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LB's Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (TM)
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Introduction and Tutorials

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1. Introduction and Tutorials

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LB "Prince of Persia" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

0. LB "Prince of Persia" Walkthrough Home
1. Introduction and Tutorials
2. Entering the Fortress
3. Activating the Water Tower
4. Activating the Mechanical Tower
5. Get Off the Island
6. 2nd Chance, Mask of the Wraith
7. Final Bosses
8. Review
9. "PoP:WW" Strategy Guide Updates

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1. Introduction and Tutorials

Welcome to the Lunabean "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. The guide is based on "Normal" difficulty. Because the game is on all platforms, I generically name the names of the buttons based upon the "Controls" in your "Options" menu. I do not refer to console-specific buttons. In addition to walking you through the entire game and giving strategies throughout, this guide contains all 9 Life Upgrades and all 50 Artwork Treasure Chests.

Finding exactly where you are in this guide can be tricky due the fact that it is a fairly long game and the game forces you to return to the same rooms/area several times, potentially in different time stages (past or present). To find out where you are stuck it helps to read the "Save Fountain" Save Titles (in bold and all-caps throughout the guide). You can also Pause your game and see what your current goal (objective) is and locate that "Goal" in the guide ("goals" are also in bold and all caps).


Pay attention to any fighting tutorial you receive. Also, as soon as you get a new Weapon or Time Attack (Wind of Fury, for example) immediately try it out to see if it is something that you like. This game is full of combos and if you want to master those, feel free. You can access your "Combos" through the Pause Menu. Fighting tips are given throughout this guide but because there is so much variety to the fighting system each player will use and enjoy different attacks and combos: I'm somebody who used a lot of Wall-Push attacks (push toward a wall, press Attack-Button), a fair amount of Secondary Weaponry, a few vault then slash, and I barely blocked throughout the game preferring instead to roll and slash, roll and slash. I also preferred to toss enemies off cliffs if possible, unless I needed Sand. It's really up to you, so find what you like and get good at it.

Sand Tanks

Sand Tanks are the yellow circles inside your life meter. You will earn 6 of them in total by the end of the game. Sand Tanks are filled by Sand. You get Sand by breaking jars/pottery/barrels or by killing an enemy in an exciting way. One guaranteed way to get Sand by fighting is to knock the enemy down (try a Wall-Push attack) then stab him while on the ground. Another good way is to vault an enemy and slash him while in the air and then again upon landing. Pretty much if you get a slow motion action scene it means you'll earn Sand. Sand is important because it allows you to Rewind Time, Slow Down Time (Slo-Mo), and use your Time Attacks.


To see your controls go to the pause menu and select "Options" > "Controls". I'll be referring to controls throughout the game based upon this information.

The Boat - Fighting Tutorial

After a long cutscene of you running through alleys avoiding the Shadow Dahaka, you'll find yourself on a boat. This boat is basically your training area to get a feel for your movement and fighting abilities.

When you start up you'll be told about your Attack-Button. This button is your main attack button. Next, you'll learn about the Block-Button. Hold the Block-Button to block attacks. Next, you'll learn a combo: hitting your Attack-Button three times in a row. There are dozens of combos in this game. To see them, go to your pause menu and choose "Combo List". Next, you'll learn several ways of jumping over an opponent and attacking them or throwing them. In general, to vault over an opponent, use the Grab/2nd Weapon Attack-Button. You can also use the Roll/Jump/Eject-Button while running toward an enemy to vault over them. When you take care of the first set of enemies the floor will break open and you'll drop down.

You'll land in a pool of water. Water is how you heal yourself. To drink water, stand in a pool of water (or go up to a Save Fountain) and hold the Walling/Block-Button. You'll drink water and you'll see your Life Meter fill up. So, drink some water and go up to the three enemies in the room with the column. Columns are fun in this game because you can swing around them and attack enemies. Using either your Grab/2nd Weapon Attack-Button or your Attack-Button, head to the pole and hit either button. You'll swing around the pole taking out the enemies. If any avoid your attack, finish them off. Be sure to look for columns throughout the game which will make attacking several enemies at once a piece of cake.

Continue down the hall and you'll get a cutscene of you escaping from below deck. Back on the deck, kill the various remaining enemies. Keep in mind that you can pick up enemy's weapons. To do so, stand over a fallen weapon and hit your Pick Up Weapon/Throw Weapon-Button. This will give you a weapon in each hand. To fight with this extra weapon you use the Grab/2nd Weapon Attack-Button. Try it out and you'll see that you'll be swinging the extra weapon. Extra weapons break down after several hits, turning red to indicate it, but are rather useful. You can also throw secondary weapons. Using the same Pick Up Weapon-Button you can press it to throw a weapon a great distance at an enemy. Once this set of enemies is defeated, run up the flaming stairs on the left.

Boss Fight - Shahdee

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You'll probably die a whole bunch here, don't worry, she is difficult with your limited resources. In this fight, you have to get Shahdee down to about a 1/5 or 1/6 of her life...you won't be killing her, yet. The best advice for her is to Block or Roll any time that she attacks. You should also be armed with a 2nd Weapon. Use your Primary and Secondary weapons to attack her a few times then roll away or Block. In fact, I recommend rolling left or right until you can get behind her and then attack her and repeat. You can also try to vault over her, but this is risky because she may attack you as you're doing this. In summary, Block and/or Roll a whole bunch and attack when you have the opportunity. Be patient. Also, as you fight her you'll get a quick cutscene where your swords will lock. Rapidly tap the Attack-Button to break this face-off in your favor. Be sure to follow this moment with an attack.

When you knock her health down enough she'll knock the sword out of your hand and you'll get a cutscene with a wise (and scarily realistic) old man. Next, you'll find yourself washed up on shore.

Beach - Movement Tutorial

You are now stranded on a beach. You have no weapon so you pick up a stick. Kill the Crows then learn about your Camera. Basically, you have your standard view, a Landscape (Panoramic) View, and First Person View. Remember these as you're going through the game as varying perspectives tend to help out. You can also center the camera behind you using the Center Camera-Button (R3 on the PS2...click down on the right analog stick).

Head to either of the fresh water pools and drink to regain your health. Then, head to the flame-lit stairs. To the left of the stairs is an ARTWORK TREASURE CHEST (1). Go up the stairs.

You'll find yourself faced with your very first gap. Use the Jump-Button while running toward the gap to jump it. Then, use the Jump-Button to get up on the ledge and go over. Jump the next gap and you'll find a SAVE FOUNTAIN - WRECKAGE. Here you can refill your life and save. Do so.

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Then, jump onto the rock ledge and shimmy to the right. When you can climb up, do so. Jump across to the small ruined tower platform where there is a tree and jump up to the grassy ledge and shimmy around. When you get to the end, point your control stick away from the wall and hit your Jump-Button to jump to the other side. Use your jump button to get up the ledges on this side and then go up the small stairs. You'll be faced with a ledge that you can't reach with a normal jump. Facing the wall, press and hold your Walling-Button to run up the wall. You'll automatically grab the ledge. Pull yourself up, go across the stairs and drop down to the grassy ledge below. Here you will learn how to Wall Run along walls (as opposed to up walls). Run near a wall and press and hold the Walling-Button. This will cause you to run along a wall, thus crossing the gap.

Next up you have a set of columns to climb. Go up to the right-most column and hit your Jump-Button to grab on. Shimmy up the column and then rotate yourself to face the middle column then jump to it. Next, face the left column and jump to it. From here, jump to the ledge above. On the right, is an ARTWORK TREASURE CHEST (2).

Go to the gate where you'll see a small hole that you can roll through. Run toward the hole and before you get to it, push the Jump/Roll-Button to roll under. Kill the two Demons on this side then go up the ledge and run along the left wall to clear the gap. Next, you'll learn how to do a wall-run-jump. Run along the right wall and when the game tells you to jump, hit the Jump-Button and you'll push off the wall and jump to the landing across from you.

Kill the Demons then work your way up to the iron gate. Here you'll learn about your Map. Hit your Map-Button to pull up your map at any time. The Map tells you three things: Your location, the location of your next objective (red X) and what time you are in (Present or Past). The Map is very useful.

Fortress Entrance - Environmental Training

Still facing the gate, go to the left of the gate and Wall Run up the wall and hop over the gate. Go forward for a cutscene. You'll earn the SPIDER SWORD, a very basic sword, but better than that stick you were using. Take this time to check out your Combo List in your Pause Menu as well.

Back to the action, kill off the four Demons and learn about using Double Weapons. As explained earlier, before the boss fight with Shahdee above, it's a good thing to use both your Primary and Secondary weapon together to do some good damage. Secondary weapons can be picked up and thrown using the Pick-Up Weapon/Throw Weapon-Button or can be picked up and used using the 2nd Weapon- Button. As you use the Secondary weapon you'll see that it will turn red eventually breaking. If another one is around, just pick it up and you'll have another Secondary weapon.

Head back to the iron gate and go through the now open doors to the left (if facing the gate). Here you will find a SAVE FOUNTAIN - THE RUINED FORTRESS.

Wall Run along the left wall, then jump the gap to the other side and you'll get a cutscene of the Crow Demon (my name for him). This is a series of fight all of which are designed to train you in how to interact with environments and get from one place to another.

Fight the Crow Demon until he breaks apart and flies to the next ledge. He's pretty easy. Just watch for him to attack (he raises his sword) and when he does, slash him. Repeat this process then when he flies away, watch where he goes. If you're not happy with your health supply, run back to the Save Fountain and fill up, but be aware, you'll have to fight him on this first level again.

Now you have to get up to where he is. Face the open doorway you came through. Go up the ledge to the left of it. Wall Run up to the first ledge, then Wall Run up and Jump to the next ledge. Look out and you'll see some columns. You're going to Wall Run along the wall then jump to a column. You'll know when to jump when you are over the green ivy growing on the wall. When you reach it, Jump, and you'll grab onto a column. Jump to the next column then to the landing that the Crow Demon is on. Fight him again and when he flies off, pay attention to where he goes.

From this landing, Wall Run along the wall (over the door) to the ledge. Then, Wall Run along the wall back towards where you just came from. You'll grab onto a higher ledge. Climb up this ledge and the next ledge and you'll be able to jump to a column hanging from the ceiling. From here jump to the landing where the Crow Demon is located. Fight him for the third and final time. This fight is made easy if you do a Wall Attack which consists of pushing against any wall then using your Attack-Button. This causes you to push off the wall and do a powerful attack. You can do wall attacks on the Crow Demon going back and forth between the adjacent walls where the Red Wall Switch is located.

Once the Crow Demon is defeated, grab his sword as your 2nd Weapon. Find the Red Wall Switch and Wall Run up the wall to activate the switch. The gated door will open. Go through.

You are now in a large ruined room. There is a Red Curtain to your right. Wall Run along the wall and you'll automatically grab onto and slide down the curtain. Fight the Demons using the small column for some attack acrobatics if you wish.

When the Demons are defeated, go to the small column. Look for the foggy gap that you have to cross in front of you. Then, look to the left to find a rock carving that you can climb. From the bowl-shaped rock carving, Wall Run up the square column and you'll grab a ledge. Shimmy around to the left, kill the Demon up here, then Wall Run across the gap where you'll grab another ledge. Shimmy around to the left and drop down. Congrats, you have made you way across the foggy gap.

Go forward, Wall Run along the right wall, and enter the WARP ROOM. Find the SAVE FOUNTAIN - RUINED FORTRESS (2) and save. Welcome to your first Warp Room. This is where you can warp back and forth between the Present and Past. There are many Warp Rooms in the game. To activate Warp Rooms you have to hit each of the four Wall Switches in the proper order, however, this one is already active thanks to Shahdee. Walk toward the end of the room and you'll automatically warp.

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