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LB's Open SeasonTM
Unofficial Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part I

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Part I

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1. Part I (Introduction - Mine Shafted)
2. Part II (Hunted - Rocky River)
3. Part III (Shaw's Shack - Shaw Showdow)

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"Open Season" Walkthrough - Part I

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Welcome to Lunabean's Unofficial "Open Season" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube and PC. In it, we will walk you through each of the game's 25 levels. Our methods will earn you each and every Wild Style Point, and our directions will guide you to ALL Badges.

Use Wild Style Points to purchase upgrades in the Wild Academy. I do not tell you when to buy upgrades, as I went through the entire game without buying one. So, if you find yourself having trouble, hop over to the Wild Academy and purchase a few.

Collected Badges are placed in Beth's Scrapbook. Select one of the Badge's from the Scrapbook for a fun nature fact.

As you play through the game you will unlock mini-games. These mini-games can be played by selecting "Wild Challenges" from the Menu. Directions on how to play these mini-games are provided in game.

If you have and questions about controls, either select Options > Boog (or Elliot) to view the controls. You may also check the in-game by pausing the game and selecting "Controls". Because this walkthrough was written for multiple systems, the buttons are referred to by action, rather than name. I do use the actions as noted on the controls. So, if I tell you to use the "Grab" button, and you don't know what button that is, check the controls via one of the aforementioned methods and note which button is labelled "Grab".

Please note, this game auto-saves for you any time you complete a level. You should also note that it's rare (although possible) that you'll "die" in gameplay. Most often, if you run out of health, you'll have the chance to tap the indicated button ("Roar") to roar yourself back to life. Later in the game, there will be times when Elliot may be captured, or you'll fail at another task. If this happens, try again.

Everything else is explained as you encounter it in the walkthrough. Enjoy!

Begin the game by going into your options menu and checking the controls for both Boog and Elliot. Once you have a grasp on those, decide whether or not you want to reverse the camera. I'm always a fan of this, but it's a personal preference. When ready, hit "Accept" (or back out, if you didn't change anything), then select "Start Adventure" > "Dinkelman Dreams".

Your goal is to do just what the mission asks: Catch Dinkelman. Follow the big teddy across the river. Done. Now, wasn't that easy?

Ranger Badges:

At the beginning, turn around to spot the first Trash Badge.

On a flat rock, to the right of Dinkelman's first stop is the second Trash Badge.


Once you've completed the first mission you'll be put into a first person view and Beth will be calling Boog's name. Follow the arrows via the Camera Movement button or stick (right control stick on consoles). When Beth enters the garage, move over to her and hit the "Talk" button. Next, note the on-screen instructions on how to nod up and down yes or no (via camera controls). Answer either yes or no when Beth asks about the Dinkelman doll.

Look left of the shelves and you'll see a stack of tires with some white butterflies emerging from it. Dinkelman can be found inside this stack. Approach it and hit the "Grab" button. Next, exit the garage and talk to Beth. Nod up and down to let her know you found your doll, then approach the back of the jeep and you'll automatically hop in.

Beth's driving, you're grabbing badges. Simply lean with the "Boog Movement" button (left control stick on consoles), and grab badges you see via the "Grab" button. You can remain leaned in one position as long as you want. Collect as many badges as you can (you should have 70 by the end of the run).

When Beth leaves, follow the arrow to the deer strapped to the car. When you hit the right spot you'll zoom in closer to the trapped deer. After the conversation ends, lean right and "grab" to free the little guy.

Ranger Badges:

The Butterfly Badge is located behind the jeep.

The rest of the Badges are located along the road. Lean right or left to grab them.

Puni Mart Picnic

Move the camera in the direction of the arrow, and you'll spot Elliot slamming himself against the garage. Walk over to the white butterflies and "Grab" to open the garage. When the conversation comes to an end, walk outside of the garage.

Next you'll find yourself in an alley. Walk toward Elliot to be given your mission.

Cross the street (you have to move far from the shopping cart to pass), and move down the alley along the left side of the Puni Mart. Walk into the butterflies to complete the mission. Then, walk into the Puni Mart to begin the next mission.

Your goal is to eat 10 candy bars before time runs out. To do this, simply run up to each of the white butterfly covered candy bar display and "Grab" your bar (one per display).

Once this is complete, follow Elliot outside...

Ranger Badges:

The first Butterfly Badge is located on the front side of the Puni Mart, on the right side.

The second Butterfly Badge is located at the end of the left alley, next to the Puni Mart.

Both Trash Badges can be found in the alley behind the Puni Mart (to the left of the back entrance).

Wake in the Wild

Move forward and "Grab" Elliot. Once you have him you'll be told to throw him. To do this, run with Elliot in your hands to the butterfly spot up on the hill. Once there, you'll be given directions on how to throw (Hold the "Throw" button until the arch appears, then move the arch to the desired spot. Release "Throw" to throw".) You are to throw Elliot up on the rock to the left (there are more butterflies here). Do so.

Next, you are told to call Elliot back to you. To do this, return to the main path and locate the butterflies here. Stand in them and hit the indicated "Call" button.

When Elliot is back by your side walk up the tree trunk to the next set of butterflies, then to the set in the field beyond. Here you'll be told that you can throw rabbits just like you can throw Elliot (don't worry, they don't mind). Toss three bunnies into three bunny holes for 6 extra Wild Style Points. When you're done, move along the path to the right to the next butterfly patch.

Here you will meet McSquizzy. Once you've been humiliated by the little guy, grab Elliot then toss him at the squirrel (he's in the tree above the butterflies). When you knock him down, run past him to the next fluttery patch, where the level will come to an end.

Ranger Badges:

The first Butterfly Badge can be found to the right of the original throw spot.

The second Butterfly Badge in the spot where you throw Elliot.

The two Acorn Badges are in the field where you are told to throw bunnies.

Meet the Skunks

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Follow the instructions to shake the Porcupine off your butt then move down the trail. Cross the creek via the log, ignore the Skunk (even if you get sprayed) and continue along the trail to the two skunks in the butterflies.

In order to pass by the two skunks, you must bring them their babies back. Follow the on-screen directions to learn how to "Run", then run around the immediate area and pick up the five skunks. Grab one at a time, then toss it past Mom and Dad to get it to count. Again, they are all in the immediate area (the farthest I found one was at the base of the trail up the hill).

Learn your lesson now: A skunk is never satisfied. You now must collect five Grubs. To do this, move down the grub path that's indicated by the two arrows (to the right of the skunk path). Once you pass the skunk, you'll come to an area where you are told to smell for grubs. Hit the "Smell" button and you'll see some stinky objects appear in the tree patch ahead of you. Approach one of these objects and grab it to collect a grub. Collect all of the stinky grubs. (keep smelling if you don't spot any, and look behind all of the trees). Once you have all five, you'll be taken back to the skunks.

Make your way down the path, where you'll run into another squirrel. Toss Elliot at it and cross under the tree when it falls. Continue on and you'll run into a pretty doe.

Elliot wants to give Giselle flowers, but Giselle only likes purple flowers. No problem. Behind you are some red flowers. Collect them (move to the base of the ledge to reach the flowers). Next, move up the hill and grab the blue flowers. When you have one of each a purple bouquet will be made. Return to Giselle and present her with it. Ranger Badges:

The Butterfly Badge is up on a ledge opposite the two Skunk parents. Toss Elliot up on the ledge to collect it.

Find the Acorn Badge along the grub path.

The Mushroom Badge can be found once you've found each of the Grubs. Return to the Grub area and start sniffing. The Badge will appear along the outer edge of the area, overlooking the lake.

Hoof It!

This level is all about racing. No problem! Simply remember to hold the "Run" button, and jump, when necessary. You'll first jump over fences, then logs in the water. Next, you must avoid (and/or jump over) falling boulders. Finish by jumping over logs on the ground. If you lose, you must restart.

Ranger Badges:

Both Acorn Badges are located along the race track. One is above a fence, then other above a log. Jump to reach them both.

The Butterfly Badge can also be found along the track. It's after the falling boulders, between left wall and a tree. Jump to reach it.

Surprise! The Beetle Badges are also found along the track. They are the last two badge. The first is obvious, the second you must reach by jumping up on a rock first.

Scare Bear

Let Rosie the Skunk take the lead and follow her up the hill, then up the hill next to the cabin. Once you reach her, pick her up and toss her into the cabin's chimney. This will scare out the humans, freeing Rosie's man. Go down and meet the sweet couple, then move down the path behind them.

As you approach the next cabin, look left and you'll spot McSquizzy up in a tree. Go to him and you'll be taught how to Roar (press the "Roar" button, then let go when the cursor moves over the red section of the bar).

Now, if you simply walk up to the Logger to your right, you'll scare him away, which isn't the goal. You are to Roar him away. Go ahead and give it a try, as you need to do so in order to learn how to Hide and Sneak. Once you've failed and the Logger runs inside, continue along the path for Hide and Sneak instructions.

You can Hide and Sneak at any time, now that you've been taught to do so. Hit the indicated "Hide" button and Boog will quickly pull out some branches to look like a tree. Now, the goal is to use this Hide and Sneak to get close to a Logger. So, return to McSquizzy and wait for the Logger to come back out of the cabin. When he takes his place at the tree, move toward him (you can speed this process up by throwing a Skunk in the chimney).

As you get close to the Logger a green meter will appear at the top of your screen. You have until that green meter runs out to get into your "Hide" position, as that's when the Logger will turn around. So, hide, wait for the Logger to look, then take a few steps closer. Hide again. Repeat until the Proximity icon appears at the bottom of your screen. This means you're close enough to Roar. Hold down the "Roar" button, and release when the cursor moves into the red area (if you release outside of the red, you'll have to try again).

Once you've scared the first Logger, move down the path to find the second. Roar at him, then take on the two remaining Loggers, who are along the left side of the path. Please note, if you are having trouble scaring the Loggers at the trees, you can also throw the area Skunks their way (or in the cabins). This will cause the Skunks to spray the Loggers, which confuses the Loggers. When they're in this state, you can walk straight up to them and Roar.

Once all Loggers have been scared you'll be sent back to McSquizzy. He'll tell you to go into the cave behind him. Gather up all of your courage and do so.

Ranger Badges:

The Acorn Badge is located on the path beyond the skunks. Toss Elliot up on the ledge to grab it.

To locate the first Mushroom Badge, smell behind the first Logger's cabin.

To locate the second Mushroom Badge, move along the path to the last Logger's cabin and sniff. The Badge will appear to the left of it.

Mine Shafted

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This level begins with you in a mine cart, travelling along the tracks. You must control the mine cart via your "Jump" button and regular movement controls. Look out for arrows, which tell you which track you must take. When you see them, hold down your right or left control to move in that direction. If you miss, you'll either have to restart the section, or you'll be taken in a circle and have a chance to try again.

Along the tracks will be many jumps. When the track is broken, be sure to hit your "Jump" button to reach the next section.

The track gets harder to navigate as you move along it. Turns become sudden, and sometimes jumps are followed by quick turns. If you're having trouble hitting the direction buttons before the turns, simply keep it pressed for the stretch before you reach the turn (there's a long stretch near the end where you should just keep the left control down, as all you'll be making are left turns...although there is a final left, right left).

Reach the end of the tracks to complete the level.

Ranger Badges:

The first Acorn Badge is located at the top of the first jump you must make.

The first Beetle Badge is located at the top of one of the many following jumps you make.

The second Beetle Badge is located on the tracks (you can't miss it).

The second Acorn Badge is located at the top of the second jump you make outside.

The third Beetle Badge is, again, on the tracks (again, you can't miss it).

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