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LB's Resident Evil 4
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Chapter 2

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Chapter 2

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RE4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Introduction, Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Separate Ways and RE4 Extras
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Chapter 2-1: The Village

After a lengthy (and rather gross) cutscene, you'll find yourself in a shack, at the SE corner of the pond. Collect the ANONYMOUS LETTER from the bed, the HANDGUN AMMO from the table, and the FLASH GRENADE from the shelf. SAVE, if you care to do so, then exit out.

Before moving toward your destination to the SE, we're going on a quick Treasure hunt. Hop back on your boat and make your way to the blue lit entrance along the NE section of the pond. Move through the cave and make your way up to the MERCHANT. Push the crate to the left, then move along the side of the shack. Climb to the roof and continue to push the crates out of your way. Make your way to the group of barrels and smash all of them. Inside one is the GREEN GEM. Combine the Green Gem with the Elegant Mask. Two more gems, and you'll have a very valuable Elegant Mask. Return to your boat and return to the SE dock.

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Now, move SE, toward your Destination Marker. At the door, equip yourself with a Flash Grenade, then pass though. Move forward and a red-eyed villager will come your way. Watch him and...eww...that has to hurt. These creatures that emerge from the heads of the red-eyed villagers are very dangerous. These are called Ganados. They can either hit you from a distance via their swinging blade, or, if they get close enough, they can simply decapitate you. So, from here on out, you need to eliminate these creatures as soon as you see them. The easiest way to take them out is to toss a Flash Grenade at them, which will pop them easily. If you don't have a Flash Grenade, simply take aim at them and shoot away. Note, you have to actually shoot them, and not the body of their host, to kill them. Eliminate the two Tentacle Heads and move down the path.

Move up the stairs and jump the gaps to the other side of the river. Move forward and cross the river again. Locate the rappel point and slide down the rope. At the bottom, equip your Rifle and pick off the villager in the watchtower in front of you. Climb up to his post for his dropped item, HANDGUN AMMO and a barrel. From the tower you can also spot a sparkling item. Shoot it down and collect the SPINEL.

Make your way to the water wheel at the end of the path. Note the hanging crate behind it. Shoot it down. The crate will slide into an accessible position. Jump to it, then jump to the bridge across the way. Head right and to the opening behind the waterfall. The current is too strong. Look above you and shoot down the shining AMBER RING, a Treasure.

You need to stop the waterfall. There's a lever along the south bank. You need to drop more crates so you can get to the south bank. Locate the nearby ladder and climb up to the tower above. Destroy the barrel for an item, then shoot down the two hanging crates. Voila, you have a bridge. Head down to the crates and jump them to the south bank. Along the south bank, climb the ladder and operate the lever. Back on the ground, collect the item from the barrel behind the tower, then arm yourself and make your way back to the waterfall entrance.

Once you hit the central bridge, the villagers will emerge. Be careful, as they come from two sides. An initial Grenade or two, followed by some Shotgun action, will take care of them. When they've been eliminated, pass through the opening. Approach the golden plaque and collect the ROUND INSIGNIA from it. A new path will open up. Move down it and pass through the door at the end.

Break the barrels and collect what's inside, and shoot the SPINEL off the light. Hop on the boat and you'll be taken to an area you've been to before. Check your map for specifics. SAVE at the Typewriter, then talk to the MERCHANT. Sell the Antique Pipe, the Gold Bangle w/ Pearls, the Amber Ring, and whatever Spinels you have on you. If you haven't already, buy the TMP. If necessary, rearrange items in your Attache Case to fit your new TMP by selecting them with "X" and turning them with "R1" or "L1". Also, combine your Herbs for more space. Tune up whatever you want. I suggest increasing the firepower of the SHOTGUN, then TMP. When this is done, climb the ladder and exit out the double doors.

You are returning to the church, so head left, and prepare for another little boss fight.


El Gigante is really just an infested Ogre of sorts. There's no need to fear him. To defeat El Gigante, you must defeat the parasite living inside of him. The parasite comes out of his back when the Ogre is damaged. To damage the Ogre, simply pump him full of lead while evading his attacks. Personally, I was a fan of several Shotgun shots to the Ogre's head. Railing him with the TMP is also fun, but not as damaging. Watch El Gigante's actions. If he picks up an item, watch the bottom of the screen, as you will be prompted to hit a button combo (most likely "L1" + "R1") to avoid being hit. El Gigante will also charge you. Again, simply be prepared to hit the appropriate button combinations. After a bit, the wolf (dog) you released from its trap so long ago will come to your aid. He'll distract El Gigante, allowing you to sneak behind him and shoot him in the back.

Once you've hit El Gigante enough times, he'll drop to his knees. When this happens, get near him and look for the "Climb" prompt. Hit the appropriate button ("X") to climb on his back, then continue to follow the prompts (tap "Square" or "X" or whatever button you're shown) to slice at the parasite. Repeat until El Gigante dies (two to three successful parasite attacks will do it).

Note, look around the area for several items including HANDGUN AMMO, a RED HERB, and a YELLOW HERB. Also, check out the shacks for more items, but realize, if El Gigante catches you in one, he'll try to smash you.

Upon defeating El Gigante, collect the 15000 PTAS, then continue to make your way to the church (Destination Marker).

On your way back to the Church, make your way up the wooden bridge path, and equip your Rifle. Use your Scope to pick off the Wolves waiting for you at the end of the path leading to the Church. If they come at you equip your Shotgun and finish them off. Be aware that these are Ganados wolves, they have parasites in their backs.

Now back at the Church door, use your Round Insignia to open the door. Enter the Church. Facing the altar, head down the left hallway to the ladder. Climb up. Follow the path around to the chandelier and jump to it. Then, jump from the chandelier to the balcony on the other side. Break the barrels for items. Then, go to the tri-color console and "Operate" it. Your goal here is to rotate the three color patterns, then combine them so they match the central pattern. To solve it: turn Red twice, turn Green three times, turn the Blue once. Then, "Combine" them. Facing the console, go right around the path to the red carpet and go through the door on the right.

Inside, you'll find Ashley! You'll get a Comm Call telling you about the extraction point and you'll get PLAYING MANUAL 3. You'll be taught about how to control Ashley. Toggle the "R2" Button to tell her to "Wait" or "Follow". Use the Action Button ("X") when given the choice to do cooperative puzzles. Note that you can use your recovery items on Ashley, including increasing her health meter. Also, if Ashley dies, you're game is over.

Still inside this room, break the barrels for items. Then, exit the room and go back to the ladder and jump down. Wait at the bottom of the ladder and you'll have to "Catch" Ashley. Move forward to get a cutscene of the High Priest, Sadler, telling you about his plans to return an infected Ashley to the President. End of Chapter.

Chapter 2-2: The Village

You start in the storage basement of the Church. Break the barrels then unlock and pass through the door. Here you will face many villagers with torches coming to get you. Head West along the road and you'll see the villagers and a wagon with exploding barrels in it. Wait for the villagers to get near the wagon, then shoot the barrels in the wagon. This will cause the wagon to explode then roll down the road while still on fire, thus killing many of the villagers.

Continue moving West, taking out any surviving Villagers as you go. Move through the open fence and into the small shed with the ladder leading down. "Climb Down" it, run through the cave, pass the Merchant, and run up the stairs to the next ladder. Climb up and pass through the door. You'll be in the small room with the Typewriter. SAVE if you like, then go through the door to the main portion of the village, where you've been a couple times now.

Take the NE path past the tower, kill the villagers, and watch out for the ground traps. Go through the gate. This is the area where you first saw the Blue Medallion note. To the right of you you'll see a red dumpster. Go near it and you'll get a prompt to "Hide" Ashley. You'll find these dumpsters throughout the game and they make good places to hide Ashley so you don't have to worry about someone else killing her. When you want her to leave the dumpster, just hit your "R2" button again and she'll come to you. So, hide Ashley.

Next, pull out your map and notice the Treasure in the SE shack of this area. Clear the area of villagers then head to the Typewriter Shack, SAVE, and grab the note SERA AND THE 3RD PARTY. Next, enter the SE barn, look out for traps, and go to the cabinet for the GREEN HERB, and look for the crate near the ladder. Climb the ladder to the second floor. Kill any villagers and grab the HANDGUN AMMO from the cabinet. Then, "Jump Out" the window to the outside boardwalk/bridge. Before you move on, notice the wooden post on the South side of this boardwalk (where you probably are). To get to the Treasure, you need to "Jump Down" to the right of the wooden post which will give you access to this small storage area. Here you will find the BEERSTEIN in a crate. The various "Catseyes" that you find throughout the game can be fitted into the Beerstein. You have the Green Catseye and Red Catseye, so combine them with the Beerstein. Push the bookcase to leave through the door.

Call Ashley, if she isn't with you, and go back into the barn and climb up the ladder. Go through the window and move to the North end of the bridge. "Jump Down" then "Catch" Ashley. You are now near the NE gate which requires two people. Fortunately, you now have Ashley with you. Shoot the ground traps to set them off, break the crate, then go to the gate. Here you will get an option to "Piggyback". Do this and Ashley will climb the gate and open it from the other side.

You are now through the gate. There is a MERCHANT along this path. Visit him. If your health is low or you don't have any health potions, buy a First Aid Spray because you have a big battle coming up. Otherwise, sell any Spinels you have and tune up whatever you want. Keep in mind you'll want to save some money for the next Attache Case.

Leave the Merchant, cross the suspension bridge and you'll get a Comm Call telling you the rendezvous chopper has been shot down. At the far end of the suspension bridge you'll get a cutscene of villagers coming from both sides. You run into the house. Here, you'll find Luis. Ashley will go upstairs.

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When you start up, it's up to you and Luis to kill all of the villagers coming from every door and window in the house. First, run around and grab the items: RED HERB, SHOTGUN AMMO, and YELLOW HERB. Second, push any bookcase in front of any window or door in the room to buy you time. Third, go to the corner by the stairwell and start shooting any villagers that come into the house. Collect the items they drop as you go or the items will disappear.

Note, this is a tough fight, so feel free to use your Grenades and Shotgun ammo liberally here. Remember, Flash Grenades will kill the Tentacle Parasites that come out of the villagers (Ganados). If you get overwhelmed by a multiple of villagers the TMP can come in handy to quickly spray them with bullets. Also, if you kill the enemies inside the house it's much easier to pick up their items than if you kill them outside.

Keep holding off the villagers until you are told (or see) Luis go upstairs. Follow him up and approach each of the windows. "Knock Down" the ladders leading up to them, and toss Grenades down the stairs. Collect the items: 2 GREEN HERBS, HAND GRENADE, FLASH GRENADE, INCENDIARY GRENADE. Continue to kill villagers until you get the cutscene showing them leaving. End of Chapter. Thank goodness.

Chapter 2-3: The Village

You are still in the same house where you just battled all of the villagers. Look at your map. You'll see that there are two paths to take...a South Path and an East Path. Don't take either path yet, first, exit the house and explore the area around the house for various AMMO. You'll also find a Typewriter Shack. SAVE and grab the TWO ROUTES note. The note tells you that the South path is guarded by El Gigante (a large troll, you've fought once before) and that the East path is guarded by Ganados (Tentacle Parasite heads). You'll be exploring both paths because there is treasure along each path. But, before you do, visit the MERCHANT, and Tune Up whatever guns you'd like. I upgraded the Reload Speed and the Capacity of the Shotgun.

Each of the two paths is currently blocked. Between the two gates you'll find a lever and gear system. Go to it and open the "Right" gate. Move down the newly opened path to the right and pass through the door to the South path.

South Path

Move forward and prepare for El Gigante. Before you begin, take note: If Ashley is grabbed by the beast during this battle, your best bet is to throw a Grenade at him, as he'll drop her before he kills her. She'll be pretty damaged, so heal her with what you have, or she won't have a shot if she's picked up again. If you're grabbed, follow the on-screen prompt to make him let you go before he kills you. Also note, if you haven't been making use of the "quick turn" (pull down on left control stick then hit "Square"), this is the battle where you will need to start doing so.

Back to the battle. As soon as you see El Gigante, look up and left. Here you'll see a boulder atop a platform, which is being held up by a support beam. When El Gigante moves under the boulder, shoot the support beam and the boulder will fall. Hopefully this will temporarily block the path for the big guy, or, even better, fall on top of him. Use the time to run to the chained door and blast the chains off with your TMP.

"Quick turn" to face El Gigante, who should now have a clear path to you, and start blasting him (Shotgun or de-scoped Rifle preferred). Before he reaches you, you should get enough shots into him to drop him to his knees. If you don't, and he's getting too close, make a beeline through his legs to the far end. Once there, "quick turn" and begin shooting.

Like before, when El Gigante drops to his knees, get close to him and look for the on-screen prompt to "Climb" him (usually the "X" Button). Once you do climb him, follow the prompt to "Cut" the parasite on his back. Eventually you'll be thrown off.

Quickly go through the now-open chained door and run to the far end, past the shacks. Turn around to face El Gigante and look up and right to find another boulder. Shoot it down when the beast is in position, then continue to blast his face until he drops to his knees again. "Climb" and "Cut" his back. If you're fast with the cuts, you can actually kill him with two slashing opportunities. Otherwise, continue the battle by shooting and running until you're given another opportunity.

When El Gigante does go down, pick up the 15000 PTAS and look for the OLD KEY among the many glowing items left in the rubble of the destroyed shacks. Once you have that secured, collect the rest of the items and look at your map to locate the Treasure, which is hanging from a bucket up above. Shoot the sparkle and a PURPLE GEM will fall to the ground. This Treasure can be fitted in the Elegant Mask.

Continue east (shoot through any chained doors in the way), until you reach the locked double green doors. Use the OLD KEY to pass through them. Move forward and you'll discover the MERCHANT up the stairs to the left, and shack to your right. Enter the shack to SAVE at the Typewriter and collect a few items, including the VILLAGE'S LAST DEFENSE note. Exit and collect the HANDGUN AMMO on the garbage can outside the shack.

East Path

At this point you can continue on but I recommend you backtrack to the area where you had to make the South or East path choice. This time, you'll be taking the East path and facing the Ganados (Tentacle Parasite Heads). This is not necessary, but is worth it for the Treasure and items.

So, backtrack to the lever where you opened up the South Path. This time, pull the lever to the left to open the East path. Go through the newly opened gate, run forward, and tell Ashley to "Hide" in the red dumpster to your right, as you'll be facing many villagers (Ganados) in this area. Take care of the first group by shooting the barrel-filled wagon for a big explosion.

Continue along the path to the ladder, killing as you go. Climb it, kill those on top, and wait until you clear the walkway area before you drop into the central pit. When you're ready to drop, "Knock Down" one of the two ladders. Then, jump down into the pit. This will cause more villagers, including two Chain Saw Ladies, to spawn. Don't face them here. Using the ladder you didn't knock down, climb up and run to the red dumpster where you left Ashley. Put your back against the dumpster wall and wait for the various villagers to come out where you can pick them off a few at a time (your Rifle and Shotgun are key here). Remember to keep shooting the Chain Saw Ladies until you hear the chain saws turn off.

When the area has been cleared out, collect the CAMP KEY and a Ruby (each dropped a chainsaw lady), then, drop back down into the pit. Break the barrels for items, then use the CAMP KEY on the locked door. Move through it.

To the right of where you entered, go into the small storage room. In front of you you'll see a floor hatch. Jump down for a HAND GRENADE and a barrel. Climb back up. Shoot the boarded window and "Jump Over" into the next path. At the end break the barrels for items. Inside one of them is the RED GEM Treasure. Combine the Red Gem with the Elegant Mask. You have completed the ELEGANT MASK and it is now very valuable.

Return to the small storage room/shack and exit out. Continue along the sandbag path. At then end of the path, look left and you'll see some villagers coming your way, en masse. Take them out as you normally would (grenades will help here, along with your Rifle scope). When they stop coming, "Call" Ashley with the "R2" button, then return to the pit and wait for her. There may be one or two more villagers who appear along the way. Eliminate them.

When Ashley arrives (or, perhaps, she's waiting for you already), stand beneath her and "Catch" her. With Ashley at your side return to the end of the path where you just fought the last batch of Ganados.

Lift the bar blocking the double red doors to the East and pass through them. You'll find yourself in the same area where the South Path ended (with the MERCHANT and Typewriter Shack).

Visit the MERCHANT. Sell your completed Elegant Mask and the Ruby. Tune Up what you like, then, head to the Typewriter Shack and SAVE.

Make your way North up your path. Notice the East path leading to the Destination Marker. Check the door and you'll discover that it is a Retinal Scanner. You can't get through here yet. Instead, continue North, up the stairs to the Gondola. Before you get on the Gondola, look along the Gondola path to find the shack/building along the left side of the Gondola track. Use your Rifle to zoom in on the shack and pick off the villager standing outside of it. Next, move your scope down a bit and zoom in a little farther. You'll stop another villager. Pick him off, too. If you don't take these two villagers out, you run the risk of having them board the Gondola with you, which means they can take out the cables holding the Gondola up.

"Get On" the Gondola. Equip your Rifle and zoom in on the oncoming Gondolas. Shoot at those riding up to meet you. Note, if you're lucky and if the villagers line themselves up correctly, you can take several out with one shot. If any villagers get near you or jump to your Gondola, use your Shotgun or Punisher to pick them off at close range.

At the bottom you'll automatically get off the Gondola. Nearby is a control room. Go in and open the backroom Lockers for two items. Exit the control room and head down the stairs. Here you will see another staircase going down, along with a wooden bridge leading to a cave. Take the wooden bridge into the cave and kill the villagers inside (look out for Dynamite). Jump the sand bags and climb the ladder. Kill the Ganados here, then run past the bloody altar to the chest with the YELLOW CATSEYE Treasure inside. Combine this with the Beerstein to complete it.

Backtrack to the metal staircase and go down. You'll find a MERCHANT and a Typewriter. SAVE. Nearby is TMP and SHOTGUN AMMO. Sell the Merchant your now complete Beerstein (Did you miss the Red Catseye? If you look at your Treasure Map now and you still have a star west of the Gondola, you missed it. You only had one shot to get it, at the end of Chapter 1-1. If you missed it, go ahead and sell the Merchant your almost complete Beerstein). Buy what you want, but know that you have a Boss Fight soon, so you may want to stock up on some First Aid Sprays.

Continue along the East path and pass through the gate. Approach the building and a quick cutscene will place Ashley out of harm's way, and you directly in it.

Boss Fight: Village Chief

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The the Village Chief will approach. Hit the "Dodge" button/s when prompted.

Once the Village Chief transforms, run around and collect the various items: GREEN HERB, INCENDIARY GRENADE, SHOTGUN AMMO, TMP AMMO, HANDGUN AMMO. As you run, keep an eye on the bottom of your screen for any evasive prompts you may receive. While collecting, note the placement of the red gas barrel and simply avoid the Chief. When you have everything downstairs, locate one of the two ladders and make your way up either one. Collect the items you can up here (RED HERB, HAND GRENADE, HANDGUN AMMO, YELLOW HERB, GREEN HERB), but keep your eye out, as the Chief will try to grab you.

Once you've collected your items, look down and locate the red gas barrel. Shoot it when the Chief is close. From here, simply drop down to the first level (it's safer down there) and start shooting at the Chief. I stuck with the Punisher here, then, when the Chief got close, I tossed the Incendiary Grenade his way. Note, don't let the Chief get too close to you, as he can take kill you with one hit. It's more important that you get away than get an extra shot in.

With the Incendiary Grenade toss (after a few Punisher shots and the effects of the blown gas barrel), the Chief was damaged enough to move into phase two, the legless swinging Village Chief. Here shoot away at the Chief, who is swinging on the rafters. You can bring him to the ground with a Flash or Hand Grenade, but it's not necessary. If you're more comfortable here attacking from upstairs, feel free (I liked using the Rifle scope from this position). Hit the Chief a few times to eliminate him completely. Collect from his remains the 30000 PTAS and the FALSE EYE. When you have these things, look for the opening at the front end of the large fire (along the middle of the east wall), and "Jump Out".

With Ashley at your side, make your way back to Retinal Scanner door at the top of the Gondola. Along the way, SAVE at the Typewriter. Save your money for later. You should run into no enemies on your way to the Gondola. At the Gondola, simply step on and you'll quickly be transported to the top.

At the Retinal Scanner door (leading to the east Destination Marker), use the FALSE EYE on the door and pass through.

In front of you are some torch-wielding villagers. Keep your distance and pick them off with your Rifle. When they've been eliminated, move forward. You'll get a quick cutscene of a truck coming down the path in front of you. With your Rifle in hand, focus on the driver of the truck and shoot him in the head. If you do it quick enough, the truck will crash, avoiding Ashley and yourself. Grab the HANDGUN AMMO from the crates next to the door, arm your Shotgun, and run up the path, past the truck. Get some distance between yourself and the truck, then quickly turn around and start shooting at the emerging villagers. Collect their goods and continue up the path.

As you approach the castle, you'll get a cutscene. You and Ashley escape the oncoming villagers, but you lock yourselves in a spooky castle. Great.

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