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LB's "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Metroid Prime 3 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Nintendo Wii is the only walkthrough you'll need help you bring peace and order back to the Galaxy.

Not only does this guide provide an easy to read planet by planet, objective by objective walkthrough, it also includes ALL 100 Pickup locations and ALL 48 Lore locations. It even includes a handy Checklist for Pickup hunting, an easy to use Energy Cell location guide, and Secrets you didn't even know existed!

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Free Metroid Prime 3 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Our Metroid Prime 3 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide is available for free online. It will walk you through the entire story mode, and will also provide you with the strategies necessary to succeed.

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1. G.F.S. Olympus and Norion (below)
2. Bryyo
3. SkyTown, Elysia
4. Bryyo (second visit)
5. SkyTown Elysia (second visit)
6. Pirate Homeworld
7. SkyTown Elysia (third visit)
8. Pirate Homeworld (second visit)
9. Energy Cell Hunting
10. G.F.S. Valhalla
11. Phaaze and Final Boss

G.F.S. Olympus

Dock your ship

You are Aran, Samus Aran. You have been called to an important meeting with Admiral Dane. It's time to dock your ship.

Point at the flashing panel in front of you and hit "A". You'll be asked for a security code. Look up and locate the spinning green panel. Point at it and hit "A". You'll be presented with four symbols. Match up each symbol by pointing to its twin and hitting "A" to enter it.

Now that you're cleared for docking you'll need to use your thrusters. Look to the left and point at the flashing panel. Hit "A" and then "A" again to make the thruster control emerge. Then, push the Wii Remote toward the screen to activate the thrusters. From here on out, you are on autopilot. Thank goodness as the control scheme probably feels a little shaky to you at this point.

Go to Briefing Room

After some very familiar music as you emerge from your ship move forward and shoot the four targets in front of you by aiming with your Wii Remote and hitting "A" to shoot. This will lower the shield. Head through and one of the guards will upload a Map for you. This is a good time to get familiar with your Map/Log Book, particularly if you want to change the Controls.

Map/Log Book: Hit "1" to enter your Map/Log Book (aka, the Pause Menu). This is your central hub of information. Point to the category on the left and that category's sub-menu will appear on the right.

This area contains the Map, the Log Book, Inventory, and Options. Familiarize yourself with interacting with the Map around and note that each and every room has a name. I'll be referring to the name of rooms throughout this walkthrough and this is where you can check to see if you're in the correct room.

The Log Book contains information on Objectives, and anything that you Scan with your Scanning Visor (you'll be doing this soon enough). Scans break down into three categories: Creatures, Research, and Lore.

Your Inventory contains info on you, your Ship, and Bonus Credits...sort of like Xbox Live achievements.

The Options menu is the place where you can finagle with your Controls, Sound, Display, or Quit the game.

You'll also see "Pickups" in the upper right of the screen. This walkthrough contains all 100 pickups, they are bolded in the guide itself where I found each one.

Finally, if you're having trouble navigating the Map/Log Book press and hold "2" in order to pull up a help menu.

Head up the walktway on the right and shoot the door when you get to the top in order to open it. Go through and talk with the Male Fleet Trooper on the right who tells you that some gears are jammed. Seems like a perfect job for a charged beam shot! Back up a tad and look up to see two red flashing gears. Aim at and shoot each one with a charged beam shot: Hold down "A" until your weapon is charged and then release "A" to shoot.

Destroying both gears will raise two walkways for you. Go up either one. At the top, do a U-Turn and then head to the right towards the door. Shoot it and go through. You'll be in Docking Bay 4. Go up to the locked door with the panel to the left of it. Here you'll be asked to scan the panel.

Scan Visor: To scan objects/people/creatures you first need to select your Scan Visor. Press and hold "-". With your Wii Remote, point up to the hexagon symbol. Release the "-" and the Scan Visor will be equipped. To unequip your Scan Visor, simply hit "A" or "-"

You can Scan almost anything in the game although it's not necessary. You should get in the habit of scanning things, however, as it will give you information on enemies, help to point you in the right direction, and earn you Bonus Points.

I'm not going to tell you each and everything that you can scan. It's quite obvious what is scannable by simply equipping your Scan Visor in every room you enter.

Also note that if you've already scanned an object it'll appear with a green glow around it.

Scan the panel to the left of the door to reveal a keypad. The code is nearby, so don't fret. Turn around and walk toward the column in the middle of the room. Scan the "T" shaped panel and then go up to it and hit "A" when prompted. Your hand will appear. Hit "A" again when your finger is over the "Press for Access Code" (a little blunt, wouldn't you say?). The code will be revealed as: 13576. Head back to the keypad and enter the code to open the door. Go through.

Watch as a fellow bounty hunter is scanned. Wait for the voice to instruct you to activate the control switch. Walk up to the door and look at the switch to the left of it. Hit "A" to grab it and then pull back on the Wii Remote, twist counter clockwise, and push toward the screen. Each of these moves is shown to you via a blue arrow as you do each movement. The door will open. Step into the Security Scanner.

Wait as you're scanned and then go up to the biohazard scan terminal that drops down near the window. Hit "A" to interact with it. You'll get the all clear. Exit out the other door using the same motion on the switch as you just did. Go through the next door.

You're now getting close to the Briefing Room. Head along the hall, jump the ledge by pressing and holding "B", and go through the next door.

Here you'll encounter your first Lift, Command Lift A. Scan the Hand Terminal to activate the lift and then hit "A" to scan your hand. Step into the hologram that appears at the center of the lift to ride it up.

Continue along the path, going through the next two doors and you'll end up on the Flag Bridge. Scan some terminals if you want and then head up either of the walkway ramps. At the top, talk to the Federation Marine who tells you about a SAVE STATION across the way.

Turn around and head through the door opposite you. Destroy the crates (charged shot) blocking the door on the right and then enter the room. This is a SAVE STATION.

Save Station: Save Stations are scattered throughout the game. They allow you to Save your game and will fully replenish your Energy (health). Your ship is also a SAVE STATION. Your Ship, however, will also resupply all of your ammo for you. In general, if you see a SAVE STATION, use it.

Exit the Save Station and return to the Federation Marine. Talk to him again and he'll allow you to pass. Enter the next room and you'll be briefed by Admiral Dane. It seems the Space Pirates have created a certain virus that has infected the Galactic Federation's Aurora Units (AUs). Each of these units needs a vaccine. We have a story!

Get back to your ship

Begin backtracking. When you reach Flag Bridge Access a hole will be blown in the wall and two Pirate Militia will attack. The two turret guns above you will help as you fire on them. After they're defeated, go through the hole in the wall and head right to the next door. Go through. Head down the hallway and you'll encounter two more Pirate Militia. It is here that you'll learn about locking on.

Locking On: Metroid Prime 3 has a new lock on system. While you still lock on to an enemy by pressing and holding the "Z" button, you aren't locked in as far as aiming goes. The lock on simply allows you to strafe around that character (making him the focal point) but you still have to aim at the target and shoot.

If you're not a fan of this new system then you can change it by going to the Options menu and selecting "Lock On/Free Aim".

After you take out the two Pirate Militia who came out of the Boarding Pod (if you kill them quickly you'll save the GF Trooper for a bonus), go through the door to Xenoresearch Lab and eliminate the Crawltanks (again, you can save the GF Trooper). Continue through the next door and soon enough you'll see a ship crash into the hallway in front of you. The blast doors will close and you'll be forced to backtrack.

(Note, you can shoot the blast door switch at the top of the blast doors in order to save the GF Trooper, but you have to be quick.)

Re-enter Xenoresearch Lab and you'll see three Space Pirates who have just stolen an Energy Cell; those rotten scoundrels! Conveniently enough, a downward ramp will open in the floor for you to attack them. Head down the ramp and take out all three enemies. When they're defeated, grab the Energy Cell (Note, this is not counted as one of the nine energy cells that you'll get during the course of the game).

If you're not already in the room down the ramp, then head down and place the Energy Cell in the slot on the column (push forward and twist clockwise).

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Egad man! Crawlmines! You'll be attacked by quite a few...and they don't stop. Begin shooting the Crawlmines until you see a Crawltank pop up through the floor grate. Although this is a sign that you're ready to turn into the Morph Ball, before you do, scan each of the four power control panels in the room. Then, if you like, continue to kill Crawlmines (in order to rack up your kill count).

When you are ready transform into the Morph Ball ("C"). Roll into one of the openings in the floor (where the floor grates used to be), and follow the tunnel. When you reach the fan blocking your path set a Bomb ("A") to destroy it and continue on. You'll soon go down a series of curved tunnels. Roll to the left where you'll see your very first ENERGY TANK (1 of 15). Nice. Use bombs to gain access to it (note the tiny square above your Energy Meter showing the extra tank) and then continue to roll left to the wall.

There is a ledge and you need to jump. This is the first Metroid Prime game to incorporate the Ball Jump. Simply flick your Wii Remote up to jump. Do so and continue on to the left.

Continue rolling and after you're shot like a cannon via the orange charger, you'll end up in the Disposal Chamber. Unmorph and then Scan the security override panel to unlock the locked door. Ahh, but you haven't quite unlocked it yet. Go up to the door and scan the lock. You'll be told that there is a Morph Ball Bomb Slot (Bomb Slot) which you must use. Easy enough. Morph, roll under the Bomb Slot, jump into the Bomb Slot and then set a Bomb. This will cause the air lock to cycle and you'll be blown into space.

After a little space walk you'll end up back inside the ship. Go through the door and into Repair Bay A. Take out the three Space Pirates and note the debris blocking an access panel next to the Cargo Bay doors. You're going to need a big explosion in order to destroy the debris.

Since you can't do that now, head up the ramp to the ledge. You'll need to do a Space Jump (Double Jump): Hit "B" and then "B" again while you're in the air. This will allow you to get onto the upper ledge.

Take out the Crawltanks, go around the catwalk and jump to the next higher ledge where you'll find three Power/Security Control Panels. Scan them. Continue making your way up, taking out Space Pirates and using the top of the ship as a platform. From the ship, jump to the next catwalk and just before the door, look up for another three Power/Security Control Panels. Scan them.

Head through the door and lo and behold, you've found the MISSILE LAUNCHER.

Missile Launcher: You fire Missiles by pressing the Down on the "D-Pad". You can fire a Homing Missile by firing while locked onto a target.

Exit the Missile Launcher room and drop back down to the lower level of this room. Use a Missile on the debris to reveal the security terminal and activate it to open the Cargo Bay doors. Go through.

There is another set of Cargo Bay doors across from you, however, there is a large gap preventing you from getting there. Not to worry. Locate the four red targets to the side of and above the doors across from you. Shoot each one with your Beam which will create a bridge.

The Cargo Bay doors will open and a group of Aeromines will attack. They drop their shields when they fire. Wait for each one to do so and shoot it with your Beam when it does. You'll be able to quickly take them out. Then, take out the Space Pirate on the upper platform (two Homing Missiles work well). (Note, this is another opportunity to save a GF Trooper.)

Enter the cargo bay and before heading through the next set of doors, go up the ramp on the left and enter the SAVE STATION. Exit back out and use the terminal to open the next set of Cargo Bay doors. Go through and you'll meet up with your first Boss! Lucky you just saved!

Boss Fight: Berserker Lord

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First things first. Always Scan a new enemy, particularly a Boss, to help you figure out the weak spots. In this case, you're going to have to shoot each of the two red glowing spots on each of his shoulders. To do this, lock on to him and strafe around him as you shoot your Beam repeatedly. Don't forget to aim.

At this point, you'll learn about the Dash. While locked on to an enemy, tap "B" while moving left or right to do a quick dash.

While you're doing this, he'll send out one of two attacks. You can jump over the blue beam attack and you can Dash away from the blue goo attack.

After each of the two red spots is destroyed he'll send out two black orbs. Shoot each of these orbs and they'll fly back at him, hitting him in his Phazon shield at the top of his head. After two orbs hit him, he'll regain his composure and you'll see the two red spots on his shoulders re-emerge.

Again, shoot each of the two shoulder spots, this time being wary of an electric ring percussion wave which you can also jump. When you destroy the red spots again, get ready to jump out of the way because a huge yellow energy beam is heading your way after he charges it up. Dash out of the way. After the beam he'll send out the black orbs one more time. Shoot them back at him and the Phazon shield will be destroyed.

You'll know this has happened when you see a red spot appear at the top of his head where the shield used to be. This is now his weak spot. Fire away at that spot while you avoid his attacks. Feel free to fire a few Missiles at him if you like. You'll see his health quickly fall from this point forward and before you know it you'll have defeated him.

Well, although it's been fun, it's time to get off this doomed vessel. Enter your ship and choose to go to Norion: Docking Hub Alpha.

Norion - Docking Hub Alpha

Ahh, such a beautiful planet...that is under attack! Upon exiting your ship the Federation Marine tells you that there are three generators that need to get back online in order for the anti-spaceship guns to work. Sounds like you have a mission.

Get Generator A Back Online

Shoot the four red targets on the door to open it and go through. You'll see a small glassed-in area with a red target door. Shoot the target and then grab the GRAPPLE LASSO!

Grapple Lasso: To use the Grapple you first have to find Grapple Points which are highlighted in blue (orange when you aim at it). When you find one, lock on to it and then flick the Nunchuk forward and then quickly back again to rip off whatever it is you're grappled to.

Exit the glassed-in room and go down the hall. Scan the terminal and then activate the switch to activate the lift. Ride the lift up. Exit, take out the Crawltank and move forward. You'll emerge in Hub Access. Eliminate the Space Pirate and Crawltanks. Head up and move through the tunnel to the Grapple Door.

Alright. It's your first try at using the Grapple. Lock on to the Grapple Point on the door with "Z". Then, quickly flick forward and then backward with the Nunchuk. The door will be ripped off and you can shoot it like a normal door to go through.

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You'll be in the Cargo Hub, a U-shaped room. Take out all of the Aeromines that attack and then scan the access panel door on the right. It'll reveal a Grapple Point. Grapple the door off to reveal a hand terminal. Activate the terminal to raise the vent chamber hatch to the left of it.

Nice work. You've opened a place for your Morph Ball to go. Morph and enter the shaft. Make your way along the path (there is only one way to go), jumping when necessary, blowing up fans as you get to them, using the steam exhaust to send you places, and avoiding the steam exhaust in other places. Also, don't worry too much about the hover bot who is shooting at you. It really doesn't do that much damage and avoiding the attack is pretty easy.

After some travel time where you'll really get to learn your Morph Ball (this is a nice training course, if you will) you'll end up in an upper level where you have to drop down and push right to enter a shaft where you'll see a MISSILE EXPANSION (1 of 50). Jump up to get it. Continue right, blow up the fan, drop down and use the steam exhaust to your right (this is where you entered) to exit the area back to the hallway.

Continue forward in the hallway, take out more Aeromines if any attack, and at the end of the hall, scan the debris to reveal Grapple Points. Use your Grapple to remove the debris and then roll through the hole you uncover. In this room you'll find four red panels on the Control Tower doors. This door will become active once all three generators are brought online, so don't forget this door as you'll be back here.

Go through the door to Substation East and immediately look to your right for an ENERGY TANK (2 of 14) hovering in a ventilation shaft. Jump up to it and enter the shaft. Roll along the shaft but be aware that every five seconds pistons activate which will force you out of the shaft. If this happens, simply roll back to the beginning and try again.

Here's a tip: wait near where you received the Energy Tank for the pistons to activate. Then, wait for them to retreat. At that point roll like a mad man to the end and roll out. Go through the door and enter the next hallway, Conduit A.

Take out the Pirate Militia and then locate the Missile Door (a red door that can be destroyed using a Missile) on the right. Blast it and go through. You have found a MAP ROOM! Step into the hologram to receive a map of the entire area. Cool beans! Scan the terminals in this room if you like and then exit out.

Continue forward along the path destroying fallen debris with Missiles when necessary. You'll reach a Missile Door. Blast it open and go through to Cargo Dock A.

We have battle time! There are sevearal Pirate Militia and Pirate Troopers. In general, these guys aren't going to hurt you too badly and you can use the large crates as cover. An ATC will soon swoop in and drop off two Shield Pirate Militia. You can rip off their shields using your Grapple.

After they're eliminated two Aerotroopers will fly in. As suggested by the game, lock on to them and fire Missiles. You may need to keep re-locking on, so be alert and make sure not to fire a Missile unless you are sure you are locked on.

Just when you think it's over a Space Pirate ATC will fly in. Scan it to reveal its weakness, the front vent shaft. Lock onto the ATC and aim for that little square at the front of it. Continue to fire repeatedly at it with your Beam (you'll know you're hitting it when it turns red). After many many shots, it'll go down.

Oh no! More ATCs! Not to worry, Rundus (aka, Ice Man) comes swooping in to save the day. He also carries with him some handy information, namely, that you can use ship commands to call your ship to you in designated areas. It just so happens that this is one of them.

Ship Commands: Ship Commands are activated like any Visor. Hold "-" to bring up the Visor screen and select the lower right corner. Then, hold "Z" to target your ship icon and the ship will come flying in. Enter your ship to Save and replenish your Energy and Ammo.

After exiting your ship feeling like a new woman head through the next door, follow the hall taking out Crawltanks, and you'll soon reach a security door which requires you to quickly shoot three lights as they illuminate. If you're not fast enough you'll have to start over (if you played Mario Strikers Charged, defending against MegaStrikes is great training for this).

After successfully unlocking the door, a Grapple Point will be revealed. Grapple the door and then go through.

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LB MP3 Game Guide (Text only):
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You'll be in Generator A, or the room that holds Generator A. You'll see two Aerotroopers fly up and the generator retreat into the ceiling. Before you go forward scan everything in the room that is within distance. Note the red debris across from you blocking access to the manual override. You have to get to it.

Head down the ramp onto the circular platform. Four Jolly Roger Drones will emerge and a fence blocking your access to the debris will rise up. The Drones are fast but weak. When one stops to shoot, shoot it and it'll go down. Destroy six drones in a row (don't fall off the platform) and the fence will drop and the drones will stop coming.

Double Jump up to the debris, destroy it with a Missile, and then operate the switch to activate the manual override.

This will cause the generator to lower. Head back to where you entered and go up to the control panels. Locate the hand terminal and activate it. Nice work. The generator is back online.

As tempting as it looks what with all of those Morph Ball tunnels, it really is time to leave this area as there is nothing else to do in here now. Backtrack to your ship and enter it to replenish your Energy and Ammo. Don't fly any where, though. Save if you want and scan the PED Marine for fun.

Get Generator C Back Online

Backtrack to the U-shaped room, Cargo Hub, killing as you go. When you arrive, you'll see two large creatures bust through the security door leading leading to Generator C. The one who survives is called a Hunter Ghor, another Bounty Hunter.

He'll protect the area...gee, thanks. Head through the door that got busted down and go up to the Wired Security Door. Shoot each of the four wire nodes (the circles where the wires end) to reveal a Grapple Point on the door. Grapple the door and then go through to Maintenance Station.

Follow the hall, pass the two PED Marines, note the White Blast Door on the left (can't access it yet until later in the game), and continue forward. Go through the next door to Conduit C and shoot the multitude of Crawlmines as you Double Jump up to the ledge in front of you (if you like, you can turn around and go down the lower tunnel to crates containing Energy and Missiles). You'll soon come to a large gap in the floor. Double jump it and then locate the Morph Ball hole on the right.

Morph and then enter the hole. Roll along the path and you'll emerge in the lower hallway. Go through the next door to Cargo Dock C.

Blast the Morph Ball hole cover in front of you with a Morph Ball Bomb and enter it. Follow the tunnel and you'll soon be attacked by a large creature who blocks movement on either side. Wait for it to use its beak to bite the shaft. Avoid the first three bites. On the last bite, he'll clamp down. Roll up to its beak and bomb it. Repeat until the creature lets you pass. Carry on and another creature (or is it the same one?) will attack. Bomb its beak again until you can continue on.

When you exit out, unmorph and go through the door in front of you to Generator C Access. At this point you are notified that Ice Man has activated Generator B. Nice work Ice Man.

Take out the Crawltanks and then enter the SAVE STATION on the left, before the raised platform. Exit back out and continue to the security door. This door requires five successful shots at the illuminated lights. Do so, Grapple the door, and then go through.

You are now at Generator B. Nice work. Wha huh? Pirate Troopers! Oh, nice work Ms. Bounty Hunter. The area is clear and all you have to do is jump across to the manual override switch and activate it. Do so.

What the? Apparently there's a monkey wrench in the cogs or something. The generator didn't lower. A maintenance hatch (aka, Morph Ball path) on the other side (near where you entered) has opened. Go there, Morph, and enter the shaft.

Roll to the right until you can't go any farther. Set a bomb and you'll be blasted up. Head to the right again until you are under the Bomb Slot. Set a bomb to send yourself up to the Bomb Slot and then Bomb it. This will cause a section of shaft to emerge from the wall.

Continue in the shaft, heading right. You'll soon reach a long vertical drop and will end up at the bottom of an intersection. Bomb and go left to find another Bomb Slot. Bomb it. Return to the bottom of the shaft and this time, go right. You'll soon find one final Bomb Slot. Bomb it and continue along the path. You'll get to a section where you'll have to bomb and move to the right. This will put you on the path to the upper path which you created via the bomb slots.

Follow the upper path to the Bomb Slot on the generator itself. Set a bomb to release the generator.

OMG! A huge teradactyl, I mean a Meta Ridley, has attacked!

Boss Fight: Meta Ridley

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This fight is timed in the sense that there is a running countdown of how many meters you have until you crash into the ground. It really shouldn't pose much of a problem, however.

Throughout this entire fight, simply aim at his mouth (his only weak spot) and repeatedly fire. You'll know you've hit him when he turns red.

As you fall, you can avoid his attacks by manuevering yourself using the control stick. Although you can't control your vertical distance you can control your horizontal movement.

When you do get near him feel free to try to take a few Missile shots at his mouth. Otherwise, just continue to blast away at the red spot in his mouth. Be aware that his right wrist will also glow from time to time. You'll want to shoot his wrist and then quickly shoot at his mouth again.

In the later stages of this fight Meta Ridley will shoot fire balls and later, grenades of sorts at you. You can shoot these before they get to you to blow them up.

Really there is nothing more to this fight than aiming at his mouth and repeatedly mashing on your "A" button.

After the fight, and after being saved by Ice Man (what a guy!), go up to the hand terminal at the control panel (like you did for the other generator) and activate it.

Backtrack out and save at the SAVE STATION. Exit out and you'll be alerted to the fact that you only have four minutes to get to the Control Tower. Where you actually need to head is the U-Shaped room Cargo Hub. On your way there ignore any enemies that you encounter in order to save time.

Head to the Control Tower

From the SAVE STATION continue to backtrack. Once you get outside, Morph and roll along the shaft to the other side. Go through the door and follow the hall. A Space Pirate will smash through a glass window. Take him out.

At this point you should be aware that you are on the lower path mentioned above when you were on your way to the generator. Continue to follow it and go up the debris ramp. When you get to the ledge in front of you turn around and look up. There is a ledge above with an orange glow outlining it. This is where you need to go. Double Jump up the ledge and then Double Jump to the ledge just mentioned and continue along the path. (I mention this only because it may be confusing that you have to turn around and jump to a higher path. If you just keep going you'll quickly reach a dead end, so it shouldn't be too confusing.)

Once you get back to Cargo Hub head right, roll through the opening on the right, and go up to the Control Tower Doors (you've been here before). Use the hand terminal to lower the door and then go through the next door where you'll enter the lift with the other Bounty Hunters.

G.F.S. Olumpus - One month later

After the cutscene you'll discover that you are self-generating Phazon which, the kindly tech tells you, has now been integrated into your armor, much like the Marine's PED Suits. How exciting! The med tech asks that you test out your PED SUIT.

Hypermode: Your new PED Suit allows you to enter Hypermode. You must have one full Energy Tank in order to enter Hypermode which you do by holding down the "+" button. Once in Hypermode pay attention to the Energy Tank meter at the top of the screen. Using your weapon will cause that meter to drop. Hypermode will only last for 25 seconds, whether or not you use any of the meter. You can also end Hypermode by pressing and holding "+" again.

Hypermode possesses devasting power. Remember what Spider-Man's uncle said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Ah, never mind, let's go kick some Space Pirate rear end!

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Go ahead and test out the PED Suit on the orb in front of you by firing your Beam. Also, try out a Charged Beam shot. After the orb is destroyed you'll be told to go talk with the Aurora Unit. Exit out of this room, shoot the Phazon Shields (the round covers) if you want to play around with Hypermode, and then go up the Lift. At the top, go forward and Save at the SAVE STATION and then go on to the Flag Bridge.

Talk with the Marine in front of the central door and he'll allow you to pass. Go up the elevator and you'll meet up with the Aurora Unit. Press the terminal button on the communications platform to talk with her. She informs you that the other Bounty Hunters have gone missing and it's up to you to finish their missions. Looks like it's off to Byrro.

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