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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon

Head east and fight the Ice Puffs (HP 9, A 4, D 0) and the Frost Piranhas (HP 10, A 5, D 0). They're both quite vulnerable to fire. Continue along, fighting and collecting items as you go.

Fahr Outpost

The Bob-ombs aren't very providing with their information, and the first building you pass will be locked. Continue east. Save and note the cannon. Collect the Shine Sprite. Stock up and/or sleep for HP, FP and Star Juice. Collect the Space Food from the Inn (if you want it), then, with Bobbery at your side, speak to the green Bob-omb in front of the Cannon. You'll learn you need the permission of Goldbob to use the cannon. You'll have to meet with him and General White. Both of these characters have moustaches, and neither of them are in the Fahr Outpost.

First, locate Goldbob. He's the snobby father of the Bob-omb family and he's in Poshley Heights. You will be greatly helped here if you locate the blue pipes in the Rogueport Underworld. They will take you to various spots quickly, and you'll be doing a lot of travelling in this next part. So, go to the Underworld and head toward the Thousand-Year Door via your original route. Before jumping down the pipe that leads you to the Airplane Panel room, there's a west door. Pass through and use your Ultra Hammer to bust through the crates in the next two rooms. Next, use the lift to hop on the blue switches and butt slam them. This will cause the pipes to emerge. YAY.

The westernmost pipe will take you to Poshley Heights. Speak to Goldbob (outside the blue house) and offer up all of your coins for permission. Continue saying you'll give him your coins, and he'll give you the Goldbob Guide. You get your coins back. Note, according to your last e-mail, you'll get a deal in the train's item shop, if you care to take advantage of it. Otherwise, just take the pipe back to the Underworld.

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Next up, you must find General White. General White is a little tough to find, so follow my instructions carefully. First, take a blue pipe to Petalburg and speak to the Mayor (in the pink house). He'll give you info suggesting the General is on Keelhaul Key. Take another blue pipe to the Key speak with Patch (the large Bob-omb). Patch will mention an arena. Take the Blimp to Glitzville (I didn't locate the pipe to it in the Underworld) and speak to the green man in the Fresh Juice bar. He'll mention a large tree...off to Boggly Woods! Take the blue pipe to the Great Tree. Pass through the main entrance and speak to the first Punie you run into. General White went someplace dark, eh? Twilight Town it is. Move to the brown pipe that leads to Twilight Town and speak to the man in front of the inn. It's a dead end! Head back to the Fahr Outpost and speak to the green Bob-Omb again. Enter the house right of the item shop and you'll find General White asleep on his bed. Jerky pants. Jump on him over and over again until he wakes up. Exit out and speak to the green Bob-omb again.

Follow the green Bob-omb west and you'll fall through a hole. You will then be shot to the moon.

The Moon

Head east and Save. Continue east and you'll encounter some Moon Clefts (HP 6, A 5, D 5). Try to flip them with your Quake Hammer, or with Bobbery. Continue east and you'll encounter some Z-Yux (HP 7, A 4, D 0). Take them on then locate the large cracked rock to the back and west, blow it up and pass through the pipe. Pass through the door and enter the base.

X-Naut Fortress

Head up the escalator and pass through the doors at the top. Face the Elite X-Nauts (HP 10, A 5, D 1). Refuel with the Special Block and Save. Head east, fight the X-Naut, then enter the room with the crazy floor. Note the path that lights up as you pass through the door. You need to take this path, or face some electrocution. You can enter again if you need to see it again. Collect the Elevator Key and the floor will return to normal. Collect the Super Shroom from the block and backtrack to the elevator. Insert your elevator key and head to Sublevel 2.

In this corridor are many enemies. Take on the ones you choose. Start by entering the room to the west. Here is another electrified floor. Look at the wall. Follow the pattern on it to the opposite side, where you will receive the Card Key. Exit out. The door just east of the elevator has a transporter of sorts that takes you to the Rogueport Underworld. Activate it if you want, but return to the base. Head east one room and fight the X-Naut inside. Head to the back right corner and Super Jump up into the vent above.

Drop from the pipe and move east a bit. Fall through the first vent you come to. You'll be back in the transporter room. Use Yosh to float across the gap and collect the Cog. Exit the transporter room and, again, head all of the way east. You're going through the door at the east end, but stop in the changing room and read the notes. One reads "Left, Right, Middle", the other, "014029". In the far east room, fight or evade the X-Yux (HP 10, A 3, D 1), and continue east, into the office (If I were you, I'd evade, as she's ugly to deal with). Collect the Card Key. Exit out and take the elevator to Sublevel 1.

Move through the west door. Move over to the pink note and insert the Cog. Activate the buttons "Left, Right, Middle", then walk over to the console. Activate it and the crane will come over to you. Follow the instructions to use the crane and collect the items up above. Once you've done that, exit out and head to the east door. Use the console next to it to type in the code "014029". Pass through the door.

Here, move up to the statue and activate it. It's question/answer time! Answer the following, "Elevator Key", "Koopie Koo", "6", "In Hooktail's Belly", and "Prince Mush". Pick up the Elevator Key and exit out. Head down to Sublevel 2 and hop in the east elevator. Head to Sublevel 3. Fight those in your way and go through the west room. Here's another electrified floor. Follow the path as it lights up safe spots for you and collect the Card Key. Exit and pass through the east door.

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Insert the three Key Cards into the consoles and pass through the next door. Fight the X-Naut, then toss Bobbery over the fence to the switch. Slip through the bars to the conveyer belt. On the belt, have Vivian hide you in the shadows in order to cross the barrier. Stand on the belt guard to jump up to the rising platform, and take it to the top. Ride the next platform over and hop down the pipe. Make your way along all of the way to the Ultra Shroom. Next, fall down right and run across the base of the background to the far east. Here's a pipe you can use. Jump in, fight the Z-Yux, refuel and Save. Move down the west pipe. From here, start the maze all over again, until you hit the background. This time, take the high road all of the way east. Use the moving platforms and the rotating cogs to make your way all of the way east to the tallest pipe. Pass through.

Run over the Airplane Panel and use it to fly west to the Card Key. With that again, save, start the maze all over and return to the Airplane Panel. This time, don't fly. Instead, fall down to the moving platform. Use it first to hit the blue switch, then make your way over to the newly created stairs. Move up them, insert your Card Key into the console, and pass through the door.

Boss Fight: Magnus Von Grapple 2.0

Magnus 2.0 (HP 70, A 6, D 2) is merely an upgraded version of the first Magnus robot. Fight it the same way. Take out his X-Punches first (HP 5, A 9, D 0), as they are quite damaging, and watch out for his drill attacks. Beware that when his HP gets low, he'll start with the machine guns. Protect yourself, as he'll rob you of some good HP using them. Many items will be deflected by his armor and are worthless, although the Thunder Bolt and the Earth Quake did some decent damage. I started out hard with the Power Lift Special Move, followed by Power Smash hammer attacks. I used Goombella during these times to Rally me and give me another shot at Magnus with my hammer. Reserve items and/or special moves which hurt multiple enemies for times when the X-Punches are out. You don't want those X-Punches to touch you. I used Goombella as my partner, but, after a bit, it didn't matter who my partner was, as they were primarily used for items and my own healing.

After whittling Crump down to nothing collect the Crystal Star. Mario can now use the Supernova.

Post Chapter 7

As Bowser, try to open the door to the Sanctum. The Lock will fall off. Enter and move through the dialogue.

As Mario hop back into the elevator and go to Sublevel 4. Go east to TEC's room. You learn a bit about Peach's whereabouts. From here head to the teleport room on Sublevel 2. Use the teleport to be zapped back to Rogueport. Speak to Frankley, who is just outside. Once you speak with him, head east (roll under the pillar if you haven't blown it up yet). Pass through all of the blue pipe rooms, then make your way to the Thousand-Year Door.

Give up your final Crystal Star and the Thousand-Year Door will open. Pass through to the Palace of Shadow.
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