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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome

Welcome to Paper Mario Land! Mario games are always on the story-heavy side, as are RPGs, so prepare to hit your "A" or "B" button to fast forward through the conversation.

After some time you'll arrive in Rogueport. Speak to the various characters (hit "A") and make your way to the stairs. Along the way you'll spot an "S" block. These are your save points. Jump and bonk the block with your head to save. Next, you'll run into a bit of trouble. Run over to the action and you'll be placed in your first battle.

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You are told to simply Jump on Lord Crump, or hit him with your Hammer. I prefer using the hammer, but you'll soon learn your own battle style that works best for you. If you select the Hammer, you'll then have to hit "A" to confirm Lord Crump is the enemy you want to attack (this makes more sense when there are multiple enemies). Next, read the instructions at the bottom of your screen. You are told to pull your control stick left, then release when the indicator gives you a red star. If you do this correctly, you'll take 2 hit points off of his health. If you choose to jump, again, read the instructions at the bottom of your screen. Hit "A" right before you hit him and you'll take 2 hit points off his health. Miss the timing with "A" and you'll only take one off. It's very important to get in the habit of reading instructions at the bottom of your screen.

Once your turn is over, it's Lord Crump's turn. You'll learn defense techniques later, but I'll cheat and tell you that you can hit "A" to protect yourself, if you hit it right before he hits you (tapping doesn't work, if you tap, the game will lock you out of defense). You can also hit "B" to defend yourself, and turn the attack on the enemy who is attacking you, but if you choose the "B" method, you have to be extremely precise with timing.

After you are attacked, it's your turn again. Repeat the process until you know Lord Crump's 6 hit points off of him. Upon defeating him you'll learn about Star Points. You earn Star Points when you win battles. When you earn 100 Star Points, you'll get the opportunity to level up.

Back in Rogueport you'll find yourself surrounded. Simply move to the right and up the stairs. Pass through the archway. You'll be tossed into a conversation with Goombella. You'll also run into an elder toad. He'll tell you about the Inn. Inn's are scattered throughout the game. They provide a place for you to rest and recover HP.

When the elder toad retreats, you are told that's Goombella's Professor will know more about the map. It is your next task to locate the Professor. Goombella joins your team at this point. With Goombella by your side you will be told information about your whereabouts and those around you by hitting "X". She'll also help you in battle with your "Headbonk" attack and her "Tattle" ability. The "Headbonk" works just like your "Jump" attack. The "Tattle" is used if you want to use her turn to learn more about your enemy's weakness and the amount of HP they have. With Goombella by your side, it's time to look for Professor Frankly.

Save at the Save Block, and explore some before going to the Professor, if you care to do so. By talking to the townsfolk you'll learn the Professor lives to the east (to the right). Before I went to the Professor, I entered the store (stores are indicated by Fire Flower signs above their doors). To pass through a door, simply approach it and wait for the exclamation point to appear. When it does, hit "A". In the store I bought one of everything. Note that in a second you'll have half of your coins stolen from you...so, if you want to stock up, now is the time. Also note that you earn a point for every item you purchase. These points will earn you free items.

If you head west, you'll run into an angry toad girl who has lost her contact lens. You will, of course, step on it. Don't worry about the fact that she's blocking the west door at this point. If you want, head north through town. Go through the door behind the inn to locate your first Star Piece.

Once you are satisfied with your exploring, head east. Here is where you'll be pick pocketed. Half of your coins gone! Drat! The Professor's door is the second door on the right. Behind the first door is Merlon. Merlon requires Shine Sprites as payment to help you. We don't have any Shine Sprites now, so ignore him.

Just beyond the Professor's door is a blocked off section of town. You can pay the guard (Gus) to pass through or you can fight him. Gus has 20 HP and his spear makes jump attacks painful, so avoid fighting him. In fact, for now, just avoid the area and enter the Professor's home.

Speak to Frankly. He'll tell you all of the good stuff: Crystal Stars, the Thousand-Year Door, Maps. When the conversation is done, lead the gang outside, then follow Frankly. Pass through the fence. He'll teach you about Action Commands. Go through the practice session with him and follow his instructions. It's good practice, if nothing else. When you're done with training, jump on the pipe and press down to move to the underworld.

Below Rogueport

Save, then, if you want a Star Piece, pass through the archway to the west. The Star Piece is located behind the pillar. Otherwise, head down the stairs and you'll run into some Goombas. It's fighting time. These guys are easy to take on. Simply note that the Goomba with the spiked hat can't be jumped upon, and the Goomba in the air can't be reached with a hammer.

I'm not going to guide you through every battle, as, again, your fighting style is up to you, and the battles you enter are often up to you (you can run away from most enemies to avoid battle). However, since this is the first battle with multiple enemies and a partner of your own, I'll guide you through it.

First, choose the Hammer. Use it on the first Goomba in line (you always have to use the Hammer on the first enemy in line). If you do it accurately, you'll know 2 HP off the Goomba, taking him down. Next, it's Goombella's chance to attack. Choose her Headbonk attack, then select the flying Goomba as your target. Hit "A" right before you land on him to take 2 HP off of him. This will take him out. Now it's the enemy's turn. If you successfully took 2 HP off the two Goombas, you'll only have to protect yourself from the Spiky Goomba. If not, you'll have to protect yourself from however many Goombas are left, as your enemies each get a turn, too. Remember to defend yourself. I successfully used my Superguard ("B") against the Spiny Goomba. When the enemy attacks are complete, it' your turn again. Take the hammer to the Spiny Goomba, and you'll be done.

When you return to the normal world you'll be told of the "First Strike" rule. If you see an enemy in the field that you want to attack, or who is coming after you, you should try to hit him first. You can jump on him ("A") or you can hit him with your hammer ("B"). Point being, the one who strikes first will get an extra turn to attack the other guy in battle. You always want that guy to be you.

Climb up the stairs, then catch the moving platform. Ride it across to the pipe and move down the pipe. Here you'll run into your first charging Goomba. Hit him first, then take him out in battle. Continue east, then move down the stairs, fighting enemies as you go. At the foot of the stairs, strike the yellow boxes with your hammer for some treats, then smash the two larger boxes with your hammer to reveal the pipe behind them. Move down it.

Downstairs you'll see a little mouselike creature. You can't follow him yet, so don't worry about him. Instead, move east, and take on the Spinias and their 3 HP. As you move east you'll spot a Black Key above you, and a blue switch. Thwack the blue switch to reveal the stairs. Climb the stairs, then fall off behind the arrow platform and grab the key. Again, climb the stairs, then pass through the door.

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Approach the black box and hit "A". Speak to the voice inside the box, and unlock the box when given the opportunity to do so. This will put a curse on you. OH NO! Oh wait, it's a good curse. The curse allows you to fly as a paper airplane when on the airplane panels. Follow his instructions, then pass through the door and stand on the airplane panel. When it glows, hit "Y" to turn into a paper airplane, then glide using your control stick, to the left. Note that you need to tilt your control stick left and right to fly. Many are feeling it's up and down. It's not. It's left and right. Practice and make your way to the ledge above the large box. Pass through the door.

In front of you is the Thousand Year Door. Stand on the circular pedestal outside of the door for some Thousand Year Door action. Your map will be charged up, showing you the location of the first Crystal Star you need to collect, and Mario will learn a Special Move, the Sweet Treat. You will be transported back to the Professor's home.

Rogueport - A Lesson in Special Moves

You'll be taught everything you ever wanted to know about Special Moves. Learn about your Star Power gauge, and how you can only use a Special Move when you have enough dots filled up. The Sweet Treat only requires one dot, and you have that. Select the "Special" star icon, then select Sweet Treat. Follow the on screen instructions on how to shoot the targets with your control stick. Avoid hitting the poison mushrooms. The targets provide you or your companion with HP, and provides both of you with FP.

Since you've used your Special Move, you must build up your gauge. You do this by impressing the audience with your moves. The better you fight, the more the audience will cheer and grow, allowing you to build up your meter even faster. When you (or your partner) launch a successful attack, you'll get an icon at the top right of your screen. When another one occurs, you'll earn another icon. If those icons match, launch one more successful attack and you'll get to spin the wheel. Match all three icons for to fill your HP, FP, Star Power...or all of them, depending on the icons. A match will also bring in a huge crowd. You can also use the Appeal command in your Tactic menu to get Star Power.

Also note that you have to watch your audience. Sometimes a mean character wants to harm you. If you see someone in the audience with a damaging object in his hand, hit "X" to take him out. Don't attack fans who have things that will help you.

Once you've learned about Special Moves, you'll learn about the location of your first Crystal Star, in Petal Meadows, east of Rogueport and accessed via the tunnels under Rogueport.

Exit out and the Professor will chase you with the "Power Smash" Badge. This is an upgrade to your Hammer attack, requiring the use of 2 FP (Flower Points) with every swing. It's a good thing. The Professor will also give you a badge. Badges are equipped in your Start Menu. Different badges give you different skills, more HP, more FP, better defense, etc. Use the badges you collect. Practice equipping the Power Smash badge with the Professor, then really do it when the Professor goes back inside. You are left to return to the Underworld to locate the tunnel to Petal Meadows. Do so.

Below Rogueport

Save then head east. At the top of the stairs step on the airplane panel. Fly to the door across the way and pass through. In front of you will be a tentacle sticking out of the water. Thwack it with your hammer and enter the Blooper battle. Go ahead and use your Power Smash first on hit Left Tentacle, as it knocks off up to 4 of the tentacle's 3 HP. You'll have to jump on his right tentacle, as it's up in the air. Blooper has 12 HP. So, again, use your Power Smash, and go ahead and use the Sweet Treat when you need more FP. Upon defeating Blooper some moving platforms will appear. Jump onto them and make your way over to the pipe. Go down it.
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