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Lunabean's "Psi-Ops(TM): The Mindgate Conspiracy" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
8. From the Ether and Beyond

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
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8. From the Ether and Beyond

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Welcome to the Movement
3. Something's Gone Wrong
4. Unfinished Business
5. Assembling the Pieces
6. Fears Don't Lie
7. Everything We Worked For
8. From the Ether and Beyond
9. The Ultimate Power
10. Extra Content
11. "Psi-Ops" Review
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From the Ether and Beyond

Evil Garden Gnomes: 1


Enter the Temple and locate the prison to help Sara

SECRET AREA: Before you leave the courtyard, do your best to take out the MP3 Snipers above. Then, Stack at least three levels of crates and jump up to them. From the crates, use your Sniper Rifle to scan the top floor of the fortress's facade. You'll see that there are 7 windows up there. In the left-most window, you'll be able to find the EVIL GARDEN GNOME and TK it toward you.

Run forward to the door where you will learn about Aura View (AV).

Aura View (AV) Training

Aura View allows you to see things that are hidden. Basically, this means Aura Beasts, cracks in walls, footprints, the colors of certain "special objects" and the ability to see what used to be on a white board. This level is full of things for which you'll need your AV. Get through training.

Back to the game. Run around the courtyard and grab the Field Med Kit and the Psi Rejuve. Don't even worry about the two MP3 Snipers up above. They're more trouble than they're worth. Enter the fortress. You should have your Assault Rifle as your weapon.

You'll learn about Aura Beasts, nasty nasty creatures. Aura Beasts are most easily killed with bullets. They are also susceptible to TK tossing. PK (fire) really isn't that efficient on them. So, go forward, turn on your Aura View (AV) and you'll see the floating flea that is the Aura Beast. As soon as you near one, all hell will break loose. About 8 or so beasts will come at you. Shoot them in the head as they approach you and while you're reloading, hold them off with your TK.

When you get to the bridge, turn on your AV again and stir up the next group of Aura Beasts. Upon doing so, run back across the bridge and then hold your ground. Wait for wave after wave of them to come at you. Make sure to not waste ammo. Fire only a few shots at a time. Again, if you need to reload, use TK to hold off the Beasts while doing so. Once no more Aura Beasts are coming your way, recross the bridge.


You'll probably be out of Ammo at this point. Go ahead and trade for the Machine Gun in the corner. Proceed through the hall. Open the door on the left. You are now in the jail cells. The cells are to your left and the control panel (which you can't use yet) is to the right. Go left into the jail cells. You'll be trapped and you'll find Sara. Kill off the Aura Beast, then Mind Control (MC) the MP2 on the other side of the cell door. Take him to the control panel and push the red button.

Explore the Temple and locate the Tower.

After the cut scene, kill the MP2 and take his Assault Rifle. Explore each and every cell to find Health and Psi Power. Exit back out to the hallway and go through the double doors to your left. In this columned room are more Aura Beasts, turn on your AV to view them. Run in to rile them up and then run back out. If you get lucky, sometimes the closing double doors will kill them. Anyway, shoot each and every one of them. Turn on your AV again and notice the Green Footprints and the Red Stone Podium. Go into the room across from the Red Podium and grab the goodies inside.

Proceed through the next set of double doors. In this room there is a bell hanging down and more Green Footprints that you can see with your AV. Follow the footprints to the left to find a crack in the wall. Shoot the wall and enter the room for more goodies.

Again, find the Green Footprints and notice that they go through a wall. Notice also that there is a large statue that has been knocked off of its base near the hidden door. TK the statue back up onto its base. Yay! Secret door open.

Meet Sara at the Temple Terrace

OK, whatever you do, don't go through the next door. There is an endless supply of Aura Beasts in the Temple Tower. Do notice the small PYRAMID statue next to you. Turn on your AV and notice that it is Red. Hmmm? Remember that Red Podium a room away from you? Yeah, those two will go together.

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First, though, exit back out to the bell room and you'll have to contend with two or three MP3s and two MP2s. Try to conserve as much Ammo as possible. TK the bell and toss it into as many of the enemies as you can. Once they are all dead, notice that there may be some extra Assault Rifle Ammo around (depending on how much you used), and keep note of the fact that in the two side-goodie rooms you may have some extra ammo.

Now that these two rooms are clear, go back to the Red Pyramid and TK it all the way to the Red Podium in the other room. Place the Red Pyramid onto the Red Podium. Go through the now open door and watch out for debris. Grab the Health and Psi and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn on your AV to find the Aura Beast. Rile it up and then shoot the five or so Aura Beasts that come out. Again, turn on your AV and notice the Green Footprints leading to a cracked wall. Enter for some more goodies. Next, notice the Red and Blue Podium on either side of the locked double door. Go through the unlocked double door.

Temple Terrace

Find the secret passage in the Temple to the Satellite Uplink Station.

You are now on the Temple Terrace. In the cut scene, Sara explains how to get rid of the Aura Beasts by using the Psychotronic Amplifier Device that she has given you and getting it to the Satellite.

When you start back up, move forward, kill the two Aura Beasts, then kill the two MP2s and the MP3...just hide behind the statue after you kill the Aura Beasts and toss the two MP2s over the ledge using TK, then deal with the MP3 as best you can. Once the terrace is clear, turn on your AV. Notice the four stone pavers that are different than the rest? Shoot them to make them fall, then TK each one out of the way. Grab the goodies and the BLUE PYRAMID. TK the Blue Pyramid to the Blue Podium on the left side of the locked double door back in the hallway. Now you have to go back down stairs and use the same RED PYRAMID that you used before, TK it up here, and then place in on the Red Podium.

Head back downstairs, take out the two Aura Beasts, and go down the stairs. While you are down here, grab any Ammo/Psi/Health that you can use. Now, TK the RED PYRAMID all the way back up the stairs, and drop it into place on the Red Podium at the right of the double door. Yay! The door is now open.

Monolith Room

You are now in a room with lots of candles, a central structure with four sets of stairs leading up to the top, four bowls on the central structure and four globes in each corner of the room. Upon entering, kill the four Aura Beasts. Then, use your AV to match the color of the globe with the appropriate bowl and TK each one into place. Upon doing so, the ceiling will open and a beam of light will come in. Go up to any side of the central structure and use your Action Button on the monolith at the top.

Satellite Valley

Use the Psychotronic Device at the Satellite Uplink Station.

After the cut scene, kill the MP2. Go through the double door leading to the valley which leads to the satellite. This is heavily protected valley. I've figured out a good way to get through it, so try to keep up.

First, go forward and hide behind the first boulder on the left. Look up to the satellite and notice the MP3 Sniper. When his back is turned, go forward to the next boulder and Mind Control the unsuspecting MP3 Sniper. Run him down the stairs and have him shoot the barrel to kill him. This will alert two MP2s and the MP3 on the ground. Use your TK to throw large boulders at the guys on the ground until they are dead. If you only kill two, wait for the last MP2 to climb down the ladder that leads up to the Sniper's position, then kill him.

Next, climb up that same exact ladder. At the top, you will find the Sniper Rifle of the MP3 that you blew up. Switch to the Sniper Rifle and then look to the satellite. Directly underneath the satellite is an MP2 Sniper that you can head shot. Do so. From that now dead MP2, move your scope left until you see the dark gray container crate with the three stacks of sandbags on top of it. In that area, you'll be able to Snipe another MP2, you may have to wait a second or two to see him. From that kill, move your scope down until you see the Field Med Pack on the wall. Behind those boulders in an MP3. Start TKing boulders into the MP3 as best you can. If you're lucky, you'll kill him. Before you go back down, go to the top of the Sniper perch you are on and grab the Field Med Kit and the Psi Rejuve. Make sure to switch back to your Assault Rifle and then go back down the ladder.

Continue forward through the valley and you'll soon come to another ladder. Go up. If you managed to kill the MP3 already, good. If not, kill him now. Now, look to the staircase on the right. Go up it slowly and be sure to look to your left as you go up. Without peeking your head up, you'll see three MP3s that you have to deal with. One is up above, one is below him, one is at your level. One of them has a Missile Launcher. Without being seen, you can Mind Control the top one and have him shoot down on the other two until he dies. That's one out of the way. Now, staying in the same spot. Continue attempting to MC them. If you get lucky, you'll be able to MC the Missile Launcher guy. Kill the other MP3 with it then blow yourself up. That's all three. If you aren't able to MC either of the two, you can try TKing crates into them or using brute force and/or PK on them.

Head up to where the MP3s are and go up the ladder in the side room. Use your Action Button to place the device and move the satellite (automatically) and that will get rid of the majority of Aura Beasts in the Tower. Before you go back down, grab the Med Pack.

Temple Tower

Return to the Temple and ascend the Tower.

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Climb down the ladder. You have to now backtrack through the valley. Head back down the stairs and you'll notice that you have a missile coming at you from far away. This guy is a pain to get from down below and he causes a bunch of headaches so let's go to the source and get rid of him. Go back up the satellite area, where the three MP3s were located. Find the dark gray container crate with the sandbags on top of it. If you hop up onto the container crate you'll be able to see the path on the side of the mountain that will take you to this Missile Launching MP3. Get onto a metal crate. TK it up, then TK lift it up again. Now, ride it, very carefully, to the mountain path. The MP3 is behind the boulders up ahead. TK a boulder his way which will cause him to fall off the cliff to his death. From this vantage point, locate any remaining enemies below and do your best to TK boulders down upon them. Backtrack to where you started the mountain path and slide down the hill, or you can take a shortcut by sliding down the hill to the first sniper perch that you reached. Either way, go back to the Monolith Room.

From there, go back down the stairs where you will have to fight some enemies on your way down. From the bottom of the stairs, go back to the bell room. Upon opening the door you will have two MP3s and an Aura Beast to deal with. Run to the large statue on the far side of the room, killing the Aura Beast as you go. From this protected position, TK various items into the two MP3s. When the room is clear, go through the secret door that the Green Footprints lead to, that you opened by placing the large statue on the base (also where you found the Red Pyramid). If you recall, this is where you saw an unlimited number of Aura Beasts. Well, they're gone now. Go up the Tower steps. Go through the door at the top, Area Cleared.

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