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Lunabean's "Psi-Ops(TM): The Mindgate Conspiracy" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Something's Gone Wrong

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
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3. Something's Gone Wrong

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Welcome to the Movement
3. Something's Gone Wrong
4. Unfinished Business
5. Assembling the Pieces
6. Fears Don't Lie
7. Everything We Worked For
8. From the Ether and Beyond
9. The Ultimate Power
10. Extra Content
11. "Psi-Ops" Review
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Something's Gone Wrong

Evil Garden Gnomes: 2

Missile Silo

Explore the Movement's compound and locate the rest of your squad.

You start off on Level C of the silo. Behind you is the silo itself, in front of you is a red-toned room. Go into the room. Oh no!!!!! Another Psi Ability is returning to you.

Mind Drain (MD) Training

Mind Drain (MD) works to refill your Psi-Meter (blue meter). After you kill an enemy, you can hold down the MD Button to drain that enemy's mind and refill yours. Also, if you sneak up behind an enemy and get close to him you can do a surprise MD and you'll get a lot of juice and his head will explode. Cool. Hey, it's rated "M" for a reason. Anyway, this is simply your basic "recharge" ability.

When game play resumes, grab the Field Med Pack in the room then go onto the sliding platform/elevator thing and push the button on the platform itself. Ride it up and get ready to TK two MP1s into the electricity below you or kill them however you want. Kill the third MP1 at the top of your ride, Mind Drain them, grab the Field Med Pack, and push the red button on the console to open the door back down on the other side of the platform/elevator.

Go back down the sliding platform, kill the MP1s, and go through the now open door on your left. There are three chambers in this hallway. If you go into any of them you'll be gassed and the only way out is to TK objects/bodies into the glass door until it breaks. Not good. However, you need to kill the blue Tech. Well, TK the tech into the hallway and kill him so you don't have to enter any of the chambers. Grab the KEYCARD to the Implant Ops. Alternatively, kill the Tech and then TK the keycard to you.

Go through the door at the end of the hall, through the "spinning" room, and through the next door that you now have a Keycard for. Kill the MP1 and go through the next door. Cut scene of Implant Ops room. More exploding heads.

Grab the Field Med Pack and the Psi Vial and head through the next door. Go forward and somebody will set off the alarm in the room on your right with the glass window. Start killing everybody around and be weary of MP1s coming from behind you. Go to the end of the hall and go into the room on your right. It's a kind of infirmary. Throw the two blue Techs into the fire. Hehe. Go to the back right bed to find the IMPLANT DEVICE. Grab the Field Med Kit (on top of cabinet), the Field Med Pack and the Psi Rejuve. Kill the two MP1s who enter then across the hall and through that door for a CHECKPOINT.

Cryo Storage

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You are now in a cryo storage room with 8 storage units. Go directly across and through the door. Continue until you get to the Mainframe door where you will get a message from Sara.

Obtain the pass code for the door to the Mainframe Room.

Continue down the hall, go through the door and you'll soon reach Jov Leonov's Office. You'll get a cut scene of Leonov and Barret talking. Grab the Psi Vial on the crate. OK, OK, this is the one time that your Remote Viewing is handy. Enter your RV mode and go through the office door. Go to the desk and look at the computer screen. There will be a Four Digit Pass Code on the screen. The first time I played through it was 4398. The second time, 9910. I'm guessing it's random.

Exit RV mode and go back down the hall to the Mainframe Room. Kill the three MP1s. Enter the code that you saw. Kill the first MP1 and all hell will break loose. You'll have guys coming from behind you and in front of you. Once everybody is dead, go down the ladder near the small bridge for a Psi Vial and a Field Med Kit. Go back up the ladder and go up to the computer. Sara will chime in and give you a new objective.

Mainframe Room

Go through the vent system and meet Sara in the Warhead Storage Room.

Facing the computer, look left and up. See the vent cover that is hanging off? Shoot it. Now, TK a crate underneath it so you can jump up there. Again, TK a crate so that you can get up to the next level. Ahh, fan tunnels. Run down to the alcove nearest the fan. If you get too close, it'll suck you in. Shoot any enemies at this point. Push the red button on the wall in the alcove to turn off the fan. This will cause some more MP1s to come out. Immediately turn the fan back on to suck anybody that came out into it. Also, there will be two MP1s coming from behind. Kill them. When all is clear, turn off the fan again and proceed past it. You can continue to lure enemies out and repeat the fan process to kill them. Grab the Psi Vial near the red button fan switch.

Proceed past the fan, take out the MP1 who comes at you and then go forward and drop down. Open the door in front of you and you'll see a sign that reads, "Warhead Storage." To the right of that sign is a garage door. Open it for a cut scene with Sara.

Warhead Storage

Plant three bombs to destroy the entire compound.

The first bomb needs to be planted in the Implant Ops. Before you leave the storage room, grab all the various goodies. Exit the storage room and go directly across the silo using the bridge. Shoot or TK throw the enemies. On the other side go through the metal garage door. Do not take the elevator up or down.

Shoot the MP1s, grab the Field Med Kit and go through the door. Follow the halls/path until you get to the Implant Ops. The Implant Ops room will have a blue Tech, a bank of computers on one wall across from a pillar with some terminals on it. Near that pillar are glowing orange circles. Step into the circles to plant the bomb.

Time to plant the second bomb in the Mainframe Room. Keep following the path forward, basically retracing your steps. Go into the infirmary again to grab a Field Med Kit. There will be several MP1s to deal with when you do so. Exit and go across the hall, then go across the Cryo Storage room, and into the hallway to the Mainframe Room. Go in, kill all the enemies then step into the orange circle to plant the bomb.

The third bomb is easy. Simply back track to the Cryo Storage facility you just ran through. Go to the center of the room and step into the orange light. CHECKPOINT.

Boss Fight: Jov Leonov

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What a loser. First, you'll notice that Leonov will control certain MP1s and make them explosive. You need to throw explosive MP1s into each of the eight storage units. Leonov will only make certain MP1s explosive, so try to take out the non-affected ones however you see fit. There is various Health and Psi Power around if you need some. When all eight storage units are destroyed, Leonov will come down to fight.

He has several attacks, none of which are too bad, just keep an eye on your Health. To kill him (well, get rid of him) simply TK the metal crate (or any other object) and repeatedly throw it at him. He'll go down pretty easy.

SECRET AREA: The Gnome is right behind where Leonov was standing. To get up there, you need to get up to the second level surround this area. On either side, above one of the cryo chambers, you should see a broken window. Get on the crate and TK yourself up there and hop into the broken window. Run around to where Leonov was and grab the EVIL GARDEN GNOME.

Cryo Storage

Race back to the silo before the remaining bombs explode!

Head back to the Mainframe Room. Along the way you'll meet your first MP2. MP2s are a little beefier and have heavier army green armor. Climb up into the vent, and retrace your steps back to the silo. Upon reaching the silo you'll get a new objective.

Reach the landing pad to escape the compound before the final bomb explodes!

Run directly across the bridge and take the large platform elevator up by pushing the green button. Get ready because the elevator is going to collapse. Face the wall. When you see an opening/ledge jump for it. If you don't do it quick enough, the elevator will fall. Go forward, kill the MP2s, go up the stairs, move the rubble, and go through the door. Continue along the path, go down the next set of stairs. Run toward the landing pad.

SECRET AREA: Across from the landing pad, in between the two jumbo screens with static on them, you'll see an opening. Run up the debris ramp a tad and TK the EVIL GARDEN GNOME to you.

Here you will meet the General. He escapes. Area cleared.

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