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Part II

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LB "Nancy Drew Danger by Design" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III

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Part II

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Assemble Prudence Rutherford's outfits

Facing Heather, turn left to locate the drafting table. Approach it and examine the note on the table, which explains a few of Ms. Rutherford's design demands. Open up the notebook to read some details of each of the pieces Minette has designed for Ms. Rutherford. Flip to the page with the cutout of Ms. Rutherford. Click on the notecard in the upper left corner and read the rules of her Summer outfit. When you're ready to put it all together, click on the plastic sheet covering the cutout.

Here you'll be presented with the many pieces that you can put on the paper model. Click on an item to pick it up, then click on the body part where you want it to place it. Please note, the accessories go on the model's right arm (your left). To place them there, click the arm. You'll know you've dressing the cutout correctly when Heather tells you as much.

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Summer - Green hat, green pants, pink slippers, pink top, pink boa, black sunglasses.

Cruise - Rabbit ears, rabbit face, orange pants, white fuzzy bra, white fuzzy boots, pineapple purse.

Fall - Purple and green top, green boots, white pants, yellow mask, unbraided wig, black purse.

Log into Minette's game and get the high score

With Ms. Rutherford's ensembles complete, you'd like to show off what you bought at the flea market for Minette. Unfortuneately, Minette isn't answering the door because she's currently addicted to a computer game (ah, the irony). Heather suggests that you log into Minette's game as Minette and earn the high score, thus making Minette believe she got the high score, which would allow her to break away from her addiction. This is a lot easier said than done.

According to the game on your computer ("Jane's Game Portal") you need a username and password to play. Since I played initially as a Junior detective, I was able to get the password by calling George, who gave me a clue. Does Minette have a favorite word? Yes. "Rude". So, "rude" is the password (on both Junior and Senior levels, although figuring it out as a Senior would be difficult).

Next up, you need a login. To learn the login return to Sonny's blue note that was found in your desk drawer. In it, he notes "rude" (the password) and "Carol", the dummy with a name. "Carol" is the login.

Go over to your computer and click on "Jane's Game Portal". Enter your newly learned login and password (Junior level you just have to enter them, senior level you have to hit your "Tab" button after entering "Carol" to move the cursor to the password field, then hit "Enter" once the password has been entered). Play "Model Match".

The goal of "Model Match" is to line up three (or more) of the same faces in a row. To do so, click the face you want to move, then click the square to where you'd like to move that face. If you don't like the faces from which you are choosing, hit "Mix it up".

While the rules aren't hard to grasp, it can be tough to beat (particularly on the Senior level). I suggest you begin by putting together all of the pairs you can find and placing those pairs along the sides of the game board (so they don't get lost in the mix). Once you have two faces together, it's a lot easier to place the third face if you come across it. Simply take your time and you'll eventually get the high score.

Upon successfully reaching the high score, Minette will cheer and call you into her office. Head there and present Minette with the items you picked up for her at the flea market (green rings, highway cone, lava lamp and film reel). Minette will be very pleased. Return to your desk.

You are told to go get JJ, who hasn't shown up for her fitting. Leave the office and ride the Metro back to your apartment ("Place Monge").

Once at the apartment, speak to JJ. Tell her you don't want to play "Hangman" (unless you do, then have at it). Next, tell JJ that Minette needs her. Minette won't go because of her cookies. Tell her you'll make the cookies for her.

JJ's Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

JJ tells you that everything you need for the cookies is right in front of you, with the exclusion of two items, peppermint and brown sugar. The peppermint you can purchase at the flea market. The brown sugar can be made by combining a few ingredients, but you have to figure out what those ingredients are.

Before you leave for the flea market, explore the kitchen a bit. Look in the pantry to the right of the oven and you'll find some Molasses. Collect it (if you know anything about cooking, this is a brown sugar ingredient), then note the engineering books JJ has stashed away. When this is done, exit the apartment and take the Metro to the flea market at the "Pont Neuf" exit.

The vendor under the yellow and blue striped tent will have peppermint for you. You must pay the full 50 Euros for it. If you are in need of money, don't forget about the vendor in the middle of the market who wants you to paint reproductions for him.

Once you have the mint, go ahead and visit that vendor in the middle of the market. Purchase from him "Common Cooking Substitutions" (4 Euros). While you're there, purchase the "Common Codes and Deciphers" (8 Euros) book he also has for sale.

Select the Cook Book from your inventory. Read about Brown Sugar, and how you can create a substitute for it by combining 1/2 cup white sugar with 1 teaspoon molasses. This is why we grabbed the molasses from the cabinet when we did. You now have all you need to make the cookies, so exit the flea market and return to your apartment.

Place yourself in front of the ingredients (where JJ usually stands), then pull the mint from your inventory. Place it on the cutting board to chop it up. Next, pull the molasses from your inentory and place it in the space above the teaspoon. You now have all of the ingredients in front of you.

Click the recipe and add the ingredients to the metal bowl in the amounts they are called for. If using a measuring tool, pick up the tool first, then click the ingredient you need to place in the tool. You'll know the ingredient has been successfully added when the spoon stirs the mixture. Finally, note that the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of brown sugar. As we learned from the cook book, this means you need 1/2 cup white sugar and a teaspoon of molasses. Simply add those two ingredients to the mix at any point.

In case you aren't too familiar with the kitchen (or French), the ingredients on the table are (left to right): Mint, chocolate chips, baking soda, salt, molasses (once placed), sugar, vanilla and eggs. The butter and flour are located to the right of the bowl.

Once all ingredients have been added to the bowl, click on the baking sheet to the left to drop the cookies. From here they'll automatically be placed in the oven, curling up as they bake. JJ will call to confirm this. Answer the phone, then tell her the cookies' edges curled up and she'll be happy.

If, for some reason, you failed, it's most likely because you didn't really add an ingrediant you thought you did. Remember, the spoon will stir to confirm the ingredient has been added.

Return to Minette's Design Studio ("Abbesses"). Answer the ringing phone and speak to the creepy German guy on the other line. Say to him what you want, then back away from the phone and notice Heather is gone. Check your desk (computer side) and grab the hanging pink note. Heather wants you to buy a stuffed parrot for her from the flea market. No problem.

Unlock the Dodo Box

Before leaving for the flea market, use this alone time in the office to check out the Dodo Box (on the cabinet to the right of the blue door). Pick the box up, click its top, and the Dodo puzzle will be revealed to you.

The key to unlocking the Dodo Box is to guide the dodo tile (it looks like a flamingo head) to each of the three glowing boxes without running it into any of the other tiles. To move the dodo tile, use the blue directional pad on the bottom left corner of your screen to move it up, down, left or right (the center button resets the puzzle). Keep in mind that every time you move the dodo tile, the other tile (or tiles) in that section of the puzzle will move closer to you. This means you must use the barriers to your advantage.

The Dodo puzzle differs depending on the difficulty your are playing. Here are the solutions:

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Junior Difficulty Hawk: Right, left, up X 5, left, down X 3, right, down X 2, right X 3, up.

Junior Difficulty Fox: Left, down, down X 3, right, down X 2, right X 3, up X 2, left X 2, up X 3.

Junior Difficulty Man: Left, down, left, down, up, right, down X 3, right X 2, down, left.

Senior Difficulty Hawk: Right, down X 2, left X 3, up X 2, right X 3, down X 5, left.

Senior Difficulty Fox: Right X 2, left X 3, up, down, left, up X 5, right.

Senior Difficulty Man: Right X 2, down X 2, up, right X 2, up, left X 2, right X 2, down X 5, left X 2.

Once the puzzle is solved, hit the egg on the front of the box and read each of the four letters inside. Note that the purple one is a bit different from the others.

You've done all you can do at the office for now, so head out to the Metro and take it to Pont Neuf.

Move toward the central vendor in the flea market and you'll spot Dieter in the park. Pick up the two items that fall from his pocket: The obituary (this is the woman whom the historian called Minette about) and the clock face. Purchase the stuffed parrot from the vendor in the middle of the flea market (5 Euros), then leave the flea market and return to the office.

Collect the Cockroaches for Minette

Upon entering the office you'll hear Minette scream. You'll soon discover that someone has sent Minette some cockroaches, and, as Minette's assistant, you are required to catch them. Lovely.

Enter the office and collect the open box of chocolate, in which the cockroaches were delivered. There are nine slots, one for each cockroach.

The cockroaches move, so I can't tell you where, exactly, you'll find them all. I can tell you that the best way to catch them is to walk around the office in one direction (clockwise), then turn around at the door and walk the other direction (counterclockwise). This allows you to view the office from all angles, which is necessary to catch them all.

The cockroaches move fast. When you spot one, hover your mouse on top of it as fast as you can, then click to catch it. If you miss, turn around, take a step forward, turn around again, and return to where you spotted the cockroach. More often than not the cockroach will return to that location. Also note, it's not worth waiting in one specific screen to see if a cockroach appears. If a cockroach is going to appear, it will appear when you first come to that screen.

I also suggest turning up the volume, as they cockroaches make a noise (a rather gross noise, at that), to warn you of their presense.

Two cockroaches will appear in important locations. One is on Minette's desk. If you approach Minette's desk with the door to your back, you should spot this little guy. Click him and you'll zoom in on the desk. Try to catch him from this position. However, what makes this cockroach important is the fact that he draws you to a piece of paper on which you will find a list of fonts from Heather. This proves that Heather sent that one odd threatening letter to Minette. Interesting. FYI, if you missed the cockroach on the desk, continue to pick up and put down the letter, as it triggers his movement each and every time.

The second important cockroach is between the First Lady's dress and Minette's desk. Follow it and you'll be shown a letter on the floor. Pick the letter up and read it (peel off the Post It to do so). Read to the bottom to get Lynn Manrique's phone number.

Once you've collected all nine cockroaches exit the room. Before visiting Dieter (he has some explaining to do) go ahead and give Lynn Manrique a call (use the calling card then dial the number provided). She will give you a history lesson. Listen carefully and ask all of the questions that you can, as Lynn will give you some important clues. When the conversation comes to an end, exit the building.

Dieter's Clock Puzzle

Ride the Metro to Rue du Bac. Dieter is not at his desk. Approach the darkroom door, and you'll find him inside. After a quick conversation Dieter will tell you to use the clockface you collected from the bench in the park on the wall behind you. Turn around and locate the section of wall to the right of the fishtank. Collect the clock from the inventory and place it in the indentation at the wall. This will open up a clock puzzle for you.

To solve the clock puzzle you must set all of the clocks to "3" before time runs out. This is, of course, easier said than done, as several of the clocks are connected (when you turn one, others may turn, too). Below you will find the order in which you need to turn the clocks to "3" ("1" means turn this clock first, followed by "2", "3", "4"...). If the clock is already set to three, leave it alone. Please note, in the case of the Senior puzzle, you will need to turn a few clocks twice.

Junior Detective:
2 5 6
3 9 8
4 1 7

Senior Detective:
4 9 10
3,5 11 8
2,6 1 7

Once you successfully solve the clock puzzle the bookcase will open up, revealing a hidden passageway. Enter.

Open the safe in the hidden passageway

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Note the spider to your right, as you'll be coming back for him later. Make your way to the end of the tunnel, where you'll find a plaque with two hazelnuts on it. Open it up to reveal a clue and a code: "The year when our despair ended, the year when my despair began". Hmm.

The conversation you had with the historian on the phone should reveal the answer to this puzzle...the year the Germans left France was the year Noisette's troubles began: 1945. Use the pads on the left side of each number to move the numbers up and down until they read "1945". This will open the safe, revealing a book. Pick up the book and open it up.

There is much to be found inside book. First, there's a grid on the left side. Pluck it out of the book. Next you have a picture of the M380 decoding machine (described in detail in the Code Book purchased from the vendor at the flea market), along with a code written beneath it. Flip the page and you'll find a note, which is bubbling with clues. However, you can't do anything with the clues now. So, put the book away and return to Dieter in the darkroom.


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