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LB's "Monster House" TM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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"Monster House" Game Info:
Lunabean Rating: 5.9
Platforms: PS2, GameCube
Release Date: 07.18.06
ESRB Rating: E-Everyone
More Info: Monster House Official Site

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LB Monster House Walkthrough and Strategy Guide -
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Lunabean's Unofficial "Monster House"(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide will walk you through each and every level of "Monster House" for the PS2 and Gamecube. Whether you're fighting an everyday Chair, or battling those obnoxious Pipes, this guide will get you through it! 29 pages. 275KB. US$5.95.

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Because this walkthrough was written with two consoles in mind (PS2 and Gamecube), buttons are referred to by their action, rather than by name. Below you will find what actions are assigned to each button on both consoles.


X - Shoot (hold or tap)
Triangle - Reload (tap)
Square - Secondary Weapon
Circle - Action/Combat Lock
L1 - Crouch/Duck/Dodge
R1 - Melee Attack
Left analog stick - Walk, Strafe when locked onto an object. Press down (L3) to turn 180 degrees.
Right analog stick - Move camera.


A - Shoot (hold or tap)
B - Reload (tap)
Y - Secondary Weapon
X - Action/Combat Lock
Z- Turn 180 degrees
L-Trigger - Crouch/Duck/Dodge
R-Trigger - Melee Attack
Left analog stick - Walk, Strafe when locked onto an object.
Right analog stick - Move camera.
s Start - Pause Menu


DJ, Jenny and Chowder each have a Water Gun to use against enemies as their primary weapon. In addition to the Water Gun, they each have access to their own secondary weapons.

DJ uses his camera as a weapon. Once you've found film for DJ to use, face an oncoming attacker and snap its photo. The flash will temporarily stun the enemies. If DJ takes a picture of a Wooden Spider it will crumble immediately.

Jenny uses her Slingshot. Locate Marbles for a powerful weapon that can break most enemies with one hit.

Chowder uses Water Balloons. Toss a Water Balloon in the direction of several enemies to take them all out with one hit.


This game automatically saves for you between chapters AND anytime you enter a Bathroom.

A Few Words

"Monster House" is a disappointing game. You will be frustrated and annoyed in several places. The characters move uncomfortably, and, unless the path is completely clear ahead of you, rarely move how you want them to move. There are glitches, which will force you to restart from your last save, which, if you're lucky, isn't too long ago. Saves, in general, are a problem, as they appear randomly, instead of after difficult battles. And, it's oddly difficult for a game that's attractive, primarily, to kids. Of course, the reason it's difficult goes back to the fact that the characters move uncomfortably, and saves can be way back in the game.

With that being said, we put together this guide to try to lessen the frustration for you. We're hoping our strategies will help you (and, possibly, your kids) feel less hostile toward a game based on a great movie. Also, if you go in with low expectations, it's possible you may even like the game (although it's not likely). So, with the bar set as low as it can go, we present to you the Lunabean Unofficial "Monster House"(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide!!!!

Chapter 1: Inside the House


A quick tutorial will set you off on your adventure. First, use your control stick to walk DJ to a door. There's a big one ahead of you and to your left. Walk to it and you'll be told you need the Kitchen Key to unlock it. Hmm.

Move toward the stairs, but BE CAREFUL...don't let them scare you. Beneath the staircase is a truck. Approach it and hit the designated action button to open it. Inside you will find the Kitchen Key. Walk the key back to the locked door, moving around the hole in the floor as you go. At the door you will get a message that it is now unlocked. Use the designated action button to open it and enter the next room.

Inside the Kitchen you'll find a flaming toaster. Lock onto it with your "Action" button. Follow the on-screen directions to strafe side to side, shoot your water gun at the flames (remember, tap your "Shoot" button), and reload.

Next you'll be shown a can of Soda Pop. Walk toward it, as it will provide you with health. As you walk, move across the light on the floor. This will set off the house's internal alarm and a couple of Chairs will come after you. Swing at the Chairs with your water gun by using a Melee attack. Follow the on-screen prompt to hit the correct melee button for your console. When the battle is complete, pick up that can of Soda Pop by standing next to it and hitting "Action".

With the Chair ambush behind you, walk into the open Pantry. Behind the boxes you'll find your first Toy Monkey. Look at it and stand still to automatically collect it. Each Monkey you collect will open up something in the game's Art Gallery.

Exit the pantry and return to the main kitchen. Go to the area with the oven, then locate the door opposite the oven. Move through it by hitting your "Action" button.

Ahead of you you'll spot a few Chairs. Follow them into the room to the right, which is the Study. As you go deeper into the room some Books will start flying off the shelves. Follow the on-screen directions to hit the "Duck" button and avoid the two flying Books. When they pass you by, explore the room. Along the way you'll encounter some hostile Chairs (or Wooden Spiders). Take them down with a melee attack, or target them and shoot with your Water Gun.

If you try to open the bathroom door, you'll find that it's locked and you need a key. Noted. Exit the Study and move down the hall to the right. Note the sparkling trunk at the end. Open it up to collect the Bathroom Key. Turn around and you'll spot some Chairs coming your way. I chose to take them down with my Water Gun. How you do it is up to you. When they're out of the picture, return to the Study and unlock the Study Bathroom. Enter.

Inside the Bathroom you'll be told that Bathrooms are safe points within the house. Any time you enter one, your game will automatically save. Collect the Instant Camera Film from the floor. If you want, flush the toilet and try to turn on the sink. When you've had all of the fun you can stand inside the bathroom, exit out the opposite door.

Here you'll be told to use DJ's Camera to your advantage...as its flash stuns enemies. Try it out on the Chair that comes after you by hitting the "Secondary Ammo" button. Once the Chair is stunned, shoot it with your Water Gun, then walk into the light beneath the closed door. It is now Jenny time!


As Jenny, walk to the gap ahead of you. Hit the "Action" button to jump the gap. Use the same techniques as you did as DJ to toast the Chairs that come at you ("Action" to target, control stick to strafe, tap "Shoot" to squirt water their way....or, simply swing your Water Gun at them with your "Melee" button. Collect the can of Soda Pop, if you need it, then jump across the next gap. Take down the next set of chairs.

Turn the corner, stand close to the wall, and approach the next gap. Jump to the stack of crates, then to the other side. Here you'll find a locked Air Vent. You're told to shoot the lock off with Jenny's Slingshot, but, without ammo, that's not an option. So, locate some Slingshot ammo (Secondary Weapon Ammo), by opening up the small trunk. Once you have the ammo in your possession, target the lock beneath the vent with "Action", then hit the "Secondary Ammo" button to break it. When the lock is broken, approach the vent and move through it.

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