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Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door
The Trouble Center

Paper Mario 2
Paper Mario 2

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Paper Mario 2 >
The Trouble Center

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Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon
Chapter 8: The Thousand Year Door
The Trouble Center
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Trouble Center

The Trouble Center is located on the east end of town. Enter and read the posted troubles. Accept troubles, solve them and get rewards. I listed the troubles in the order I solved them. First they're mixed up a bit, then they move straight down the line. I strongly suggest not taking on some of the troubles until you've discovered the warp pipes in the underworld…or you'll be wasting a lot of time.

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Mayor Kroop - He wants to speak to you. Return to his pink house in Petalburg and speak with him. You'll receive a Turtley Leaf for doing so.

Goomther - Find this guy! Goomther wants to find who ripped him off. Head to the middle of town and speak to Goomther (he's by the noose). He tells you to find Larson the Bandit. Larson is next to Merlon the Magician's house (which is next to the Professor's house). Don't let the camouflaged wall fool you. Pass through it and speak to Larson. He'll run. Follow him to the town center, then down to the docks, where you first entered the area. He'll run again. Return to the town center, then pass into the back alley. You'll find Larson here. You'll receive 20 Coins.

Koopook - Try to find me! Koopook is in Hooktail Castle. When you ride the second green block up, look left. Here is your guy. Ride the block to the top, head left and fall off the back of the platform. You'll land next to Keepook. Keepook will give you the Special Card, which allows you to play the Plane Mode game.

Zess T. - Seeking legendary book! Head to Zess T.'s kitchen in Rogueport Square. Give her the Cookbook you found by rolling through the small hole in the Creepy Steeple entry. You will receive a Honey Shroom by doing so.

Garf - Need a key! Garf's key is missing. His house is the locked house in Rogueport. Speak to him and he'll tell you he thinks he left it in the badge shop. Get to the badge shop by passing through the upstairs door in the inn. The Key is outside the shop. Return it for 20 coins.

McGoomba - Safe delivery... Meet McGoomba behind Zess T.'s house (the chef's house). He'll give you a package to deliver to Goomfrey, in front of the Professor's house. Deliver it, then return to McGoomba for 20 Coins.

Arfur - Price adjustment. Arfur needs the prices of Fire Flowers (10), Sleepy Sheep (8) and Tasty Tonics (3) is Rogueport. Check them out, then return to the Trouble Center. Arfur will be in front of it. Answer his questions correctly for 20 Coins.

Mousimilian - Hit me, please! Meet Mousimilian outside the item shop in the main plaza (he's the mouse). Hit him over the head with your hammer over and over and over again. When he says "Come back later", just keep whacking him. He'll remember on the third round. Your prize is the tip he remembers, buy Sleepy Sheep in Rogueport and sell them in Petalburg for profit.

Bomberto - I'm hungry! Bomberto is down by the docks. Speak with him. He just wants something to eat. Give him what's on you...I had honey. Your reward is 11 Coins.

Plenn T. - Order me and item! Head to the item shop in the main square and speak to Plenn T. He needs five Courage Shells. Go to the item shop in Petalburg and purchase five. Take them to Plenn T. for and Ultra Shroom.

Puni Elder - Emergency Shroom. The Puni Elder wants a Life Shroom. Purchase one from the item shop in the west end of town, them give it to the Elder, who is inside the Great Tree in Boggly Woods. She'll give you 60 Coins.

Lahla - Play with me! Speak to Lahla, the Boo. She is inside the Pianta Parlor on the west side of town. For this you will receive 10 Piantas.

Pine T. Jr. - Help my daddy! Pine T. is waiting at the entrance to the Pit of 100 Trials, just west of the Thousand-Year Door room. Go there. You're told to find Pine T.'s father in the Pit. Head down to the 18th floor, where you'll find Pine T. Jr. For this you will receive the Silver Card, which lets you play the Paper Mode game in the Pianta Parlor.

Jolene - Help Wanted! Meet Jolene in Glitz Pit. She's the promoter now, so head to the promoter's office. You may have to work your way up the ranks all over again, if she doesn't offer you the janitor's job at first. When you do you'll receive the Champ's Belt. When she offers you the janitor's job, head to the storage room and pick up the dirty underwear, both upstairs and downstairs. Return to Jolene and she'll tell you to return to Rogueport and speak to Goomfrey, who is in front of the Professor's house. Give him the underwear and return to Jolene for 30 Coins.

Merlee - Heartful Cake recipe. Meet Merlee in the charmer hut (slip through the bars and go down the pipe next to the Airplane Panel), then go to Petalburg and find the recipe for the Heartful Cake. Talk to the Toadette in the yellow hut near the mayor's house. You need Cake Mix and Ruin Powder. Return to Merlee and tell her this. Merlee wants Cake Mix. Go to the Pianta Parlor and speak to Lahla. Trade in your earnings for the Cake Mix. Take the Cake Mix to Merlee for 30 Coins.

Bub-ulber - The food I want. Bub-ulber is in Petalburg. The items he wants are not in Petalburg. First he wants a couple of Hot Dogs. Go to Glitzville for the Hot Dogs. Next he wants a Mousse Cake. Buy more Cake Mix at Pianta Parlor, give it to Zess T., and she'll make you the Mousse Cake. Take these to Bub-ulber (the bulb in front of the item shop in Petalburg). For this you get a Dried Bouquet.

??? - Elusive badge! Move past the badge shop (through the second floor door via the inn), hop on the roof and speak to the mouse. Ms. Mouz is looking for a special badge. The badge is located in the boss room of Hooktail Castle. Oy. Make your way all of the way to the top of the castle, where you fought Hooktail, and walk to the middle of the room. You'll run into an invisible obstacle. Use Flurrie to reveal the treasure chest. Collect the Attack FX B Badge from the chest. You will be given the badge as your reward.

Mayor Dour - Newsletter Talk to the Mayor Dour in Twilight Town. He'll give you a Routing Slip. Take this slip to the Punie Elder in the Great Tree. Next, take the slip to the Petalburg mayor. Finally, return the slip to the Twilight Town Mayor for 30 Coins.

Eve - Tell that person... Eve is the woman in Twilight Town who asked you so long ago for food. Go speak to her (the first house in the second area of town). She wants you to speak to Padley. Padley is the bartender in the inn. Speak to him, then return to Eve for a Meteor Meal.

Goom Goom - Looking for a gal! Goom Goom is located in the storage room of the Pirate's Grotto in Keelhaul Key. Have Goombella activated as your partner and you'll make a match! For this you will receive a Couple's Cake.

Frankie - Important thing! Frankie has lost Francesca's ring again! Speak to Frankie in the west part of Rogueport. Locate the ring for him. It's in Garf's front yard (the house at the very east end of town). Use Yosh to float over the river to get it. Bring it back to Frankie for the Gold Card.

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Chef Simi - Get these ingredients! Chef Simi wants three ingredients. First he wants the Golden Leaf. The Golden Leaf is outside of Creepy Steeple. Enter Creepy Steeple and pass through the door on the back wall. Outside, walk east until you spot a hole in the fence. Slip through it and locate the leaf. Second he wants a Mystic Egg. To find the Mystic Egg, enter the Great Tree. Find the Punie who wants to play a game. Agree to it and make the sentence, "Mario likes which person the most"? For this you will receive the Mystic Egg. Finally, to locate the Keel Mango, go to Keelhaul Key and enter the jungle. Hit the tree to the left of the red block with your hammer and the Keel Mango will drop. When you have all three ingredients, give them to Chef Simi on the Excess Express for 40 Coins.

Toodles - I must have that book. Speak to Toodles, inside the pink house in Poshley Heights. She tells you Jolene has her book. Go to Glitzville, to the promoter's office, and collect the book from Jolene. Return it to Toodles for the Platinum Card.

Businessman - Security code... Speak to the blue mouse outside the Glitz Arena. He wants a code. To make a long story short, the code is 2625. For this you receive Hot Sauce.

Goldbob - Deliever, please! Again, we must locate that ornery General White. First, speak to Goldbob, the Bob-omb dad in Poshley Heights. Take the package he gives you to General White's house in Fahr Outpost. You are told White is in Rogueport. Go to the inn and speak to Padley. Padley will tell you White is in Glitzville. In Glitzville, talk to the juice bar owner. Next, return to Goldbob in Poshley Heights. Next, return to General White's house and jump on him until he wakes up. Give him the package. Return to Goldbob for your 64 Coin reward.

Gob - I can't speak! Gob is at the Fahr Outpost. We know he wants something to soothe his throat. That something is Honey Candy. Buy Honey Syrup (Rogueport Item Shop) and Cake Mix (Pianta Parlor), and take the ingredients to Zess T. Zess T. will create Honey Candy. Take the candy to Gob, who is next to the Item Shop in Fahr Outpost. For this you will receive 20 Coins.

Toadia - I wanna meet Luigi! Toadia is near the fountain in Poshley Heights. She wants to speak with Luigi. Luigi is not an option here, but you can dress as Luigi with your L Emblem Badge. If you don't have the badge, don't worry, it's in the Sanctum right behind you. Actually, it's through the painting in the Sanctum. Super jump up the poles and work your way up to the badge. Equip the badge and speak to Toadia for a Choco Cake.

Doe T. - Roust these cads! Doe T. is in Boggly Woods. Head to Boggly Woods and speak to the Toad. Toad wants all enemies cleared out so he can make it to the Great Tree. Battle every enemy and return to Doe T. for 20 Coins.

Bub - Help me make up. Speak to Bub, who is outside the Sanctum in Poshley Heights. He wants you to choose a gift for his mom. Since we know where the Keel Mango is (Chef Simi's trouble), and since it's easy to get, opt for that. Once you have it, return to Bub. He gives you a letter for his mom, who is also in Poshely Heights. Locate her then return to Bub for 3 Coins.

Swob - Erase that graffiti! Swob is at the Farh Outpost. He wants you to erase the graffiti in the Pit of 100 Trials. The graffiti is located on the 50th floor. To get rid of it, blow up the wall with Bobbery. Speak to Swob, who is next to the cannon statue, and you'll receive a Snow Bunny.
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