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LB's "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Part I

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes >
Part I

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Release Date: 11.17.04
ESRB Rating: T-Teen
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Metroid Prime 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Table of Contents

Introduction and Controls
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Metroid Prime 2 Guide Updates
LB's Metroid Prime 2 Quick Review
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Part I

Temple Grounds

Landing Site

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First, get familiar with your controls and movement. Shoot off a few rounds, fire a few missiles, jump on top of things. Settle down, then get used to switching your visor (D-Pad) to the Scan Visor and back again. Scan some items like the green acid pod blocking the one door and the purple seal on the Statue (stone block) blocking the other door. Next, pull up your Map (Z-button) and get familiar with it. I'll be referring to it for room names and direction. This area is where your ship is located. You can enter your ship to Save, Heal, and resupply your Ammo. Just jump to the top of it and hop in. Before you go on, visit your ship and Save.

Hive Chamber A

Target (L-Trigger) the green acid pods and blast them and go through the tunnel. You'll get to a Blue Door (Any Beam door). This means that any beam you have will open it. Shoot it to open it and continue to the fork in the road. The left path leads to an inaccessible door (T-door, Translation Door, can't open these doors yet). Take the right path and drop down.

Scan the gate by switching to your Scan Visor (D-Pad) and holding L-Trigger. To the left of the gate is a Security Panel (small pedestal with a spinning blue switch). Scan it to activate the switch. This will reveal two armored security locks above the gate. Lock on to them and shoot them to open the gate.

Go through the red tunnel and a few steps before the locked door, on the right of the tunnel, you'll find another blue spinning Security Panel. Scan it to open the door. In this room you'll see an orange spinning hologram. It's a MAP! Go up to it and you'll have a brand new map. Use the Z-button to view it. Target the green acid pod and go through the door.

It's your first set of enemies. Lock-On to the enemies (L-trigger) and blast them. This is also a good time to become adept at using the R-trigger to look around to find an enemy, then use your L-trigger to lock on. Anyway, clear this room and go through the door to the Command Chamber.

Command Chamber

Here you will have to turn into your Morph Ball (X-button) to get under the obstacle. Find the hole in the wall to the right of one of the fires and enter the small tunnel as the Morph Ball. Travel through and set a few bombs (A-button) on the grate at the end and enter the room.

Locate the orange circle on the back of the gray column. Scan it. This is a Bomb Slot. You need to set a bomb inside that slot. To do so, turn into Morph Ball and get under it. Set a few bombs (A-button) underneath you to propel you upward and into the slot. Once in, set another bomb. This makes some Dark Troopers come to life. Lock-on to each one and strafe (move sideways back and forth) to avoid fire. You can either blast them with a ton of shots or charge your weapon by holding down the A-button. I recommend getting good at charging your weapon and blasting them each with a single shot.

Backtrack to the previous room, fight off the Dark Troopers then find the blue spinning Security Panel and Scan it to activate it. The gate will open and you'll have more enemies. Kill them and go through the tunnel. There are some red crates blocking your path. Destroy them with a charged Beam or a missile. Go through the blue door.

Hive Chamber B

You'll get a cutscene of a dark version of what looks to be yourself. He disappears into the purple energy blob. Run into it also. Oh no! A whole bunch of your capabilities have been stolen! No more missiles. No more morph ball bombs. No more double jump. Geez. Head through the now-unblocked pathway and blast the green acid pods on the right side of the tunnel to reveal a tunnel for the Morph Ball.

Hive Chamber C

Wait around for a few minutes in this room and you'll be told that there is a Save Room nearby. Shoot the crates along the wall to reveal a SAVE STATION! Enter and save. Exit out of the Save Station and go through the next blue door. This is an elevator. Scan the Security Panel outside of the elevator to activate the elevator. Step into the orange hologram to go up.

Hive Transport Area

Exit off the elevator. To your right is a purple-symbol locked door blocking the path. Go left and through the blue door. Then, Scan the Security Panel at the gate to reveal the Armor Locks. Shoot them to open the gate.

Industrial Site

You are now outside. Go across the area and Scan the blue spinning Security Panel to raise the heavy transport crate blocking access to the other side of the area. Fight the little Splinters monsters and locate the inaccessible T-door (Translation Door) for future reference. Find the rough rock stairs, jump up them and cross the metal catwalk. Scan the Security Panel to reveal the armor locks at the top of the raised bridge. Shoot the locks to lower the bridge. Go through the blue door, turn into a Morph Ball and go through the Collapsed Tunnel. Exit, kill the Green Kralees, and go through the blue door.

Temple Assembly Site

Kill off the Splinters then go near the purple and red Translation door and find the blue Security Panel. Scan it to move the cargo container almost into position. The crane will bust and the heavy transport crate will get stuck mid-air. Target the cable holding the heavy transport crate and shoot it. Use the now lowered transport crate to jump to the other side. Go through the blue door.

Dynamo Chamber

In this tunnel, there is a gate blocking your way. Find the blue Control Panel and Scan it to raise the gate blocking you (and lower the one behind you). Two Splinters will come out. Kill them and go through the blue door.

Communication Area

Find the blue spinning Security Panel and Scan it to activate a distress signal. The signal will fail due to atmospheric conditions. Head to the next blue door, kill the Dark Troopers, and go through the door. Now in the Trooper Security Station, there is a gate blocking you way. Shoot the ceiling-mounted turret gun and the bugs. Find the Morph Ball hole along the right wall, go through, activate the Security Panel which will open the gate. Go through the gate as a Morph Ball because the gate only opens slightly. Go through the blue door.


GFMC Compound

Enter this area for a cutscene of evil bugs attacking a previous landing party. When that is over, scan all of the dead Marines' bodies for Logbook entries. Then, locate the large Yellow Crate. Use a charged Beam to break it open thus revealing the MISSILE LAUNCHER! You can now go through Red Doors. Kill off the Dark Splinters that spawn.

Go into the ship using the ramp and Scan the door to unlock it. Enter to find a MAP.

Still inside the ship, find the hole in the side of it and jump from the ship to the landing. Go up the path to the red spinning Security Panel and Scan it to activate it. This reveals a Morph Ball Cannon. Go into Morph Ball and roll into the orange hologram. It will shoot you across the area. Upon landing, find the red door and head to it. Just take note of the Morph Ball hole to the right of this door. It leads to a yellow door. Anyway, use a Missile on the red door and go through.

Sacred Bridge

Go through the Morph Ball tunnel then kill the War Wasps. Look up to the ledge for a red Security Panel. Scan it from down below and it'll activate a Morph Ball cannon. Roll it and take a ride.

Sacred Path

Take out the War Wasps then find their hives along the walls. Use a Missile to destroy the hives as you go along. Find the red Security Panel and activate the next Morph Ball cannon. It will shoot you at a crack in the silo but nothing will happen. Shoot a Missile at the crack in the silo then try again.

You are now in the silo. Use the Morph Ball rail system. At the far end you'll see a mummified body, a blue door and some storage jars. Destroy the storage jars for Missile ammo and Energy. Go through the blue door. Activate the red Security Panel and take the elevator up.

Great Temple

Transport A Access

Wait a few minutes in this area to be told about a nearby Save Point, in Transport A Access, a room away from you. Go into Transport A Access, use the Morph Ball hole and you'll find a SAVE STATION. Exit the Save Station and go through the blue door.

Temple Sanctuary


Boss Fight - Alpha Splinter

Walk into the center of the room. After the cutscene you'll be presented with a bunch of Dark Splinters. Try to save your missiles. Lock-On to one at a time an use charged Beam attacks on them. Remember to double tap the B-button to do a dash. Once they're dead the Alpha Splinter will drop from the ceiling. Lock-On to it and fire Missiles at it. It will turn into a Dark Alpha Splinter. After that, you'll see it has a meter. Lock-On and strafe around it all the while firing at it. If you're out of Missiles use charged Beam attacks. When it's dead, walk into the blue light.

You'll be alerted that an Alien system has attached itself to your armor. You don't know what yet. Go through the blue door (the other three doors are Translation doors) and activate the elevator. Go up.

Main Energy Controller

Cutscene of U-Mos, Sentinel of the Luminoth, who tells you his sad tale. You learn that the Dark creatures are collectively known as Ing. Egad. The Energy Transfer Module is now attached to you! You must save the world. You will have to deal with three temples. U-Mos has updated your map. You can also open Purple Translation Doors!

Do some scanning for your Logbook. You can read about some Luminoth Lore if you scan the purple hologram. Backtrack down the elevator re-enter Temple Sanctuary.

Temple Sanctuary

There are three door here each leading to a temple. You can only access the Purple Translation door right now. Scan the door. It reads, "Entrance to Agon." Go through the blue door and fight off the Lightflyers. Make your way to the elevator and go down.

Temple Transport B

Go up to the Purple Translation gate and Scan it to lower the gate.

Temple Assembly Site

Welcome back to the Temple Assembly Site. First, find the Red Missile door and blast it with a Missile. Inside you'll find an ENERGY TANK (1). You now have a whole additional 99 of health.

At this point there aren't a whole lot of options. You can go right back up and see U-Mos. You can try to get through the Dynamo Chamber (where you've already been) but the gate is blocking you. Or, you can backtrack through the Collapsed Tunnel, to the Industrial Site. Do so.

Industrial Site

Here, you'll see a Purple Translation Door. Scan it and it'll tell you it needs to be shot first. So, fire upon the door then Scan it. It'll open and you'll see that this is the way to the Transport to Agon Wastes. Near the elevator, shoot the green acid pod for a MISSILE EXPANSION (10). Scan the red Security Panel to activate the elevator and take it down.

Agon Wastes

Mining Plaza

Go through to the Mining Plaza. You are in a large outdoor area surrounded by cliff walls. Notice the platforms along the walls. First, shoot the red Missile Door for a SAVE STATION.

When you run onto the sand watch out for Sand Diggers, the worms. You can kill them by targeting the eye on each end of it, but it's easier just to run by. Look at your map. Orient it so that North is pointing up. Head to the NorthEast wall of your map and hop up the platforms. Until you get to the orange-ish stone column. Nearby are some Bearerpods. Shoot them for Energy or Missile Ammo. Then, Scan the stone column and note the weak point. Fire a Missile at it to create a bridge. Cross the bridge while destroying or avoiding the Sandbats.

You'll see another weak stone column. Fire a Missile at it. If you don't have a Missile, look above the Orange Translation door for some Bearerpods. Blast them and hold down your A-button to draw the items to you. I had Missiles, so I'm guessing that's where you can find some if you don't have any. Anyway, cross the newly formed bridge.

You will see a gate blocking a blue door. Don't worry about that door for now. Instead, turn the other way and jump to the series of platforms to the central rock formation with the three large red targets above you. Cross the bridge and go through the blue door.

Mining Station Access

Become a Morph Ball and ride the rail. Note the egg-shaped area in the middle with the Morph Ball cannon below you. When you get Bombs, you'll be back here. No matter now, though. Ride the rail and go through the next blue door.

Mining Station A

You'll now meet your first Pirate Troopers. Kill the three of them by locking-on and blasting them while strafing. If you are low on health, blow up the middle crates for some Energy. Go to the SE corner of this area and hop up the rock ledge and continue up. You'll meet a Brizgee, a venomous bug. Kill it by shooting it with a Missile, then finishing it off with Beam action. Next, jump from pedestal to pedestal. You'll end up near an Orange Translation Door. Facing it, head to the left, jumping over the sand waterfall.

Kill off the Brizgee and fire a Missile at the weak stone column. If you don't have a Missile, backtrack to where the Sandbats are flying around the bridge in the Mining Plaza. Cross the newly created bridge. You'll see a Red Missile Door. Fire a Missile at it, and before you go through blow up the crates nearby to hopefully replenish your Missiles, then go through the door.

Agon Temple

Follow the path, kill the Shriekbats, and you'll soon emerge on Agon Temple. There is a blue door across from you that you need to get to. Go forward and enter the battle arena. You'll be closed in. A Bomb Guardian version of a Sandigger (worm) will appear. Target one of his eyes and fire a times at him. A Dark Force will enter and imbue him with Morph Ball ability.



Boss Fight - Bomb Guardian (worm)

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The Bomb Guardian worm will slither around and lay out bombs. To defeat him, target his pink tail and lock-on to it. Fire your Beam repeatedly at it making sure to remember that while you're locked on you can double tap the B-button to do a dash maneuver. Every so often, the Bomb Guardian will stop and his head will glow. When this happens, lock-on to his head and fire two Missiles at it. Repeat this procedure while doing your best to avoid bombs until he is dead. Note, after the first two missiles, you may only be able to get one in at a time on him.

When he's defeated you will earn the MORPH BALL BOMB!

Now that you have the Morph Ball Bomb (Bomb) blow up each of the two blue doors at either end of the battle arena. Go to the blue door that you haven't been through yet (the other one is the way that you got here) and enter the door. Here is a Morph Ball Slot. Roll up to it, plant a few Bombs under you then set one off inside the slot. The room will rotate. Go through the blue door and enter the next area.

Agon Energy Controller

Go past the energy controller at first and go up to the yellow-ish Panel. Scan it to activate the Luminoth Holoprojector. Here, you will meet I-Sha, Sentinel of the Agon Temple. He tells you about the energy controller that is actually in the Dark version of this world. There are three locks blocking the temple door. The locks are hidden throughout that Dark Land. In the Dark Land, there are Light Crystals scattered about that will protect you from the harmful atmosphere.

You can now access Orange Translation Doors!

Look at your map. Orient it North. Go to the West wall and find the Orange Hologram to learn some Luminoth Lore. Backtrack to the Morph Ball Slot, re-rotate the room and backtrack to Mining Station A.

Mining Station A

There is an Orange Translation Door across from you. Jump the platforms to get there. Scan it to open it. Inside is a MISSILE EXPANSION (15). Exit out and head back to the Morph Ball Rail in Mining Station Access.

Mining Station Access

This is the Morph Ball Rail area. Now that you have Bombs, place one on the block over the Orange Hologram Morph Ball Cannon and drop down. It will shoot you up to an ENERGY TANK (2). Then, go to Mining Plaza.

Mining Plaza

Back in Mining Plaza, head for the Orange Translation Door in the North of this area. Lower it by Scanning it then blow up the rock blocking a Morph Ball hole with a Bomb. Go through the tunnel. You will receive a MAP!

Head back to Save Station A and save. Don't worry about the Morph Ball tunnel in this save area yet. Backtrack to Mining Station A.

Mining Station A

Now that you have a new Energy Tank, a Missile Expansion, and you have saved, head to the South (lower) blue door that you have yet to go through.

Portal Access A

Roll into the Orange Hologram and you'll be shot upward twice. Roll along the path and you'll fall down. Scan the Luminoth in front of the Missile Expansion and then carefully roll past the Orange Hologram on this side to get the MISSILE EXPANSION (20). Go through the blue door.

Portal Terminal

Kill a few Pirate Troopers then the Dark Force will enter and turn them into Dark Pirates. Dark Pirates are kind of nasty, especially with the limited weapon options you have at this point. I recommend using Missiles on them. When they're dead, you'll be shown the Morph Ball Slot, up the ramp, on the right. Activate the slot.

To the right of the slot is a sand waterfall, to the right of the sand waterfall is a Morph Ball elevator. Roll in, go to the top, blow up the obstacle blocking you, which will turn one of the Solar Lenses. Drop down and un-morph. Shoot the Wasps. Jump across to the other side and go up this Morph Ball elevator. Jump to the other side, and this time it's a bit trickier. Enter the Ball path and set off a few bombs to propel yourself up, avoid or kill the bugs in the ball path then blow up the obstacle to make the Solar Lenses automatically line-up. You have activated the Portal! Well, almost. Go up to the red circled portal (top of the ramp) and Scan the bottom-left red circle to use the Portal and launch a cutscene.

Dark Agon Wastes

Portal Site

Here's the deal with the Dark World. The atmosphere is harmful. You need to go from Safe Zone to Safe Zone to get around. Glowing Safe Zones protect you from the harmful atmosphere and they heal you while in them. Some Safe Zones (small orange glow) need to be shot to be activated. These are temporary. There is a Temporary Safe Zone in front of you. Shoot the orange glowing thing to get used to it.

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Make your way to the gate that is activated by the Morph Ball Slot. Get in the slot and place a Bomb to open the gate. Go through the blue door and run and jump your way to Save Station 2.

Save Station 2

Here is a SAVE STATION. Save. Run to the next area.

Dueling Range

Enter this area and run to the next Safe Zone to the left. You'll be confronted by a Warrior Ing bug. Deal with him with some Missiles and charged Beam shots. Next, head to the rock platform outside the Black door (West) and hop along the NW wall. Here you will find a Lightbringer. A Lightbringer is sort of a portable Safe Zone. He creates a Safe Zone as he moves, so stay near him as you go up. At the top Safe Zone, look to the middle pillar. Note the moving Safe Zone going back and forth in the distance (another lightbringer). You'll also note the heads of two Bladepods sticking up. Shoot them, then find the Temporary Safe Zone to the right of them and shoot it to activate it. Jump to it. You will now clearly see the Lightbringer going to and fro on the bridge. Cross the bridge with him and shoot the Temp Safe Zone outside the blue door and go through the blue door.

Junction Site

Roll through this connector. Take out Bladepods when you get to them. Go through the next blue door and activate the Temp Safe Zone.

Judgment Pit



Boss Fight - Jump Guardian

Walk into the large central Safe Zone. Boss fight. This is a mean version of a Warrior Ing bug. For the first half of the fight stay lock-on to him as much as possible and launch missiles and Beams at him. He has a health meter so you'll see the kind of damage you're doing. As he takes more and more damage he'll become jumpier and jumpier. This is bad because when he lands he lets out a purple shockwave. You need to get good at timing this shockwave and jumping over it, all the while tracking him. He also sometimes stops and shoots green lasers at you. They will knock you outside of the Safe Zone. Get back into the Safe Zone as quickly as possible by jumping or using the Morph Ball.

When the fight is done, grab all of the goodies and the SPACE JUMP BOOTS! You can double jump again!

Take a look at your map. The South blue door leads back to the Portal Site. Good to know, but useless to you right now. So, find the Red Missile door to the North and use your new double jump and the Temp Safe Zones to get to the Red Missile door. Shoot it and go through.

Dark Agon Temple Access

Run through this path.

Dark Agon Temple

Scan the red circle security door in front of you. You are once again told that you need three keys to open it. Head left, to the West blue door and go through. You have come upon a DARK AGON TEMPLE KEY (1 of 3). Well, that's one. Go back to where you entered. Scan the door again and it will acknowledge the key you just found.

Dark Portal Site

Take a look at your map and make your way back to Portal Site via the Save Station 2 path (save). Once back in Portal Site, scan the red circle to activate the Portal. Then, step into the Portal which will bring you back to the Light Map.

Agon Wastes

Portal Terminal

If you haven't yet been told, you are after the Dark Beam and the Light Beam. If you have waited around long enough you may have received a "?" placement on the map telling you where to go to get the Dark Beam. After you have used the Portal, take out the three Pirate Troopers.

Mining Station A

Open your map and make your way back to Mining Station A. There is one blue door (East) that you can now access because you have the Space Jump Boots. Head to that blue door and you'll find the sand waterfall and the glowing orange statue. Jump on top of the statue, face the gates blocking the blue door, and look to your left and above a tad for a ledge and opening. Jump up to the ledge and take the path around to the spinning Red Security Panel. Scan it to activate it and the gates will open. Go through the blue door.

Central Mining Station

Go through the Central Station Access, kill the two Pirate Troopers, blow up the crates for some Ammo and Health, and enter the Central Mining Station. Kill off the various Pirate Troopers, then watch as two of them will man two green turret guns. From the ground, target and destroy each of the turret guns using a combo of missiles and beam. Once they are destroyed, the beams blocking the blue door will lower and you can go through the blue door.

Command Center Access

You can't yet go through the Black door, so instead, go to the grating and Scan it. You'll see two red weak spots in the floor. Bomb them and drop down as the Morph Ball. Roll through using Bombs when necessary.

Command Center

Once you enter the Command Center you'll be confronted with a Morph Ball obstacle course. Wait for each purple gate to de-electrify then roll by. If you take the right path, you'll grab a MISSILE EXPANSION (25). Continue to roll along the path and soon you'll be able to de-Morph.

Upon de-Morphing you'll have to take out the Pirate Troopers. Do so, then do a bunch of Scanning in this room noting the Portal. When you're done Scanning, go to the SE corner of the room and activate the round platform elevator by scanning the Security Panel near it. Take the elevator up, double jump the gap, then kill the Pirate Trooper which will unlock the blue door. As you go toward the blue door another Pirate Trooper will attack you from inside the control room. Kill him. Go through the blue door.

A Dark Energy gate will drop blocking you from going further. There is also a path to the right which leads to the control room. Use a Missile on the Red missile door to enter the control room then scan the Control Panel to open the blast doors blocking the other blue door (South) in this area. Go through this blue door.

You will be confronted by two ceiling-mounted turret guns. Lock-on and use a Missile on each one. Then, go through the moving red lasers as the Morph Ball, then, fire a Missile at the Red Missile door and go through to the Biostorage Station.

Biostorage Station

Kill the Pirate Trooper and then do some scanning. You'll meet your first Metroid Specimen in one of the tanks. There is a black door and a blue door in this area (not counting the door you came through). Find the elevator, activate it, go up, kill the Pirate Troopers that spawn and then go through the blue door (East).

Security Station A

Take out the ceiling-mounted turret gun and then use the Morph Ball Slot to open the pathway to the next area.

Bioenergy Production

Enter and deal with your first Pirate Aerotroopers. Three Missiles each will do away with these two. When they are dead head to the East of the room and activate the spinning orange panel by Scanning it. This will raise all of the central columns. Head to the West side of the room.

Puzzle time! Find the various control panels. Each set of control panels will either raise or lower the blocks on one of the columns. There is a visual representation of each block near each set of control panels, it's the vertical 4 slot thing which shows a blue mushroom-looking indicator for each block. This puzzle isn't too difficult. Basically, you need to align the blocks so that you can jump up to the blue door.

Facing the columns, go to the left control panel. Lower all three blocks. Go to the middle control panel and lower two blocks. Go to the right control panel and lower one block. Puzzle solved. Hop up the blocks and go through the blue door (blow up the crates before the door for some Health or Ammo).

Ventilation Area B

Morph into a Ball. Use a few Bombs to propel yourself up to the tunnel. You'll come upon a Morph Ball puzzle path. There are two blue laser gates blocking your way. These blue gates can be destroyed by laying a bomb on top of them. The goal being to blow up those two gates so you can quickly roll through this area. To do this, use Bombs and good timing to get by the red lasers. Make sure to bomb the blue laser gate on each side. When successful, you'll be able to continue on to Save Station C, blowing up the Red Missile door.

Save Station C


Sand Processing

Blow up the two ceiling turret guns. Drop down to the ground and Scan the left wall to find a weak point. Use a missile on it. Go through the blue door to the Main Reactor.

Main Reactor



Boss Fight - Dark Samus

Behind the blue door directly across from you is the Luminoth Weapon that you are seeking. Drop down. You'll get a cutscene of Dark Samus sucking power from the main reactor. Now, you have to battle her. This fight isn't too tricky. For the first half of it, lock-on and fire any missiles you have at her and then use your beam by rapidly tapping the A-button. Take cover behind the various columns and use your dash (double tap B-button while locked-on). I found that charging your beam in this fight will usually result in a missed shot. When her Health is about half way down, she'll start a series of nasty attacks, taking out the columns you were using for cover. The worst attack is the ball attack where she'll roll up into an energy ball and come at you. When this happens, dash to side-step the attack, then fire on her when she unfurls. She'll also shoot an energy beam at you. Simply keep at her, rapidly tapping your A-button to fire, dashing almost always to avoid her attacks and eventually, you'll wear her down.

Storage D

Upon beating her, you'll gain access to an elevator. Enter the elevator, ride it up, go through the blue door and you will find the DARK BEAM!

You switch to the Dark Beam using your Yellow Control Stick, just like you would switch a visor. Note that there is an Ammo Meter running vertically on the right of your HUD telling you how much Dark Beam ammo you have left. Use your new Dark Beam on the Black door and go back to Main Reactor.

Main Reactor

At this point, I recommend heading back to Save Station C and saving. You won't be sorry you did this. Then, pull out your map and find the Black door in Biostorage Station. Head there.

Biostorage Station

You are now going from the Main Reactor to Biostorage Station. Upon entering Biostorage Station you'll be confronted with two escaped Metroids. Keep blasting them to kill them. If one of them attaches to you, Morph into a Ball and set Bombs to shake them loose. When they are dead, ride the elevator up and go through the Black door to find a MISSILE EXPANSION (30).

Command Center

It's time to head back to Dark Agon. You can do that by either traveling all the way back to Portal Site, or by activating the handy Portal in Command Center. I recommend activating the Portal in Command Center. To do so, shoot a Dark Beam into the Portal and then step in.

Dark Agon Wastes

Doomed Entry

You are now in a new part of the Dark Map. There are two Black doors and two White doors in this room. Run across the room, activate the Temp Safe Zone, turn around and scan the right side column in the middle of the room. You'll be told that it is hiding a Luminoth switch of some kind. Fire at it with Missiles to reveal a Dark Energy switch. Shoot a Dark Beam at it and the column will lower. Hop onto the top of it and you will see a red spinning object. It's a Dark Agon Temple Key. You'll also see some floating mines (Dark Preed).

Jump toward the North Black door, then turn around and jump across to get the DARK AGON TEMPLE KEY (2 of 3). You can go through this Black door if you want, but it will lead you to two White doors that you can't yet operate. So, jump back over to the North Black door and go through the Oasis Access to the Dark Oasis.

Dark Oasis

Kill off the Inglets. Go toward the Portal and then through the blue door.

Hall of Stairs

Find the central column and go to the back side of it to find the Dark Crystal that will lower the column. Fire a Dark Beam at it to do so. Jump on top of the column, then up to the side wall, then find the Red Missile door and go through.

Save Station 3

SAVE STATION. Save. Go through the next blue door.

Bitter Well

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This is a Morph Ball area. To get to the other side, Bomb the obstacle then fall down into the Phazon. It will damage you but it's OK. Use your Bombs underneath you to propel yourself up to the other side. Alternatively, you can take the upper path, plant a few bombs on the edge of the gap, roll back then roll toward the bombs you just set thus sending you over the gap to the other side. It doesn't matter either way.

Phazon Site

Go down and head to the West wall. Here you will find a Temp Safe Zone and a Security Panel. Scan the panel to activate it. Look out to the hovering platforms. The first one has a Temp Safe Zone on it. Shoot it then hop on. Hop up each platform to find the 2nd Security Panel. Activate it. Drop down and head to the East wall. Behind all of the crates is the 3rd Security Panel. Activate it to unlock the blue door. Go through.

Watering Hole

Hop from platform to platform, activating Temp Safe Zones and ignoring enemies.


Feeding Pit

Hop down. Here you will see a couple of familiar red-lined podiums. Go to the back side of the first one and find and shoot at the Dark Crystal to lower it. Before you try to jump onto it, kill off the circling bats. Jump to it and then jump to the next side wall platform. From this side you will be able to find and shoot the Dark Crystal on the next column. Shoot it to lower it. Now, jump back to the first column, jump to the now lowered second column (it is a long jump but you can do it). Jump to and go through the Black door.

Ing Cache 1

You will find the LIGHT BEAM. You will also be told a little bit about gaining ammo for the Light and Dark Beams. Simply put, defeat enemies with the Light Beam to gain Dark Beam ammo and vice versa.

Feeding Pit

Re-enter the Feeding Pit. Kill the Lumites with the Dark and Light beam to test out the ammo thing and then go through the North White door and make your way to to Doomed Entry.

Doomed Entry

You are back to where the Portal dropped you a while ago. Now that you have the Light Beam, you can go through the West White door.


Run forward toward the third and final Dark Agon Temple Key. Six Dark Warrior Ings will spawn in total. The Dark Warrior Ings are especially susceptible to the Light Beam. Charge it up and go after them. Fire a few Missiles for good measure. If you run low on Light Beam ammo, kill off some Blade Pods with the Dark Beam and collect the Light Ammo from them. Otherwise, your Power Beam is still an effective weapon.

Upon beating these Ing, you will receive the DARK AGON TEMPLE KEY (3 of 3).

Dark Oasis

At this point, you want to head to the Dark Agon Temple. Head back to Dark Oasis. Go through the White door to find an Ammo Resupply area. Then, head over to the Portal and activate it with your Light Beam. Step in.

Agon Wastes

Main Reactor

Make a quick detour to Save Station C to Save then return here. It's time to head to the Agon Temple to grab a few things before you head to the Portal Site to return to Dark Agon.

Command Center

Head to the Command Center. Once here, find the White door, which is the upper path to the Central Mining Station.

Central Mining Station

You are now on the upper level of the Central Mining Station where you will see two holograms which will activate the turret guns. Man the left one and look almost directly below you. Shoot the generator. Then, look to the right wall and find the other generator and blow it up. This will spawn two Pirate Troopers. Find them and blast them with the turret gun. While you're at it you may as well destroy the wind generators, too. Hit the B-button to disengage from the turret gun and hop down. Go to the first generator you destroyed and hop onto the fallen platform then double jump to the central pillar and over to where you destroyed the second generator. Follow the path around and use the Morph Ball tunnel to the left of the Space Pirate Defense Shield door to find a BEAM AMMO EXPANSION (100). Exit, drop down, and head to Agon Temple via Mining Station A.

Agon Temple

Before you head to the Portal Terminal, there are a few things that you can do. First, go through the West Black door here in Agon Temple.

Mine Shaft

Here is a Morph Ball maze which will eventually get you to the Purple door. Since you can't go through Purple doors yet the only thing that is worth your while here is an Energy Tank. Getting it is a bit tricky. Roll to the first bug and bomb him. Use a Triple Bomb Jump to propel yourself up to where the bug was patrolling (to set your bombs: 1, pause, 2, 3). From this platform, bomb jump up to the next path going left. Keep rolling to the left passing by the disappearing blocks. When you get to the corner with the 4 block stacks (the 2nd one you get to), hold left on your control stick as they disappear. You'll end up behind a wall. If you go to far here, you'll fall through the next disappear block, so steady yourself behind the wall. You'll be able to see a bit of a blue glow to see where you are. You will also be able to see the Energy Tank from here. Position yourself directly to the right of the next disappearing block. Do a Triple Bomb Jump up to the next level and then the next. You will be one disappearing block away from the Energy Tank. Drop through the disappearing block and roll to acquire the ENERGY TANK (3). Drop down and roll to the right to find your tunnel out.

Agon Temple

Head to the East White door and go through.


Enter the Morph Ball Cannon and go through the blue door on the other side.

Ventilation Area A

Go right as the Morph Ball. Ignore the side tunnel that leads to a Yellow Door. When you get to the first bug to the right of the side tunnel, Triple Bomb Jump up to the block and then up the shaft where you will find a MISSILE EXPANSION (35).

Portal Terminal

It is now time to backtrack all the way to Portal Terminal. I did it this way so that you'd find the Energy Tank and the Missile Expansion before you ventured back to Dark Agon. Once you get to Portal Site, activate the Portal by Scanning the red circle and step in.

Dark Agon Wastes

Portal Site

You are back in Dark Agon Wastes. You need to get to the Agon Temple but first you need to make a stop in Dueling Range/Ing Cache 4 and Judgment Pit so that you can find a Missile Expansion and a Save Station.

Dueling Range

From Portal Site, make your way to Dueling Range. Find the West Black door. Go through.

Ing Cache 4

Enter, and immediately turn into a Morph Ball. Roll forward then turn around and find the Morph Ball hole. Inside is a MISSILE EXPANSION (40). Head to Judgment Pit.

Judgment Pit

Locate the Black door in the South. Use the platforms lining the walls to double jump your way to the black door. Open it with your Dark Beam and you'll have found a SAVE STATION. Save.

Dark Agon Temple



Boss Fight - Amorbis

Go to Dark Agon Temple and walk forward toward the locked door in front of you. You will automatically use all three Dark Agon Temple Keys. Jump down to the middle of the Temple. Time to fight Amorbis, huge worm monster.

Amorbis isn't too bad once you know how to deal with him. He'll start out by burrowing into and out of the ground. When he jumps, target him and shoot him with any weapon, I prefer the Power Beam. You have to bust off each ring of his armor. You'll see his armor turn from purple to gray (or vice versa, I can't remember) so you'll know you've hit that particular ring. After each successful hit he'll leave you with some helpful Missiles and Health, charge up any beam to draw them in. While he's doing this, watch for the rumbling purple ground to figure out where he'll pop out next. If you see he's near you, do your best to get away. Anyway, once you knock off all his armor, he'll go to the middle of the arena where he'll attach to the ball there.

Once he's attached to the ball target his head and fire Missile after Missile at him (or the Light Beam) until the armor plate on his head busts off. At this point he'll fall and start sucking air. Quickly Morph into a Ball and get sucked up by him and immediately set off your three bombs while inside him.

After this, he'll return to the diving in and out of the ground. Again, knock off his armor then he'll attach to the ball again, except this time there are two of him. Nothing changes. Target one of the two heads, let him have it with Missiles and then get sucked up. Repeat for the second head.

Do the shooting armor off him thing again and this time he'll have three heads! Same thing: lock-on to head, fire missiles, get sucked up, repeat.

Keep in mind that there are Safe Zones all around you. If you're getting low on health try to stay in one for as long as possible. Also, shooting off his armor rings while he's diving in and out is a great way to quickly build up your Missiles and Health.

When you kill him you'll earn the DARK SUIT. Now the toxic atmosphere of Dark Aether will do less damage to you!

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