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LB's Resident Evil 4
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Chapter 3

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Chapter 3

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RE4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Introduction, Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Separate Ways and RE4 Extras
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Chapter 3-1: The Castle

Move forward and enter the shack to find a GREEN HERB, a Typewriter and the MERCHANT. Speak to the Merchant. Buy the ATTACHE CASE (L) and the TREASURE MAP (CASTLE). If you want the RIOT GUN or RIFLE (SEMI-AUTO) or BLACKTAIL, sell your Shotgun and/or Rifle and/or Punisher before doing so. Upgrade what you buy (Firepower first) and move out.

Break the barrels in the area. Don't miss the crates north of the shack, nor the treasure chest with the 5000 PTAS behind the shack. Head up the stairs and pass through the door.

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Move forward, turn the corner and collect the RIFLE AMMO from the crate. Arm your Rifle and zoom in on the fire in front of you. Note the two Illuminados circling around it. Take them out. Make your way up the stairs. At the top, tell Ashley to "Wait", then move forward. Fiery catapult balls will come your way. Avoid them and collect from the structural remains. Make your way west. Before passing through the west doorway, find the south stairs and take them down. Enter the tower. Inside, collect from the barrels and check out the cannon. Return to that west doorway and pass through. Call Ashley, and she should be able to make it to you easily, without being hit.

Move up the next set of stairs. Near the top, tell Ashley to "Wait" again. At the top, more catapult fire will come your way. Use your Rifle scope to identify the two catapults firing at you (one to your right, and one to the right of that) and eliminate the people behind them (hitting the gas barrels helps). After taking the two out, head back down the stairs and take out the Illuminados coming after Ashley from the base of the stairs. Return to the upper level and cross the bridge. This will cause two more catapults to take aim. Take them out, then pop into the west shack. Look out for the masked Illuminado inside (you can't shoot his face so shoot his body).

In the shack, collect the various items, including the YELLOW HERB in the chest. South of the shack you'll find the GOLD BANGLE Treasure. With that in hand, cross the next bridge and "Operate" the winch. Follow the on-screen instructions to raise the cannon up. "Fire" the cannon, and a new path will be blow open for you. Go to where the north doors once stood, call Ashley to you, and pass through.

Sell the MERCHANT your Gold Bangle and any Velvet Blues and Spinels you have collected (including the Spinel hanging from the nearby torch). Trade in and tune up what you want.

You'll receive a Comm call from Hunnigan. Collect the items in the room, and grab the PLATINUM SWORD from the gold plate. Move up the stairs and keep Ashley close. Quickly kill the three Illuminados upstairs (Shotgun is good), then take aim at those who emerge from downstairs, including the leader in red, who remains downstairs. If someone gets a hold of Ashley, shoot them (carefully, don't hit Ashley), before they take her through the mystery portal.

Once you've eliminated all of the enemies, grab the GOLD SWORD from the platinum plate. Next, place the PLATINUM SWORD in the platinum plate, and the GOLD SWORD in the gold plate (downstairs). This will cause the platinum plate to move, revealing a door. Pass through it. Move forward and you'll get a Luis cutscene.

When Luis leaves, check the door to the north. Locked. Arm yourself and move through the west door. A man will be in front of you. Approach until he runs, then remain in place. He'll emerge again from a door. Take him out when he does, then remain in place until another Illuminado comes through the same door. Kill him. Next, slowly move foward and look up and left. On an above bridge is an enemy wielding fire arrows. Shoot him before he shoots you. Next, look right and through the window into the small building. Take out the two Illuminados waiting for you inside, then enter and collect what's around.

Next, exit and move down the south path. A couple of enemies with shields will come your way. Your weapons should all be strong enough to shoot through them (particularly your Shotgun). Once you've explored the area and collected the goods, pass through the SW door.

Again, arm yourself (I suggest the TMP). Collect the GREEN HERB and note the location of the red gas barrel, as you'll be shooting it in a moment. Go to the chest and collect the CASTLE GATE KEY from inside. This will trigger an Illuminado ambush. Shoot the red barrel to blow up those approaching from your right side. You can run and escape via this route (use your TMP to clear the path), or continue to fight those coming at you. I chose to run, then I eliminated them as they came after me. Do what you want, then make your way back to the locked Castle Door. Use you CASTLE GATE KEY on it and enter.

Move forward and you'll hear a mysterious cackle. Continue forward and you'll meet Salazar. He'll threaten you, then leave. Move up the stairs. The passage in front of you will close. You need three "puzzle pieces" to open it up. Turn around and look up at the wall above the stairs. Shoot down the shiny Treasure, and collect the PURPLE GEM. Smash the vases in the room, SAVE at the north end, then pass through the east door.

To your left is a locked prison door. Smash the various objects for items, check behind the portrait for 5000 PTAS, then grab the CAPTURE LUIS SERA note from the east wall. Move up this hall. Before you reach the fire spouts, examine the picture to your right. This will provide you with the PRISON KEY. Use the PRISON KEY on the Prison Door.

Tell Ashley to "Wait" at the top of the stairs. Arm yourself with your weapon of choice (I suggest the Shotgun or Blacktail), then move down the stairs. Notice the two bells on either side of the room. Ring one by striking it with your knife. Also, collect the GREEN HERB next to the left bell. Next, approach the cell. You'll get a view of someone scary inside. Open the cell door and approach the...WOAH! He's free!

Boss Fight: Scary Prison Man

The Scary Prison Man has a sweet spot on his back. Shoot the sweet spot and a tentacled parasite will emerge. Damage the parasite as much as you can with your Shotgun, Blacktail or TMP before it returns to its host. The easiest way to expose the sweet spot on Prison Man's back? The bells. Shoot a bell to drive the Prison Man insane. Make sure you're out of his path and watch as the Prison Man charges the bell. He'll find himself temporarily stuck in the wall. Use this time to shoot the sweet spot, then deal with the parasite. Repeat again, and you'll be out of bells. You can get Prison Man to charge if you stand still, with your back against a wall. If you play this game, be prepared to dodge his attack with the on-screen prompt, then shoot his back when he gets stuck. Prison Man doesn't need to be stuck in a wall for you to have access to his sweet spot, so whenever you get a shot, take it. Use the central pillar to sneak up behind him, or shoot him from a distance, when he isn't paying attention.

With the Scary man out of the way, collect the 15000 PTAS, then activate the lever to the right of where the boss was being held. This turns off the fire spouts upstairs. Rearm yourself and return upstairs.

At the top of the prison stairs, equip a grenade, if you have one, and toss it at the Illuminados approaching from your left. When they're dead, call Ashley back to your side and head east, toward the fire spouts. As you turn the corner, look out for the Dynamite tossing and fire arrow shooting enemies. Toast them before they toast you, then move down the hall. Collect the HANDGUN AMMO, then pass through the double doors.

In front of you and on both sides of your are a few Illuminados. Again, this is a good place to put yourself in a corner, then start shooting away at those who come at you. After you clear out the first round, a second round will come your way. Collect the remains from the first round, hope for Shotgun Ammo and Grenades, then deal with the second round. Once you've eliminated them, start smashing vases and collecting various items. Move down any set of stairs and find the downstairs north door (look out for the enemies down here).

At that north door, pass through and you'll be in a room with two square plates on the floor. Collect the GREEN HERB. Stand on one of the floor plates and have Ashley "Wait" on the other. This will raise a device (podium with a hand crank) in the large room upstairs. This will also trigger more bad guys to come your way. Stick Ashley in a corner and have her "Wait" again as you pick off the enemies. You may have to step out of this room to bait them, but it's safest to make them come to you. Keep an eye out for enemies coming from any direction, not just from the door. When the enemies stop coming, collect Ashley and run up to the newly raised hand crank podium. Look out for Illuminadows with fire arrows on the surrounding two balconies, then, "Check" the podium and have either Leon or Ashley "Rotate" it. This lowers a staircase making the upper level accessible.

Go up the stairs. You'll get a cutscene of Ashley pointing out another hand crank podium. Actually, there are two hand crank podiums in this area, one one each side. Go to the painting on either side and you'll get an option to "Piggyback". Do so to lift Ashley up and Ashley will run over to the hand crank. Step back, arm you Rifle, and pick off any enemies approaching Ashley. If she gets captured, simply shoot the Illuminado in the leg to drop her. Be aware that there are also enemies in the lower area where you are. So, switch between your Rifle to protect Ashley, and your Shotgun or Blacktail to kill the enemies near you. After protecting Ashley for a bit, she'll have raised one of the two platforms in the water. Then, she'll run to the other hand crank on the other side. Again, protect her with your Rifle while keeping an eye out for nearby enemies.

When she gets done with this hand crank, the other water platform will have raised, allowing you access across the water. Go over to where Ashley is standing and "Catch" her. Now that Ashley is with you, keep an eye out for other enemies, then "Jump Over" the platforms. Go up the red carpet stairs and go through the wooden doors.

In this upside-down statue room, you'll find a MERCHANT and a Typewriter. Collect the various items: HAND GRENADE (in treasure chest in glass case), HANDGUN AMMO, break the vases, and shoot one of the statue's eyes for a SPINEL. Then, visit the Merchant.

Sell the Merchant any Spinels or Velvet Blues that you have. Then Tune Up what you'd like. I recommend the Firepower on the Shotgun and Rifle, and whatever else you'd like.

Look at your map. You'll see a blue dot in the NW corner. This is the SHOOTING RANGE. You can find these near a Merchant. Enter the room to grab the TARGET PRACTICE file. This provides you with the rules of the Shooting Range. Do some target shooting if you want. Also, check the introduction for more information on the Shooting Range. Exit back to the main room.

Go along the North hall and you'll get a cutscene of Ashley being captured and confined to a spinning wall that turns away from you. End of Chapter.

Chapter 3-2: The Castle

You are now on your own. You begin in the North hallway where you lost Ashley. Go through the East door. Break the barrels, then "Jump Down" the ladder in the floor.

You are now in the sewers. Follow the hall. As soon as you turn the corner, look for the hole in the right side of the wall. Pass through it and to break a crate for an item. Go back and continue on the main path.

Arm your Shotgun and listen for screeching and footsteps. There are invisible monsters here! These guys become visible when they get close to you, attack or are attacked. You can sometimes see their eyes before they get to you. Again, the Shotgun is your best bet, but the constant railing of the TMP does nicely, too. Continue forward and around to the pit where you'll find a few invisible monsters. Throw a Grenade down then jump down to finish the monsters off, then exit via the ladder on the other side.

Go through the door and kill the invisible monsters. Look at your map and notice the Treasure along the East extension. Go to the East extension, kill the monsters, then make your way South through the cells, so that you can reach the West Treasure room. Open the door, open the Treasure chest and grab the BUTTERFLY LAMP. The Red Eye, Green Eye and Blue Eye will fit into the Butterfly Lamp, each of which are acquired by killing the invisible monsters when they are showing the corresponding eye colors. Break the crates for items, then turn the red wheel to "Drain the water". Backtrack to the main hallway, taking out invisible monsters as you go.

Back in the main hall, take out any left over monsters and explore the jail cells to collect the following items: YELLOW HERB, HANDGUN AMMO, LUIS' MEMO file, SHOTGUN AMMO, INCENDIARY GRENADE. When you have those, head South and "Jump Down" into the pit (this is the water that you drained). Open the gate, kill the invisible monsters, grab the Velvet Blue to the left of the stairs, then go up the stairs and through the door.

Here you'll encounter some swinging blades. There's no secret to getting past them, just time it right and jump or run by them. Grab the Velvet Blue then go through the door on the left. Climb the ladder up. Break the barrels and go through the door.

You'll get a cutscene of some Illuminados holding a ceremony. You are now on the East balcony of the upside down statue room. There is a Treasure at the North end of this balcony. Go down the ladder and take out the one Illuminado who doesn't run (or, if you can, shoot the Red Illuminado and any other Illuminados that hang around from above...if you kill the Red Illuminado, you can go down and collect an ILLUMINADO PENDANT from him), then climb back up to the East balcony. Go to the chandelier and jump to it, then to the West balcony. Go North, find the next chandelier, and jump back to the East balcony. Here you will find a Treasure Chest with an ELEGANT MASK. You can combine it with the Purple Gem.

Head South and operate the lever near the iron gate to raise the gates on both balconies. Jump back down to the ground floor, SAVE at the Typewriter, then go up the staircase where you will find a MERCHANT. Talk to him and Sell him any Velvet Blues, Spinels, the Illuminado Pendant (if you killed the Red Illuminado just now), the Butterfly Lamp (if you've completed it) and all Red and Green Eyes you have. Buy the Stock for the TMP if you haven't already. Then, Tune Up what you'd like. I recommend Firepower on the Rifle (Semi-Auto) and the TMP.

Go through the red door near the Merchant. Collect the RED HERB in front of you, then go up the stairs. Grab the HANDGUN AMMO on one of the green chairs and then grab the CASTELLAN MEMO on the round table. Go through the green door.

Equip your Rifle. Standing in the doorway, take out the Illuminados in front of you and watch as the Red Illuminado runs away. Then, break the many vases in the area. Also note the exploding barrels and use them to your advantage, if more Illuminados come at you. Pass through the SW door. Break the barrels, go up the stairs, and shoot the Illuminado at the top of the stairs. Go up the stairs and through the next door. You'll now be on the 2nd floor above the room you were just in.

Collect the RIFLE AMMO on the table on the left, go along the balcony and "Jump Down" the main balcony. Go through the open door to the North, collect the SHOTGUN AMMO, and the many PTAS, kill any Illuminados, then move up the stairs and chase the Red Illuminado until he mans the large Turret Gun (again, look out for other Illuminados on the way).

Stay upstairs (or go back upstairs if you are downstairs) on the balcony, take cover, and when the Turret Gun pauses, use your Rifle to get a head shot in on him. One solid shot should kill him. When he's dead, go down and collect his dropped GALLERY KEY.

Return upstairs, then around to the main balcony. Use the GALLERY KEY on the West door and pass through. Shoot the Velvet Blue out of the mounted deer then note the wall with four pictures. Go to the console, "Operate" it, and you'll be told that you need to sacrifice six lives. This means that you need to have six people shown in the pictures. You will be asked which switch to press. The switches will flip the pictures. Switch 1 will turn the first two, switch 2 will turn the first three, switch 3 will switch the last three, and switch 4 will switch the last two pictures. To solve this puzzle, simply choose: 1, 2, 3, 4, OK.

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This will move a wall to reveal a door. Go through the door for a cutscene. You'll, then, have many Illuminados to deal with. Stay in the corner and use your Shotgun to take out the first wave. Next, note the crossbow Illuminados who pop out from each side of the upper balcony. Quickly use your Rifle and Scope to pick them off. Also watch out for crossbow enemies who come down the nearer stairs on each side. When they're dead, move forward and keep an eye on the large painting in the middle of the top of the stairs in front of you. It will open revealing two Illuminados wielding Rocket Launchers. Kill them if you can with your Rifle. If you miss, they'll disappear, only to threaten you later. But, if you try, you might not make it to later. The decision is up to you.

Run up the stairs and chase and shoot the last two crossbow Illuminados. Collect the various items, then head to the western portion of the balcony (near the Rocket Launcher painting). Hit the red button next to the barred door and "Deactivate". This will raise the central platform with a treasure chest atop it. Head to the South door and, note, if you didn't get the Rocket Launcher guys before, now's the time to look out for them. Countiue moving and you should easily avoid their fire.

Go through that South door and break the Vase at the end of the hall. This will reveal a second red button. Hit it to extend a bridge to the central platform.

Open the door and duck right or left, as two the Rocket launcher enemies are aiming right at you. Once they fire, exit the room and kill them, as they're no longer much of a threat. Next, cross the bridge to the treasure chest. Open it and collect the GOAT ORNAMENT. This will raise the bars on the doors in the room. Return to that West door (with the red button next to it) and pass through. Here is a Typewriter. SAVE.

Go North along the hall. There is a locked door to the North and an open door to the West. Go through the West door, up the stairs, shoot the shining Spinel in front of you and above. Go through the door. You are now outside on a balcony. There is a locked door in front of you near the fountain (you'll come back here when you have Ashley back). Continue along, break through the barrels, and go through the double doors to the North.

You will be shown a cutscene of a maze. Continue along the path, note a locked door that says, "Two Moons Make One," and you'll soon get a Comm Call from Salazar. In this maze, you're looking for two Moon Pieces to get through the locked door. Enter the maze via the gate.

Arm yourself with the Shotgun. Watch out for the scary wolves that attack. From the beginning of the maze: Go as far West as you can (past the central structure), then move South (left). You'll hear a Wolf to the left. Ignore him and move right, then take your first right, move right again, and right again, and you'll find a Treasure Chest with the RED GEM.

Face your back to the treasure chest with the Red Gem, look forward (North) to see the wrought iron railing of the small bridge. Move toward it, go up the stairs and cross the bridge to the fountain where you will find the MOONSTONE (RIGHT HALF) in the fountain.

Jump down from the fountain and you'll find yourself near the maze entrance again. From the entrance gate, move forward and take your first left. Then take the right path and kick the gate/door open. In front of you are three mean Wolves in a cage. If you have a Flash Grenade, use it to take them out in one shot. Otherwise, take out your Shotgun and shoot at them. This will cause them to bust out of the cage. Continue shooting until they go down. Facing the cage, go left, take your first left, and go up the stairs and across the bridge. There is a fountain to the right of the stairs. Go to it and grab the MOONSTONE (LEFT HALF).

Continue to explore the maze for various items: SPINEL, YELLOW HERB. Watch out for the remaining Wolves. Then, return to the entrance and go back to the locked door that said, "Two Moons Make One." Combine the two halves of the Moonstone and then use it in the door. Enter the room and get a cutscene with Ada, the mysterious lady in red. End of Chapter.

Chapter 3-3: The Castle

You start out in the room SE of the maze. There is a Typewriter, a MERCHANT, and a treasure star in this area. Collect the various items and break the vases. On the table near the Merchant is the FEMALE INTRUDER file. Grab the MIRROR W/ PEARLS AND RUBIES from the wardrobe, also near the Merchant. Visit the Merchant. Sell the Mirror you just found, Spinels, and Velvet Blues. Then, Tune Up the Firepower on the Blacktail and the Riot Gun (Shotgun). Then, SAVE.

Go through the South door and move forward to the dining room. Collect the GREEN HERB and HANDGUN AMMO on the table and read each of the small chalkboards telling you about the various stages of the meals. Before you deal with this puzzle, take the South hallway to the storage room and collect all of the items here. There is also a door with a pad lock on it. Take a look at your map and note that this door is simply a shortcut door from a path you previously took. You should go ahead and shoot the padlock on the door but don't bother going through. Once you've collected all of the items, return to the dining room.

Back in the dining room, go to the half-wall where you'll find a bell. "Ring" the bell and a painting will flip over. You need to shoot the items in the painting in the order in which you were told by the small chalkboards. First, shoot the Bread. The painting will flip back over. "Ring" the bell again and, this time, shoot the Meat. "Ring" the bell again and this time and shoot the Wine. This will open the nearby gate.

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Go through the now open gate and you'll see a treasure chest on a podium. Arm yourself with your Shotgun. Approach it and a cage will drop on you. You'll be trapped. Do your best to ignore the Scary Blade guy and other enemies and, as quickly as you can, use your Shotgun to blast the lock on the cage door. Once through, run to and through the door in the NE of the room, ignoring the enemies for now. Once through the door, regroup, then turn around and re-enter the cage room. You'll see that there are fewer enemies than before. Take them out (grenades are nice here), then focus on the Scary Prison Man (Blade Guy) (15000 PTAS), using the protection of the bars to your advantage. Once the area is clear, go to the Treasure Chest and grab the HOURGLASS W/ GOLD DECOR.

Go back through the NE door you just went through and you'll be in the blue column hallway. Go forward and look to the area below for Illuminados. Pick them off with your Rifle and beware of enemies coming at you from the left door. "Jump Down" to the area below and find the lever/switch on the left. "Operate" the switch causing a bridge to form the length of the room.

Climb back up the ladder and go along the bridge killing the shielded Illuminados in front of you (you can shoot the lamp above them) and watching out for the enemies behind you. Before you go through the door at the end of the bridge (East), go down the stairs and drop down to the glass case below. Kill any remaining Illuminados and then break the glass case.

Collect the items in it including the ROCKET LAUNCHER. You may need to dump some items to fit it. If you don't have the Large Attache Case then you won't even have a chance at fitting it. If you have extra Ammo, Grenades, or Health, either use it or dump it to make room. Also, break the vases in the area for more items. Once you have the Rocket Launcher and all the items that you want, go up the stairs, bust through the padlock on the door and go back across the bridge to the East door.

Go through the door. At the end of this hall, you'll find a MERCHANT and a Typewriter, SAVE. Visit the Merchant and sell the Hourglass, any Velvet Blues, and any Spinels you have. If you have enough money, buy the Attache Case (XL), then, if you want, return to where you just dumped so many items for the Rocket Launcher and pick them back up. If you can't afford the Attache Case (XL), save your money so you can ASAP.

Go through the door near the Typewriter. You'll get a cutscene of Luis being killed. He has the Virus and the Antidote. Sadler will take the Virus but Luis will leave you the Antidote. End of Chapter.

Chapter 3-4: The Castle

You are in the upper part of the room where Ashley is being held. Go around the balcony and collect all of the items from the vases. Go down the small staircase to the extended platform where you can see Ashley. Equip your Rifle, zoom in, and shoot each of the three metal bands holding Ashley.

She is now free! But there are Illuminados coming to get her. Stay on this same upper platform and use your Rifle to pick off the enemies. After a few kills, Ashley will attempt to go through a locked door. It won't work and she'll return to the central area where she just was. Continue to pick off enemies, protecting Ashley. Soon, Ashley will announce that she has found the key. She goes through the door.

You are now Ashley and you don't have anything. Go around and collect the SPINEL and the GREEN HERB. There is a Typewriter. SAVE. Take the East hall to the library room and you'll have an Illuminado to deal with. Find one of the two Lamps on the small bureaus and approach it. You'll get a "Throw" prompt. "Throw" the lamp and you'll automatically throw it at the nearest enemy. Do this twice to kill the Illuminado. Do this for any future enemies you encounter, as well. Also note that you can "Crawl" under some tables, making getting away easier. Pick up the GREEN HERB and then find the Hand Crank. "Operate" it by quickly rotating it and then go through the gate you just raised. (You could also crawl through a hole in the wall, but you may as well use the hand crank).

There is another Illuminado in this room. There are also two lamps. Throw the two lamps at him to kill him. Collect any items then find the two hand cranks. "Operate" each of the two hand cranks to open the next gate and go through. Find the RED HERB then note the ornate blue door (note the the coat of arms on it). Don't go through it yet. Instead, head South and go through the East door.

In this room, you'll have to figure out a series of switches. First, notice the bookcase to the right of you. Push the bookcase to reveal a switch, but don't operate it yet. To your left is a table you can crawl under. "Crawl" under the table and hit the red switch on the wall. Go through the raised gate. There is now a switch on your left and a fireplace in front of you. Go to the fireplace to find the STONE TABLET, then push the switch to open the gate behind you which takes you back to your entrance area. Grab the GREEN HERB then hit the switch behind the bookcase that you pushed. Return through the gate and go to the North door. Go through.

Go North along the dark hallway and go to the end where you'll find a podium with a puzzle and a locked East door. "Check" the podium and you'll have to solve the sliding puzzle. Since the puzzle doesn't reset you have to follow these instructions from the original position of the tablets. To solve the puzzle from the original position, move the pieces in this order:

Middle-Right, Top-Right, Top-Middle, Middle, Middle-Left, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Middle, Bottom-Right, Middle-Right, Middle, Top-Middle, Top-Left, Middle-Left, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Middle, Middle, Middle-Right, Bottom-Right. This will leave one space. Place your Stone Tablet in the empty space and the door will rise.

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NOTE: If you don't have the puzzle pieces in the original position then you'll have to do it on your own. To help, each of the circle pieces is a corner and you can see the structure of the puzzle beneath the other sliding pieces. The banner will go along the bottom and the head at the top.

Go through the now raised door. Find the SALAZAR FAMILY INSIGNIA on the statue bust. Take it and a blue treasure chest will turn. Open it for the SERPENT ORNAMENT. Then, find the brown treasure chest for the GOLD BANGLE. At this point the knights will come to life. Backtrack through the hall and be ready for on-screen prompts which will have you "Dodge" the knights. Continue to backtrack to the ornate blue door that you saw earlier and go through.

In this room, there is a podium, a fireplace, and various paintings. Collect the SPINEL and the BUTLER'S MEMO file. Explore the room for more items. Go to the podium and place the Salazar Family Insignia. Check the podium again and turn the "dais". This will raise the wall and you can climb the ladder. Collect the PTAS on your right and then go down the hall to the end and go through the door. You and Ashley have rejoined! End of Chapter.

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