat that has a "bleep/beep"ing sound to it. For ease, Ames is sitting against a table with some boxes on it. He has brown hair. Now keep your D. Mic pointed at him and press the "Action" button. Cutscene. Ames tells you the President is in Shell 2, Core. On the first floor. When you get control of Raiden again equip your AKS-74U. Snake will approach and take out Ames. You'll be saved by Super Ninja (Mr. X)!

Now, there is a large scale search for you. Go into the elevator and up to the 1st Fl and exit out to the EF Connecting bridge. Go to Strut F and into the various Level 3 rooms. You'll find the RGB6, a Grenade Launcher. In another Level 3 room, you'll find the PSG1, a Sniper Rifle. Make your way to Strut E.

Moving from Shell 1 to Shell 2, IR Bombs and the Harrier Go to Strut E. Then, make your way to the DE Connecting Bridge, then, into Strut D. Then, run around to the next door and you'll be on the Shell 1 - Shell 2 connecting bridge.

Cutscene of bombs blocking your path. Now, use your newly acquired Sniper Rifle (PSG-1) to shoot the green lights to deactivate the bombs. Take some Pentazamin to steady yourself if you need to do so. Here are the locations of the control panels for the IR Bombs:
The first one is located right behind you, above the doorway.
Number 2 is located down the stairs. Shoot the green light.
The third green light is located right next to the second light.
The fourth one is on the big tank in front of you from where you start.
Stand on the right side of the bridge and look forward. You'll see a small green light. Shoot it.
Number 6 is located directly to the left of number five.
On the catwalk, beyond and to the left of the big tank, on the ground.
Number eight is located on top of the cypher. Pop a Pentazamin and zoom in to hit the swiveling control panel on top.
Behind the Sons of Liberty Flag. Stand on the right side of the balcony to view it.
Peer down to find the flock of seagulls in front of you and to the right of the tank (pretty much below #4). Fire a warning shot to reveal the last one.
On Hard Mode, get all of the above plus:
Face Strut D from the stairs. Look to the left. It's next to a steam pipe.
Go to the right and stand on your toes (L2 + R2). Look under the lower portion of the main bridge.
On Extreme Mode, get all of the above plus:
There is a second cypher that appears in Extreme Mode. It's on it.
The last ugly one is located on the side of the left balcony near the Strut G entrance. You can only see the side of the control box. Be precise, as bombs surround it.

Once you clear out all of the control panels, move forward and you'll get a cutscene.

OK...now you must take down the Harrier. Equip the Stinger, lock on and blast away. What tends to happen here is you blast him, then he blasts you. Most of his attacks can be avoided by running or hiding behind objects. The Harrier does tend to stop after attacks by the bridge. This is a good time to blast it. Rations will continue to be dropped down, so take full advantage of them.

Once you defeat the Harrier you'll get, yet another, cutscente. "Snake" has lost his eye. "Vamp" is out, and you're dangling. Great. You'll get back up.

On the way to Shell 2 Core and Fighting the Vamp

Our primary route is now knocked out. What you now need to do is hang from the rail you're put next to and drop down to the pipe. Once on the pipe, watch out for bird poop. Get to the side of Strut G and work your way up around the right. Look out for falling segments of the catwalk...move fast. When you can't go on, drop down to the catwalk below. A couple of guards will appear along with a cypher. Toss a Chaff Grenade to jam the cypher and do a cartwheel over the gap in the catwalk. At the next gap, jump over the railing and shimmy across the gap. Jump back over and climb the ladder. You are on Strut L, Perimeter. Wall sneak by the windows so you aren't spotted by the guards inside. Do a wall crawl to get by the next gap. Go past the peeing guard. Drop down again, to the next catwalk. At the end, there is a ration. Take the stairs up the middle. Now, head to Shell 2, Core, by cartwheeling the gaps in the catwalk.

You are now on the 1st Fl. of Shell 2, Core. Cutscene. Use your D. Mic to listen to the conversation between Olga and some other guy. You have to locate a Remote Control Rocket Launcher.

Go down the stairs in front of you, and up the next set of stairs. Go right down the hallway and go through the second door on the right to download a map of the place.

Call Snake to see if he knows where some Remote Missles can be found. He tells you B1 in the Shell. Head to the elevator out the north door of the node room and head to B1.

Exit the elevator and download the map. Head down the stairs and you'll see it's flooded. Time to swim.

The blue lights are air. If you swim up them, you can refill your O2 meter. From the start, swim through the door to Raiden's right. At the end of the hall, head left and swim through the first door on your left. Work your way through this area and you'll eventually swim through the Nikita. You'll be notified when you do. Make your way back to the exit on the NE side of the map. Go up the stairs and up the elevator. To the first floor.

Near where you started, near the stairs, on the South of the map, you'll find two crates. Jump up on one of them and equip your Nikita Rocket Launcher. There is a vent in front of you. You need to steer the rocket through the vent and into the room the President is in. In the back left of that room you'll see what looks like a power supply. Run the Rocket into it. Now, the electric floor is de-electrified. Go into the President's room and get ready for some cut scenes.

You now have to head back downstairs via the elevator and jump in the water. Basically, go the way you went when you got the Guided Rockets, and work your way down to the South East of the map. You'll come to a room with 2 red doors. Use your action button to spin the wheel to open the door on your right. Go in and investigate the two airholes in that room. One of them contains the PSG-1T, the Tranquilizer Sniper Rifle. Continue on to the West door and spin the wheel to open that door. Swim up the stairs. Go through the Level 4 door.

Boss fight with the Vamp. Basically, use your power weapons in the first person (grenade launcher, M4, etc.). Get a good shot in, go back into third person, avoid his attacks, then, get ready to shoot him again. If you run out of the big guns, use your SOCOM on him. You just have to be patient with him. Also, don't fall into the water or you'll die. Once you beat him exit the room. Time to find Emma.

Locating and Retrieving Emma

Enter the water, down the stairs, through the door, then, immediately, take a right. Go through the first door on your left. This will lead you to the room with a Node and you have to open a locker to reveal Emma. Now it's time to head back where you came from. There're going to be some bugs that Emma won't be able to get by. Cross the bugs and open the elevator door. Use your Coolant to clear a path through the bugs. Hold Emma's hand and run her to the elevator. Take it up to the first floor. Using stealth, timing, and your Tranquilizer M9, make your way (with Emma) to the KL Connecting Bridge door, on the East side of the radar map.

Take out the 3 Cyphers on the KL Connecting Bridge and then, move forward and quietly take out the one guard on the bridge, as well. Go back, grab Emma. Head towards Strut L. There is a large fire blocking your way. Put it out with your Coolant. If Emma gets hurt (I set her on fire, by accident), just allow her to sit a while. Go into Strut L, Sewage Treatment. Leave Emma outside the door, still on the KL Connecting Bridge. This way, if you get caught, they won't shoot her. There are 2 guards in there. Quietly take them out, then grab Emma and bring her through the door on the other side. Cutscene...go down a ladder.

Crossing the Oil Fence

You have to provide Sniper cover for Emma as she goes across the Oil Fence. If you have Pentazemin, use it and put on your Thermal Goggles. The first thing you should do here is look at the bridge Emma is crossing. Notice the mines. Shoot them out. Now you can take your Thermal Goggles off if you care to, but I left them on as it made seeing men and cypers from far away easier to see. You'll have a guard directly in front of you to take out, one to your far right and a few cypers coming from the right to take out while Emma's crossing the first bridge. Once she crosses continue watching her as she has another bridge to cross. Continue protecting her. Eventually Snake will chime in. You're to call him if you need him to shoot anyone/thing that you miss. Do just this.

Once you call Snake, he'll take care of everyone and everything bad, as long as your scope is pointed at it. So, just keep an eye out and let Snake take care of business. Once Emma is almost off the third bridge, you'll get a surprise visit from a Vampire who's holding Emma hostage. Pop a Pentazemin, zoom in and aim for the head. If you can get a clear body shot in, take it. Shoot him enough, he'll die and you'll have a cutscene. Emma's been stabbed. EEK! The cutscene will bring you to Strut E - Parcel room. You now need to get to B2 of Shell 1's core...this is where the parrot was where you picked up the directional mic. You're timed, so move fast.

Make your way to the EF Connecting bridge by moving through the door by turning the wheel, going up the stairs, then moving across the room to the door on the SE side. Once on the bridge, head to the core. Toss a Chaff Grenade then shoot down the cyphers so you can cross the bridge without being bothered. Once inside, go to the elevator and you'll get a cutscene...a crazy cutscene. The next thing you'll know you'll be naked and tied up.

Naked and Crazy in Arsenal Gear

You're still naked and you're in a place called "Arsenal Gear - Stomach". Head to the locker in the NE corner of the room and grab the Medicine. Continue through the door. Download the map from the Node. You are now in the Jejunum, and you'll start receiving some crazy calls from the Colonel. Answer them if you want.

Avoid the guards and work your way to the staircase on the NW side of the room. Head up the stairs. Still avoiding the guards and the camera, move along the eastern catwalk to the end and grab the Box. You can now use the Box to evade guards. Work your way back to the stairs, move along the crossing bridge while avoiding the camera. You're heading out the door across the way (NE corner). Avoid the guard by using your Box, and go through the door. This is the Ascending Colon.

Head south to grab a Ration. Now, you have to start answering your Codec calls. It's annoying, I know. Soon, you'll get a call from Rose, then Snake will pop onto the scene. He has your gear. You will be given a High Frequecy Blade. Practice using it, then head North. Eventually the door will unlock and you and Snake will pass through.

The Ileum is where you are now, and you have a battle in front of you. Guards are shooting. Shoot back and work your way North. Snake will drop Rations and Ammo for you. Use them. Once you've cleared out the room, the go through the door at the far end. You'll get a call. Apparently the Colonel doesn't exist. Great.

Now you are in the Sigmoid Colon. Grab the ration and move to the middle of the room. You'll have to clear out this room too. If weird things start happening (like it looks like you've died) just keep moving. When Snake stops giving you Ammo, use your Blade.

The Last Two Boss Battles

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Boss: Metal Gear Rays. You are now in a VR training area. There are many nasty machines which you must take out, 3 of which you are fighting at any point and time. The total number of Rays you must fight depends on your difficulty level. The head is the only place that the Rays can take damage. Hitting them in the leg will cause it to fall to one knee, which opens a weak spot on the head. Shoot at the head while the Ray is down and you do some major damage. If you don't do the knee/head combo, then, just keep aiming for the head and chip off their health a little at a time. Just keep destroying Ray after Ray. Eventually, you'll get a cutscene. You'll have to hold your breath again by hitting the Action button repeatedly as you are choked by the tentacle man.

Welcome to your last fight...and, boy, is it a doozie. You will need to have some decent blade skills to make it past this final boss. Since the guy is a rather skilled blocker from the front, try going at him from the sides and the back. Of course, you can only hit these areas when he misses attacking you. So, this was my long game. I'd wait for him to attack, then, right when he'd pass me, I'd turn around and slash him. It's a very slow process. But, once you beat him, you're done, and you're a rather kick ass bladesman. Congrats.

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