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LB's "Prey" TM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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"Prey" Game Info:
Lunabean Rating: Pending
Platforms: Xbox 360, PC
Release Date: 06.11.04
ESRB Rating: M-Mature
More Info: Prey Official Site

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Prey Walkthrough w/ Screenshots

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Last Call

Collect the wrench from the bar.
When the game begins you will be introduced to your character, Tommy, who seems to be a bit of a self-hating Cherokee. When you get control of Tommy, exit the bathroom head down the hall to the left. At the end you'll meet Enisi, Tommy's grandfather. When the conversation comes to an end, move through the doors and enter the bar.

Stand at the corner of the bar, above the wrench. After a bit Jen will come speak with you. You will automatically collect the Wrench. Next, explore the bar area. There's a TV. Change the channels by hitting your "Attack 1" button (right-trigger is the default on the Xbox 360). Change what's playing on the jukebox in the same way (hit >> then, "Play" to change the song), then play around with the video black jack and slots machines. To pass the time you can also play a round of "Rune Man". When Jen calls you back to the bar, return to her.

After another quick conversion with your lady, the men at the bar will start giving her trouble. Approach them and one will get off his stool and begin to fight. The wrench will automatically come out. Swing it with "Attack 1" (quick hits) and "Attack 2" (heavy hits) and take the men out. When this is done, sit back and enjoy the alien invasion.
Use the wrench to defend your lady's honor.

Escape Velocity

Beat the Fodder before it beats you.
There's not much you can do here but look around. After a bit a bomb will explode and you'll be dropped to the floor of the spaceship. Move past the pulsing red circle (an alarm) and through the hole (Sphincter Door) that opens up for you. Follow the on-screen directions to crouch and move under the obstacle. You'll stand up automatically once you clear it. To your left is your first Fodder. Kill it by whacking it with your wrench.

There's a man in the area. Leave him alone (or, put him out of his misery...the choice is yours), then move up the stairs to the door. Look at the console to the right of the door, get close to it, and follow the on-screen prompt to "Use" it ("Attack 1"). Move through the open door.

Head right and kill the next Fodder, then continue toward the pulsing alarm and kill any others that jump in your way. Crouch and move through the small opening, and something odd will happen to your head. In this small room is a square portal. If you crouch and look through it from the front, you'll notice nothing odd. However, if you crouch and look at if from behind, you'll spot a completely new room in front of you. Walk through it from the back and you'll appear in that new room.

Move down the hall and through the open door to your right. Go up and down the stairs, then right again. If you're playing on "Normal" difficulty, you'll find your first set of Health Spores at the end of the hall. Walk over them to replenish your health. If you're playing on "Cherokee", you're out of luck with said spores. Move to the back side of the portal and drop down into the next room.

Move through the door in front of you and follow the on-screen prompt to ignite your Lighter (press down on the "R-trigger" on the Xbox 360). Kill the three Fodder in front of you with your Wrench, then move through the next door. Follow the catwalk and cross the bridge. Move through the next door, then follow the catwalk around to the left. Again, move through the door. Here you'll spot your grandfather to the left, dying a particularly nasty death. A blue portal will open up for you to the right. Pass through it.
Move to the backside of the square to see through the portal.
Wait for the blue portal to open up and move through it.

Downward Spiral

Use your new Hunter Rifle against the Hunter.
Move forward a bit. To your right you'll spot your first Health Basin (again, this is if you are playing on "Normal"). Stand next to it to replenish a great deal of health. To your left is a console. Stand close to it and activate it. When this is complete, run up the ramp. A Hunter will pop out of the door to your right and start shooting at you. Take cover behind the blue glowing structure, pull your "Attack 2" trigger, wait for the Hunter to get close, then swing your Wrench at him until he goes down. When he does, you'll automatically collect the Hunter Rifle. Simply hit "Attack 1" to shoot it. Use its secondary fire option, with "Attack 2", to pull out a scope and shoot a more powerful shot. Move Sphincter door at the end of the hall.

A child will appear in front of you. Let him run away. Collect from the Health Spore, if necessary, then move forward. Your first Hunter will appear from a portal in front of you. Shoot him with your new gun. Collect his gun for ammo, then, if you need Health, move through the portal and collect it. Otherwise, ignore the portal and approach the console to your right. Hit the the console button (remember, "Attack 1"), then move through the now-open doorway.

Cross the catwalk, collect the Hunter Rifle ammo at the end, then fall down to the green-lined hall below. At one end of the hall an explosive egg will emerge. If you shoot this egg, it will explode (hence, "explosive egg"). At the other end of the hall is a hole in the ground covered by a substance your gun can't break through. Roll the explosive egg over the hole (just get behind the egg and move toward the hole). When the egg falls on top of the hole, shoot it. Fall through the hole.

Move along the path in front of you. A Hunter will emerge from above. Kill him. When he's out of the picture, look at the catwalk across the way. Another Hunter will appear. Use "Attack 2" to pull out your scope and shoot the Hunter from a distance. When he's dead, move through the door to the right.

At the far end of the hall is an escapee. Ignore him. In the middle of the hall are two consoles. You can't activate the one to the right, so don't worry about it. Instead, hit the console to the left and collect the Ammo from inside. Return to the catwalk where you killed the Hunter. Examine the railing and note a break in it above a pipe. Move through the break and fall to the ground below. Here you'll find your first Crawler Grenades. Your primary fire of these critters acts as a grenade. The entire Crawler is tossed and will blow within a few seconds. The secondary fire flips the Crawler in your hand, so, when you hit "Attack 1", you'll pull off one leg at a time and toss it. The leg will stick to the surface it hits and work as a proximity mine, only going off when an enemy gets close to it. Please note, your "Grenade" button ("B" is the default on the 360) allows you to toss these guys without having them equipped.

Collect the Crawlers, then switch back to the Hunter Rifle. Next, focus on the glowing pathway moving up the left wall. This is a Wall Walk path. As long as it's glowing, you can move along the path. And glowing it is, so move forward along the pathway.

At the top you'll find a Fodder. Kill him, collect the Ammo (and Crawler Grenades), arm a Crawler Grenade, then move right. Turn right and note the Hunter who emerges from the portal, along with a few Fodder who suddenly appear. Toss a Crawler Grenade, or two, in their direction, then switch back to your Hunter Rifle and kill any survivors. Be aware of the Cilia attached to the right wall. Shoot it so it can't touch you.

Run forward and up the next Wall Walk. Watch out for the Hunter who appears along the way. When he's dead, continue forward, examining the environment around you. When you get to the spot where the Hunter actually appeared, look up and right. Here you should see a couple of Fodder feeding off a dead body. Since you're wall walking, they appear to be on the ceiling. Kill them so you don't have to deal with them later, then continue to the end of the Wall Walk path.

Move up the stairs, open the console next to the dead body for ammo, then move forward. A Fodder will come charging at you from inside a box. Kill him, then crouch and move through the box, which is actually a portal. Move through the next crate/portal, and you'll find yourself in a very odd place.

Ignore the Hunter who initially comes at you, as he is HUGE, and your weapons won't work against him. Continue moving forward, around the huge ball of earth you appear to be on, and a couple of Hunters who are your size will appear. Take them out, then make your way to the square portal. Fall through it and move along the catwalk, through the next portal. Avoid the vomit of the Vomiters, who are attached to the walls and ceiling. Collect the ammo on the ground, then move through the portal.

Wait for the Vomiter on the right to stop purging, then move down the hall. Stay right to avoid other regurgitating monsters. Out on the catwalk, you'll spot Jen. Take out the Mutated Human at the console, then continue to work your way around to the right. A human will be chased by a Hunter. Kill the Hunter then move through the door. Grab the ammo by hitting the console on the ammo bin to the right, then approach the door as it opens in front of you.

Stand at the doorway and equip the Hunter Rifle scope. Two Hounds will appear directly ahead of you. They'll be coming from the right. Take them down before they reach you, then eliminate the Hunter who follows them. Enter the room, collect the Health, if necessary, then move through the open door. Pass they crying man and enter the next room.

Move up the stairs in front of you and look right. Here you'll find an inactive Wall Walk to your right (you can tell because it's not glowing). Move left and find the console. Hit it to activate the Wall Walk (and do a few other things). Move up the Wall Walk. As soon as you crouch and move under the obstacle, pull out your gun and kill the Hunters shooting at you from above (which is actually below). Continue forward until you drop down to the catwalk area below.

Here you'll find a few explosive eggs and a few Mutated Humans. Kill the Mutated Humans (if they bother you), then locate the goo-covered door. Place an explosive egg in front of it and blast the goo. Note, as soon as you do, the door will open, and a Hunter will come at you. Kill him, then pass through the door. Ignore the person and exit out to the not-so-sturdy bridge. Cross it for the ammo, then recross it to die....
Touch the panel to deactivate the force field.
Use the Rifle's secondary scope function to snipe the Hunter across the way.
Return to the railing and note the break over the pipe. Jump down to the area below.
Toss the Crawlers at the enemies as they come.
Use the Wall Walk to spot Fodder ahead.
The mega-Hunter is only there to disorient you.
Stand in the open doorway and use your scope to pop the Hounds from a distance.
Blow up the explosive egg in front of the goo-covered door.

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