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LB's "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Part V

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes >
Part V

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Metroid Prime 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Table of Contents

Introduction and Controls
Part I
Part II
Part III
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Part V
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Part V

Hive Controller Access

Spin the room.

Hive Energy Controller

Approach the Energy Controller and you'll automatically download the energy. Time to get that energy back to the Light World. Go back to Hive Temple.

Hive Temple

Go through the West Gray door.

Temple Security Access

Go through this hall.

Aerial Training Site

Go through the Portal.

Sanctuary Fortress

Watch Station

Take out the Aerial Pirates then go through the South Blue door.

Sentinel's Path

You can't yet open this Echo door so go on through the hallway.

Sanctuary Energy Controller

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Go here and deposit your energy. That's all three temples. U-Mos is so happy. Congrats! Now you have to go and find the other 8 Keys to the Sky Temple Gateway. So much to do...

Take out your Map. Scroll down to the lower level of this area and find the "E", Transport to Temple Grounds. Head there any way you like and Save along the way. Then, use the elevator up.

Light Temple Grounds

GFMC Compound

Head to GFMC Compound. Go up to the Yellow Power Bomb door and blast it open. Go through.

Windchamber Tunnel

Roll through.

Grand Windchamber

Here, you'll see several Morph Ball Spinners but they are all holograms. Use the Portal.

Sky Temple Grounds (Dark Temple Grounds)

Ing Windchamber

Go to each of the four Spinners. Rotate the rings on the central structure until they all turn a translucent tan color. You'll see a purple eye in each one. When they are all lined up, fire a Seeker Launcher at them to activate all four at the same time. Two of the four arms of the central structure will rise. Then, go to each spinner again, and this time align the rings so that they are translucent blue. Again, fire your Seeker Launcher at them and you'll have raised the other two arms. Use the Portal.

Temple Grounds


Grand Windchamber

You have created Grapple Points. And, more importantly, you have opened the central structure. Go to the Morph Ball Cannon on the far side and use it to get the SUNBURST. This is a Light Beam version of the Super Missile. Pretty sweet.

Before you can leave you have to take out the Pirate Troopers. Go so, then Power Bomb the Yellow door and go through.

Windchamber Gateway

Go through this area and head to Meeting Grounds.

Meeting Grounds

Use the elevator to go up to the Great Temple.

Great Temple

Temple Sanctuary

Go up to Main Energy Controller.


Main Energy Controller

Walk up to U-Mos. He will tell you about the Sky Temple, the final Temple. U-Mos will give you the LIGHT SUIT. This suit makes it so you don't take damage in the Dark Worlds anymore. You can go into dark water, too, without being hurt. It also allows you to ride up yellow beams of light. Neato.

You now have access to a Teleport in the center of this area. The teleports work by warping you from Energy Controller to Energy Controller in each of the Temples. Step in and you can warp to whatever world you wish.


If you haven't been following this guide then perhaps you have yet to discover Sky Temple Gateway (look way up for a heading "Ing Hive (Dark Temple Grounds)" with the sub-heading "Sky Temple Gateway"), the path to the Sky Temple. It is here that you will find clues to each of the 9 keys. If you have been following this guide, then you already have Key #8, found in Defiled Shrine, the room next to Sky Temple Gateway.


For convenience, here are the locations of each of the nine Sky Temple Keys. Their locations are explained in detail below.

8: M-Dhe - Sky Temple Grounds - Defiled Shrine.
9: J-Fme - Sky Temple Grounds - Accursed Lake.
1: J-Stl - Dark Agon Wastes - Battleground.
2: B-Stl - Dark Agon Wastes - Dark Oasis.
3: S-Dly - Dark Torvus Bog - Poisoned Bog
4: G-Sch - Dark Torvus Bog - Dungeon.
5: S-Jrs - Ing Hive - Hive Entrance.
6: C-Rch - Ing Hive - Hive Dynamo Works.
7: D-Isi - Sky Temple Grounds - Ing Reliquary.

Remember, each key is located inside a Flying Ing Cache and the only way you can see it is with the Dark Visor! You can get the keys in whatever order you like.


Time to go Sky Temple Key Hunting! You should start in Agon Wastes. Still in Main Energy Controller, enter the Teleport and warp to Agon Wastes.

Agon Wastes

Agon Energy Controller

Exit out.

Agon Temple

Go to the West Black door and go through.

Mine Shaft

Roll down to the Purple Door and use your Seeker Launcher.

Mining Station B

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Go over the cracked wall and lay a Power Bomb at it. Go into Storage A to find a Missile Expansion (155). Next, Scan the Security Panel to activate the Morph Ball Cannon near you. This serves to get you back up to the Mine Shaft if you need to exit that way. Then, go into the North of this area, where you'll find a half-pipe, and Scan the Security Panel here to create a Morph Ball Cannon. Next, go back to the main area and find the Morph Ball Slot near the dead Luminoth. Activate it. The machine will start to spin. Quickly get to the North area and enter the Morph Ball Cannon. You'll be shot up. Enter the Ball Slot here, which will raise the spinning machine which will knock off a piece of wall revealing a Portal! To get to the portal, use the half-pipe and go up onto the ledge on the left side of the half-pipe. Roll along the path and you'll drop down onto the raised bridge.

Before you go through the Portal, facing the Portal, look up and to your left. You will see the Dark Burst. You can't get to it yet, but there it is. Go through the Portal.

Dark Agon Wastes

Trial Grounds

Shoot some of the Nightbarbs and then go through the opening they were coming from. Hop up the platforms and go through the Blue door.

Dueling Range

Go through the Portal.

Light Agon Wastes

Mining Plaza

Go through the Blue door.

Transit Station

Roll through.


Mining Station B

Hey, it's the DARKBURST, a Dark Beam version of your Super Missile.

Take a look at your Map. You'll see that there are three rooms that you have yet to explore. They are off of: Transport Center, Bioenergy Production, and Ventilation Area A. This is going to take some time, so if you want to skip the upgrades, go right to Ventilation Area A. Otherwise, meet me in Transport Center.

Mining Station A

Yes, you are heading to Transport Center. But first, in Mining Station A, Power Bomb the cracked wall. It'll reveal a Ball Cannon. Use the Cannon and to get to the Spider Track to find a MISSILE EXPANSION (160).

Transport Center

First, use the Ball Slot to drop the door and reveal a MISSILE EXPANSION (165). Then, use the half-pipe to get up to the Purple door.

Transport to Torvus Bog

Nice work, you have found a Transport to Torvus Bog. You don't need to use it right now, but it's good to know it's there. Head East to Bioenergy Production.

Bioenergy Production

Kill the Tallon Metroids with your Dark Beam. If one attaches to you, go into a Ball and Bomb it. Then, go to the three consoles that you used so long ago to operate the platforms. Scan the far left one to reactivate them. Then, go to the NW corner of the room and use the Spider Track to get to the Green Super Missile door. Go through to find a MISSILE EXPANSION (170).

Next head to Ventilation Area A. You'll have to adjust the platforms so you can get through the correct door. Save along the way at Save Station C and make a visit in Sand Processing and Main Reactor (on your way there).

Sand Processing

Use the half-pipe to get up to the Morph Ball tunnel. Go through and Scan the console to activate the Ball Slot. Use the Ball Slot to drain the sand thus revealing a MISSILE EXPANSION (175). Go grab it.

Main Reactor

Use the Spider Track to get up to the White door. Scan the Luminoth. Hey, that's B-Stl. One of the Key Bearers. Of course you have to get her key in the Dark World so why don't you do that now! Head to Command Center.

Command Center

Use the Portal.

Dark Agon Wastes

Doomed Entry

Make your way to Dark Oasis.

SKY TEMPLE KEY #2 - B-Stl (1 of 9)

Dark Oasis

Scan the wall in front of you to realize that you can destroy it with a Power Bomb. Do so then hop into the dark water. Activate your Dark Visor to find a Flying Ing Cache. Destroy it to reveal SKY TEMPLE KEY #2 - B-Stl.

After you get it, go to the Ammo Station nearby and restock. Then, head to Save Station 3.

Save Station 3

Save. As long as you're in the area, go check out the Gray door in Phazon Site.


Phazon Site

Enter Phazon Site, hop down, kill the three Dark Tallon Metroids with your Light Beam then Scan the Security Panel to get the platforms to raise. Jump across them then Screw Attack to the Gray door. Enter and you'll have discovered the SONIC BOOM. This is the Super Missile version of the Annihilator Beam. Neato!

Make your way to Battleground.

SKY TEMPLE KEY #1 - J-Stl (2 of 9)


Enter this area via the upper path on the East side. Activate your Dark Visor and you'll see the moving platforms. Out in the distance you'll be able to see the Flying Ing Cache holding another key. Kill the Warrior Ings below or they'll mess up your jumps. Then, jump across the invisible platforms, shoot the Flying Ing Cache and grab SKY TEMPLE KEY #1 - J-Stl.

Blast through the next Green Super Missile Door.

Warrior's Walk

Power Bomb the floor and fall down into the Phazon for a MISSILE EXPANSION (180). Shoot the Green door on the other side and you'll be back in Judgment Pit. Head back to Dark Oasis.

Dark Oasis

Use the Ammo and Save Stations nearby and then use the Portal in Dark Oasis.

Agon Wastes

Main Reactor

Go to Ventilation Area A

Ventilation Area A

Roll about half-way through then take the side tunnel leading to a Yellow Power Bomb door. Bomb it and go through.

Transport to Sanctuary Fortress

Hey, congrats, you discovered another short cut transport. Now, you shouldn't have any rooms unexplored in Light or Dark Agon Wastes!

OK, time to get back on track after all of those upgrades! Head to back to Agon Energy Controller with a stop in Sandcanyon.


Use your Screw Attack to get to the central platform. Power Bomb the cracked rock to find a POWER BOMB EXPANSION (2). You should have 4 Power Bomb capacity now.

Agon Energy Controller

Enter the Teleport and teleport to Torvus Bog.

Torvus Bog

Torvus Energy Controller

Take out your map. Find Forgotten Bridge. Head there, making a stop in Great Bridge.

Great Bridge

Use the Morph Ball Cannon to get up onto the bridge. Power Bomb the cracked rock to find a POWER BOMB EXPANSION (3). Go to the end of this Ball Tunnel, Bomb the barrier and you'll pop out at the White door. Go through and continue on to Forgotten Bridge.

Forgotten Bridge

Use the Portal.

Dark Torvus Bog

Dark Forgotten Bridge

Jump across to the Yellow Power Bomb door and open it.

Putrid Alcove

Go through the area and Power Bomb the next door (if you're out of Power Bombs, try to get some by killing the pods here or, take the long way to Poisoned Bog).

SKY TEMPLE KEY #3 - S-Dly (3 of 9)

Poisoned Bog

Kill the Hunter Ing. Hop into the water and activate your Dark Visor. Head East. You'll come upon the Flying Ing Cache. Destroy it to find SKY TEMPLE KEY #3 - S-Dly.

Head back to Dark Forgotten Bridge.

Dark Forgotten Bridge

Use the Portal.

Light Torvus Bog

Forgotten Bridge

Head to Torvus Temple.

Torvus Temple

Go to the lower area of Torvus Temple and take the elevator down, Underground Transport.

Hydrodynamo Station

Take a look at your map. Head to Catacombs.


Before you use the Portal to the Dark World, go through the South Gray door.

Transit Tunnel South

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Finally, you can get into this area. It's a Morph Ball Maze. Roll down the Ball Slot and activate it. This will reverse the flow of water in the 2nd vertical tube from where you entered. Bomb up to the next area by laying one bomb then laying another one almost at your apex from the first one which will propel you up to the path on the right. Make your way up to the next Ball Slot in the upper left. Activate it, then fall down below the wire bridge. Bomb up through the wire bridge and to the right. Roll all the way to the right and bomb up the next Ball Slot. Then, go back left and bomb up to the MISSILE EXPANSION (185).

Head back to Catacombs.


Use the Portal.

Dark Torvus Bog

SKY TEMPLE KEY #4 - G-Sch (4 of 9)


Kill the two Dark Grenchiers. Hop into the water underneath the Portal and find the Watchdrone. Above the Watchdrone is a Luminoth Crystal. Shoot it to activate a Safe Zone which will cause the Watchdrone to move. Roll through. Find the next Watchdrone and do the same. Roll through. Here you will find the Flying Ing Cache.

You have found SKY TEMPLE KEY #4 - G-Sch.

Go back through the Portal.

Light Torvus Bog

Backtrack to Torvus Energy Controller. (You may want to Save in Hydrodynamo Station on your way back). Use the Teleport to go to Sanctuary Temple.

Sanctuary Fortress

Main Gyro Chamber

At the bottom of this room is an Echo Door. Now that you have both the Echo Visor and the Annihilator Beam you can open these doors. Shoot an Annihilator Beam at the orange center of the door. It will reveal the sequence for the Echo Panels. Go to the nearest Echo Panel and fire an Annihilator Beam at it. You will see the upper left lock on the door get highlighted. Next, head to the further Echo Panel from you and shoot it once. Then, shoot the middle Echo Panel twice to open the door.

This will reveal a Morph Ball Cannon. Use it to bust the central ball of the Gyro, then grab the POWER BOMB EXPANSION (4).

Back to the serious business. Head to Sanctuary Temple.

Sanctuary Temple

Before you use the East door to get to Dynamo Works, use the West door to get to Sentinel's Path.

Sentinel's Path

Let's quickly open this Echo Door. Using your Annihilator Beam and your Echo Visor hit the Echo Panels in this order: right, right, left, right. Ignore the center panel. Enter to get a MISSILE EXPANSION (190). Backtrack to Sanctuary Temple.

Sanctuary Temple

Head through the East door on your way to the Morph Ball section of Dynamo Works.

Dynamo Works

Use the Spider Tracks to get all the way to the last section of the area where you fought the Spider Ball Guardian. Take a look at your map to find a side tunnel leading away from this area. Go through. If you haven't been here yet, you'll need to Power Bomb the door to find a Portal. Use the Portal.

Ing Hive

SKY TEMPLE KEY #6 - C-Rch (5 of 9)

Hive Dynamo Works

Roll through the tunnel and you'll come out on a large gap. Use your Dark Visor to locate the Flying Ing Cache. Shoot it. Use the Spider Tracks and the floating balls to get to the other side to get the SKY TEMPLE KEY #6 - C-Rch.

Go back and go through the Portal.

Sanctuary Fortress

Pull out your map. Your next destination is Hall of Combat Mastery so that you can use the Portal there. This is actually rather convenient as you can simply take the shortcut to the other side of Dynamo Works, then use Central Area Transport East.

Hall of Combat Mastery

If you have yet to go through the Blue door near the Portal then now is the time to do it. Power Bomb the glass tunnel leading to the Portal then go through the now accessible Blue door. This leads to a Transport to Agon Wastes...another shortcut. Anyway, go back to the Portal and use it.

Ing Hive (Dark Sanctuary Fortress)

Culling Chamber

Work your way to Hive Reactor.

Hive Reactor

Visit the Ammo Station then the Save Station. Go through the South door.

Hive Reactor Access

Shoot the center black cloud with a Light Beam shot to activate a Safe Zone thus killing all of the Nightbarbs.

Entrance Defense Hall

Go through.

SKY TEMPLE KEY #5 - S-Jrs (6 of 9)

Hive Entrance

See the yellow beam of light on the other side? Get to it by killing the Dark Preeds then Screw Attack across. Enter the yellow beam of light. Because you have the Light Suit, it will transport you up. Activate your Dark Visor and locate the Flying Ing Cache across the way. Shoot it then Screw Attack across to the other side.

SKY TEMPLE KEY #5 - S-Jrs has been located.

Backtrack to Culling Chamber.

Culling Chamber

Use the Portal.

Sanctuary Temple

Hall of Combat Mastery

Go to the elevator, Central Area Transport East, and go up.

Dynamo Works

Head to Sanctuary Energy Controller.

Sanctuary Energy Controller

Warp to Great Temple.

Great Temple

Temple Sanctuary

Head to Transport B and go down the Elevator.

Temple Grounds

Temple Assembly Site

Look up to the NE area and find the Missile Expansion behind some grates. Follow the line of sight to the right and find the platform with a few crates on it. Use the pillars and crates to jump up there, then roll through to grab the MISSILE EXPANSION (195). Then, use the Portal.

Sky Temple Grounds (Dark Temple Grounds)

Plain of Dark Worship

If you have been following this guide you were here briefly a long time ago to grab a Missile Expansion (number 55). If you don't have it yet, grab it. Otherwise, go through the Purple door.

Lake Access

Go through.

SKY TEMPLE KEY #9 - J-Fme (7 of 9)

Accursed Lake

Jump around the lake and activate your Dark Visor. Locate the Flying Ing Cache (floating in the air) and shoot it. You have discovered a SKY TEMPLE KEY #9 - J-Fme. If it seems you can't get to it, do a Screw Attack.

Backtrack out of here and use the Portal to return to Temple Grounds.

Temple Grounds

Temple Assembly Site

Pull out your Map and locate Sacred Path. Head there any way you want.

Sacred Path

Use the Portal.

Sky Temple Grounds (Dark Temple Grounds)

Profane Path

Here you will find an Echo Door. Activate your Echo Visor and your Annihilator Beam. Shoot the Echo Panels in this order: far away, right, left, far away. The door will open. Grab the BEAM AMMO EXPANSION (200). Then, go through the Blue door.

Phazon Pit

Avoid or kill the Metroid. Swing across.

Phazon Grounds

Kill the various Dark Tallon Metroids by freezing them with a Charged Dark Beam then hitting them with a Charged Light Beam and a few more Light Beams. Head to the North and you'll see a Missile Expansion across a gap. Either use your Dark Visor to see the platforms leading to it or use your Screw Attack to get MISSILE EXPANSION (200). Return then find the Purple door and go through.

Reliquary Access

Go through.

Reliquary Grounds

Go through the Blue door.

SKY TEMPLE KEY #7 - D-Isi (8 of 9)

Ing Reliquary

Activate your Dark Visor to find the Flying Ing Cache. Kill it and grab the SKY TEMPLE KEY #7 - D-Isi. Backtrack all the way back to Profane Path and take the Portal.

Temple Grounds

Sacred Path

Pull out your Map. You'll be heading to Hall of Eyes in just one moment. However, I first recommend a stop at Landing Site so that you an Save and Restock all of your Ammo at your Ship. Go there.

Landing Site

Save in your ship and your ammo will be restocked, too. Head to Temple Assembly Site.

Hall of Eyes

Use the Portal.

Sky Temple Grounds (Dark Temple Grounds)

Base Access

I had you come here a long time ago. If you've never been to this area, then you have one last key to grab. If you already have the key, then congrats.


For those of you who need the final key (if you didn't grab it earlier in the game), it is located in Defiled Shrine. Here are the directions.

Shrine Access

Go through the Green Missile Door.

SKY TEMPLE KEY #8 - M-Dhe (9 of 9)

Defiled Shrine

Enter and kill the three Warrior Ing using your Dark Visor and Charged Light Beams. Then, find and Scan the Flying Ing Cache. I'm betting there's a key in there! Shoot it until it explodes and you'll have revealed SKY TEMPLE KEY #8 - M-Dhe.

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You have ALL OF THE SKY TEMPLE KEYS! Congrats. It's time to open up the Sky Temple. Head to Sky Temple Gateway.

Sky Temple Gateway

Step into the middle of the room. You now have access to the Sky Temple!

Step into the Yellow light.

Sky Temple

Sky Temple Energy Controller

Find the Save Station and hop up to it. Save! Screw Attack across to the Blue door.

Sanctum Access

Do a Screw Attack Wall Jump all the way up. Go through the Blue door.


Drop in.

Boss Fight - Emperor Ing

Scan him. For reference, at this point in the game I have 200 Missiles, 200 Ammo Supply of Dark and Light Beam, 6 Power BOMBS, and 9 Life Bars.

There are three stages to this boss. The first one requires you to shoot each of the tentacles then blast his eye. Lock-on to each of his tentacles and fire Missiles at them (or lots of Power Beams) until they all go away. A good time to fire at the tentacles is when he is charging up his dark energy attack and all the tentacles are raised and in the same place. When all the tentacles have been destroyed, switch to your Annihilator Beam and start charging it up. You'll see a glowing eye appear at the top of the Emperor. There is a gap in the eye that you need to fire into. So, lock-on to the eye, your Annihilator Beam should be all charged up and use your Dash (double tap B-button) to line-up the gap in the eye. When you are lined up with the gap, unleash a Sonic Boom (Super Missile variation with the Annihilator Beam). Don't get caught by his red laser because it'll make it so you can't shoot. Quickly recharge and line up another Sonic Boom. After about two hits on him, he'll probably revert back to the tentacle monster. Repeat this process. After four Sonic Boom shots to the eye, he'll go into his second form. NOTE: I was able to get four Sonic Booms in on him in one cycle. If you can do this great, otherwise, go for two Sonic Booms per cycle so he's done in two cycles.

First, however, is how to avoid those darn tentacle attacks. Well, there's not a whole lot that you can do. When he swings the tentacles do your best to either Morph into a Ball to sneak under them or double jump over the low one. When you see the dark energy attack coming (all his tentacles together and dark energy coming out) either Dash away or use Boost on your Morph Ball to get out of there. When he does his dimensional tentacle attack where the tentacles attack from behind, well, try to avoid them even though you probably won't. The most important thing is to stay out of the Phazon lining the area and to get in your two Sonic Booms per attack. This way you'll only have to deal with two cycles of his tentacles.

On to form two, Crysalis. In this form, the Emperor is a ball. The floor is all blue gas. Quickly Morph into a Ball and use your Spider Ball to attach to the Emperor. You'll see little holes all around him. When you see dark energy start to bubble out of each one, lay down a few bombs. A tentacle will pop out and you need to bomb all eleven tentacles. You'll know you got one because it'll spew dark energy after you kill each tentacle. There are also several Ing floating around the ball. Do your best to bomb them to make them go away. If the blue gas rises, go to the top of the Emperor and wait for the gas to subside before you continue your bombing runs. Also, this is a wonderful place to restock on Ammo and Health. If you concentrate on the upper tentacles first and then just keep rolling around the top, you can keep killing Ing blob after Ing blob for as long as you want thus earning back full health and a lot of your Ammo. Actually, if you do this for as long as I did (about 5-10 minutes) then the blue gas will eventually overtake the entire ball. Nonetheless, you should be fairly well restocked by now. When you feel appropriately stocked up, bomb the remaining tentacles and he'll turn into his final form.

Lastly, you have to deal with Mutated Emperor Ing. He has a lot of attacks that basically all have to do with jumping or charging you. Scan him then lock-on to his head. Staying locked-on, Dash and jump the best you can to avoid his attacks. If you filled up on Health in the second stage you should be fine here.

Look to his mouth. It is orange. Fire Missiles at his Orange mouth. You'll know when they hit because he'll flash when they do. It's sort of hard to get them into his mouth because he'll either block them with his leg or close his mouth. You should have enough Missiles to not worry about being conservative. Simply lock-on, Dash to try to get a good angle and fire away. After about 3 or 4 Missile hits, his orange mouth will turn either White or Black (purple). At this point, pull out your Annihilator Beam, and in the same way that you were firing Missiles, start firing your Annihilator Beam. Do, however, try to be a bit more conservative about the shots that you take because you don't want to run out of Beam Ammo. You'll know you're hitting him because he'll flash red and you'll see his Health Meter slowly go down. If you are feeling lucky, you can try to pull off a Sonic Boom when his mouth is open, but I found that it is more trouble than it's worth. After nailing him with the Annihilator Beam for a while (probably about 10 shots or so), his mouth will turn Orange again. Switch back to your Missiles and repeat the process. You can only do damage to him when his mouth is Black or White, so try to break down his Orange mouth as quickly as possible each time. If you are starting to run out of Ammo or Health, be aware that he will either shoot out small White dots in a cluster or what look to be small Nightbarbs (Purple). If you see either of these, quickly switch to your Power Beam (so you don't waste ammo) and shoot them. They will drop a bunch of Ammo and maybe a little Health for you. So, keep this up while doing your best to avoid his attacks which means chaotically Dashing and Double Jumping the entire time.

When it finally dies, you'll see an 8 minute timer appear. Quickly exit this area and head back to the room with the Save Point (unfortunately you can't save) and use the Teleporter in the middle of the room.

Final Boss Fight - Dark Samus

Don't worry if you die, you'll start up after having defeated Emperor Ing. Phew. Also, remember to Scan her.

Start off by pounding her with whatever Annihilator Beam you have left. You'll do a bit of damage then, she'll enter attack mode.

Dark Samus has two major attacks that you need to worry about. At the beginning she will raise up (not in the middle, along the edge) and she'll fire an extended Phazon beam at you. When this happens, Morph into a Ball, and roll to avoid almost all damage from it.

The other attack is much more damaging and you need to learn how to recognize its two forms. To begin with, she'll raise up in the middle of the area and a large blue energy globe will encircle her. You can't do any damage to her with normal weapons while she's like this. As soon as you see her raise up, lock-on to her and start charging your Power Beam. Looking directly at her she will do either one of two attacks from this form. The first attack you need to avoid. You'll see her bring her arms to her chest and then a Phazon ball of energy will come at you and it'll do a bunch of damage. The second attack is clued in when you see her energy globe quickly expand and contract. This will cause some Phazon Particles to come out of her.

So, those are the two attacks when she's in the energy globe. Like I said, lock-on to her and stay still. I know it sounds crazy. You need to look for the expanding energy globe attack. That is your key to victory. If you don't see the energy globe expand and contract, that means that the first attack (Phazon Energy Ball) is coming your way. Simply move (you don't have to Dash) to either side to avoid it. About every fourth or fifth attack you will see the energy globe expand and contract. When that happens, stay still, and, still charging your Power Beam, un-lock-on to her, and when you see the blue Phazon particles coming your way, move your charged Power Beam to intercept them. You can't just keep it in the same place, you need to aim it so that the particles get sucked into your Power Beam. Your charged Power Beam will collect the Phazon particles and you'll see the tip of your Power Beam turn blue. As soon as you see your gun turn blue, lock-on to her and release it. This will cause a lot of damage and she'll go back to floating around.

While she is floating around, your best bet is to use any remaining Annihilator Beam on her, then the Power Beam. She may also disappear from the radar and turn invisible. When this happens activate your Echo Visor to find her. You'll know you're hitting her in this state because an orange echo will come out of her when you do.

The quick summary is this: Get through the first 1/3 of this battle by rolling to avoid the Phazon Beam attack and picking away at her with your Power Beam when she's floating all around. When she levitates in the middle and the blue energy globe surrounds her, this is when you really need to pay attention and not screw up. Your key is to look for the expanding and contracting energy globe. When you see this, stay in place, charge your Power Beam, and suck in the Phazon particles. When your gun turns blue, lock-on and let her have it. If you don't see the energy globe expand and contract, get out of the way because a Phazon Energy Ball is coming your way which will do a bunch of damage.

Repeat this process until Dark Samus is dead.

That's it. Game complete! Congrats! Your ending will depend on how many items you've collected.


I got the majority of upgrades while playing through the game. They are described in the walkthrough as I came upon them. However, I didn't get all of them. Here is a list of the locations of each of the Upgrades in the game. I'm not going to tell you what you need to get them or where they are within each room. I assume you'll look for these if you're having trouble with the final bosses, so you should have all available weapons and visors. If you've gotten through the game I also assume that you know how to Scan and look for such things as suspicious cracks on walls, Spider Ball Tracks, and water that you can explore. I have also conveniently organized them by Temple. With that being said, here is the list:


Temple Grounds - Storage Cavern B, Fortress Transport Access, Windchamber Access

Agon Wastes - Mining Plaza, Mining Station Access, Bioenergy Production, Mine Shaft

Torvus Bog - Temple Access, Transit Tunnel East, Torvus Plaza, Meditation Vista

Dark Torvus Bog - Cache B

Sanctuary Fortress - Watch Station Access, Reactor Core


Temple Grounds - Transport to Agon Wastes, Temple Assembly Site, Hive Chamber B, Communications Area, GFMC Compound, Hive Chamber A

Sky Temple Grounds - War Ritual Grounds, Plain of Dark Worship, Phazon Grounds

Great Temple - Transport A Access, Transport B Access

Agon Wastes - Sand Processing, Ventilation Area A, Storage B, Command Center, Sand Cache, Transport Center, Portal Access A, Main Reactor, Storage C, Mining Station A, Storage A

Dark Agon Wastes - Junction Site, Ing Cache 4, Crossroads, Warrior's Walk

Torvus Bog - Training Chamber, Gathering Hall, Forgotten Bridge, Underground Tunnel, Hydrodynamo Station, Portal Chamber, Plaza Access, Torvus Lagoon, Path of Roots, Abandoned Worksite, Transit Tunnel South, Torvus Grove

Dark Torvus Bog - Undertemple, Undertransit One

Sanctuary Fortress - Hall of Combat Mastery, Dynamo Works, Central Area Transport West, Main Research, Sanctuary Map Station, Sentinel's Path, Temple Access

Ing Hive - Aerial Training Site, Hazing Cliff


Sky Temple Grounds - Profane Path

Agon Wastes - Central Mining Station

Dark Torvus Bog - Cache A

Sanctuary Fortress - Watch Station


Temple Grounds - Dynamo Chamber

Agon Wastes - Sand Canyon

Dark Agon Wastes - Feeding Pit

Torvus Bog - Great Bridge

Dark Torvus Bog - Putrid Alcove

Sanctuary Fortress - Sanctuary Entrance, Transit Station, Main Gyro Chamber

Ing Hive - Aerial Training Site, Hazing Cliff

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