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LB's Perfect Dark Zero
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Mission 00

Perfect Dark Zero Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Mission 00

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0. Mission 00
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Perfect Dark 0 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Mission 0
Datacore | Demolition
Location: Pacific Ocean

Agent (and Secret Agent)

Primary: Evade Datadyne Security

Before you begin this level highlight the Weapons/Gadgets menu on the Mission load page (before selecting "Start Mission"). Highlight "Pistols", then highlight and select "P9P". You will now have dual P9Ps ready to go at the beginning of the game. When that's done, select "Start Mission".

Hold "Y" to pull out your P9P (tap "Y" again to bring up the second Pistol), then aim at the SpiderBot. If you move to look up at the SpiderBot and find yourself looking down, go into your Start Menu, select "Options", then "Controls", then turn on "Invert Y". Back in the game, aim at the SpiderBot again. Before shooting him, hit your "RB" button (Right Bumper) to put a silencer on your Pistol. This isn't necessary, but it's a good habit to get into. Pull your "LT" (Left Trigger) to zoom in on the Bot (again, not necessary, but a good habit to form), then shoot it with "RT" (Right Trigger). Shoot the next two Bots that appear. This will cause the door to open up. Pass through it and look to the door to the left. Notice it's green lit. This means you can pass through it. Approach it and hit "A" to open it up.

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Move forward and note the laser trip wire covering the next door. Simply crouch with "L3" (click down on your left control stick) then move under it. Run up the ramps and you'll find yourself in a room with a few crates. Move up the ramp along the right side of the room and note the wooden crates to your left. Break through them by using your melee attack (hit "B" to "punch" with your weapon). Move down the next ramp and approach the door with the blue sensors over it. You're told to dive beneath the censors. Before you do, look through them to the doorway across the way. Note the sentry guns on each side of the door (identified by red lights). Zoom in on them and shoot them until they blow up. Roll under the blue sensors with "LB" (Left Bumper). Move forward then into the room to your right.

Look at the floor and note the flashing arrows. These are your waypoints, and they will appear throughout the game, usually when/if you're going the wrong direction or taking too long. They are very useful, so get used to looking out for them. Follow the waypoints to the circle in front of the divider. Face the divider and you'll get a prompt "A Cover". Hit "A" and your back will be put up against the end of the divider, allowing you to clearly view the security camera through the door to your left. Aim your reticle at the camera. When the camera is facing away from you, pull your Left Trigger to shoot the camera. If the doors shut on you, that means the camera spotted you. Wait until the doors reopen and try again. Continue to shoot the camera until it blows. Hit "A" again to detach yourself from cover and move through the door.

Again, look for the waypoints on the floor. Crouch ("L3") and move over to the circle. Take cover ("A") and shoot the two men in the room below. Detach from cover ("A"), stand up ("L3") and head down to that room. Follow the waypoints to the security pad to the left of the door. Tap right or left on your D-pad to pull out your datathief to hack the security pad.

Look at your datathief and note the three concentric circles. Each one has a blue block on its perimeter. Now, look at the outermost circle and note the slow moving cursor, which highlights a single section of the circle's perimeter at a time (it beeps each time it moves). Wait for the cursor to highlight the blue block on the outer perimeter. When it does, hit "A" to make the ring disappear and drop the cursor down to the next ring. Repeat the process with the inner rings to hack the security pad. If you hit "A" when the cursor is highlighting a non-blue section of the circle, that section will flash red. Ignore it and continue to focus on hitting the blue portions. If you have a lot of trouble and hit several non-blue sections an additional ring will be added to your stack. Don't worry about it. Just hit the blue portions when the cursor highlights them and you'll be good to go. Move through the hacked doorway for a quick cutscene.

Primary: Destroy CPU

Next you'll find yourself in control of a CamSpy. Use your right control stick to look around with it, and your left control stick to guide it. Move forward then left. At the end of the path you'll find an open vent shaft to your right. Move through it and you'll find your path is blocked by a few security lasers. Back up just a bit from the lasers and look right. Through a grate you'll spot a circuit. Shoot the circuit with "LT" to send out an electromagnetic pulse and fry that circuit. Next, look opposite the fried circuit for another one, and zap it. Continue forward and fall straight down the shaft.

Again, move forward and fall straight down. Continue forward again and you'll come to another laser grid. Look up at the ceiling and back away from the grid. Eventually you'll pass beneath a circuit. Zap it, then move forward and fall straight down the shaft to the bottom floor. Move through the open doorway and you'll find yourself inside the massive CPU. Approach the central blue beam and Detonate the bomb with "RB" (Right Bumper). CHECKPOINT

Escape Trinity Platform

Back as Jo, move forward and through the open door to your left. Enter the room and move to the far right side of it, where you'll find a Scientist who is trapped in a glass structure that's covered by SpiderBots. Shoot off each and every SpiderBot to free the scientist. When he emerges, let him speak, then he'll unlock the nearby door. Pass through it.

Follow the Scientist, shooting the SpiderBots who appear at his feet. He'll lead you into a room virtually identical to the room from where you freed him. Continue shooting at the SpiderBots. On the right side of the room you'll find more Bots and more Scientists. You'll also get your first Support Objective, Support: Escort Scientists to Elevator. This isn't a hard goal. In fact, you can run from here to the Elevator barely shooting a thing to successfully escort the Scientists. However, most people like to pop the SpiderBots along the way. This isn't necessary, but it's fun. Just look out for the SpiderBots with yellow eyes (as opposed to those with orange/red eyes). The yellow eyed SpiderBots will explode. If they explode and kill the Scientists in your group, you'll fail at the objective. Also note, if you're close to a yellow eyed SpiderBot and a Scientist shoots it, you'll be severely damaged. So, do what you want with the Bots then make your way to the left side of the room, where you'll find a SpiderBot on top of the security pad on the right side of the door. Shoot the Bot (you have to shoot this one) then Activate the security pad with "A". Pass through the door.

Let the Scientists lead you down the next hall. At the end, and before you move right, look left and collect the FAC-16 Assault Rifle from any of the three lockers. Note the secondary function ("RB") is to launch grenades, while the tertiary (hold "RB" and pull "LT") adds a silencer. Otherwise, it's just a normal assault rifle. Turn around and approach the next hall/bridge. Before crossing it, look at the feet of the man (non-Scientist) at the far end. Wait for the yellow eyed Bot to drop down and destroy it. The hall should now be safe to cross with the Scientists (although you never know, so stay close to your men). Continue down the hallway to the red lit door with the security pad next to it. Approach the pad and wait for the "Activate" icon to appear. Hit "A" to open the door and the Scientists will follow.

Move down the ramp to the lower floor. Stay ahead of your Scientists and clear out any yellow eyed Bots on the ground (it's rare one would be there, but it's possible). Move forward and right. Here you'll find another ramp leading down. Wait for your men to catch up. When they do, take the ramp down and cross the bridge. Follow the Scientists down the next hall. At the dead end you'll complete the Support: Escort Scientists to Elevator objective.

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As the Scientists work on powering up the elevator, you'll receive a new objective, Support: Deploy Sentry Gun. To do this, look at the lockers opposite the Scientist working on the computer. Approach with your FAC-16 in hand, and swap it with "Y" for a Laptop Gun. With your Laptop Gun in hand look to your entrance to this room and note the stream of SpiderBots coming down the wall along the right side of it. Aim and hit "RB" to toss your Laptop Gun and turn it into a Sentry Gun. This completes the Support: Deploy Sentry Gun objective.

Continue to fight off the SpiderBots as you await the elevator (pick up another Laptop Gun or your FAC-16 to do so). Focus on hitting the yellow eyed Bots as they come down the wall. If they make it to the base the Scientists will shoot them, which will hurt you and kill off useful Scientist support (although it won't hurt your objectives).

When the elevator arrives, step inside and hit "A" to ride it up. At the top, step off and approach the locker to your right. Switch out your Pistols for the Superdragon, then take cover along the right side of the doorway. Use the cover and your FAC-16 to pick off the many enemies waiting for you on the platform. Blow up the red barrels for an extra blast, and be sure to use your scope ("LT") to zoom in on those shooting from a distance. When you've cleared out what you can from the right side, carefully move out onto the platform and take cover behind any one of the crates. Continue to clear out those in front of you. When they've been eliminated, slowly move forward, looking and listening for more enemies. Take them down when you hear them (although simply avoid the fire of the dropship). Make your way to the slightly raised platform (before the shuttle) and climb the stairs up to it. Stand on the platform and hit "Ride".

As you ride the platform up a few men in Jetpacs will fly your way. Shoot them or their Jetpacs to take them down (I suggest using the Superdragon on them). Once you've cleared them out, run to the backside of the shuttle and locate the bridge to the shuttle door. Move along it to complete the mission.

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