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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon

Petal Meadows

Save, then head east. You'll spot a dragon. No big deal, you're Mario! Note the rock formations and continue east. Hit the box for a treat, then continue east. Take on the Goombas, then hit the red block for the Close Call Badge. Equip it. When you get to the pipe, ignore it. Hit the brick block for coins, and cross the bridge.

Here, notice the spiked green patches of grass. Approach them and you'll get your exclamation point symbol. Hit "A" to reveal what, if anything, is behind these patches. Go to the dark green patch, activate it and a pipe will be revealed. Pass through it, then watch as you pop out in the background. Head right and hit the blue switch with your hammer to create a bridge. Before heading back down the pipe, continue right until you collect the Star Piece.

Back in the foreground, cross the bridge. Again, check the bushes. Behind one you'll find a Mystery box. Hit the box for a Fire Flower, then enter the village.


In Petalburg you'll be told of Hooktail, the dragon you saw earlier. You are also informed that you must speak with the Mayor, who lives in the pink house, just east of here. Check out this side of town first. Take a nap at the inn if you need HP. Even if you don't want to shop, check out the Store. I suggest buying a POW Block. Continue east and you'll come to the Mayor's house. Enter and speak to the Mayor. How you respond to him has no effect on gameplay.

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The Mayor will teach you about Stone Keys. You need to collect the Stone Keys to get to the castle to fight Hooktail. The Keys are located in Shwonk Fortress, just east of the village. Exit out and head east. You'll receive an e-mail. To check it, go into your "Start Menu", select "Gear", then scroll past "Items" to "Important Things". Read your e-mail, then continue on. The Koopa at the gate will let you pass through. Before you do you'll momentarily meet a cute Koopa with a Band-Aid on his nose. Poor guy. Continue along.

Search behind the bushes for a Star Piece. If you battle, you'll encounter your first Koopa Troopa. Your goal with Koopa Troopas is to knock them on their backs so you can damage them, and so they can't attack you. Do so by jumping on their heads. Koopa Troopas have 4 HP.

Here is where I earned my upgrade. This will vary with every player, as it depends which battles you choose to fight, and how many points you are awarded for you battles. When you earn an upgrade, you get a chance to increase your total HP, your total FP or your total BP (Badge Points). I opted for HP.

Continue into the fortress. Collect the POW Block from the yellow box if you so desire.

Shhwonk Fortress

Inside, approach either one of the pillars and hit "A". This will knock off the Bald Clefts. Battle them. Bald Clefts aren't harmed by fire, and they're barely damaged by your normal attacks. However, with only 2 HP, they are beautifully taken care of with POW Blocks. One will do the job. However, if you only have one, it's best to hold onto it. Use your Fright Mask and a perfect Hammer hit instead.

With the Bald Clefts behind you, pass through the next door. Make your way through the field and into the next pillar room. Again, approach either pillar and fight the Bristles. Like the Bald Clefts, these guys have only 2 HP and are impervious to fire. They have a high Defense (with their spikes and all), so you can neither jump on them nor hit them with a hammer. You'll have to use an item. This is where you should use the POW Block. Pass through the next door.

Grab the Fire Flower from the yellow block, and collect the Inn Coupon peeking out from behind a rock. Before passing through the next door you'll run into your first HP Block. HP Blocks refill the HP of you and your partner. However, they always cost the number of coins shown above...so beware.

Inside, save, then approach the pillar. Hit "A" and take the challenge.

It's Q and A time. You need to answer three of the five questions correctly, or face a battle. Avoid the battle and answer "Stone Keys", "16 Coins", "Kroop", "Hooktail Castle" and "Go Through a Pipe". Jump down the revealed pipe.

First grab the Multibounce Badge from the Red Block, then head west. Take on the approaching Fuzzies (3 HP, A 1, D 0), and make your way to the Moon Stone. Collect it and fight the four Fuzzies (The Multibounce, POW Blocks and Fire Flowers work beautifully). Next, head east, past the pipe from which you entered, all of the way to the Sun Stone. Again, fight the Fuzzies. With the Sun and the Moon Stones is hand, head for the Mayor's house in Petalburg.

Before exiting out of the Fortress sewers, you'll run into a Gold Fuzzy (HP 10, A 1, D 0). Start to battle him. When you whittle him down to 6 HP, his minions will come out. The troop of Fuzzies has 20 HP. Ignore them (except be sure to defend yourself when the attack), and focus on the Gold fella. When you take the big guy out, they'll all disappear.

Petalburg and Petal Meadows

Mayor Kroop and the villagers will tell you to head west and look for some strange rock formations. Head west. Here you'll meet the sad little Koopa you met earlier. This is Koops. Allow him to join your team, and you'll be taught his abilities. Koops's greatest asset is his shell. When you're walking around town, tap "X" to shoot out his shell. This allows you to grab distant items. Next, hold down "X" and note that his shell stays in place. Release to have the shell shoot back. Koops is very handy in the hitting switches department. In battle, Koops's Shell Toss does some decent damage to enemies on the ground. His Power Shell attack hits everyone on the ground, if timed correctly. Remember, pull left, then let go with the red star indicator lights up.

On your trek west to the strange rock formations, you'll pass that pipe we ignored earlier. Hop in it. At the top of the high pipe, hit "X" and use Koops's shell to grab the Happy Heart Badge. The Happy Heart Badge, when equipped, will slowly restore health for you, when you're in battle. Hop off the pipe and continue west.

When you reach the rock formations, approach the rocks missing the Stones. Insert the stones by hitting "A", and two switches will be revealed. The trick with the switches is they have to be hit at exactly the same moment. Mario and Koops must work together. So, stand on the west side of the west block, and face west. Hit "X" and hold it. Run to the east block, release "X" and quickly hit "B". Doing this will reveal a pipe. Pass through it. Move through the background and enter the castle.

Hooktail Castle

Inside the castle (or the entryway to the castle), Save then pass through the door. You cannot cross the bridge here. Instead, move down the stairs, jump across the platforms, and use Koops to grab the HP Plus Badge. Return to the castle entry and jump on the yellow spring behind the pillar. Hop up to the platform above. Use the special block to regain HP, if you need it, then exit out to the east. Stand on the airplane panel and fly across (right and left movement on your control stick) to the other side of the ruined bridge. Enter the castle.

Inside the castle you'll run into your first Paratroopa (HP 4, A 2, D 1). Hop on them to get them grounded, then fight them as Koopas. Collect the Power Bounce Badge from the red block, then pass through the east door. Inside Koops will find some bones that he believes belong to his father. Read the letter in the bone pile. You'll discover Hooktail's weakness, the sound of crickets. Alrighty then. Continue east. Note the pink key behind the bars, then deal with the pink pile of bones.

When you approach the pink pile of bones, you'll be attacked. You'll be forced into the middle of the room. Use your hammer to work your way back over to the Red Bones (HP 5, A 3, D 1), and you'll go into battle with Red Bones and four Dull Bones (HP 1, A 2, D 1). Use a POW Block and your Hammer attacks or Koops's Power Shell to take them out. Pass through the door the Red Bones was blocking.

Take on the enemies you care to take care of, collect the Shine Sprite from the Special Block and climb the stairs. Drop down on the ledge below and hit the purple small triangle block. This will drop a block above, allowing you to climb up the to concrete crate. Climb up, jump to the next crate, then smash the yellow crate to get it out of the way. Drop back down and thwack the yellow small triangle block. This will raise the large triangle block. Stand under it, then hit the red switch with Koops's shell. This will move the staircase. Climb it and use Koops's shell again to collect the Castle Key, then one more time to hit the red switch again to put the stairs back in their original position. Climb the stairs and use the Castle Key on the lock.

Save, ignore the stairs for now, and continue through the next door. Here you'll find a red switch. Stand next to it, then hold "X" to toss out Koops's shell and keep it in place. Run Mario over to the last jail cell, then release "X". When Koops's shell hits the switch, pass under the bars. Head right.

Here you have another black treasure chest. Ignore it for now and pass through the next door. Here, collect the Black Key from the normal treasure chest, then make your way through the spike maze to return to the black treasure chest. Release the guy inside any you'll find yourself cursed again! NO! Oh wait, it's a good thing. Hold the "R" button to move through narrow openings. Return to the jail cell room, and hit "R" to slip through the bars. Head to the first cell and slip through the bars to collect the Attack FX R Badge. Equip it and use your hammer. Sounds like crickets!

Return to the room with the Save Block and the stairs. Save. We're still not going upstairs quite yet. Instead, return to the room where you battled the Red Bones, to where we noted the pink key behind the bars earlier. One of the bar structures is missing its crossbars. Hit "R" and slip through the vertical bars, then run and grab the Castle Key. Now return to the room with the Save Block, the stairs, and the green triangle blocks. Stand on the large green triangle block, toss Koops's shell at the smaller block, and ride the large block up.

Climb the stairs up to the locked door and open it up with your Castle Key. Use the Special Block if you need HP, then hit the switch to create a path for you. Use Koops's shell to hit the next switch, and move along. When you get to another dead end, jump out the window. However, before heading west, move east along the outside rim to grab the Star Piece. Cross the gap, hop back inside, then pass through the door.

Again you have green triangle blocks. Stand next to the small one, release Koops's shell in the opposite direction, and hold it there. Move Mario onto the larger block, then release "X". This will take you to the above level. Head west first, and you'll run into a mouse. He tells you about the Attack FX R Badge. We already have it. When Ms. Mouse leaves, collect the Shine Sprite and the many goodies inside the many treasure chests, including a Castle Key. Exit out and pass through the locked door. Fight the enemies you care to fight. Smash the small yellow triangle block to lower the larger one, then use Koops's shell to hit it again to raise you up.

Slip through the bars and walk along the narrow path to the airplane panel. Slip through the bars to the airplane panel, then pass through the opening on the back side. Walk east along this path to collect the Star Piece, then return to airplane panel. Hit "Y" and fly to the east door. Pass through.

Move down the staircase and hit the small yellow triangle block. The large block will drop. Use Koops's shell to collect the Castle Key. If you want the Last Stand P Badge (your ally takes 1/2 damage when in danger), then drop down through the opening. You'll land on the large yellow triangle block. Grab the badge, then make your way all of the way around and back to the room from which you just fell. This time, climb the stairs up.

At the top of the stairs, collect the Shine Sprite and pass through the locked door. Move across the bridge. Take on the enemies you want to fight, then work your way up and around the stairs of the tower to the top. Save and use the Special Block if your HP is low. After all, you're about to fight the Boss.

Boss Fight: Hooktail

Make sure your Attack FX R Badge is equipped before passing through the doors. I started off by using Goombella's tattle skill to provide me with Hooktail's information (HP 20, A 5, D 1). Use your hammer attack against him (use your Power Smash for extra damage) as it emits the cricket sound that Hooktail so hates. Continue with Goombella's Headbonk attack, and use your Sweet Treat when you feel low (you have a large audience, after all). Once you run his HP out, Hooktail will begin bribing you. Don't accept any of the bribes.

Hooktail will grow aggravated, he'll take out your audience, and he'll regain 10 HP. Continue with your Hammer and Headbonk attacks. Upon defeating Hooktail, you'll meet Koops's father, you'll receive the Crystal Star, and you'll learn the Earth Tremor special move.

Post Chapter 1

As the chapter ends, you'll be switched to Peach. Head west first to take a quick shower, then move all of the way east. Speak with the computer and send Mario an e-mail. Next, you'll be in control of Bowser. Simply walk the red carpet and have the conversation with Kammy Koopa.

Next up you'll be back in Petalburg. Slip through the Mayor's fence for the Mega Rush P Badge, then make your way all of the way west to the entrance to Rogueport's Underworld. Along the way you'll receive Peach's e-mail. Good to know that the lady is safe.

Work your way through the Underworld and back to the Thousand-Year Door (check the Prologue if you've forgotten how). Before standing on the pedestal, slip through the bars, jump on the spring, then use the airplane panel to the Shine Sprite. Once you have that, stand on the pedestal and watch the magic happen.

You'll be transported back to the Professor's. Speak with him and you'll learn of your next destination: Boggly Woods. Exit out. Speak to Luigi, if you care to do so. He'll tell you the Tale of the Waffle Kingdom Letter. Good to know.

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Now, our goal is to find the path to Boggly Wood. However, before we do that, head east. If you want to fight Gus (HP 20, A 3, D 0), the guard, go for it. Otherwise, pay him off and go to the second door. This is the Trouble Center. Read the notes on the board and choose to help someone, if you so desire. Doing so will earn you rewards. If you choose to help someone, you need to finish your job, or pay a cancel. I chose to help Mayor Kroop here, and by doing so, I earned a Turtley Leaf. If you want one, (replenishes 3 FP), go for it, otherwise, head down into the Underworld of Rogueport.

To get to Boggly Woods from the Underworld, travel as though you were returning to the Thousand-Year Door. Along the way you'll run into a little mouse like creature. When you find him, he'll crawl through a hole. Slip through the bars of the cell next to the hole, and pass through the door. Speak to him. Convince him you're a good guy, and he'll learn to trust you. His name is Punio. Follow Punio, then pass through the door he reveals. Meet up with him on the other side and pass through the pipe.
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