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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree

Boggly Woods

Save and head east. You'll run into the gang that was sent out to find Mario. They're having some personal problems. Note that they speak of a Necklace, and move on. You'll run into your first Pale Piranha (HP 4, A 2, D 0). Battle him (don't jump on him) and any Clefts (HP 2, A 2, D 2) you care to battle. The Power Smash Hammer attack and POW blocks are good to use in this area.

Continue to take on enemies until you reach the pipe. Pass through it then make your way to the Great Tree. The Tree is sealed up. Punio will run up one of its roots. Follow him up and he'll tell you of a secret entrance. You need to find Madame Flurrie to find the entrance. Before you return to the pipe, grab the FP Plus Badge which is behind the small waterfall coming down the tree, along its right side. Return to the pipe, pass through, and continue heading east. Grab the Inn Coupon along the way.

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Eventually you'll get to an area where you need to reach a high up door. First, move as far east as you can and find the opening below the platform that leads to the row of trees along the back. Under the trees, head west, grab the Star Piece and hit the switch. Hitting the switch will raise the airplane panel. Step into the pipe opening and fly over to the platform. Hit the red block for the Quake Hammer Badge, and continue east. Look out for the Dark Puff (HP 3, A 2, D 0) enemies along the way. Also, thwack the tree next to the Dark Puff for a Star Piece.

Continue east. Hit the special block if you want HP, then slip through the opening in the bushes to the pipe. Move through the pipe to the background, and enter Madame Flurrie's house. Inside, save, then you'll learn Madame Flurrie is missing her Necklace. We know who has that necklace. Head all of the way west, back to the gang of thugs, the Shadow Beauties, and fight them. Marilyn should be taken out first, as she can charge up her attacks, follow by Vivian (HP 10, A 1, D 0) and Beldam (HP 9, A 1, D 0). When you defeat them, you'll receive the Necklace. Return to Madame Flurrie's and give her the Necklace. By doing so, Madame Flurrie will become part of your party. Madame Flurrie will exhale strong gusts when you hit "X". Hold down "X" for a constant stream. In battle she'll use a Body Slam attack. Use your control stick to put the cursor in the circle to successfully pull a Body Slam off.

With Madame Flurrie on your side, return to the Great Tree. Along the way you'll receive an e-mail. Read it and continue along. At the Great Tree, climb up the root where Punio climbed to tell you about the secret entrance. Get as close to the tree as possible, then hit "X". Madame Flurrie will blow open the secret entrance. Punio will pass through and unlock the door. Enter the Great Tree.

Great Tree

Upon entering the tree, you'll run into some of Lord Crump's minions. These are the X-Nauts (HP 4, A 3, D 0). Fight them. When you defeat them they'll run away and the Punies will emerge. You'll learn Petuni has been taken. You need to find the imprisoned Punies if you want full Punie support. Save, hit the Special Block if you need HP, and pass through the pipe.

When you emerge from the pipe you'll run into a machine with a pressure pad, that seems to be missing something. Pass by and move through the next pipe. Be sure to check the bushes for goods, and fight the enemies who come your way. You'll meet a Yux (HP 3, A 2, D 0) in battle. They're easy to deal with, as long as no Mini-Yuxes (HP 1, A 0, D 0) are around. If that's the case, the Yux will be protected from item attacks. So, be sure to take out the Mini-Yuxes first.

Continue fighting and moving up the pipes until you come to the locked up Punies. Speak with them, then move west. You'll run into Ms. Mouse and the X-Naut she took out. Fight the X-Naut and he'll give up the Red Key. Open the chest for an Ultra Shroom. Head back to the Punies and unlock the Elder with the Red Key. The Elder will lecture you, then disappear down the pipe. Follow him and return to your Great Tree entrance. The Punies will join your team (thanks to the Elder). The Elder will tell you to return to her if you lose any of your Punies. You'll also receive the Puni Orb. With the Punies and the Puni Orb in hand, head up one level to the machine with the pressure pad. Insert the Puni Orb into the machine, and the 10 Punies will weigh down the pad. A pipe will emerge. Grab the Puni Orb, collect the Punies and go down the pipe.

Fight the X-Naut. There's a pipe leading down, another Puni Machine, a locked door with a console next to it, and a ledge to the east. First, hit the console. You it locks and unlocks the door. Unlock the door and pass through. You'll recognize the area. This is where you started your journey inside the tree. Fill up your HP and Save. Return to the previous room.

Head to the ledge. Drop down and you'll spot a large bubble. Collect the Shine Sprite from the box, and check the bushes for goodies. Go up the pipe and insert the Puni Orb into the machine. A while glow will appear. Walk your Punies into that glow and they'll group up. With Madame Flurrie, blow them over the ledge. The Punies will fall. Wait and you'll see them emerge, trapped in bubbles. Again, hit "X" and blow the bubbles with the Punies inside of them over to the ledge across the way. Repeat the process until all 11 Punies are carried away. Grab the Puni Orb, jump over the pillar and over to your Punies. Move the group down the pipe.

Here you'll run into the Piders (HP 5, A 2, D 0). Piders scare the Punies, and the Punies will retreat when the Piders drop. So battle the Piders to get rid of them. Gather your Punies and move down the next pipe. Note the large block with the Shine Sprite atop it, and continue down the next pipe.

It's a Jabbi sighting. Follow the Jabbi east. A little Jabbi army will appear in front of you. Have Madame Flurrie blow the little guys against wall. The Punies will move in and take them out. The Punies will then destroy the Jabbi hive. Pass through the new opening.

In the next room, drop to the lower level and collect the Blue Key from the treasure chest. Note your surroundings. The Punie, the Star, then Moon, the Sun and the wooden panel. Exit back out of the room. To successfully move on, we need the locked up Punies. So, with your Blue Key, make your way all of the way back up to the cages (don't worry about leaving your Punies behind, you'll be right back here, and they'll wait for you). Unlock the blue cage and release the gang. Punio will eat a mushroom, and you'll have 101 Punies on your side. Return to your waiting Punies, then go down to the room where you first spotted the single Jabbi (use your same Punie bubble trick to move the entire group).

Drop down if you want to save, otherwise, move west. You'll come across some Piders, who will prevent your boys from crossing. So, strike them with Koops's shell and battle. To hit the red block, use Koops's Shell to reveal a block below it. Use this block to collect the Damage Dodge P Badge. Here, it's battle time again! Blow the Jubbis against the wall and your Punies will, again, take them, and their hive, out. Pass through the opening.

Take on any enemies, jump down the pipe, then pass the tree stump (grab the Star Piece and move through the east opening. Place the Puni Orb in the Puni machine. You'll be trapped. Slip through the bars and move down the pipe. Your Punies will be just fine.

Note the pillars: Sun, Moon, Punie, Star. Hit the switch, collect the Star Piece and move back up the pipe. Make your way all of the way back to the room with the same pillars, through the first hive door to the east. Here will be some white blocks. Hit the white blocks until the pillars behind them read Sun, Moon, Punie, Star. This will reveal a new opening. Move through it. Open the treasure chest and collect the Super Boots. Jump in mid-air to butt slam (Spin Jump). You can use the butt slam to break those wooden panels we've been seeing.

Exit out and butt slam the panel. You'll drop down into a new area. Bounce around to the Shine Sprite, and use the Shell to grab the Charge Badge.

Return up the pipe and head all of the way west. Ignore the wooden panel you pass as you go, and return to the room with the trapped Punies. Slip back in the cage and bust through the wooden panel. With the Puni Orb still in place, your Punies will all be gathered in front of the hole. Blow them down into the hole, collect the Puni Orb, then gather the gang. Your Punies are free! Woohoo!

Backtrack past the tree stump room and up to room with the next Puni machine and wooden panel. Again, place the Puni Orb to gather your Punies, bust through the wooden panel, blow your Punies down the hole, grab the Puni Orb and move down the pipe atop the tree stump.

Here, fight the Yux and lead your Punies down the pipe to the level below. Move down the next two pipes. Cross the pillars, then move Boohoo up the pipe to the east. Stand on the blue switch. This will make the other blue switch disappear. Stand as close to the water as you can, and shoot out a Shell and hold it just past the blue switch that disappeared. Move off the blue switch and Koops's Shell will hit the switch, filling the area below, and revealing a treasure chest. Pop open the treasure chest and collect the Shrink Stomp. Move down the pipe and meet up with the Punies.

Move across the water, collect the Shine Sprite, and go down the next pipe. Place the Puni Orb in the machine and you'll be lowered into a new area. Save, fill up your HP and move east. Place the Puni Orb in the next machine and your Crystal Star will be revealed...and stolen. You have 300 seconds to escape the tree...and doing battle doesn't stop the time clock.

Pull out the Puni Orb and head through the pipe. Evade the enemies, and use the console to open the door. Pass through and move up the next pipe. Continue to work your way up and out. You'll have to use the bubbles again. Do so and pass through the door. Save, refuel on HP, and head west. It's boss time!

Boss Fight: Magnus Von Grapple Lord Crump has jumped into a machine called Magnus (HP 30, A 2, D 1)! You must defeat him. Your Spin Jump attack works beautifully against him, if timed right. Magnus will launch his fists at you. Take them and their 2 HP out, as they pack quite the punch. I found Madame Flurrie to be the best partner here, as her Body Slam attack works on Magnus and his fists. His attacks aren't too damaging, so it's a fairly easy fight.

Upon defeating Magnus you'll earn the Emerald Crystal Star and a new Special Move, the Clock Out! End of Chapter.

Post Chapter 2

Move through the dialogue. As Peach, head back to the TEC (computer). You'll have to dance with yourself. Dance by hitting the correct buttons as they're called out. When you're done, send your message.

Next up, you're Bowser, in a very "Super Mario Bros." scene. Move though until you make it to the end. Be sure to collect the meat to grow. Move Bower through Petalburg, then return to your position outside the Great Tree. Make your way all of the way back to the Rogueport Underworld and the Thousand-Year Door. Check your e-mail along the way.

Upon giving up your Emerald Crystal star, you'll be taken back to the Professor's. You'll learn the next Crystal Star is in the floating town of Glitzville. You need to get a blimp ticket. You need to talk to Don Pianta on the west side. Exit out and head west. Note that before exiting this area, the brick wall before the archway is camouflaged. There's an opening here, leading you to a couple of characters and a Star Piece.

Go as far west as you can go and you'll run into the little Toadette whose contact lens you destroyed earlier. You need to find her a contact lens to pass through. Oy. There are no contact lenses in town. So, go to the store and speak to the first Toad. He'll order one. Play around town a bit (maybe check out the Trouble Center) and return later for your Contact Lens (10 Coins). With your contact lens, head to the Toadette and give it to her. She'll move. Before passing through enter here kitchen. Zess T. will offer to cook items up for you. Give her a Mushroom and she'll whip up a Shroom Fry, which provides 6 HP an 2 FP. Good trade! Exit out and continue west.

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Speak to the characters around this side of town, and you'll learn you need to speak with Ishnail, the Robbo head, who is all of the way east of town. Make your way east to the Trouble Center. Slip between the Trouble Center and the building next door by hitting "R". Open up the door and you'll be in the Robbo Thieves fortress. Pay the 64 Coins for the info. If you need money, head to the badge store through the top of the inn and sell some of your unused badges.

Ishnail will tell you of the Parlor in the west part of town. Next to the Parlor is a store. You are to purchase a Dried Shroom and a Dizzy Dial (in that order). When asked what your favorite color is, you are to say "Yellow". Follow these instructions, and say "Yellow" in reply to both questions. Pass through the newly unlocked door and move up the stairs. Walk into Don Pianta's office and ask for a ticket. He'll give you the ticket if you find his daughter and her new husband. He'll show you a picture of the couple, one is yellow, the other is aqua blue.

Exit out of Don Pianta's and head east, then down to the docks to find the happy couple. Agree to keep their secret, then tell Don that you won't give them up. Francesca and Frankie will walk in. They will plead their case and you will receive a Blimp Ticket. Exit out then head down the alley to the Blimp. You'll get an e-mail. Check it and continue on. Collect the Star Piece and move down the pipe. Hop on the Blimp and fly away.

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