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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory


Save, check out your surrounding, collect the Inn Coupon and use your hammer under the Shine Sprite to get to it. Next, locate the blue switch, make your way to the top of it and butt slam it. This will give you access to the roof above. Open the chest for the Power Plus P Badge and note the airplane panel. Once this is done, enter the glass building.

Inside, move up the stairs and pass through the double doors. You'll witness a fight. The Crystal Star is on the Champ's belt. Choose to battle your way to the top. Move down the stairs and speak to the guard of the west door. He'll tell you to meet Mr. Grubba. Pass through the door, save, move around the corner and speak to the guard to enter Mr. Grubba's office (if you want, move along to the open crate first and grab the Last Stand Badge from inside. Speak the Grubba, follow him around and sign the contract. You'll be taken to your locker room. Use the console to Reserve a Match.

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Your first battle is against the Goomba Bros. You are told to appeal to the crowd at least once. Easy enough. Wait for security to come and get you, speak to him, and you'll find yourself in your first match. You have to win AND you have to appeal to the audience at least once. When you defeat them you'll be introduced to the locker room guys. You'll learn the bed in the locker room will refill HP and FP. Do so and return to the terminal.

Below you will find summaries of each battle. Note that the requirement you have for any particular battle changes. I'm providing my requirements in hopes they will help some of you. Also note that even if you win the fight, you won't move up in the ranks if you don't meet the given requirement.

Fight number two requires that you use at least one Special Move against the Koopas. Easy enough. Take on the boys with your Earth Tremor. That will take them out.

Fight number three is against the Pokey Triplets. Here you can't switch partners. So, make sure you enter with Koops. Use your Quake Hammer and your Power Shell to beat them.

Fight number four is against the Dead Bones. Here you can't use your Hammer. Ouch. Ah well. Again, the Power Shell attack works wonders.

Fight number five is against the Spike Storm. No switching out partners again, so it's Kroops from the get go. Spin Jump the Lakitu, Quake Hammer to flip the Spinies and have Kroops take care of them.

Fight number six is against the Hand-It-Overs. Again, you'll need to appeal to the crowd. I went in with Kroops as my partner. Watch out, as these little rascals will steal your items and coins.

Fight number seven is against the Mind-Bogglers. Here you have to use at least one Special Move. Again, I used the Earth Tremor. Do it fully and take all of the enemies out.

Fight number eight is against the Punk Rocks. Here you can't use any Special Moves. Use your Quake Hammer, then Koops's Power Shell.

Fight number nine is against the Bob-omb Squad. Again, you can't use Special Moves. Again, the Quake Hammer followed by the Power Shell will take care of business.

Fight number ten is against the Armored Harriers. Here you must close the deal in fewer than five turns. I actually lost this fight the first time around, and I went outside to see what the infamous Hot Dogs were about. When I did, I discovered an escaped egg. Get close to it and it will be placed on top of the Hot Dog stand. Climb up to the airplane panel we revealed earlier, and fly over to it. Let him follow you. This is a good thing, as the Hot Dog is merely a 5 HP and 5 FP booster (good, but we don't need that now). Back to the Harriers! The funny thing here is you can't beat these guys. Fight them one more time and lose, and your egg will turn into YOSHI! You get to name him. I chose "Lunabean".

Yoshi will carry you, if you press "X". While on Yoshi, hit "A" to briefly float. His battle attacks are the Ground Pound and the Gulp. Re-enter the arena. This time I was told to not use any Special Moves. Who needs special moves when we have Yoshi? Here I faced the Hand-It-Overs again. I'm guessing this is because I lost a couple of times. Use this battle to practice your new Yoshi Skills, then face the Armored Harriers.

This time fighting the Armored Harriers, I was required to use one Special Move. Since I only had one Special Dot, the Sweet Treat it was! Use it and Yoshi's Gulp attack twice to defeat these guys. YAY! It's a new locker room for you!

In the new locker room you'll learn there's a man named "X" who you need to speak to concerning the Crystal Star. With that in mind, plug into the new terminal and Reserve a Match. Here we go again.

Fight number eleven is against the Tiny Spinies. You have to appeal to the crowd at least three times. Quake Hammer these guys to flip them, appeal with Yosh. Repeat, then, on your third turn, appeal first, then take the Spinies out.

Fight number 12 is against the Poker Faces. No Special Moves here. No problem. Just Quake Hammer these guys and you're done.

After fight number 12 you'll get another e-mail from "X". It says go to the Watering Hole outside the Pit. Go for it. Exit the building and head to the juice bar. Inside you'll get a package from "X", then Super Hammer! Go through the tutorial with Toadette. Hold "B", spin your control stick, then release "B" to launch the attack. You are taught your new Super Hammer can bust through big blocks. You are told by "X" to use this on the block in the first locker room. Head there and bust through the blockade. Climb up the computer desk, hop on Yoshi's back and hit "A" to float across to collect the Dubious Paper. Exit out and it will be taken away. Hm. Head back to your locker room and reserve match thirteen.

Fight number thirteen is against the Shellshockers. Use one Special Move. I used the Sweet Treat. From there the Super Hammer attacks and the Gulp worked wonders. However, your fight is not over. You must now face the Armored Harriers again. Gulp and Super Hammer them, too. You'll receive another e-mail...a threat this time. Ah well. The fight must go on.

Fight number fourteen is against The Fuzz. Here there will be no switching partners. Stick with Yosh. Use a couple of Super Hammers and a Gulp to take the Fuzz down. Upon defeating these guys, a mysterious piece of cake will be waiting for you. I didn't eat it.

Fight number fifteen involves the Magikoopa Masters. No switching of partners again. Yosh again. Super Hammer and Gulp the grounded enemies. Your airborne enemy may multiply. Attack one of the bodies to unite it again. Work on the single attacker as normal. Once you defeat them, it's Bowser time. Jeez. Your Hammer and your items (Fire Flowers are nice) are your best bet here. While I didn't get to check Bowser's stats (as I didn't want to change out Yosh), he had about 30 HP.

Between fight fifteen and sixteen, I went outside and did some item and hot dog shopping. I suggest doing the same if you're running low.

Fight number sixteen is against Craw-Daddy. No partner changes here. Yosh or Koops can be used here. Koops can do damage, but I used my partner as the item guy, so it didn't matter. Super Hammer and item away to toast this guy.

After fight sixteen you'll be told to go out to the phone booth. Again, exit the building and head to the phone booth. In the phone booth you'll find the Storage Key. It opens the door to the storage room inside the Glitz Pit. Return to the Glitz Pit and move down the halls until you get to the room past Grubba's office. Ignore the warning and open it up. Inside you'll find Ms. Mouse, and you'll receive another e-mail. You have to find the stairs to the attic. Easy enough.

First, use Madame Flurrie's breath to remove the covers from the crates. Next, use your hammer to destroy the crates. Behind the group on the right is the Charge P Badge. Behind the group to the left is a switch. Hit it. Stairs! Move up the stairs.

Ignore the locked door, grab the Shine Sprite, and use the short crate to get up to the high crate. Float across to the left with Yosh, and destroy the large crate with your Power Hammer. Float across the crates again, if you want the HP Plus P Badge, then fall down into the revealed pit. Under the floor you'll see a spot of light. Walk up to it and hit "A" to hear the conversation below. "Squeak" when prompted. Make your way over to the grate, hit "R" and slip through. Exit out of the storage room and return to your fighting.

Fight number seventeen is against Hamma, Bamma and Flare. No Special Moves. Alrighty then. Hammer and Gulp away. No problem. After the fight another threatening e-mail will arrive.

Fight number eighteen is against Chomp Country. You need one Special Move here. Before going into the fight you'll receive another piece of cake. I said yes this time, which was a mistake. Yosh will go down if you eat the cake. Drat! This means Mario must fight alone! I used the Clock Out Special Move to immobilize my enemies while alone, then I hammered away. Not too tough.

Fight number nineteen is against The Koopinator. Again, no Special Moves. Grr. The Koopinator is a Dark Koopatrol (HP 25, A 5, D 2). I used the Super Hammer and the Thunder Bolt item to take on this guy. It's not difficult.

After reaching the number one rank, "X" tells you to remove the Great Gonzales (Mario) posters from the lobby. Move out to the lobby and use Madame Flurrie to remove the posters. Get the ones upstairs and you'll receive the Storage Key. Return to the Storage Room, run up the stairs and use the key on the locked door. Ride Yosh across the crates and destroy the large crate. Here you will find some smashed characters. Exit and you'll be spotted. Alrighty then.

Return to the locker room and enter the Title Match. You need to use one Special Move here. You'll be taken somewhere else. The Rawk will show up to fight, and you'll find yourself locked in the locker room. You need to break out. Make Madame Flurrie blow the poster off the right wall, and move through the opening. Pass through the next door. Cross through this locker room and enter the bathroom. Stand on the bowl and treat it like a pipe. Move down and you'll pop out in your locker room. Exit out into the hall and go through the double doors to your right.

You'll discover Rawk Hawk (HP 40, A 3, D 1) has been the evil behind all of the...well, evil. Take him on! I simply used my various Hammer attacks, a few items, and the Goombella Headbonk. When you defeat him, you'll receive the Champ's Belt. Ms. Jolene will lead you to the Champ's Room. You'll hear a voice from the grate and you'll receive an e-mail.

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Climb the gifts, then float Yosh over the door, then over to the grate above the cabinet. Wind up your hammer to smash through the grate. Move through the air duct. Listen to the conversation, then bust through the next grate. Check Grubba's desk and you'll find a piece of paper. The Crystal is being used under the fighting ring to suck the power out of people. Run after Grubba and into the ring. Hop up onto the stage and you'll be taken to your boss fight. Oy.

Boss Fight: Macho Grubba

Macho Grubba (HP 60, A 4, D 0) has an attack pattern. First, he increases the number of times he can attack, then he powers himself up. Note the power ups and deal with the accordingly. Protect yourself from his attacks. He's not too fast, so it's fairly easy to defend yourself. I simply used the Power Hammer attack and Goombella's Headbonk. I used one Earth Tremor, too. That's all it took.

Upon defeating Grubba, you'll discover "X". You'll reunite brother and sister, and you'll receive the Crystal Star. All in a day's work. You'll also receive the Power Lift Special Move.

Post Chapter 3

Move through the conversation and, again, head to TEC. You will be told to take the elevator upstairs, steal a soldier's uniform, and speak to Sir Grodus as a soldier. Hop into the elevator and through the first door to the right. Open the lockers to find the uniform, then enter a changing room to put it on. Exit out and head through the east door. Speak with Grodus, change back into your clothes and exit out. E-mail Mario and head back to your room.

As Bowser, locate the Punies behind the bush and move through the conversation.

As Mario, move out onto the Blimp landing pad and take the Cheep Blimp back to Rogueport. In Rogueport, head to the Underworld and the Thousand-Year Door. Give up your Crystal Star. You'll be transported to the Professor's. After scaring you, he'll reveal the name of the next Crystal Star location: Twilight Town. You are told there is a pipe underneath the west part of Rogueport leading to the town.

Exit and you'll get and e-mail. Head to the west end of town. Find the grate in the center, hit "R" and slip through. Fall to the floor below and battle the Spinias (HP 3, A 1, D 0). Save. If you move up the pipe, you'll emerge atop the tall pipe in Rogueport. Go ahead and do this, then return through the grate.

This time, hop on Yosh and float to the east side. Collect the Shine Sprite, go down the green pipe to collect the Star Piece in the background, then pass through the green door. Here is the brown pipe leading to Twilight Town. Try moving down it. You'll be rejected. Return to the Professor's, where you'll be given a tip: Locate Darkly.

Darkly is located behind the Professor's house. Get to him by exiting and moving through the optical illusion that is the brick wall. He's the greenish guy in the back. He tells you you need something with your name written on it to pass through the pipe. He'll write your name on you. Return to the pipe and pass through.
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