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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls

Twilight Town Talk to Freddy. He'll turn into a pig. Next up is Mayor Dour. Dour will tell you of the cursing of the town and Creepy Steeple, where the Crystal Star is located. Exit out, explore your surroundings, locate the Star Pieces and Save. Head east.

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Check out the houses here. There's one house with a mom and her kids. She asks for food. I had none to give, and she turned into a pig. You'll find an item shop with no items and a pig husband. You're told you can use what's in the storage room, but you'll discover the key was lost in the woods. You'll also find an empty house. Continue east. You'll learn you need the mayor's permission to pass through the woods. Return to the mayor's house. He's a pig! No! Return to the gate to find the gatekeeper's been cursed. Move through the gate.

Enter the shed to collect the Black Key. Continue east. Take on the Hyper Goombas (HP 8, A 2, D 0). Try not to let them charge up, as their attack power will be 8 if they do. Smash the blocks as you go along. You'll eventually come to a downed tree with the Shop Key on the other side. Use Koops's Shell to collect it, then return to the item shop.

In the item shop, unlock the door. Collect the many goodies in the storage room, and use your Black Key on the black treasure chest. Cursed again! Good. This time you'll learn to roll. To do so, press and hold "R" then rotate your control stick repeatedly. Press "B" to return to normal. Easy enough. Head back east to the downed tree and roll under it.

Collect the Star Piece from behind the tree, then blow (Madame Flurrie) the needles off the next tree to reveal the pipe. Pass through it. In the background, head west and into the woods.

The Woods

Fight the enemies you encounter, including the new Crazee Dayzee (HP 7, A 2, D 0). Look out for her lullaby (guard against it), which will put you to sleep. Hit the blocks, slip through the opening in the grass and continue west, fighting as you go. Along the way you'll fight a Hyper Cleft (HP 4, A 3, D 3), who is merely a Cleft who uses charged attacks. Your Hammer works well against him. Collect the Hammer Throw Badge from the red block.

You'll encounter another tree blocking your path. Use Madame Flurrie to blow a hole through it, and pass through. In the background move east into the woods.

Move east and you'll see what appears to be a circular shadow on the ground. Blow on it to reveal a wooden panel. Butt-slam it and fall down. You'll pop up in the background. Go east and push the rock east, which will move the rock in the foreground east, revealing a hole. Return to the foreground and fall down this new hole. It will pop you out on the other side. Continue moving along. You'll eventually get to the Creepy Steeple.

Creepy Steeple

Save, collect HP (if not for you, for those in your party). Fall down the well, fight the Buzzy Beetle (HP 5, A 3, D 4) (jump to flip him, then do your damage), collect the Shine Sprite and head east. You'll be attacked by some Spike Tops (HP 5, A 3, D 4). Use your Quake Hammer to flip these guys. Fighting will provide you with the Power Jump Badge and the Tornado Jump Badge. Note the door that can be pushed up (and falls back into position), then return to the base of the well and bounce outside. Here roll under the opening to the fence.

Pass through the doors and enter the Creepy Steeple. First, find the opening in the back wall and roll through it. Collect the Shine Sprite, the Star Piece, the Ice Smash Badge, and the Cookbook. Return to the lobby and move the Crystal Star statue. Fall through the hole. Blow off the hanging wallpaper to reveal a hole. Move into it and walk east. Collect the Flower Saver Badge from the treasure chest. Return to the small room and pass through the door. Move east and release the 200 Boos from the box. The next door is locked. Return to the small room and bounce back up to the main hall.

Move down the stairs and speak to the Boo. You won't be mean to him. This will cause him to call his buddies to carry you out of the Steeple. Re-enter, then pass through the door on the bottom of your screen. Move east and fight the Swoopers (HP 6, A 3, D 0). Hit the red switch and pass through the door at the end of the path.

Move up the stairs and across the bridge. Jump the large gap with Yosh and collect the Steeple Key. Backtrack to the room with the stairs and pass through the door in the back. Hit the red switch to the right two times, then return through the same door. The stairs have moved. Climb the stairs and cross the bridge here. Save and use the Steeple Key on the lock. Fill up your HP and FP with the special block, then move up the stairs and bounce up to the top.

This creature "?????", has no Tattle information, other than there's something in the book that looks like him with HP 40, A 4 and D 0), and it transforms a lot. Good to know. I started this fight by using my Power Lift Special Move. After that I focused on my Power Smash and Goombella's Multibounce. Cake.

Upon defeating ?????, you'll acquire the Crystal Star. That wasn't that difficult. Hmmm.

Chapter 4: Part 2

Mario will jump down the hole. As ?????, follow him down and out. Make your way back to Twilight Town. Note that if you run into enemies along the way, you'll have to fight them without any partners. When you get to Mario, you'll realize you are the Shadow. Oy. You are told to guess his name. You can't for several reasons...one being there's a missing letter, the other being you don't know the name. With your failure you'll begin battle...kind of. There is no way for either of you to harm the other. So, choose to run away.

Back in Twilight Town, check the item store and buy what you want. No one in town will recognize you. However, you'll run into Vivian. She's lost something again. Search the bushes for the Superbombomb and give it to Vivian. She'll help you get your name back and join your party. Vivian can pull Mario into the shadows to hide with "X". She can also set enemies on fire with her Shade Fist attack. Also note that if you hide in the shadows below the birds, you'll overhear the conversation of the birds...and it's conversation that will reveal clues on what to do next. One bird reveals the only soul that knows the bad guy's name is locked under Creepy Steeple. Back to the Steeple, and back down the well we go! Again, run away from ????? as you go.

Down the well you'll have to fight the Beetles again. Next, push the east door up the track, then hit "X". This will pull you and Vivian into the floor. Wait for the door to pass over you, then hit "X" to free yourself. Pass through the door. Collect the Shine Sprite and Save. Roll east. Butt slam the panel, fall through, then roll through the hole to the west.

Here, collect the items from the treasure chests and open the other boxes. You'll receive the missing p and a Steeple Key. Hide in the shadows beneath the parrot and listen to what he reveals: Doopliss. Doopliss is the name for which you've been looking. Use the key on the locked door, head east, bounce up and exit out of the Creepy Steeple. Save and make your way back to town.

Along the way you'll run into your old pal. When questioned about his name, type in D-o-o-p-l-i-s-s. Doopliss will run away. Back to Creepy Steeple for you!

Make your way all of the way back and all of the way up to the Steeple where you originally met Doopliss. His team is your team. I told Vivian the truth and she refused to fight with me.

Start fighting. Keep your attacks focused on Doopliss. I began with an Earth Tremor and a couple of items. Eventually Vivian comes back. When she does, alternate her Shade Fist attack with your Power Smash. Upon defeating him your identity will be restored and Vivian will really join your party.

Post Chapter 4

As Peach you'll be asked some questions. The answers are "Thousand-Year Door opens", "To conquer the world", "A 1,000-year-old demon's soul", "Bring the demon back to life", and "Crystal Stars".

As Bowser swim through the level. Look for meat to grow and avoid enemies. If you're too big to fit through the pipe at the end, hit the spring at the bottom. Bowser will arrive in Rogueport.

Back as Mario, exit Twilight Town and return through the brown pipe. Make your way to the Thousand-Year Door via the following new path. Exit the small room and check your e-mail. Fall to the ground below and jump down the pipe on the other side. Make your way down the stairs here and blow the paper from the wall. This will reveal a pipe. Move down it. Move through this room (if you pass through the pipe you'll enter the Pit of 100 Trials. We're not doing that now. Pass through the next door and, voila, the Thousand-Year Door. Give up your Crystal Star and receive your new Special Move.

At the Professor's you'll learn your next destination, Keelhaul Key

Exit the Professor's and head down to the docks and start asking some questions. You'll learn the docked ship belongs to Flavio, the merchant trader, who hangs at Padley's joint in the plaza. Move up to the plaza and enter Padley's joint (the inn). Speak to Flavio (the Pirate). Flavio says he'll help you on your journey and build you a ship.

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Head down to the docks and find Flavio on his ship. He reveals they are missing a navigator. You are to locate Admiral Bobbery in Rogueport. If you speak to the bartender at Padley's you're told Bobbery lives just past the wall in the eastern part of town. Go there. Bobbery's house is between the Professor's house and the Trouble Center. It's locked from the inside. You need to get on the roof. To do so, head east and, with Yosh, float over to the other side and climb the crate to the rooftop. Butt-slam the roof to reveal a Star Piece, the float over to the next roof. Run over it and roll into the chimney of the next house. Here you'll meet Bobbery.

Bobbery will kick you out. Check the back room first for a Shine Sprite, then exit out. You need to find someone who knows something about Bobbery. Padley knows him, head back to the inn and speak to him. Bobbery has a sad story. Tell Padley you still want Bobbery's help, and you'll receive the Old Letter. That's kind of creepy. Take the Old Letter to Bobbery. Give Bobbery his moment, then he'll come out and agree to help you. Head to the ship, hop on and depart.
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