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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 6: 3 Days of Excess

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 6: 3 Days of Excess

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 6: 3 Days of Excess

Mario's Room On the train you are given a note to get off now. Collect the Shine Sprite and exit your room.

Head west. You'll pass through the dining car and the item shop. Continue west until you meet the conductor. Tell him about the threat. Return to the dining car and speak to the Penguin Pennington. Speak to him until he accuses you. When he does, it's your job to find the real criminal.

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Note some stains on the floor near the conversation. Check them out. Follow the stains to Room 3. Speak to the Chef inside. If you've noted the stains check the drawers by the bed. You'll discover the Galley Pot under the magazines. You've found your man. Next, head to room number six (return the pot to the chef along the way for a Star Piece).

In Pennington's room you'll become his assistant (even though he thinks you're Luigi). Next, head to the Bob-omb family in room 8. The parents are fighting. The little guy wants something that starts with an "A". Exit the car and speak to the conductor. You're told the little Bob-omb wants to be an engineer. Hmmm. Head all of the way to the front of the train and speak to the engineer. Get the engineer's Autograph and give it to the little Bob-omb. For this you will receive a Shine Sprite. It's not what we were looking for, but it will do. Return to Pennington in room 6.

Pennington will tell you the conductor is looking for you. Go to him. He'll inform you there is a stowaway, and the stowaway has his blanket. You're on it! Head to the very empty room 4. Use Vivian to hide in the shadows. When you do a ghost Toad will appear. The ghost will give you the blanket if you retrieve his diary for him. His diary is in the baggage car.

On the way to the baggage car (where the conductor is), Save. Speak to the conductor and he'll let you pass. Inside slip through the crates to find the Ragged Diary. Don't read the diary or the game will be over (that's why we saved a second ago). With the Diary in hand, return to room 4. Give the diary to the ghost and receive the Blanket. Take it to the conductor. Return to your room (number 5) and sleep.

On day number two, return to Pennington's room. Someone has stolen the mouse's briefcase. Work your way all of the way to room 1. Pick up the Vital Paper from the floor and bring it to Pennington. Next you must find Zip Toad.

Return to your room and examine the paper on the floor. Slip into the shadows with Vivian and Zip Toad will appear. Hop out and Zip Toad will start bouncing around. Catch him and you will receive the Nitro Briefcase, the Gold Ring and the Shell Earrings. Return the briefcase and you'll arrive at Riverside Station.

Riverside Station

At Riverside Station you'll learn Zip Toad is Doopliss. Exit out of your room and head to the front of the train. Near room 1 is the train exit. Step off and move east.

Speak to the Blue Toad and you'll learn the drawbridge has been lifted, stalling the train. You are asked to go down to the control room and hit the switch to lower the bridge. You'll receive the Station Key. Take it and use it on the locked door.

Inside the station head east. You have no elevator key, so pass through the door. Roll under the lifted gate and hit the blue switch. Climb the revealed stairs and pass through the door. Battle the Ruff Puffs (HP 7, A 4, D 0), then move up the stair. Jump across the gears (when the first two gears are not in unison, jump to 1, then 2, then 3, then back to 2, then back to three, then jump to four). Roll under the obstacle, then work your way up the machinery to the highest point. Shoot Koops's shell over to grab the State Key. Exit this room then move down the stairs and use the key on the east door.

Outside, fight the Poison Pokies (HP 8, A 4, D 0). Collect the Thunder Rage from the invisible block and move down the stairs. Collect the Shine Sprite and battle the enemies you encounter. At the end of the road, use Flurrie's blow to remove the many fliers covering the door. Pass through the door and fight the Spiky Parabuzzies (HP 5, A 3, D 4). Use items or Special Moves against them, as they're tough little buggers to damage. Don't move down the next set of stairs. Instead, roll through the opening to the east.

You're in a maze. Roll right and jump the gap. Fall through the hole and jump the next gap for the P-Up, D-Down Badge. From the badge, roll right and fall down. As you're falling, aim left. Follow the maze out and you'll fall on top of a Dried Mushroom. Collect it. By the way, if you mess up in this maze you'll go to an area with many Poison Pokies. Fight them, then hop on the spring. This will take you back to the maze entrance.

After you grab the Mushroom, fight the Spiky Parabuzzy and pass through the door. Pass through the next door and take out all of the Goombas. Doing this will reveal three switches. Hit them with your hammer the number of times indicated on each switch. This will reveal a staircase for you. Climb it to the top, collect the Shine Sprite, and pass through the door at the top. Open the treasure chest and you will receive the Ultra Boots. To jump high hold down "A", spin your control stick, then release "A". YAY! You'll also learn to grab onto pipes. Release with "B".

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Use your new jump to jump up to the pole above, cross the crates, then slip through the vent on the other side. Next, float across the gap onto the crate next to the cage, then use your super jump to cling to the pipe above. Move across and drop inside the cage. Stand under the key, then super jump beneath it. It will pop up and you will have the Elevator Key. Backtrack all of the way to the elevator.

Use the Elevator Key and move down the elevator. Have Madame Flurrie blow away the little creatures and flip the lever. Hit the revealed switch to lower the drawbridge. Exit out of the station and return to the train. In the train, go to bed for the night.

Back on the Train On Day 3 head to the front of the train and speak to the engineer. The train will be attacked by the shadow puffs who lifted the drawbridge earlier. You are told to check on the passengers. Check the rooms and note the passengers are missing. Make your way to the back of the train (wake the Shopkeeper up along the way). Head to the baggage area. You'll discover the shadow monsters have made it inside. Blow them away with Madame Flurrie to reveal the waitress and the conductor. Slip through the crates, then use your super jump to get to the pole above. Head out the open window.

Move up the stairs and blow your way to the front of the train. You'll run into all of the other passengers, held together by one shadow monster entity, the Smorg.

Boss Fight: Smorg

The Smorg monster (HP 50, A 5, D 1) attacks with his tentacles. Defeating the tentacles will drop the body's defense down to 0, making it easier to take it out. The tentacles will regenerate, so use the time when they are not in play to take advantage of your most damaging attacks on the body. When you peel away the tentacles (the Earth Tremor SM and the Thunder Rage Item works wonders in doing so), focus on the body with Mario's new Spring Jump. If properly executed, it does 12 HP worth of damage. If Goombella is properly powered up she'll have her Rally Wink attack, which allows Mario to attack again. Use it to use Mario's Spring Jump one more time for another 12 HP of damage to the Smorg. Repeat this process to take the Smorg out.

Upon defeating the Smorg, leave your room and exit the train. Move into the town and Save. Enter the blue house and slip through the crack for the HP Drain P Badge. Exit and take the road in front of the pink house to the next screen. Here you'll find some expensive Fresh Pasta (replenishes 10 HP and 5 FP), a penguin house and a hotel. Continue along the path to the locked Sanctum. Read the note next to the lock and Pennington will come your way. Head inside with Pennington and you'll run into Doopliss and the gang. They will steal a fake Crystal Star. HA! You have to find the real one.

The Sanctum The stars on the ground indicate where you should be placed to super jump to the pipe above. Obviously you don't have to be on the star, but it provides you with a sense of depth perception. Jump up to the first bar and move to the right ledge. Move forward, jump up to the next bar, and, again, head right. Jump again to access the Airplane Panel.

From the Airplane Panel, fly to the opposite side and make your way up to the blue switch. Jump on it to reveal a pipe. Move down the pipe. You will be placed in the background painting. Pass through the open door. Avoid the Boos and run to the Crystal Star.

Post Chapter 6

Exit out of the Sanctum and move through the dialogue.

As Peach head to TEC. You will learn you are on the moon. Sir Grodus will catch you and take out TEC.

As Bowser move through the course in front of you. Bounce on the spring to be popped up into the above world. Climb the stairs and jump to the flagpole. Move through the dialogue.

As Mario check your e-mail then head to the Thousand-Year Door. At the door, give up your Crystal Star and speak to the Professor. You will learn of your next destination: The Moon! You are told to come back to the Professor in a little bit. Alrighty then. Exit out and walk around for a bit. Stock up on goods or solve a Trouble Center situation. Return.

The Professor will tell you to go to Fahr Outpost, where you will use the cannon to get to the moon. To get to the Fahr Outpost, you'll need to find the correct pipe in the Rogueport Underground. To find the pipe you'll need the Ultra Hammer. The Ultra Hammer is hidden somewhere in town. Hmm.

Head to the main plaza (Rogueport Square) and note the large treasure chest in the back corner. Stand beneath it and super jump. It will pop off the stand. Open the chest for the Ultra Hammer. Use it just as you did your Super Hammer. With it you can break the concrete blocks.

Stock up on goods and slip through the grate in the west section of town. Float west with Yoshi and smash the concrete block. Pass through the blue pipe.
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