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LB's Resident Evil 4
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Introduction and Chapter 1

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Chapter 1

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Resident Evil 4 LB Rating: 9.6 (Gamecube based review)
Platforms: PS2 (for Gamecube guide, go here)
Release Date: 10.25.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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RE4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Introduction, Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Separate Ways and RE4 Extras
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Welcome to Lunabean's "Resident Evil 4" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. This guide will take you through the story mode of "RE4" for the Sony PS2 on "Normal" difficulty (including the five "Separate Ways" bonus missions unlocked upon completion of the game). The only other level of difficulty, "Professional", is unlocked after completing the "Normal" difficulty game. "Professional" is the exact same game, but enemies are harder to kill and their attacks are more damaging. Also, ammo is more scarce in "Professional" mode. Most of our "Normal" strategies will suffice in getting you through the "Professional" game, but you might have to alter them a bit, or just get really good at them, to succeed. This shouldn't be a problem for a "Professional".

"Resident Evil 4" is much kinder than previous "RE" games in that running out of ammo is rarely, if ever, an issue. Sure, there are times you'd like Shotgun Ammo and can't find any, but you'll almost always have Handgun Ammo on you. Health, also, seems to be more plentiful. Throughout the guide we note the placement of specific items as you will come to them. We omitted items found in crates, barrels and vases as we found these items to change from game to game. We do tell you when and where to look for crates, barrels and vases which may have items in them, but we only specifically mention items that are out for your taking. However, even though we found these items to remain fairly constant in their placement, they can change depending on what items you have in your case.

Your weapons, ammo, weapons attachments, and health items (First Aid Spray, Eggs, Fish, and all Herbs) all go into your Attache Case. There may be times in the game where you can't fit everything you want into your Attache Case, accessed via your Status Screen (hit "Start"). At this point, tough choices have to be made. If you choose to "discard" any items to make new items fit, you're discarding these items for good. You won't get them back. This, however, is rarely an issue, as you get the opportunity to buy larger and larger Attache Cases as you play through the game, and you can often rearrange the placement of your current items to make your new items fit (select the item you want to move with "Triangle" and move it with your control stick and R1 or L1).

Your treasures and key items go into the "Keys and Treasures" category of your Status Screen. You have no limit as to the number of key items and treasure you can carry. Key items are placed in the top bar, and cannot be sold for money. Treasures are placed in the bottom bar, and are meant to be sold for money. Before selling any treasure "Examine" it. Often treasures can be combined with each other, making a more valuable item to sell. The examination note suggesting a combination is possible will read something like, "has two holes where something will fit" or "this looks like it will fit into something". In other words, it's fairly obvious.

You may be asking yourself, "What's this about selling and buying items?". This is an exciting new addition to the "Resident Evil" series. Throughout this game, you will come across a Merchant. He's often near Save Typewriters. Sell the Merchant your treasures for PTAS (the Spanish Peseta). You will also find PTAS as you play through the game. Buy from the Merchant weapons, weapon attachments, larger attache cases, vests, and First Aid Spray. For a price the Merchant will also "Tune Up" your weapons. The success rate of quickly eliminating enemies is directly proportional to the firepower you have going into the enemy. This is why it's important to tune up and upgrade your weapons when given the opportunity.

The Merchant will let you know when he has upgrades or new items to sell, and he will let you know when he has a new "tune up" level available to you. When a new weapon is available in a category, sell the weaker weapon first, then use the money made to buy the upgrade and whatever tune ups are available for it. There are other "tune up" options available, but always increase firepower first. In the Handgun category, we went from Handgun to Punisher to Blacktail. In the Shotgun category, we went from Shotgun to Riot Gun to Striker. In the Magnum category we went from Broken Butterfly to Killer7. In the Rifle category, we went from Rifle to Rifle (Semi Auto). We also extensively used the TMP. and the Grenade Launcher. Your weapons are your choice, but we liked our picks. Tune them up often, and you'll be completely satisfied with their performance. Also, note, through the walkthrough we'll tell you to "Use your Shotgun" or "Use your Magnum". This means, "Use the most upgraded weapon in this Category".

As a general rule, when you shoot at Enemies, aim for the head for efficiency. You can also shoot their legs, causing them to drop to their knees, or their arms, often causing them to drop whatever they have in their hand. If an enemy has Dynamite on them, shoot the Dynamite to blow them up.

The Health system is the same as it was in previous "Resident Evil" games. You will occasionally come across First Aid Spray, which refills your health completely. You will also come across various Herbs: Red, Yellow and Green. Green Herbs will, by themselves, add juice to your health meter. Combine a Green Herb with a Red Herb and you will completely fill your health meter. Combine a Green Herb with a Yellow Herb to increase your health meter, and to gain a small amount of health. Combine a Green Herb with a Red Herb with a Yellow Herb to increase your health meter and fill it completely.

"Resident Evil 4" Saves in two ways. First, you can save at any Typewriter found along your path (indicated by a "S" on your Map). You no longer need a Typewriter Ribbon to save, and you can save as often as you like. The game also frequently auto-saves for you. If you die, you'll often restart in the area where you died, instead of at your last Typewriter save. The auto-saves are erased once you exit a game or turn your console off.

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The Controls in the game are easy to use. Here is quick reference of the buttons based upon the PS2 version of the game:

X - Confirm, Action/Attack, hit when holding "R1" to fire your weapon

O and Square - Cancel, Run (push forward on control stick), 180 degree quick turn (pull down on the left control stick), Reload (while holding "R1"

Triangle - Quick Map

R1 - Aim weapon (hit "X" to fire or "O" or "Square" to reload)

R2 - Command Ashley to "Wait" or "Follow me!"

L1 - Arm knife (hit "X" to swing knife")

Left Control Stick/D-pad - Move

Right Control Stick - Move camera

Start - Open subscreen

Select - Open options screen, skip cutscenes

In addition to the basic controls listed above, there are a few special moves that you can do. To open doors quickly by kicking them open you can double tap the X button instead of just hitting it once. This will cause you to kick the door. If an enemy is behind the door, it will cause him/her to fall. Another special move you can do is to "Kick" when prompted. This happens if you stun an enemy or knock them down to their knees. Approach a stunned enemy and you'll get the option to "Kick". Kicking helps save ammo.

Finally, there is the Shooting Range, a mini-game incorporated into the game. They are 5 of them spread throughout the game at various Merchants. The first one you get to is at the end of 3-1. You'll receive the "Target Practice" file giving you the full instructions. Basically, you earn Bottle Caps for performing well. There are a total of 24 earnable bottle caps. To see your bottle caps go into your Treasures/Keys menu and "Examine" the bottle cap. Bottle caps are figurines of the game's characters. There are four rows of six bottle caps that you can complete. Completing each row earns you PTAS (money). You get bottle caps for various feats such as hitting all the targets, scoring above 3000, scoring above 4000, etc. One tip is to look for the bonus Salazar after five consecutive hits. You can't use the Shotgun or TMP because they spray bullets too much. So, use the Rifle or Handgun and after the five consecutive hits a back panel to the shooting gallery will open and a small Salazar head will appear. He is worth 500 points.

Those are the basics. Any other questions you have should be addressed in the walkthrough. So, muster up some courage, insert the game into your PS2, and prepare yourself for one hell of a ride.

Chapter 1-1: The Village

After an extensive cutscene where you learn your mission (locate and rescue the President's daughter), you are placed at the base of a trail. Go ahead and hit "Start" now and select the Files Screen. You will see three Village files: COMMUNICATIONS LOG, PLAYING MANUAL 1, and INFO ON ASHLEY. The "Communications Log" is a good reference, in case you forget what you're doing. "Info on Ashley" is just that, info on Ashley. The real help here is the "Playing Manual 1". Look it over to learn how to shoot (hold "R1" to draw, use control stick to aim the laser sight, hit "X" to shoot and "O" or "Square" to reload), how to use your knife (hold "L1" to draw and hit "X" to swing), how to look for Actions, and how to move the Camera with the right analog stick.

Before getting into actual gameplay, you may care to go into your Start Menu to play with your Controller Setup. All we changed was the inverted aim, which we turned on. Please take note, control configuration changes from Type I are not reflected in the playing manuals, nor in this guide. So, please, pay attention to the button functions you change. When you're done with this, move forward along the trail (hold "Square" or "O" to run).

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To your right you'll see a guidepost. Approach it and you'll get an Action icon, which reads "Check". Hit "X" to check, and you'll find the guidepost is pointing to the "Pueblo". Continue along the path and you'll get a quick cutscene - someone in inside the "Pueblo" ahead of you. Eek. Move toward the house and pass through the open door.

Inside, move down the hall. Another short cutscene will come your way. Look out! It seems the mysterious stranger isn't your biggest fan. Draw your weapon with "R1", aim the laser sight at the man's head, and shoot with "X". Three solid head shots should eliminate the villager. When this happens you'll get another cutscene and another Comm call. You are to leave the house and head for the village.

Note the light emerging from the spot where you took out the man. This indicates and item or money (pesetas). Collect the item, then check the body with "X". You are told "He's not a zombie". Check out the first floor of the house for some clues (you'll also find your entrance is blocked), then head up the stairs. Here you'll find some HANDGUN AMMO on the table, and you'll find a window. Approach the window for a "Jump out" action option. Make sure your Handgun is full and jump out the window.

You will land in the middle of three villagers, each one wanting a piece of you. Run to get some distance between you and them, turn quickly (pull the control stick down, then hit "Square"), then, again, aim for their heads. If you want to slow down one or two of them, aim for the knees or ankles to take them to the ground. Once they've been eliminated, collect the items they drop (indicated by various lights). If you need health, use your First Aid Spray, in your Weapons inventory. Before you move east toward the village, head to the west side of the house, and you will find a crate on a wagon. Bust it open with your knife for an item (maybe). When this is done, head east. At your entrance to the east path, you'll see a shack to your right. Enter it and you'll find a Typewriter. Use it to SAVE. Collect the HANDGUN AMMO, then smash the crates for items. Exit out and move east.

Check the next post. A warning. Continue on. You will come to a wolf caught in a trap. Help him with "X". Continue on. After the next guidepost, keep your eyes up, as there are a few traps between the upcoming trees. To eliminate the traps, shoot the red-lit dynamite boxes attached to the trees, them move on. Another villager will approach. Take him out and collect what's on him.

Eventually you'll come to a shack. Enter and collect the GREEN HERB and whatever items you find in the crates. Check out the scary person on the wall, too. Exit out and continue east. More villagers. Take them out, collect what's on them, and cross the creepy suspension bridge.

Note the villagers across the way, but feel free to ignore them. Instead, focus on the villager in the shed to your left. Enter the shed for HANDGUN AMMO and crate items. Continue to the gate. Pass through the gate and you will get a Comm call, providing you with PLAYING MANUAL 2. Examine the manual to learn more about reloading, kicking and inventory screens.

Continue along the path. When you get the option to "Look" do so with "X". This will bring binoculars up. Use the right analog stick to zoom in and check out the scary happenings in the middle of the village. That's where you are heading. Before you head, check your map. Note the path to the north. Follow it along toward the village area and you'll spot four main buildings (indicated by outlines). You need to get to the NW building and hole yourself up in there so you can safely take out the oncoming villagers. Make your way there. Along the way, collect the GREEN HERB from the wood pile to your left.

Inside the building, collect the HANDGUN AMMO and whatever you find in the barrel and two crates. If you're lucky, you'll find a grenade of sorts. Next, place yourself in a corner (so no one can surprise you from behind) and start shooting. If a group is in front of you, toss a grenade their way. Collect the dropped items as you take out the villagers, as the items disappear if you don't get them fairly quickly. If villagers stop coming in, you can exit this house to trigger them to follow you. Also, you can hole up in the NE house where the Shotgun is located (see two paragraphs below) for a bigger battle, but I recommend staying in the smaller house, as you shouldn't run into any Chainsaw Villagers there.

If you do run into a Chainsaw Villager, keep your distance, as he'll decapitate you if you let him get too close. Also, listen for the chainsaw. Not only will it warn you of a Chainsaw Villager's presence, but, when it stops running, it will also let you know you've killed him.

Continue to eliminate the villagers until you get a cutscene of a bell ringing and the villagers being drawn to it. You will also get a Comm call, telling you to follow the trail near the tower. If you check your map, you'll see a flashing red destination marker, telling you where you need to go.

You now have free and safe reign of this village area. Look everywhere for items, as there are items a plenty. Don't miss the SHOTGUN, on the second floor of the NE building, items behind glass (smash the glass with your knife), nor the SPINEL on the rooftop of the NE building (accessed by jumping out the second story window and following the pathway around). Note, among the items you will find a YELLOW HERB and RED HERB. If you combine a Yellow Herb with a Green Herb, you will create a potion that increases the capacity of your Health Meter (and it will give you a small boost in health). If you combine the RED HERB with the GREEN HERB, you'll get a potion that completely restores health. If you combine the RED HERB with the GREEN HERB with the YELLOW HERB, you'll get a potion that increases the capacity of your Health Meter AND completely restores your health.

Once you've collected everything, locate the bell tower on the east side of town. Enter the tower and climb to the top. Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS, then jump down. Move down the path left of the tower. Go into both the left and right side shack for items. In the right side shack you'll find the ALERT ORDER note on the wall. Exit and head toward the gate and destination marker. Pass through the gate.

Enter the first shack on your right and locate the Typewriter. Use it to SAVE your game. Smash the barrel and exit out. Approach the fenced in area across the way. "Jump over" the fence and collect the blue note from the tree. This is the ABOUT THE BLUE MEDALLIONS note. Read the note to discover there are 15 blue medallions in the area: 7 on the farm and 8 in the cemetery. If you destroy more than 10 you will be "awarded". Next, check your map. Note the blue dots. These indicate the placement of each blue medallion. There is one in the tree where you are. Look up at the branches of the tree where the note was and you will see one hanging from it. Shoot the medallion. You'll know you've hit it when you get a stat reading 01/15. Throughout this area, find the other 6 medallions based upon your map. Some are difficult to see, so make sure that you look up as some are hiding under roofs, etc. You'll know that you can shoot them when your laser sight forms a dot over the medallion.

Shooting at this first medallion will trigger some villagers to come out from hiding. Eliminate them. When the villagers have been taken care of, go to the well by the Typewriter Shack. Shoot the shining item, then collect it. It's the DIRTY PEARL PENDANT. Note, if you shoot out the stick holding up the well cover, then shoot the shining object, it won't get dirty and you'll get the PEARL PENDANT, worth a lot more (thanks to Joe). Continue looking around the village, going into shacks, opening cabinets, breaking crates, shooting medallions, and being aware for the occasional remaining villager.

Once you've explored most everything you'll notice that the NE area of the farm is blocked off by a fence. To get there, go to the SE barn, climb the ladder, kill the villagers, then "Jump Out" the window. Follow the boardwalk to the end and look right to the windmill where you'll see a Blue Medallion. Then, "Jump Down" to the area below...you are now in the NE area.

Go to the locked gate which says you need another person to help you over, and look up and to the left to find another Blue Medallion. Shoot it. When that's done, climb back up the ladder and drop off the East side, "Jump Over" the small fence, and go to the East gate, toward your Destination Marker. Pass through the gate.

Follow the path down and you'll get a cutscene of some villagers pushing a boulder behind you. Follow the on-screen prompts to "Sprint" then "Dodge" the boulder (these prompts change with each game). Enter the tunnel and shoot each sparkling item on the ceiling for the SPINELS.

At the end of the tunnel be sure to reload your weapon and prepare. To the left is a booby trapped shack, in front of you is a villager, and in the house in front of you are more villagers. This is the first time that you'll encounter villagers throwing Dynamite. If you shoot their hand, they'll drop the dynamite and may blow themselves up. They may also blow themselves up if you shoot them in the knee or ankle, taking them to the ground. If you shoot the Dynamite in air, it will blow, providing another chance at villager self-destruction. Whatever you do, be aware of the Dynamite, as it does massive damage if it blows near you.

The best way to eliminate the villagers here is to hit the one directly in front of you first. He has Dynamite, so watch out! Keep shooting him until he goes down. There's a villager on the other side of the booby trapped shack. He'll, most likely toss Dynamite into the booby trapped shack, eliminating the explosive traps. Run to him and eliminate him. Next, return to your original position and take aim at the villager inside the large building in front of you. A good shot will make him blow himself up. Finally, approach the left side of the same building and run up the short set of stairs to the broken door. Begin shooting immediately to take out the villager here. With these four villagers gone, you're temporarily safe. Check out the shack for items (shoot the floor traps to set them off), then go into the house through the window on the backside keeping an eye out for traps on the ground.

Inside the house is HANDGUN AMMO and a HAND GRENADE. Exit out and go to the front door of the house in the NE. Before kicking the door down, look at the tree to your right. Look up in the branches and shoot down the bird's nest. Collect the RED CATSEYE Treasure. You'll use this later. Return to the front door and "Kick" it several times to break the lock and enter the house. Here is a Typewriter. SAVE. Also here is some HANDGUN AMMO. Go through the next hall making sure to destroy the Dynamite Booby Traps along the way. Grab the PTAS from the table. "Push" the nearby bookcase out of the way and pass through the revealed door. In this room you'll hear some knocking inside a bureau. "Open" it and you'll get a cutscene where you'll meet LUIS and the "big cheese", the Village Chief.

Chapter 1-2: The Village

You'll see a cutscene of you being injected with a purple fluid that contains an egg. You and Luis are tied together. When the villager with the ax comes into the room get ready to "Dodge". Doing so will break your chains and you'll be free. Luis will run away and you'll get Comm Call.

Check you map. Note that you are now in the far West section of it (along the South path). You're destination marker is to the East, amongst the blue dots on the map (Blue Medallions). Collect the HANDGUN AMMO and pass through the open doorway. As you approach the window, a head will appear, telling you to come visit. Continue toward the door. Collect the RIFLE AMMO, and SAVE at the Typewriter, if you care to do so. Exit the building.

Before approaching the gates in front of you, make your way around to the back side of the building. You will get a cutscene. Here is your first encounter with the MERCHANT (check your Map for the "M"s for other locations). When you encounter the Merchant, you can sell what's on you, buy what he has on him, or tune up (or upgrade) weapons you already have. He also tells you that he's the man to talk to once you collect 10 Blue Medallions, as he has a specialized gun for you. Go ahead and sell all of the Spinels you have, along with the Pearl Pendant (or Dirty Pearl Pendant if you didn't follow my advice). Don't sell the Red Catseye. You'll need it later. Purchase the TREASURE MAP (VILLAGE) and Tune Up the Firepower of either the Shotgun or the Handgun. If you'd like to spend more money, go ahead, however, I recommend saving your money to buy the Attache Case (Medium) at the next Merchant.

Exit the Merchant and check your map. You will now see small Stars marking treasures, thanks to your Treasure Map. Next, check the two breakable barrels behind the building, then return to the front side of the building and go through the gate.

In this area, there is a locked gate to the East which requires two halves of an EMBLEM. Each half is in a Treasure Chest. There is one on the roof of the house and one at the top of the path to the South of where you entered.

From where you entered, you'll see a villager to your right. Take him out, then run past all of the oncoming villagers and go into the house to the NW. Make your stand here. Equip your Shotgun and blast the enemies as they come up to the door. Remember, you can shoot through wooden doors. Note, there is another door in this room, so watch both doors for villagers. Take the items they drop when you kill them. Also, be aware that many of the villagers are carrying Dynamite, so be careful.

When most of the villagers are dead, go to the other room of this house and grab the HANDGUN AMMO from the crate, open the Locker, and continue to kill villagers. Next, exit the house, break the barrel behind the house, then go to the front of the house and climb up the ladder. Locate the TREASURE CHEST for the EMBLEM (RIGHT HALF).

Next, continue to kill off villagers, then head to the path to the South of where you entered. Go up the path and at the top you'll see a TREASURE CHEST containing the EMBLEM (LEFT HALF). You now have both pieces of the Medallion and can go through the East gate. Go to the East gate and "Open" it. This will cause your Items/Treasures Menu to open. Highlight one half of the Emblem and use the "Combine" feature to combine the two halves. Then, use the completed Emblem in the gate.

After passing through the gate, follow the path, break the barrels in the area on the left, then go through the double doors. Inside, you'll see a Treasure Mask through the broken wall, but you can't get to it yet. Instead, go through the next door, kill the villagers, and follow the hall to the next room. Then, "Jump Out" either of the two indoor windows. Before you do this, have a Hand or Incendiary Grenade or your Handgun ready to go.

You'll be behind a barrier and you'll see several villagers throwing Dynamite at you. You can use the on-screen prompt to "Crouch" to avoid the blasts. However, I recommend running up to the sandbags in front of the enemies and tossing a grenade at them. Take out any remaining villagers then shoot the traps on the ground to spring them. Next, check the brick ovens and break the barrels for items. When that's done, head to the next door and go through it.

Look directly left and you'll see a boarded up window. Use your Shotgun to blast through it and "Jump Over" and collect the Treasure, ELEGANT MASK, as shown on your map. Go ahead and "Examine" the mask to note the three "divots" where jewels will eventually be placed to raise the value of the mask. Then hop back to the main room, locate the next door and pass through it.

Make your way down the stone path and kill the villager above the sewer. There are two ladders, one going down and one going up. Go Down first. At the bottom, collect the items and kill the fish if you want. The Bass give you full health, but they are very large, so it doesn't make much sense to carry them with you. The choice is up to you.

Next, head back up the ladder to the main platform then continue up the next ladder. You will emerge from a well. Look to your left for the sparkling Treasure. Before you shoot it down, shoot the stick holding up the well cover. This way, when you shoot the treasure down, you'll receive the BRASS POCKET WATCH instead of the less valuable DIRTY BRASS POCKET WATCH. With the treasure in hand, smash the crates in the shack for items, then continue down the path to the house directly in front of you, watching out for booby traps on the trees and the ground as you go.

Once you reach the house house, go up the stairs to the door with the blue crystal ball. Look at the symbols on the door and rotate the crystal ball to match the symbol: Up, then Left. Go through the door. Inside is a nice bedroom. At the foot of the bed you'll find the CHIEF'S NOTE which talks about Luis and you. Explore the room for items, being sure to grab the INSIGNIA KEY from the dresser. Go through the next door and you'll get a cutscene. Chapter end.

Chapter 1-3: The Village

You'll get a Comm Call from Hunnigan telling you about the religious cult, Los Illuminados. Before you head down the stairs, go back through the door you just came out of. You'll get a cutscene culminating in a Lady in Red coming to your rescue then disappearing. Go back to the red carpet hallway, open the cabinet for a GREEN HERB, and go down the stairs.

There are two doors, one alongside the stairs to the West, and one by the kitchen to the East. There is also a Typewriter and various items. Go through the West door and you'll find a villager in the bathroom. Kill him. Then, collect the items in the area, being sure to grab the INCENDIARY GRENADE in the glass cabinet then SAVE at the Typewriter.

Prepare yourself to go through the East door, as there's a Chainsaw Villager waiting on the other side. This may or may not be your first experience with a Chainsaw Villager. Like I said before, keep your distance (or face decapitation), and listen for the chainsaw. Not only will the sound of the chainsaw warn you of a Chainsaw Villager's presence, but, when it stops, it will let you know you've killed him.

To defeat this Chainsaw Villager, get an Incendiary Grenade ready, go through the door, go to the wagon and then look down the path. You'll see him and several other villagers coming for you. Throw the Grenade at them, then continue to shoot the Chainsaw Villager with your Shotgun until you hear the chainsaw stop running. Collect the Ruby he drops.

Move along the path, and find the shack to your left. Kill any remaining villagers and check the crate in the shack for a potential item. Continue along the path, killing the villagers as you make your way to the gate.

Go through the gate and you'll be back in the main village where you've already been. This time, however, you have the Insignia Key which will allow you to get into the Church. First, though, kill off any remaining villagers making sure to look at roof tops for them. When ready, go through the Church Door to the East. Use the Insignia Key on the door and enter the Church.

In this room is a Typewriter. SAVE, and collect the HANDGUN AMMO and other items. Around here (and possibly before), you'll begin finding TMP AMMO. You'll get to use it soon enough.

Go through the next door. Break the barrel (where we found the first of our TMP AMMO), shoot the lamp for a SPINEL, and "Jump Down" the hatch. Continue down the stairs then through the tunnel. Shoot the lamp and the various sparkling objects making sure to grab the ELEGANT HEADDRESS.

Next you'll come to the MERCHANT. Here I sold the Elegant Headdress, my Spinels, the Brass Pocket Watch and the Ruby. Then, I bought the ATTACHE CASE (M) and the RIFLE. Then I tuned up a few weapons. Do what you want.

Go through the metal door. Continue along the cave to the ladder. Go up. Follow the path and you'll get a quick cutscene. You are now in the Cemetery. Go into the shack in the West side of this area and collect the HANDGUN AMMO and break the crates for items. Kill any oncoming villagers and note the 8 Blue Medallions on your map. Shoot them as you reach them as you explore the graveyard and "Check" the three twins' graves. Note, each grave has a different symbol on it: V, S, M.

Head to the destination marker at the Church and you'll discover that the door is locked. You'll get a Comm Call upon checking it. Head to the backside of the Church where you'll find a puzzle and a few villagers. Take out the villagers, then go to the puzzle.

To solve this puzzle, you must turn the wheel in 3 or 4 place increments. The goal is to light up each of the three twins' graves' symbols: V, S, M. To solve this puzzle, choose: 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 3. For this you will receive the GREEN CATSEYE.

From your position at the puzzle podium, look up and left. Hanging from the eave of the church is a harder to find Blue Medallion. Shoot it. If you cleared out all of the Medallions in the Cemetery, you should have three left. Check your map and note they are located along the SE path. Go ahead and make your way to the entrance to that path and work your way down.

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At the bridge you will encounter more villagers. Shoot them as they near the edges of the bridge, as one shot can knock them off. Next, "Jump Over" the gap and enter the shack. Inside, break the crates, and look out for snakes. If a snake pops out from a crate, avoid his strike, then kill him for an EGG (health). On the desk is the CLOSURE OF THE CHURCH File. Collect it then step back out onto the bridge. Look to your left and you'll spot two of the Medallions. Look to the right to spot the third. Shoot all three and you will receive credit for finding all 15 Blue Medallions. Move east.

Take out the villager at the end of the bridge, then pass through the door and move into the open area. Find and destroy the barrels, then search the shacks and carts for HANDGUN AMMO and SPINELS. When this is complete, locate the staircase leading down and through the blue double doors. Pass through the doors and you will find items, barrels, the Merchant and a Typewriter. Collect the items and SAVE.

Speak to the MERCHANT to receive your specialized gun, the PUNISHER. Go to the "Buy" screen and buy your Punisher for 0 PTAS. Go to the "Sell" screen and sell your Handgun and your Spinels. Then, do what you'd like. If nothing else, I recommend upping the Rifle's firepower, and purchasing the Rifle Scope, if you haven't already. When this is done, combine the Rifle Scope with the Rifle, return to the double doors and move up the stairs. Pass through the doors to the east.

Enter the shack to your right for HANDGUN AMMO and a barrel. Head down the path and BOULDER! "Sprint" by following the on-screen prompts, then jump out of the way when told to do so.

Approach the swamp and pull out your Rifle. Use the right analog stick to control the zoom of the Rifle's scope, and start picking off any villagers (and traps) you see, as it's your goal to clear this area out. Don't miss the Villagers in the water. I suggest taking them out from atop the bridge for as long as you can. When you're comfortable with the situation, jump in the swamp. More villagers will come. Get your back against a wall, so no one can sneak behind you, and use your Grenades when given the opportunity. Also, there are some dynamite booby traps. For fun, blow them up when villagers are nearby.

Once you've eliminated the villagers, return to the bridge and check out the shack for items. If you look at your map, you'll notice a Treasure in the area. Get yourself to the star indicator on your map, then look up in the tree. Shoot the nest and the Treasure will drop. Jump down into the swamp and locate the ANTIQUE PIPE below the tree. When this is done, and all items have been picked up, continue moving east, along the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, enter the shack. Kill the villager, collect the HANDGUN AMMO and break the crate (look out for snakes). Head out and move along the path. Pass through the gate.

Check your map. Note there's a dead-end path to the east, and one to the south. Check out the east path first. At the top you'll get a cutscene, which should make you fear the water. Collect the RED HERB, then return to the south path. Move down it. At the Treasure icon, look up and shoot another nest out of another tree. For this you will receive the GOLD BANGLE WITH PEARLS. Continue down the path.

Collect the HANDGUN AMMO and crate item from the shack on your right, then collect the GREEN HERB and SAVE at the Typewriter in the shack at the end of the path. Move out onto the dock, and "Get On" the boat. Note, you have a Harpoon in your hands. Practice using it. Drive the boat toward your Destination Marker to the SE. Along the way, your pleasant boat ride will be interrupted.


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This Boss is a lot scarier than he is difficult. You have one weapon at your disposal, the Harpoon. You need to Harpoon the Super Scary Water Monster until he dies. See? Not difficult. The Water Monster will attach himself to your boat, pulling you behind him. Shoot your Harpoon at him at this time. He will go under the water. You can hurt him while he's under water, but, it's best to save the Harpoon for when he emerges again. When the Water Monster emerges again, he will charge you with an open mouth. Try to hit him while he's in this position to cause the most damage possible. Repeat.

Chances are, at some point in this process, you'll be knocked off your boat. If this happens, follow your on-screen instructions (most likely tapping "X") to make it to your boat before the Water Monster gets you. Also, there times when the Water Monster will detach himself from your boat. When this happens, use the on-screen arrows to locate his position, and shoot away. A successful hit will both damage the Monster and reattach yourself to him.

When the Super Scary Water Monster finally dies, follow the on-screen instructions to cut the rope before you go down with the big guy.

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