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LB's "Medal of Honor: VanguardTM" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial "Medal of Honor: Vanguard" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the PS2 and Wii will triumphantly walk you and the rest of the 82nd Airborne through each of the game's 4 Campaigns (10 Missions) to a complete and total Allied success!

What's more, the guide provides the strategy and information necessary to earn all medals AND includes all five Weapon Upgrade locations.

In other words, if you're looking for MOH Vanguard help, you need not look any further!
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LB "Medal of Honor: Vanguard" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - ( PDF ) ( Screenshot )

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Free and Ad-Heavy "MOH Vanguard" Walkthrough

At this time we have made available the Introduction and the First Campaign of the MOH: Vanguard walkthrough for free online. (Below).

Medal of Honor Vanguard


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Welcome to LB's Unofficial Medal of Honor: Vanguard Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Sony PS2 and Nintendo Wii versions of the game. This guide will successfully walk you through the Single Player portion of the game (the Multiplayer portion needs no explanation), providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary to earn all medals for all four campaigns. What's more, it includes the locations of all five Weapons Upgrades.

Because this walkthrough was written for both the PS2 and Wii versions of the game (which are identical outside of graphics and controls), buttons are indicated by their actions rather than their button names. Below you will find a list of controls for the PS2 and Wii. Once you get those down, go ahead and start your game. Oh, and if you're an inverted Y-axis gamer (as I am) be sure to go into the "Options" menu to change the default immediately. Good luck!

PS2 controls

Left Control Stick - Move or lean (while in Aim Mode).

Right Control Stick - Look, aim or turn. Press down on the Right Control Stick (R3) for a Melee attack.

X Button - Action Button. Reload (on weapons that you can reload). Hold to Cook Grenade.

Square Button - Cycle stance (Stand, crouch or prone).

Circle Button - Cycle weapon.

Triangle Button - Jump. Return to Stand position if in crouch or prone positions.

L1 Button - Ironsights (zoom).

R1 Button - Fire weapon. Throw Grenade.

R2 Button - Switch to Grenade.

D-Pad - Zoom once you get the scope upgrade.

Start Button - Pause Menu. Mission Objectives.

Wii controls

Left Control Stick - Move or lean (while in Aim Mode).

Control Pad - Press Up to Sprint, press Down for center view, press Left to switch guns, press Right for a grenade.

A Button - Ironsights (zoom).

B Button - Fire weapon.

1 Button - Melee Attack (you can also jab the Wii-mote forward).

2 Button - Reload Weapon (you can also flick the Nunchuk right).

- Button - Action. Interact.

+ Button - Pause Menu. Mission Objectives.

C Button - Jump. Stand, crouch, prone. Actions can also be performed by moving the Nunchuk up and down.

Z Button - Same as the C-button.

Wii-Mote - In addition to all mentioned above, the Wii-mote can be used to throw a Grenade. To do this, hold "B", move the Wii-mote back, then flick it forward).

Nunchuk - In addition to all mentioned above, the Nunchuk can be used to perform an About Face (flick it left), and can zoom the Rifle's Scope Upgrade (move the tip right and left).



Take Boat House

Once you get control of Keegan, you'll be falling from a plane. While falling, you will be given instructions on how to "flare" your chute. Before hitting the indicated button, guide your falling self to the dirt platform on the left side of the screen (there's a flare lit on top of it) by moving your left control stick in that direction. Please note, if you notice your up and down axis doesn't feel right as you're trying to guide yourself to the ground, invert it by pausing and going into your "Options" menu. Once you get close to the platform, hit the indicated button for a soft landing. For this, you'll be awarded the Wings Medal.

You'll immediately be armed with your SMS. Quickly shoot the man next to you, then collect the glowing Weapon Upgrade pack between the crates. Next, check to see if the enemy dropped the Karbiner 98K. Weapons are dropped fairly randomly by enemies, so you'll have to pay attention on your own regarding when and where you can pick them up. If you want the Weapons Expert Medal for the mission, you have to, at l eat, pick up each and every kind of weapon per mission (they range in number from one to three). Despite the fact that I had access to the Karbiner 98K immediately, I preferred my default weapons, so I dropped it again. Do as you wish.

With that being said, switch to your Rifle and take aim at the house in front of you. Look at the open door on the second floor and you should be able to spot two men. Use your iron sights (zoom in) to hone in on them, then take a shot at each (remember, head shots get you medals). Take a few steps forward then look for the man in front of the house shooting a rail gun. Take him down. Wait to see if another man takes his place. If so, take him out, too.

Move along the left side of the screen, toward the house. You'll eventually fall off the rocks and land at the base of the stairs. Switch to your SMS and move around the stairs. Stop at the open doorway, then quickly peek in. Take out the man behind the crates. Next, focus your attentions back outside, on the right side of the door. Here you should see a couple of men shooting into the yard below. Take them out before they see you. When this is complete, enter the house.

Quickly shoot the man through the open door to the right, then take out the soldier who runs down the stairs. If you see a grenade icon during this time, run, as these guys like to toss grenades your way.

Regroup with Sgt. Magnuson

Collect the various ammo from the ground (I found the MP40 SMG and another Karbiner among them), then go through the open door on the first floor. Here you will find the Sgt. (Note, his location is indicated by the gold star on the map). Checkpoint.

Enter Town

Follow the Sgt. through the open door, hang a right, then take cover behind the crates at the corner. Use your Rifle's zoom to find the enemy on the balcony above. Take him out, then step out and look along that same balcony to the right. Here you'll spot another enemy. Shoot him, then run up the ramp and take cover behind the crates to your left.

Crouch and move over to the right side of the crates. Look toward the archway ahead of you, where there will be three men. One will be hiding on the right side, one in the middle, one on the left. Begin with the soldier on the right, so you can step out from the crates. Hit the man in the middle (if he's firing his MG42, wait for the reload, then strike), step out farther. Finally, hit the man on the left. When they're all dead, stand up and move toward the archway.

Two of your men will take aim through the open door to your right. They won't do any damage (and they'll take the good spots), so it's your job to eliminate the two men inside. I suggest tossing in a grenade, which should, at least, eliminate one enemy. Run in with your SMG ablazin' to get the second.

Slowly enter the open door to the left and take aim up the stairs. Shoot the man who pops out at the top, then head on up. Next, take out the man in the room upstairs, then, finally, eliminate the enemy perched on the balcony attached to this upstairs room (MP40 SMG). Backtrack out of the house.

Find Path Around Barricade

Wait in the open doorway of the house until you spot a fellow soldier kick open the door to the house across the way. Quickly run across the path, enter the house, head through the open door, and run up the stairs. Follow your men into the next room, then outside. Checkpoint.

Fight Up Stairway

Crouch and park yourself behind the central barricade (the flipped couch). Two should be in doorways to your left, one is behind a wall to your right. Stand and use your Rifle to pick off the enemies who are firing at you. If you can't get them quickly, then crouch back down to let them fire their rounds off, then try again. When they're out of the picture, move forward (if you don't go now, more men will come and take position where the previous men were).

Stay left as you move up the alley. Look out for the men at the top of the stairs who are shooting at you. Once you've cleared out those who you can spot from the left, move right and look up. Shoot anyone you see. When all movement ceases, make your way to the stairs and head up.

Take cover behind the rubble to the right (look for the bike tire) and pick off all of those ahead of you shooting at you. Keep an eye in the upper left corner for a rather nasty sniper.

Rendezvous at Safe House

Continue to fight your way forward. Once you reach the barricade at the top of the hill, switch to your new SMS, then enter the house to the right. Shoot the man inside, then move up the stairs to complete the objective.

Defend the Safe House

Enter the room to the right and take position at one of the open windows. Arm your Rifle, then look down and begin shooting those on the ground. Also, don't miss the soldier at the top of the stairs across the way, as he likes to cause trouble. Once you've knocked off a couple of rounds of men, several men will charge into the area below. Either shoot them, or (my preference) toss a few grenades down at them. Once enough of them are dead the others will retreat, thus completing the mission.

Weapons Medal:
Karbiner 98K

Der Bunker

Head to Town Square

Return to your window and clear out the area below just as you did before. When the shooting ceases, exit the door and move down the stairs. Head forward and up the stairs to the left. Arm your SMS (feel free to grab one of the enemy's MP40 SMG, as you lost yours between missions). Enter the house, then approach the next open door. Wait for the soldier to enter the opposite doorway and take him out.

Move back outside via the next doorway and take cover behind the crates along the left side of the alley. Move to the right side of them (you'll be fighting for space with one of your own men, but, if you get there first there should be no problem), then carefully peek out and eliminate the three shooters on the right side of the alley ahead of you. When they're dead, peek out farther and get the man high on the left side.

Run forward and up the short set of stairs to trigger the next wave of men. I suggest staying right to eliminate this round. Checkpoint.

Clear Out Town Square

Move forward and up the stairs in front of you. Crouch, push yourself up to the edge and in the right corner. When you're ready, pop up and take note of the man in front of you behind the MG42. Quickly pop him, then note the man behind him, also parked behind a MG42 (you may have to move left a bit to spot him). Take him out, too. If you have problems with either of these enemies, note that they usually shoot in waves of three. Once the third wave is complete they will go to reload, providing you with a perfect opportunity to take them out. When these two are gone, the Town Square will be a much safer place.

Next, move to the left side of the top of the staircase, so you can see the second story windows of the building to the right. Watch as a couple of them open, revealing enemies behind them. Eliminate those enemies. Also, while in this area, it's possible another enemy will appear rather close to you, behind the barrier directly ahead of you. Chances are he's not focused on you, which should give you time to take him out with ease. When all of these men have been dealt with, move down the stairs and down the alley to the left.

Enter the open building to your left (if you didn't get the man mentioned a second ago, you'll see him run away out the door across the way...don't follow him). Collect the Weapons Upgrade, then stand at the open door and, again, look up at the building to the right, where you'll spot a couple of new window snipers. Eliminate them, then exit the house via the door to the right.

Cross the narrow street and move up the ramp on the right. Check your map for any remaining red dots (enemies) and kill what's left, as this position offers a nice vantage point.

Advance with Squad

Head into the heart of the Square to meet up with your team. Follow them into the house and up the stairs. You should encounter no enemies as you go. Checkpoint.

Get to Gun Battery

Continue following your men, all of the way to the base of the outside ramp. Once there, follow your men down the narrow path, taking out those in front of you (if you can take out the man shooting high and right, you boys can take out the others). Move to the end of the path, but be careful as you approach the next ramp, as there will be another enemy shooting high and right at you. When he's dead, move up the ramp to the first landing. Once there, carefully continue up, but stay right to protect yourself from the two men shooting from the house at the top. Kill them, then continue to the top.

Arm your SMG and enter the house. Kill the soldier hiding behind the table, then head up the stairs. Continue freely to the next set of stairs and climb it. Checkpoint.

Carefully enter the room at the top and take out those shooting at you from the far end. When they're dead, move forward. Be sure to grab the Grenades from the alcove to the left. Then, run outside. Don't worry if you spot men out before going, as they'll run away as soon as you move out.

Eliminate Battery Defenses

Take cover behind the line of crates on the left and grab the Karbiner 98K (collect the original, then touch the others to pick up more ammo). When you're ready, stand up and take aim at the 3-4 men behind the crates ahead of you. Take each one out, then move down the road.

Immediately enter the open Battery area to the left and take cover behind the vent to your left. From this position, pick off the snipers on top of the building in front of you. There will be one on the left side, one on the right side, and two on top of the high central structure (they man the rail gun, one after the other). When they're dead, continue along the dirt path toward the Battery.

Shoot the man in the trench ahead of you, then note the enemy shooting from a window above. He'll be high and left, but won't see you. Get far enough right so you can pop him, then wait, as it's possible someone will take his place. If this happens, kill him, too. Otherwise, enter the trench and look right.

Across the way, at a distance, you'll spot another enemy shooting from a window. Kill him (along with any potential replacements), then take out the two men in the trench with you. If you still haven't completed the objective, use your map to locate any straggling enemies.

Clear out Bunker

Return to the trench (if you had to leave) and locate the bunker door (it has the dynamite sticks attached to it). Arm your SMS, then approach the door. Follow the on-screen instructions to set the charge (keep the button pressed until the timer is full), then return to the trench. The blowing of the door will cause many an enemy to stream out. Shoot them with your SMS or toss a grenade or two at them.

When the bunker entry has been cleared, carefully enter. There will be four to five men inside, hiding behind crates. One will be directly in front of you, the others will be to the left and right. Hit the guy in front of you first, then pick a side, charge in and kill. Hopefully your men will take care of the other side. If not, carefully make your way over there and take out any survivors.

Finally, there are doorways on both sides of the bunker, each leading to the outlooks from which the men stationed at the rail guns were shooting you before. Move up each one to locate the one to two survivors, whom you can easily take out.

Destroy Shore Gun

When the area is clear, you'll be told to place a charge on a gun. If you haven't already, return to the main section of the bunker and take note of the massive guns. One of them will have a red glowing square on it (the dynamite. That's your gun. Approach it and place the charge just as you did the one on the door.

Exit Bunker

Once the timer is up and the bomb is in position, exit the bunker and return to the trench for safety. Level complete.

Weapons Medal:
Karbiner 98K

LB's MOH Vanguard Complete Walkthrough

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"Medal of Honor: Vanguard" Game Info:
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Platforms: PS2, Wii
Release Date: 03.28.06
ESRB Rating: T-Teen
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