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Part I

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Part I

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LB "Nancy Drew Danger by Design" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III

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Part I

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Welcome to the LB "Nancy Drew: Danger By Design" Walkthrough for the PC. This walkthrough will successfully lead you through this mystery in Paris as both a Junior and Senior detective. Even if you've played Nancy Drew games before, I believe the Senior level is really, really hard. However, that is primarily because you must go through the game without a task list and without any clues from your friends. The puzzles are more challenging, too. The decision is up to you. Just expect to be checking this walkthrough more often if playing as a Senior detective.

Before we get started, I think it's important to note that biggest favor you can do for yourself is to read Nancy Drew's "How to be a Detective" book that is found on her desk when you begin the game. It will take you through all of the basics (including some hands-on training). I will explain these basics as we come to them, but it will be much easier for you if you have them under your belt before you begin, particularly since the basics cover such basics as navigation.

With that being said, you're ready to begin this Nancy Drew adventure! Select "New Game" and you'll be on your way...

The beginning

Begin a new game and you'll be guided to Nancy's (your) desk. Again, I strongly recommend "How to Be a Detective", the brown book on the left side of the desk. To do this, move the magnifying glass over the book and select it. Click the book again to open it up.

Once you're done looking at the book, back out of it by moving the cursor to the bottom of the game screen (above the black text box). When you see the cursor turn into a downward pointing arrow, click to close the book. Repeat to return the book to the desk. (If you're having trouble with this, then you really should go through the book training again.)

Next, pick up the Case File. Open it up to read about the case ahead of you. Be sure to turn the page by hovering your cursor above the right arrow on the bottom-right corner of the right page. You'll know you're in the right spot when your cursor turns into a glowing red hand. Once you've read the file, back out of it and return it to the desk. You are now ready to start this adventure. Pick up the plane ticket to the right of the case file and be on your way!

Explore your office

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You'll be immediately tossed into one of Minette's temper tantrums, then introducted to Heather, Minette's assistant. Say whatever you want to Heather (hover over the question/answer you desire, then select it). Eventually Heather will present you with a Metro Pass. Pick it up. It will go directly into your inventory.

Continue your conversation with Heather. At this point Minette will ask that you come to her. Heather tells you to meet Minette when you are ready. I suggest exploring the office before meeting with Minette.

Move your cursor to the right side of your screen. This will automatically rotate your view. Face the couch and hover your cursor above the magazine on the coffee table. The magnifying glass will turn red, meaning you can look closer at this object. Do so. Continue to click on the magazine until you can read the article about Mr. Hugo Butterly. Once you're done reading, put the magazine down and continue with your right rotation.

Turn just past the blue door and note the items atop the swan cabinet. Try to examine the Dodo Box, and you'll be told to leave it alone. Noted. Rotate again and face your desk. Highlight the left side of it (so you're looking at the phone side, not the computer side), and move the cursor around the work area. You'll find you can highlight to top left drawer and the phone. Select the drawer first, then collect the blue sheet of paper from inside.

Inspect the blue sheet of paper, which appears to be a series of doodles by Minette's previous assistant, Sonny. Flip through them, as doodles are never just doodles. On the last page you'll discover a thank you note regarding the purchase of a plotter. Return the blue sheet to the drawer, then hover over the phone.

To make a phone call highlight the handset to pick it up. Since you don't have any Parisian contacts at this time, you must use your calling card to make a call. Dial the numbers presented. Once they're correctly entered you can dial any of the numbers in your address book. At this time you can call Bess and George or Frank and Joe (the Hardy Boys). If you're playing on Junior difficulty, Bess and George are good to call if you're stuck, as they will often give you hints. I never found the Hardy Boys of much use...and neither group was of much use when playing as a Senior Detective. So, use the phone as you wish. When you're done, hang up, back out of the phone, then turn right and face your computer.

Select the computer, then select your "To Do List". Here you will find a list of things you must do.
  • Pick up envelope from JJ Ling
  • Pick up fabric photos from Dieter von Schwesterkrank
  • Deliver photos to Jean Michel Traquenard
  • Fix plotter
  • Do whatever Minette tells you to do and do it fast!

  • Noted.

    Back out of the "To Do List" and select "Mail". Read through the various e-mails, keeping an eye out for clues as you go. Note "Jane's Game Portal", but don't log in at this time. When this is complete, back out of the computer and your desk.

    Fix Plotter

    Turn right two steps and you'll be facing the plotter. According to your "To Do List", you are supposed to fix the plotter. Move close to it. Highlight the "Start" panel. Heather will tell you to fix it. Highlight it again to really zoom in on it. Highlight the panel one last time to open it up.

    Here you'll be presented with three adjustable settings: Vertical Pitch (V), Horizontal Pitch (H), and Ink (I). Don't touch any of the setting and hit "Print". Wait for the plotter to spit out its results, then pick them up to see the problem.

    Unfortunately, there are no clues as to how you fix the plotter. It's simply a matter of trial and error. The best way to solve problems via trial and error is to maintain a constant (or two). For example, keep the (V) level constant as you play with the (H) and (I) levels.

    I began with two constants (V and I), and opted to play around with the (H). This was a stroke of luck, as the solution to the problem is to keep (V) and (I) right where they are (one bar), and increase the (H) to two bars. Consider the plotter fixed!

    Back out of the fixed plotter and the phone on your desk will start ringing. Quickly move toward it and pick it up (remember, click on the handset). If you don't get there in time, you will be fired. If this happens, select "Second Chance" and try again.

    A Lynn Manrique will be on the other side of the line. She is a historian calling about a Noisette Tornade. Speak to her, then back out of the phone. The time has come to meet Minette.

    Face the wood door and open it. Enter Minette's office. Face left and you'll automatically be thrown into a conversation with Minette. Speak to her as you wish. She'll ask you to make her a cup of tea.

    Make Minette's Tea

    Find the kitchette area first (move right two steps, forward, then left). Move close up to it and you'll be given directions as to how to make the tea. First, you need to read the instructions. When you figure out which herbs to blend, you need to select the herb from the above containers, then put it in the pot. If you find that you have the wrong herb in your hand, click on the sink to dump it. If you find that you've mixed something incorrectly, click on the sink when nothing is in your hand to dump it out. When you feel you've successfully brewed the tea, click on the teapot.

    Now, those are the basics, but you need to figure out which herbs go in Minette's special blend. To do this, read the instructions carefully (flip through the pages), and, if necessary, study Minette. You will find that Minette meets three of the conditions: She is right-handed, she is not humming, and her favorite color is red. This means you are looking for herbs that are in the Gaviforme family, have a potency of 7 or higher, and grow in marshy areas.

    Continue to flip through the instructions to read about the details of each herb. Upon doing so, you will find that the herbs that go in Minette's tea are as follows:

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  • Boojum
  • Breland
  • Callicula
  • Fennellery
  • Gibbering
  • Hog Bone
  • Macrophylla
  • Phyrigia
  • Pipsweet
  • Vavraine
  • Yellow Buttons

  • Upon finishing the tea, Minette will tell you to leave it there. Back out of the kitchenette, then explore Minette's office. You'll find a magazine on the coffee table, a section of wall (and wheels) covered in red paint, a dummy with the name "Carol" written across it (also noted in Sonny's doodles), then a central area with many round objects on it (you can view it if you have Minette on the right or left side of the screen, then find the arrow pointing in the opposite direction).

    With Minette's office explored, it's time to leave the lady to her tea. Exit out. Minette will taste her tea and call you back into the office (if you blended the herbs successfully, otherwise, you'll have to make the tea again). Here Minette will give you another job. You must go to a flea market and buy her four pieces of junk, much like the pieces she's already collected (in the middle of the room). So, tack that onto your "To Do List". Collect the handbag Minette gives you, then finish up your conversation with her. Exit out.

    The time has come for you to head out into Paris. However, before you do, ask Heather a few quesitons about your tasks ahead. When you're ready, move toward the blue door. Upon doing so, someone will slip something under the door. Pick it up and read the threatening letter. Heather will tell you to put it in the aforementioned Dodo Box. Do so, then exit again (for real this time).

    Collect JJ Ling's envelope

    If you spent a lot of time at Minette's (as I did), you may find that your day has come to an end. If this is the case, you'll be automatically sent to your apartment in Paris. If this is not the case, select "Place Monge" on the Metro map to visit your apartment on your own.

    Once you've reached your apartment you will meet JJ Ling, Minette's fitting model. JJ tells outrageous stories, so tell her you don't believe them. When that's done, continue the conversation any way you please, but be sure to ask her about the envelope Heather wants. Pick up said envelope, then let JJ get back to her cookie dough.

    Look around the apartment but avoid the double doors, as they will simply forward you ahead a day (sometimes this is useful, but not at this time). You'll find a phone (call your friends, if you wish), a newspaper on the kitchen table, along with a newspaper in the recycling box. Give them a read, then exit the apartment via the front door.

    Pick up fabric photos

    Take the Metro to "Rue du Bac", where you will meet Dieter von Schwesterkrank. Speak to him as you like. He'll tell you the photos aren't ready, which means you're going to have to print them yourself. Eek.

    Turn right and face the fish tank. Zoom in on it and locate the book to the right of it. Examine the book and read its contents to learn how to print photos. Here are the important details: Lights must be off, the negative goes into the top of the enlarger, expose paper for 2-9 seconds, place in Developer Fluid for 7-12 seconds, place in Stop Bath for no more than 5 seconds, and place in the Fixer for 8-15 seconds. Got it? Good.

    Back out of the book and turn around. Move toward the darkroom door (it has the red light on it). Dieter will warn you about knocking over chemicals. Noted. Enter.

    Once inside the darkroom face the equipment to your right. Note the placement of the enlarger (to the far left), followed by the three solutions in order (Developer Fluid, Stop Bath, Fixer). Note the many chemicals in the area, as you need to do your best to avoid them. Finally, note the four negatives in the open drawer beneath the solutions, along with the light switch in the upper right corner. With everything noted, you're ready to go. Actually, before you get going, be warned that a wrong move in the dark may result in an explosion. If this happens, you'll have to use your "Second Chance" to get back into the game.

    With the light on, go ahead and pick up the first negative in the drawer. Start with the left one and work your way right, as it's easy to lose track of which negatives you've developed if you don't do it in some order.

    Place the negative in the slot on the top portion of the enlarger. When this is done, flip the wall lightswitch off. Pretty dark, huh? You're going to have to do a lot of guessing in terms of placement at this point. First, turn on the enlarger to expose the paper to the photo. You can find the enlarger switch by moving your cursor to the right side of the "Menu" design and moving it up until the hand glows red. Leave the enlarger light on for 2-9 seconds, then switch it off.

    Next, carry the piece of paper over to the Developer Fluid (move your cursor between the "Inventory" and "Notebook" icons, then guide it up until you find the glowing hand). Leave it in the Fluid for 7-12 seconds. Next, drop the paper into the Stop Bath (above your purse) for no more than 5 seconds. Finally, slip the photo in the Fixer (above "Help") for 8-15 seconds (be careful, as there is a chemical bottle above the solution). Once you successfully pluck it out of the Fixer solution you'll get to see your work. Click it to hang it up. Repeat the process three more times with the remaining negatives.

    When all four photos have been successfully printed, you'll be automatically taken back out to Dieter's office. Speak to him about Jean Michel Traquenard and Heather.

    Deliver photos to Jean Mi

    Exit Dieter's and take the Metro to "Hotel de Ville". Enter Cafe Kiki and speak to Jean Mi and order whatever you want from the menu. Once you're done eating, continue your line of questioning. Be sure to ask about enemies and for contact info for Hugo Butterly. When you're ready, exit the conversation.

    Buy four junk items for Minette

    You have one more errand to run before returning to the office. You must buy some pieces of junk to inspire Minette. They must be similar to the junk items she has already collected. Ride the Metro to Pont Neuf to find the flea market, from which you will buy the junk.

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    Move forward and left, to the woman at the yellow and blue striped tent. Purchase the green rings from her for 8 Euros. Back out and move right, down to the booth at the far end of the path. Speak to the woman with her back to you. Purchase from her the traffic cone (8 Euros) and the lava lamp (15 Euros).

    Back out, turn around, then make your way to the man in the middle of the park. Purchase from him the film reel (42 Euros, although it's possible to get away with 21). You now have each of the four pieces of junk Minette desires.

    Back out of the last vendor's booth and the man will offer you a way to make money by painting reproductions of famous artwork. Accept his offer and paint the Mona Lisa reproduction by duplicating the image on the right. Simply dip your paint brush into the correct paint color, then click on the section you want to paint. When you have painted the image correctly, the vendor will automatically give you money (15 Euros). If that's not happening, then you've done something wrong. My initial mistake was painting the whites of the eyes and the nose/forehead area the second color from the bottom, when it was supposed to be the bottom color.

    You can come back to this vendor at any time to paint and make money.

    Exit the park and hop on the Metro. Ride it back to Minette's, which is off the "Abbesses" exit.

    Upon entering the phone will begin ringing. Run over to your desk and answer it. Speak to Prudence Rutherford on the other line. Apparently she's antsy to receive the designs Minette promised to her...and you are the one who will put then together for her. Eek.

    When the conversation is over, use the time (and the open line) to call Hugo Butterly, whose number you learned from Jean Mi. It will be a short conversation, but a good one to have. When it's over, back away from the phone and move over to Heather.

    Ask Heather the line of questions presented, and be sure to offer her the envelope you picked up for JJ.


    **This page, along with all pages at Lunabean.com, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
    ***Purchase required to print any portion of this guide.

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