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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door

Palace of Shadow

Move through the east door, then head down the stairs. Take on the Swoopulas (HP 9, A 4, D 0). Move through the next door. Hit the yellow block for a Shooting Star, then move along and fight the Dry Bones (HP 8, A 5, D 2). Take them out fast, or they'll generate more attackers. Head down the stairs, then west. Down the next set of stairs you'll run into some Bombshell Bills (HP 3, A 6, D 2). Move toward the Bombshell Bill Blasters (HP 10, D 4), making sure you strike the Bombshell Bills before they strike you. I used a series of Special Moves to get past these guys, including the Earth Tremor and the Showstopper. Koops's strongest attack is really the only attack of your partners that will do damage to the Blasters. Pass through the next door.

Take on the enemies here and make your way through the spike maze. Pass through the door and Save. Jump your way through the fire obstacles and take on the Phantom Ember (HP 10, A 5, D 0). Continue along. You'll have to roll and jump to get through the next set of fire obstacles. Pass through the next door.

Head to the far end of the room and you'll come upon some Blue Bones. Approach them and you'll be attacked by many Bones. Bust your way through them with your hammer, and find the Blue Bones again. When you run into him, you'll be taken to battle. I defeated all of these guys with a single Showstopper Special Move. Collect the Palace Key and pass through the door.

Collect the Ultra Shroom from the yellow block, then make your way through the Bombshell Bills to the Bombshell Bill Blasters. Move along and take on the Phantom Embers, then your third round of Bombshell Bills and Blasters. Pass through the door, collect the items from the three blocks, and fight the Embers and Bones.

In the next room there's a staircase leading up to an east and a west door. However, just beyond the staircase, on the bottom floor, is another door to the east. Also note there's a lit torch. This is a maze of sorts, however it's easily solved. Simply pass through the door next to the lit torch. Note, you're always going to be heading east, it's just a matter of whether its the upstair or downstairs door. Through the seven rooms you'll come to a new area.

Move across the bridge and you'll spot some Chain Chomps (HP 7, A 6, D 5). Since they're pinned down, just avoid them. Save and hit the Special Block to refuel. Pass through the east door and you'll come to a Dark Wizzerd (HP 10, A 5, D 2). They aren't too difficult to battle, but they make up illusions of themselves to fool you. Continue east, avoid the Chomp, take on the Embers, Save, then move through the next door.

Boss Fight: Gloomtail

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Here you will meet Gloomtail (HP 80, A 8, D 2), Hooktail's brother. There's nothing tricky about damaging this guy. Ground attacks work on his feet, air attacks work on his head. I started with Goombella (so she could tell me info about him), but eventually moved on to Vivian. While Gloomtail's attack is at 8, he does do a ground pound that does much more damage. Use Vivian to remove yourself from these attacks. Also, be aware of his poison breath. I hit him hard initially with a successful Supernova Special Move, then I continued to work on him with various Hammer attacks, including the Power Smash and the Head Rattle.

Out of Gloomtail's defeated mouth will pop a treasure chest. Open it up and collect the Star Key.

Have Bobbery blow the east wall, then collect the Ultra Shroom and the Jammin' Jelly. Once you have those, return to the main area, use the Special Block to refuel and Save. Since I was near a Special Block here, I actually used the Chomp to build up my Special Dots by appealing in battle, then running away.

Notice the two Chomp statues in the area. Toss Bobbery down each one to reveal two pipes. Pass through the pipes and move through the background to the blue switches. Hit them both to reveal two Boat Panels. Sail on over to the red doors and pass through.

Inside you have four doors and a staircase leading to four more doors. For the purpose of this walkthrough, start at the door right of the entrance and work your way around counter clockwise. In the first room, read the inscription, then use Madame Flurrie to blow the obstacle in the middle of the room. This will reveal a treasure chest with a Palace Key inside.

In the second room, read the inscription, then walk through the east wall. Hit the block to reveal a treasure chest. Open it up for another Palace Key. In the third room smash the concrete block. That's all we can do for now, but we'll be back. In the fourth room, hit the left block three times, and hit the right block two times. Open up the treasure chest for another Palace Key.

Next head upstairs one floor. We're going to do the same thing here. Start at the door just right of your entrance, then move around counterclockwise.

In the first room hide in the shadows via Vivian. This will show you the location of a blue block. Emerge from the shadows and hit that block. Another Palace Key will be your reward. In the second room have Bobbery blow up the east wall and collect your Palace Key. In the third room you have more blocks. Note the blocks are opposite from the room on the first floor. This is because these two rooms are connected. Destroy the two concrete blocks here, return downstairs and destroy the final concrete block. While here, hit the blue block for the Palace Key. Return upstairs to the third room and do the same thing. Finally, head to the fourth room. Here are four Bones. You have to defeat them in order: Brown, Pink, White then Blue. Collect the final Palace Key.

With eight Palace Keys and the Star Key in hand, move up to the third floor. Insert your Star Key into the hole, then work your way around and use the Palace Keys on the pillars. You will then see a new path reveal itself in the Palace. Exit out of this building, Save, then head east. You'll run into your least favorite gang of thugs, including Doopliss.

Boss Fight: Beldam, Marilyn and Doopliss

Alone these guys are easy to tackle. However, with Beldam's 30 HP, Marilyn's 40 HP and Doopliss's 40 HP, they are a little on the tough side...but not too bad. Again, I began with the heavy hitting Supernova Special Move. Then I simply took them on with my various hammer moves. Bobbery was my partner. His bomb tossing helped a lot, as did the use of many items, but, again, it's all about that initial successful Supernova Special Move.

Once you defeat the gang, Save (use the Special Block if you didn't earn a level up), then continue through the east door. Move down the new staircase. Deal with the Dark Wizzerds and make your way east. Blow open the panel beneath the pink platform, enter the area and move left. Use Yoshi to float to the next platform, use Koops to collect the Thunder Rage from the yellow block, then pass through the doorway behind the platform.

Hit the red switch by holding Koops's shell in place. Climb up the stairs. When you're in position, release Koops and make your way across the platform. Move down the stairs and collect the Repel Cape from the yellow block. Pass through the door.

Climb the stairs left and pass through the next door. Here are a couple mini triangle blocks. Hit the green one then return through the door. Float across the gap with Yosh then fall off the next ledge. Hit the mini purple block and quickly jump on the larger block and ride it up. Cross the gap with Yosh again and hit the mini red block. This will bring up the large red block. Stand on it and hit it with Koops. Ride it down, but move into the little tunnel to the right, about half-way down. Roll yourself up so you can safely jump the gap, and pass through the door.

Use your Super Jump to jump to the pipe above. Cross it and the next pipe. Drop down and pass through the opening. Here, climb the stairs, then drop Bobbery onto the switch below. Jump to the platform and across...look out for the Chomp, and note the pattern of the seven stars in the background, the first, third, fourth and sixth ones are lit up. Move up the next set of stairs and Save. Hop on Yoshi's back and ride him east. When you fall off the wheel platform, you should fall onto the lower wheel platform. From here, float over to the Palace Key. Use it on the door above.

Use Koops to collect the Life Shroom from the yellow block, then move up the stairs (rolling, when necessary). Here we have a Dark Wizzerd (do with him what you want), and seven blocks. Hit the first, third, fourth and sixth blocks and the wheel in the next room will start moving. Go to it and ride it across. Move down the stairs and through the door.

Blow on the platform in front of you, then use your Super Hammer move to destroy the concrete block. Butt-slam the wooden panel and pass through the door. Move along the narrow path to the east and pass through the door. Use the Airplane Panel to fly to the first platform. Move through the door. Head left and avoid the Chomp. Hit the red switch, hop on Yosh's back, and run as fast as you can to the platform above. Cross it and collect the Palace Key from the chest. Exit out of this room and fall to the floor. Head all of the way left to find the spring back to the Airplane Panel. This time, fly all of the way over to the locked door. Use your new key on it. Head east, and use the Special Block, followed by the Save block, then move through the next door.

Boss Fight: Grodus

Grodus (HP 50, A 7, D 1) surrounds himself with X-Groduses. Like the Yux, when Grodus is surrounded by these creatures, you can't attack him. Unlike the Yux, he needs four for protection, but each one under four counts one point toward his defense. His attacks are rather nasty and often hit both you and your partner, and if there are X-Groduses around him, they'll take a damaging whack at you, too. So, you need to take care of him quickly, and you need to protect yourself from his attacks.

Yoshi is a good partner to have here, as his Stampede attack removes all of the X-Groduses. I suggest starting with this move, then hitting Grodus with the Supernova Special Move immediately afterward. From here on, just have Yosh stay focused on never letting four X-Groduses generate, and keep Mario whacking on Grodus with various Hammer attacks. This and an Earth Tremor somewhere in the middle was all it took to take Grodus down.

Upon defeating Grodus, you'll be shown a trapped Peach. When given the opportunity, opt to "Attack". Doing so will bring about Bowser.

Boss Fight: Bowser

Bowser (HP 70, A 7, D 2) and Kammy Koopa (HP 50, A 5, D 0) are a tough team only because Kammy's magic is enough to drive you insane. She'll make Bowser stronger while refueling her own HP. Ugly. Take her out first. She's an easy target. Mario's Spring Jump works wonders on her. Also, I levelled up between Grodus and this match, so I was able to hit the team with a Supernova again. That helps, but, at first, remain focused on Kammy. I used Yoshi through this part, mostly for his Stampede and Mini-Eggs, as making the team less powerful helps when you're only focusing on one.

With Bowser I, again, used a various assortment of Hammer Attacks. The Power Smash is important, as is the Head Rattle...confuse the guy while damaging him. These two are easy to damage, so use your items. How you do is based on what items you have, how you came out of the last fight, and, honestly, a little bit of luck.

When you defeat these two you'll realize Grodus has taken Peach. Follow him through the hole. Collect the Ultra Shroom from the treasure chest, and refuel via the Special Block. Move down the stairs, collect the Jammin Jelly from the next treasure chest, and Save. Pass through the door to the Shadow Queen.

Walk in and watch the cutscene. The Shadow Queen will take over Peach's body. Refuse to be her servant (or it will be Game Over) and meet her in battle.

Boss Fight: The Shadow Queen

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Whatever you do, don't waste anything important when you first encounter the Shadow Queen (HP 150, A 7, D 0). You can do some damage to her in her initial form, but, after that, you can't touch her. Protect yourself and what you have. Eventually you'll get sick of the fight and leave. Move through the cutscene, where everyone you know will cheer you on.

Peach will refuel you in every way before you face the Shadow Queen again. When you get back to the Shadow Queen, you can damage her shadow form. Since you were just refuelled, I suggest, as always, a Supernova beginning. Follow this with a good Hammer Head Rattle to confuse the lady. From here, I used Goombella and her Rally Wink to keep Mario going as often as I could. Between his Power Smash and his Spring Jump, some great damage can be done. When the hands reappear, your Earth Tremor is quite useful, as is Yoshi's Stampede attack. Again, confuse the lady whenever you get the chance with the Head Rattle, then whittle her away to nothing in the confusion. Of course, everyone has their favorite techniques...so do what you do best.

Upon defeating the Shadow Queen you will have beaten the game. Nice work. Be proud. Enjoy your Mushrooms!

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