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LB's Perfect Dark Zero
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Perfect Dark Zero Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Introduction

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000. Perfect Dark Zero Guide Options
00. Introduction
0. Mission 00
01. Mission 01
02. Mission 02
03. Mission 03
04. Mission 04
05. Mission 05
06. Mission 06
07. Mission 07
08. Mission 08
09. Mission 09
10. Mission 10
11. Mission 11
12. Mission 12
13. Mission 13

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Perfect Dark 0 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

PD0 Introduction

Welcome to Lunabean.com's Perfect Dark Zero(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. This guide will walk you through each of the 14 missions of the single player (Solo Agent or Co-Op) portion of the game for the "Agent" level, providing you with the necessary skills to get through harder difficulties. Since objectives do change between difficulties, we've included a complete "Secret Agent" walkthrough in our LB PD0 PDF guide.

Please note, we played through this game a handful of times to give you the most accurate guide we possibly could. However, even with that being said, this game has some pretty darn smart AI and it changes things around between playthroughs to keep it fresh. We tried to point out differences as they occur between games, but it's possible we missed a few. If that's the case with the particular mission you're playing through, still read the guide we've given you, as it will point you in the right direction (even if the specifics are a bit off).


This guide is written based on "Standard" controls (the default option). Please note the new Xbox 360 buttons: "LT" (Left Trigger), "LB" (Left Bumper), "RT" (Right Trigger), and "RB" (Right Bumper).

LT - Aim/Zoom (it's sensitive, providing different degrees of "zoom")
LB - Dive/Roll (left control stick will provide direction)
Left control stick - Move (click to crouch)
RT - Primary fire
RB - Secondary fire
Y - Swap weapon
X - Reload
B - Melee Attack
A - Action
Right control stick - Look around
Start - Pause/Resume/Menu
Back - Show Debriefing (if you die)
D-Pad - Disarm (Up), Drop Weapon (Down), Use Gadget (Right or Left)

**Please note, to take advantage of your weapon's tertiary function, hold RB then press LT.


Each of your weapons have three functions. Primary (RT), Secondary (RB) and Tertiary (hold RB then press LT). To read about the functions of each of your weapons, go into your Start Menu, select equipment, then select the weapon you would like to know more about. It's that easy.

You get the opportunity before each mission to go into your Armory. Select it before "Start Mission" and swap out weapons as you wish. The weapons from which you get to choose are determined by weapons you "brought back" from previous missions. This means you must complete a mission with that weapon on your person to be able to select it for a later mission. With that being said, I opted to go with the default weapons each time, as the Silenced P9P proved to be my best friend time and time again (but I do suggest using the Superdragon as much as possible if you are one for swapping weapons, as it has powerful fire and launches grenades).

You are allowed four slots for the weapons you can carry on your person. Since weapons come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes you'll be able to have four weapons, other times, two. If this concept confuses you, simply go into your armory and swap weapons in and out of your stash. You'll see the length of some (like your P9P) is "1", while the length of others (like your Falcon) is "3".

To pick up weapons in the game run on top of it. If you have the space you'll automatically pick it up (hit "Y" to switch to it). If you don't have the space you'll be given a prompt. The new weapon will be to the left, the "Y" button will be in the middle, and the weapon/s you must swap out to fit the new weapon will be to the right. Hit "Y" to make it all happen.

Finally, if you're bold, you can disarm your opponents by approaching them from the front (unarmed) and hitting your RB button to make a grab for their weapon. I found this move to be fairly useless.


In each mission you are given a gadget. Gadgets change between difficulty levels, which is one reason why objectives and paths change. Use your gadgets (when prompted) by pressing right or left on the D-Pad of your controller.

Datathief - Used to hack various items.

Look at your datathief and note the concentric circles. Each one has a blue block (or more) on its perimeter. Next, look at the outermost circle and note the slow moving cursor, which highlights a single section of the circle's perimeter at a time (it beeps each time it moves). Wait for the cursor to highlight the blue block on the outer perimeter. When it does, hit "A". If that blue block is the only blue block on that ring, the ring will disappear. If there's another blue block, wait for the cursor to highlight it and hit "A" again. When there are no blue blocks left, the ring will disappear. Repeat the process with the inner rings to hack whatever it is you're hacking at the time.

If you hit "A" when the cursor is highlighting a non-blue section of the circle, that section will flash red. That can be ignored. However, if you hit it again, a ring will be added to the stack.

Locktopus - Used to unlock doors.

Use the left control stick to find the "sweet spot" of each of the locks pin. You'll know you've found that spot when the inner circle of the locktopus glows bright green. Hold the control stick in that position until the circle shrinks to nothing. Repeat until each of the pins is picked. Note, on the "Agent" and "Secret Agent" levels, you can primarily find the "sweet spot" by moving your left control stick in circles. On harder difficulties, that spot can be found anywhere within the range of the stick.

Demo Kit - Used to blow up walls and other things that need blowing up.

To use your demo kit you must complete the circuit so the light moves from the start arrow to the end arrow. To do this, highlight a square with the left control stick then rotate that square with "A".

Audioscope - Identifies enemies.

When asked to use your audioscope, pull it out then point it in the direction of the person you're trying to identify. That person, if it's the correct person, will glow green. When you have that green glow, pull "RT" and wait until the status bar fills to complete the identification.

Goggles - When you find goggles in a mission, you can use them at any time by pressing "Right" on the D-pad.

Health and Dying

The health meter is located at the top of your screen. The thick white line around it indicates body armor. The meter, itself, is reduced when you take damage. However, some of that damage is "shock damage" and will recover itself if you stay out of harm's way for a short amount of time. When you run out of health, you die. When you die, hit the "Back" button to restart the mission or start at a checkpoint. There's only one checkpoint per mission (except on "Perfect Agent", where there are no checkpoints). You only get to start at the checkpoint if you've passed the checkpoint in the mission (duh). Unfortunately, if you take the checkpoint option, you'll be starting with the weapons with which you began the mission.


At this point we know of no Perfect Dark Zero(TM) cheats. We do know there are various rats scattered throughout the game (instead of the cheese found in Perfect Dark), but we don't know what these rats do. Since we don't support cheats (we have no problem with them, we just can't be the people who are asked about them), please visit Gamewinners for cheat and rat details.

**This page, along with all pages at Lunabean.com, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
***Purchase required to print any portion of this guide.

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