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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates

Keelhaul Key

Ghost Pirates? Pirate Ghosts? Either way, you'll wash ashore on Keelhaul Key. Three crew mates are lost and a temporary settlement has been built. Before heading to that settlement, move along the coastline to the end. At the dead end a ground creature will emerge. Whack him with your hammer and he'll spit out a Whacka Bump. Next, return to your original position and head east to check it all out. Flavio and Patch fight, then the ghosts return. You must fight the Embers (HP 8, A 3, D 0). They like neither ice nor explosions. I used Madame Flurrie and many hammer attacks.

Upon defeating the Embers, Save, shot, collect the Star Piece from the water and move east. Take on the Green Fuzzies (HP 5, A 3, D 0). This guy multiplies, so beware. Check the bushes as you move along, and grab the Head Rattle Badge from the red block. Continue east and battle the Putrid Piranhas (HP 8, A 3, D 0). Look out for their poison attacks. Jump on top of the yellow block and jump straight up to reveal the secret block. Keep hitting it for coins, then move on.

Move up the stairs, then grab Yosh and move across the cliffs. Take out the Pink Fuzzy, and cross the gap by using the block you made appear earlier. Continue climbing, grab the Shine Sprite, then move east again, along the top level.

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Cross the bridge (after your shipmates disappear), collect the Shine Sprite, and continue east. Fight the Embers, then hit the tree they were surrounding with your hammer. Bobbery falls to the ground. He asks for his bottle of Chuckola Cola from the camp. Head back to camp. We're going to make a detour along the way. At the west end of the bridge is a path that leads to the platforms below. Move down it, then float across the platforms. Pass through the pipe, then whack the tree in the background with your hammer. Collect the Coconuts, then make your way back to the camp.

Back at camp speak to Flavio. He has the Cola, but is requiring you bring him something else to eat in exchange for it. Give him the Coconut. Grab the Chuckola Cola and return to Bobbery. Give him the Cola, then wake him up with your hammer. Bobbery will then join your party. If you hit "X" with Bobbery, Mario will toss him and he'll explode. Use this to blast cracks open and activate switches, as Bobbery can be tossed over obstacles and to ledges above.

Head east and walk into the water. Check out the skull rock entrance. It seems something goes in one of the eyes. Return to Flavio and speak with him. He'll join you. Lead him back to the Skull Rock. Examine the rock again and Flavio says he has the gem. Speak with Flavio and he'll give you a riddle. He'll also ask what you need from him. Say the Skull Gem. He'll then give it to you. Insert the gem into the eye. Next, go up to the red statue, climb on top and butt-slam it three times. After that, go to the blue statue and whack it with your hammer four times. Toss Bobbery into the hole that opens up above the skull, and he'll blow it open for you. Flavio leaves. Enter the newly opened cave.

Pirate's Grotto

Save and continue forward. Fall down the cliffs, move through the opening and fight the Lava Bubbles (HP 6, A 4, D 0). Bobbery's explosions work well against these guys. Continue east, collect the Star Piece and the Star Sprite. Note the handle on the boat in the water (you can't get it now), then hop on Yoshi's back and have him run you across the spikes. Continue through the next opening.

Fight or avoid the Bullet Bills (HP 2, A 4, D 1). At the end of the line you'll have to battle the Bill Blasters (HP 5, D 2). It attacks you with the Bullet Bills. Defend against them and take them out with Bobbery, then continue along. Use the floating barrel to help you cross the gap behind the gate, and you'll come to a Bulky Bob-omb (HP 6, A 2, D 1). Go into battle with it. These guys never attack, but if it blows itself up, you'll take damage, too. Once you defeat them, check out the winch. You are told you need a handle to use the winch. Continue east and fight the Embers and save. Note the locked door and make your way up the cliffs.

At the top, fall behind the Shine Sprite box to collect the Shine Sprite. Jump across the river and toss Bobbery up to the switch to set it off. Pass through the opened door and move west. In this room, step on the moving platform, select Koops and, when you're close to the switch, hold "X". Run to the platform in the back of the room, step on it then release "X". The shell will hit the switch and you'll be raised up. Jump for the Grotto Key. With the Grotto Key in hand, run back to the locked door near the Save block and unlock it.

Fight the Buzzy Beetles and pass through the next door. Use Koops to grab the Shine Sprite, then roll to avoid the spikes and continue west. Use your hammer to make a block appear under the Shine Sprite, then collect it. Jump across the various platforms and fight the Embers, then have Bobbery blow through the covered door.

Continue west, taking out what enemies you care to take out. Continue in the next room with the Bulky Bob-ombs. Jump down to the dock below and continue into the blown open boat. Speak to the Black Treasure Chest, then fight the Ember who emerges. He will drop a Black Key. Use the key on the chest and you'll be cursed with the power of turning into a paper boat with "Y" when you are on the Boat Panels. Return to the panel and hit "Y" to turn back to normal.

Exit out and walk to the Boat Panel. Hit "Y" and float over to the other Boat Panel, then exit out. Backtrack to the room with the Save block and climb the cliffs again. Move west through the door and turn into a Paper Boat. Ride down the waterfall, then make your way to the west doorway. Pass through and continue floating west. Hop onto the next Boat Panel and grab the Gate Handle. Jump off the boat to the platform below, then make your east back to the room with the winch (you are walking, not sailing here). Insert the Handle into the winch and raise the gate.

With the gate open, return to the Boat Panel upstairs and float down the waterfall again. This time, sail through the open gate. On the next screen sail east. Avoid the waves and continue all of the way east. You'll come to some trapped Toads. Float past them to the Boat Panel, then move down the pipe behind it. Move across the background, all of the way west, then climb the cliffs to the next pipe. Move down it. This will bring you to an Airplane Panel. Fly over to the first pipe and move down it. Hit the blue switch. Return to the Airplane Panel, then sail to the second pipe. Move down it and hit the second blue switch. This will allow the Toads to leave their platform. Head east, jump on the ship, and move down the tall pipe. Jump the barrels and speak to the Toads. You'll meet up with Francesca and Frankie again. Head east.

Save, hit the Special Block to refill your HP and FP, then pass through the door at the front of the ship. Pass through the next door and you'll meet Cortez.

Boss Fight: Cortez

Cortez only has a max HP of 20 (HP 20, A 4, D 1), but he'll come back to life. So, just keep working on him. I used many hammer attacks, then I used Vivian to hide from his powerful attacks. In Cortez's third reincarnation you're facing some sharp objects. You can neither hammer nor jump on them. I used my Earth Tremor Special Move to take them out, then I used the Ice Storm item to take them out a second time. I used Mario's Hammer Toss to work Cortez down (who will refill his HP one more time), then I used various partners to finish him off. Bobbery's bomb toss does some good damage, as does Madame Flurrie's body slam attack. This is the toughest battle so far, so be prepared. Had I have entered the battle with at least one HP Mushroom, it would have been a lot easier.

When you defeat Cortez, he'll give you the Crystal Star.

Post Chapter 5

Hop down to the platform below and use Yoshi to float over to the Save block. Save, then exit out back to the Toads. Walk up to the crack in the wall and use Bobbery on it. Exit out. You'll be in the area where you first landed on the island. Pass through the Toads and Four Eyes will attack. Return through the blasted hole and make your way back to Cortez (It would be a good idea to move past the hole for a Whacka Bump first). Flavio will give up the Skull Gem and you'll get use of Cortez's ship. Exit back out and you'll face Lord Crump (HP 30, A 3, D 0) and his X-Nauts.

Take out his X-Nauts first, then focus on Lord Crump with your various hammer attacks. Crump will regenerate with many X-Nauts. I tossed some of Bobbery's bombs at both the X-Nauts and Lord Crump, I used Yoshi's Mini-Egg attack, and I tossed many a Hammer at Crump. This did the job.

As Peach, deal with TEC again and move up the elevator. Exit out and move west. Go to the room with the green light above it. You need to place the potions in their correct positions based on what the notes say. Read the notes. You will conclude the potions go in this order: Red, Blue, Orange, Green. Pick them all up and place them in their positions. When you're done, hit the button on the left side of the room. Next, walk up to the buttons below each potion, and hit each one as the beaker stops above it. Finally, the potion needs to heat up. When the panel turns red count to 30 then hit the button beneath the red panel. Drink up.

Exit out of the room and head east to Grodus's room at the end of the hall. Pass through his office and into the back room. Collect the Data Disk from the shelf and put it into Grodus's computer. When the computer is done with it, return the disk, then head back to the potion room. Drink the green potion and exit the room.

As Bowser, speak to Lord Crump and move through the scene.

Back as Mario, move through the scene, then go to the Thousand-Year Door. Check your e-mails along the way, and speak to Merlon. We'll deal with what he says in a second. First, go to that Thousand-Year Door. Along the way you'll run into some new enemies, the Magikoopa (HP 7, A 4, D 0), the Koopatrol (HP 6, A 4, D 2), and the Hammer Bro (HP 7, A 4, D 1). Fight them accordingly. At the Door give up your Crystal Star.

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Back at the Professor's you'll learn your next destination: Poshley Heights. To get to Poshley Heights you get to ride the Excess Express. You are told to ask Don Pianta for help again. Exit out. Before heading to the west side of town and Don Pianta's, I chose to take Merlon's advice and I went to Hooktail Castle to check out what was beyond the black treasure chest (blow the cracked wall in the room just east of the black treasure chest). Hit the switch and grab the Up Arrow. Return it to Merlon and he will be able to power up your allies even more. Good enough!

Head west and into the Item Shop (blow the wall next to it for a Shine Sprite). Pass through the back door and make your way up to Don's. Don misses Francesca. You need to bring her back. Head to the docks, hop back on the ship and sail back to the Key.

Back on Keelhaul Key, speak to those on the beach. You'll learn the Piantas are in the jungle. Head east and you'll find them. Say "I love you" 100 times, then look for the missing ring. You're told it's between here and the Skull Rock. The Wedding Ring is on the left side of the tree where Bobbery was trapped earlier. Collect it and return it to Francesca. Head back to the boat and return to Rogueport.

In Rogueport, go back to the Don's and you'll receive your Train Ticket. Head to the train (across from the blimp) and you'll run into Beldam. Move on and hop on the train to Poshley Heights.
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