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LB's Nancy Drew: Danger by Design(TM)
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Part III

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LB "Nancy Drew Danger by Design" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III

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Part III

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Take photos for Dieter

Dieter will ask that you take some stock photos for him. Agree, then back away from the door, then turn around and face it from a distance. You'll spot a digital camera on a table to the right of the door. Pick it up. Next, collect the list of needed photos from Dieter's desk. Of course, the German wrote them in French. You need these words translated. Off to the flea market you go!

Ride the Metro to Pont Neuf and purchase the French-English dictionary (23 Euros) from the far vendor with her back to you. Use the Dictionary to translate the list:

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Agrafeuse - Stapler
Araignée - Spider
Bougie - Candle
Crâne - Skull
Croix - Cross
Théière - Teapot

Easy enough. I'll tell you when and where to take these photos as we continue along with our other business.

While in the park, pull the cockroaches from your inventory and release them. Minette will be happy. Next, approach the middle vendor and note the M380 decoder he has for sale. Ask about it, and he'll offer a trade: The decoder for Mouton Fouetté 1968, a bottle of something that is rare and hard to find. Great.

The time has come to head back to the office, as you must still present Heather with the parrot you purchased for her, AND there are a few pictures you can snap while there. However, before leaving the park, there's a picture you can snap right at the entrance, the Cross of Lorraine.

Pull out the camera from your inventory, then hit the long button at the top. This will put you into the camera. Aim it at the cross and "click" to take a picture. If you like it, simply back out of the camera to keep it. If you don't like it, hit "delete" then "yes". Once you have more photos in your camera you can scroll through them using the "yes" and "no" buttons.

With the picture of the cross in your camera, return to the office.

Give the parrot to Heather. Next, confront her about the threatening letter she sent to Minette. Heather asks that you don't tell Minette about it.

Move over to your desk and take a photo of the red stapler. Next, enter Minette's office and take a picture of the teapot. While there, speak to Minette. Tell her about Heather, if you want. I opted to do so the first time playing, and not to do so the second time. All it does is make a small difference in the ending.

You've done all you can do at the office right now, and you have three more photos to take: Spider, Skull and Candle. You know where the Spider is (secret tunnel in Dieter's). So, there are two more. The only place you may have seen a skull in this game is in a magazine next to the phone in JJ's apartment. You can't take a picture of a magazine photo, but, in the article, the phone number of the archeologist was provided. Perhaps he can provide you with what is necessary. Call the archeologist (Zu) with the phone number provided. If the phone number is not available when you pick up the phone, that means you haven't read the article yet. If that's the case, zoom over to JJ's and give it a read.

Calling Zu is a double bonus, as doing so will provide you with access to a skull photo AND, once you do what Zu has asked, will provide you with more information regarding the double hazelnut symbol spotted at Dieter's.

Get JJ's autograph

Before Zu helps you, he wants a personalized autograph from JJ that reads, "Zu my love Jing". Head to the apartment and ask JJ for the autograph (If JJ isn't there, move through the double doors to proceed to the next day. If she's still not there, ride the Metro somewhere, then immediately return).

JJ will refuse to provide the autograph, no matter what route you take with her. This means you must trick her into giving it up.

JJ has an obsession with playing "Hangman". Agree to play a game. Select the letters z-u-m-y-l-o-v-e-j-i-n-g. This will cause JJ to inadvertantly provide the necessary autograph. Tricky.

More photos for Dieter/Learn about Hazelnut/Acorn Symbol

Head for the Metro and notice the new stop, "Denfert Rochereau". In order to get off at the stop you must have 5 Euros. If you don't, go to the park and earn some money by painting. Otherwise, ride to Denfert Rochereau.

Enter and note the skull in front of you, along with the candles around it. Take one picture of the skull and one picture of any of the candles. When this is complete, pull out the "autograph" and place it in the skull's mouth. Return to JJ's apartment and call Zu again.

Zu will provide you with a lot of information. First, hazelnut=noisette in French, so the book hidden by the hazelnut plaque was provided to you by Noisette. And, there are more (hazlenut plaques, that is).

You are told one can be found in the catacombs where you just were, but you will need a wetsuit to reach it, as the Beverage Company is waterlogged. Hmm. A beverage company? That could be the answer to where you can find the bottle of Mouton Fouetté 1968 for the vendor.

This is a lot of information to process. So, before going any further, go ahead and take the camera back to Dieter.

Snap the final photo of the Spider in the secret passage. You must leave and return to get Dieter out of the darkroom. Upon returning, speak to him and let him know you have taken all of the necessary photos. Next, ask him about Noisette. This will result in him presenting you with a card with many eyes on it. Flip the paper over to see the four clues as to where the Noisette plaques can be found: A clock (Dieter's), a cross (the park), a skull (the catacombs), and the windmill (Minette's).

Decipher the eye card

Grab the grid from your inventory (this was found in the book Noisette left for you in the safe at the end of Dieter's secret passage). Doing this will turn your cursor into a grid. Next, pull out the eye card (flip it over, if necessary) and place the grid on top of it. Once the grid is in place you can click on the eyes. Each time you click, letters (or numbers) will appear at the bottom of the grid.

At this point, look in your notes to see what the historian told you about Noisette. Noisette's last words were, "Red left...green". These words were meant to help you solve this puzzle. Click on every eye that is red and looking left, along with every green eye. Doing so will result in the following script at the bottom of the page: SOUS LORRAINE 4154.

With nothing else to go on but a card telling you where more plaques can be located, head to the cross in the park.

Solve the puzzle in the park

Zoom in on the cross and hover your cursor over the numbers. Hit 4-1-5-4. This will reveal a new clue featuring the three other statues found in the park. Move left and locate the mouth statue. Face it and turn its right crank until the mouths appear exactly as they are on the cross (EEEE, AHHH, OOOO). This will take ten turns of the crank. When you have set the mouths in position, back away. You'll know you've set them successfully when they don't reset upon turning your back.

Next, move directly across from the mouth statue to the pinwheel statue. Turn its crank until the purple section is in the spot where it is in the diagram (at the top). Once set, turn around and...wait a minute. There's a squirrel messing with you. You need to scare that squirrel away. To do so, you'll have to buy a few things from the vendors.

Purchase the pie tin from the central vendor (4 Euros), then purchase the stake (10 Euros) and the string (5 Euros) from the vendor closest to your entrance. Return to the pinwheel statue and place each of these objects on the statue's left side. This will create a noise maker that will deter the squirrel. Crank the pinwheel until the purple is at the top.

Finally, move to the fish water fountain to the left of the entrance. Hit the red button and the grate below will open up. You know, it looks dark down there, which means you're going to need a flashlight. Purchase the flashlight (8 Euros) from the vendor at the far end of the park. When you're ready, climb down to the tunnel below.

Continue climbing down until you reach the bottom. Move forward and your flashlight will automatically guide you through the darkness. At the end of the path you'll come to a treasure chest. Open it up and pick up the key. Consider the park mystery to be solved.

The catacombs

Backtrack to the park. Before leaving for the catacombs, purchase the wet suit from the central vendor for 63 Euros (if you're like me you'll have to paint a few pictures to be able to afford it). Once you have it in your possession, head for the catacombs at Denfert Rochereau (make sure you have at least 5 Euros when you leave).

Move to the skull and click on the top of its head. Press the red button. This will open up a passage to the right. Head to it and note, once in the tunnels you're going to have to move fast, or the police will catch you (if they do, simply use your "Second Chance").

Cross the plank in front of you, but don't enter the tunnel on the other side. Instead, immediately face right and take four steps forward. Pass through the archway to your left. Here you will find yourself in a "water-logged" area. Before entering the water, take out your code book and read it. This is important only because you will not have the code book when you return, but you will need to understand a few things regarding codes and decoders. Granted, I am here to tell you these things, but, in case you want to give it a shot first, I suggest studying up. When you're ready, walk into the water and you'll put your wetsuit on automatically.

Swim through the hole to your left, then swim straight down. Swim through the pipe and you'll come to a large water-filled room. Locate the pipe diagonally across from you (to your right). Swim to and through it.

At this point you'll be at a four way intersection. To the right is a fan, to the left is a tunnel that leads up (for air), and ahead of you is the path you want to take momentarily. However, for now, swim toward that fan. Notice the bottle at its base? This is the Mouton Fouetté 1968. Collect it and turn around.

At this point I suggest you get more air. So, swim to the pipe across from you (with the arrow pointing up), and you'll be taken upwards, where you can get some air. With your meter full again, swim down and left to return to your position (you will be facing the fan again.

Swim through the pipe to your left, then swim right. Swim into the room full of many pipes and make your way around it counterclockwise. Look out for the open path to your right. Take it when you see it and you'll be led to a small room with two small archways. If you need air, swim through the left archway, otherwise, swim right.

Swim forward (and left...the only direction you can go), until you get to an area with two openings across from you. Swim through the right one, which is, actually, straight ahead of you. Continue swimming forward (and left...again, the only direction you can go) until you spot another small archway to your right. Swim through it and you'll be taken to the surface. Climb the ladder.

In front of you is the third Noisette plaque. Open it up and read the inscription. Four words are written in all caps: EUROPE, PONT NEUF, BLANCHE and CHATEAU ROUGE. You should recognize Pont Neuf, as that's the Metro stop you use to access the flea market. The others are less recognizable, but each one is a stop on the Metro.

You don't have access to a Metro map from this position. However, if you did, you'd see the Europe stop is on line 3, Pont Neuf is on line 7, Blanche is on line 2, and Rouge is on line 4. This is the combination for opening the safe: 3-7-2-4. This will reveal the windmill key.

Hop back into the water and backtrack to your clothes, which are waiting for where you initially entered the water. Click on them to put them on, then exit the catacombs.

Take the Metro to Pont Neuf and present the vedor with the Mouton Fouetté 1968 you discovered. For this you will receive the M380 decoder.

Examine the decoder. Once zoomed in, place your cursor below the space bar and you'll see a little panel. Click it to open it up. Here are three dials. These dials look remarkably like the round stone structures that are covered in paint in Minette's office. If only they weren't covered in paint...

Ah well, go to Minette's to examine them again.

Upon arriving at Minette's you'll see that a paint bomb has been placed on her door. It is up to you to disarm it. Open it up and read the little note. It's telling you that either the same shape or the same color of fuses must be connected, or the bomb will blow.

Disarm the Paint Bomb on Minette's Door

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To solve this you must:

Switch the green horizontal triangle fuse with the green horizontal circle fuse.
Switch the green vertical circle with the yellow vertical circle.
Switch the yellow vertical square with the green vertical circle.
Switch the red vertical square with the green vertical square.
Switch the red horizontal triangle with the yellow horizontal circle.
Switch the blue horizontal square with the blue horizontal triangle.
Switch the blue horizontal triangle with the blue horizontal circle.

Once you've successfully disarmed the bomb walk into Minette's office. As you enter, notice the windmill blade indentation at the base of the windmill in front of you (to the right of the blue barrel). If you try to examine it you'll be told to wait until Minette is out of the room. You'll soon be coming back here.

Move past Minette and examine the paint splattered-concrete wheels along the wall. Next, examine the magazine on the coffee table. Flip to the last page and you'll see a photo of Minette posing by the concrete wheels. However, the image is cropped, so you still can't see them. Perhaps Jean Mi has an uncropped photo...

Get the uncropped photo from Jean Mi

Take the Metro to the Hotel de Ville and speak to Jean Mi. Ask him about the June issue of GlamGlam, then ask if you can see the uncropped photo. He tells you that he does have the photo, but you're going to have to work to earn it...by making parfaits. Tell Jean Mi that you're willing and able.

Next you'll be shown the ice cream station. You must build parfaits as they are called up on the screen. Each time a parfait is called up, click on the recipe book to the left of the glass, and you will be shown an image of what goes in the parfait. To recreate the image, click on the first ingrediant (build parfaits from the bottom up). This will place the ingredient on a spoon. Click on the spoon to grab it, then click on the glass (wait for the icon to turn red, so you know you've found a good spot) to dump the ingrediant in. Repeat until you've reached the top, where whipped cream will be automatically added. If you're confident your parfait looks like the one in the recipe book, ring the bell on the counter above the ice cream. If it looks different, click on the trash and throw it away.

Continue building parfaits until you are told you are done (about 8 successful parfaits). At this point Jean Mi will show you the uncropped photo, revealing the untainted concrete wheels. Notice an arrow is pointing to a number on each of the wheels. The first arrow points to "IX", the second points to "V", and the third points to "III". Back out of the picture and return to Minette's.

Decipher the windmill puzzle

Enter Minette's office. She's not there, which means you can study the windmill. However, before you do, the time has come to set the dials on the M380.

Collect the M380 from your inventory and open up the bottom panel (click the area below the space bar). Here you will see each of the dials. Set the first one to "IX", the second one to "V", and the third one to "III". Next, back out (or up), so you're looking at the keys of the decoder again, then zoom in near the top. From this position you can use your own keyboard to type into the decoder. But, what do you type?

Open up Noisette's book (collected from the safe at the end of Dieter's secret passage). Here you'll find an image of the M380, along with a code beneath it. This is the code you must type in (take note, 0s with slashes through them are zeros). Do so, but be sure you don't use your "Shift" or "Return" keys, and be sure you're 100% accurate in your typing, or it won't work.

The code:

Successfully typing this into the decoder will reveal the phrase: "ROUGE BLANC ROUGE BLEU ROUGE". Use the French-English Dictionary to translate the phrase to English: "Red White Red Blue Red". This doesn't mean anything now, but it will in two seconds.

Put the M380 away and study the windmill. Approach it from the front and examine the blade indentation at its base(to the right of the blue barrel). Insert the windmill blade key (collected from the safe in the catacombs), and you'll be shown some different colored bars. Set them, from top to bottom, using the code revealed by the M380: Red, White, Red, Blue, Red. This will open a hatch in the floor. Move down it.

Head to the end of the tunnel and you'll come to a locked door. Use the key found at the park then pass through the door. Here is where you will find Noisette's treasures.

Approach the glass covered pedestal in front of you and open it up. Click on Noisette's letter. Here many of the game's mysteries will be revealed. What's more, Noisette signs her name with three more Roman numerals: X, IV, and III.

When you're done reading, back out of the letter. Time to tell everyone what you know! Head to the door and...oops. It looks like you're locked in.

Open the metal plate and you'll find one last mystery to solve. The phrase beneath the code reads, "UNE DERNIERE ENIGME, CHER AMI". Translated, this means "One last puzzle, dear friend". It seems like a simple enought message, however, you should know by now that everything is a clue.

You've seen the words "Cher Ami" before, in Noisette's red book. Open it up and flip to the last page, where you will find the letter written by Rose P. Read it. Again, you will see "Cher Ami", this time it's underlined and quoted. Only a few words before "Cher Ami", you'll discover another underlined and quoted phrase (number): "380". While the casual reader would assume this is referring to the M380 decoder, the trained detective knows better.

The next page refers to date-shift ciphers. One of the nastiest things this game did was take away your codebook when you left the catacombs. However, I told you to be sure to study it, as it would be important. It is now important.

Date-shift ciphers are merely numbers used to decipher codes. To use one, write down a phrase, then place the given numbers (most often a date) below each of the letters in the phrase. Repeat the numbers until the phrase runs out. Next, use the numbers below to shift the letters above that many spaces to the right in the alphabet. For example, if the letter above is "A" and the number below is "3", the result would be "D". If the letter above is "B" and the number below is still "3", the result would be "E".

Now, keeping the date-shift cipher in mind, along with the new phrase ("UNE DERNIERE ENIGME, CHER AMI") and number (380), your results will look like this:

Original: U N E D E R N I E R E E N I G M E C H E R A M I
Number: 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0
Result: X V E G M R Q Q E U M O Q Q G P M C K M R D U I

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Clearly, the results can't be read at this point. However, this is what your trusty M380 is for. Pull it out of your inventory and set its dials to the numbers used to sign the end of her letter: X, IV, and III. Next, type in the above results into the decoder. Your results will be: "DEUX.........O...UN.CINQ..SE.PT". Use your dictionary to translate the words, "Deux, Un, Cinq, and Sept" to "Two, One, Five, and Seven". Here you have the code to the exit: 2-1-5-7.

Enter the code and make your way up the steps, where even more of the game's mysteries will be revealed.

When the upstairs conversation comes to an end, exit the secret passage and make your way to the First Lady's dress. Try to grab it for evidence. Upon doing so, Minette will walk into the room.

Time to battle! Now, you're Nancy Drew. You're full of class, grace and style. Such a lady would never swing a punch. HOWEVER, such a lady would definitely defend herself from her attacker to the point of exhausting the attacker until the attacker falls to the ground. And that's what you are here to do.

Minette will throw a series of attacks your way. To defend yourself from them, simply click on the area of screen you believe she will punch before she punches it. It helps if you imagine a 3X3 grid over Minette. It also helps if you watch her wind up, as she will never punch far from her wind up spot. After a bit you'll be able to predict where she's going to land her punch. Run her meter out by doing so, and it's bye-bye Minette.

Enjoy the closing credits, and I'll see you in Hawaii! Oh, and if you didn't tell on Heather for writing one of the threatening letters, you are rewarded with a spot in her fashion show...how rude.

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