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LB's Resident Evil 4
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Chapter 4

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Chapter 4

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RE4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Introduction, Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Separate Ways and RE4 Extras
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Chapter 4-1: The Castle

You'll get a Comm Call from Salazar. When you start up, you and Ashley are back together. Make a quick stop at the Merchant by going through the West door. Sell the Gold Bangle, your Velvet Blues, and your Spinels. If you have enough money, buy the Attache Case (XL), if you haven't already.. If you don't have enough money, save your money so you can buy it at the next Merchant.

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NOTE: Before you head right back in to the balcony room, this is the time to get the Treasure Star on your map to the South of the maze (on the outside balcony, near the fountain). Take a look at your map and find that star to the south of the maze and backtrack there. You couldn't get this treasure before because you needed Ashley. Now that you have Ashley, this is the time to go back and get it. There will be some Illuminados along the way, so just be aware, but nothing too bad. Upon getting to the door outside the treasure "Piggyback" Ashley and she'll unlock the door to this treasure chest room. Here you'll find the ELEGANT PERFUME BOTTLE, the BROKEN BUTTERFLY (.45 Magnum), a RED HERB and some PTAS. Upon getting these items, head back to the Merchant outside the balcony room where you recently met up with Ashley. Tune Up your Magnum (Broken Butterfly) and anything else you want.)

Go back to the balcony room you were just in (where Ashley was held down below) and go along the North hall and go through the door at the end. In this room, is a Typewriter, a stairwell leading to a roller coaster car, and a rolling platform that will take you to the opposite end of the room. Take the rolling platform and go through the door. Equip your Rifle.

After a cutscene showing you the room, move along the path until you get a cutscene of a fire-breathing dragon, which is being operated by an Illuminado at the base of the dragon's neck. Go down the stairs and take cover behind the blast shield. You are safe from the fire here. Bait the dragon by running up either the left or right stairs. Wait for the dragon head to turn, then, before he breathes in your direction, quickly run to the other side and use your Rifle to snipe the dragon operator. When the dragon falls, locate the treasure chest and open it for PTAs. Next, run up to the spinning cage, "Jump Over," and go to the other side. An enemy will rush you. Go down the stairs, kill, and watch out for fire. Take cover from this second dragon behind the pillar and clear out the area. Face the dragon and run right to bait, then back left to pick off the operator with your Rifle (Shotgun also works). Grab the ILLUMINADOS PENDANT from the treasure chest that appears.

Head North along the path and you'll trigger a third and final dragon. You'll also spawn many enemies. Take out your Shotgun and start clearing the area out of the range of the dragon. Once it's clear, you'll notice that you have two blast shields (one on the left, one on the right) to use if you're facing the dragon. Bait the dragon to one side or the other then run to the other side to pick off the operator.

Now that all three dragons are taken care of a staircase will rise creating a path for you. Go up the stairs to the blue treasure chest for the LION ORNAMENT. Backtrack back to Ashley. SAVE at the Typewriter and go down the stairs to the roller coaster car. "Get On" and ride the car. Go through the blue door.

You will find yourself back in the main foyer, where the wall sculpture door is located. Place the three pieces (Ornaments) to make the wall drop. You'll see a main staircase and a staircase to the right. Go up the staircase on the right and look behind the Sadler Painting for some PTAS. Go back to the main staircase and go through the doors. You'll see another roller coaster car in front of you. "Jump Over" each side railing for some vases then "Get On" the roller coaster car.

Collect some items in the room where you get off and go through the North door. Look at your map. Find the room with the Typewriter and the MERCHANT. Visit the Merchant. Sell the Illuminados Pendant and your Velvet Blues. Tune Up what you like. I recommend Firepower on your Riot Gun and your TMP. Then, SAVE. Go back to the main hall.

Before you explore the East and North hallways, go through the West door so you can complete this loop of rooms. In the first room, "Push" two of the middle knight statues onto two of the pressure plates. Then, tell Ashley to "Wait" on a third plate and you go and stand on the fourth pressure plate. This will open the next door. Pass through.

In this room Salazar will set a spike ceiling trap. The ceiling is lowering! Thank goodness the ceiling has four flashing red lights. Shoot each of the four red lights on the ceiling to stop the trap. Go through the next door and move down the long stone hallway. Ashley will become trapped behind a gate where she'll face a nasty drilling machine. Shoot the two Illuminados operating the machine before they reach Ashley. The skilled player can use the Rifle to easily pick them off. I, however, spayed them with my TMP.

Collect all of the items in the wine cask room, including the ELEGANT CHESSBOARD inside a cabinet. Go to the red treasure chest to find the QUEEN'S GRAIL. Shoot the padlock off the door and go through. You'll be back in the knight statue room. Exit out to the main hall. SAVE and visit the Merchant if you want.

Find the East hallway and go down it. On the table is a YELLOW HERB and a SPINEL. Grab the SAMPLE RETRIEVED file then go through the double doors. Grab the HANDGUN AMMO and go down the knight-lined hallway. "Dodge" when prompted.

Enter the circular room and go to the central podium. "Take" the KING'S GRAIL. This will cause three Knights to come to life. Use a Hand Grenade or your Shotgun to initially damage them, then a Flash Grenade to destroy their parasite heads (or, the weapon of your choice). Three more knights will appear. Kill them in the same way you killed the first set or use one shot from your Rocket Launcher (although you may want to save it for later, which I did) to annihilate all three. Collect the rest of the items in the room and then backtrack to the main hall (near the Merchant and Typewriter).

Now that you have both the King's and Queen's Grail, go up the North Hallway. This hallway is lined with windows on the right, statues on the left (with flashing items in each of them), and a bevy of enemies at the far end of the hall. Take out your Rifle and start picking off enemies one at a time. If any get close, switch to your Shotgun and do some damage. When it's clear, shoot each of the items in the statues: GREEN GEM (completes Elegant Mask), SPINEL (2), VELVET BLUE. Go to the doors at the end of the hallway and place the QUEEN'S GRAIL and the KING'S GRAIL in the respective queen/king bust. The gate between the two will rise.

Go through the double doors. In this parquet floor hallway also lined with windows, break the vases and open the cabinets for items. At the end of the hallway you'll see some large wooden doors. Before you go through them, "Jump Out" the window on the right, go up the ladder, and move along this outdoor balcony to the treasure chest for a BUTTERFLY LAMP. "Jump Down" into the large circular room below (or backtrack to the large wooden doors and go through, jumping down is just faster).

Go to the center of this large circular room and you'll get a cutscene of Ashley being captured by a flying bug and being flown away. You'll now have to deal with these bug monsters. Your Shotgun, TMP, Hand Grenades and Incendiary Grenades are your best weapons against them. Do your damage and, when it's clear, find and "Operate" the lever for the bridge. The bridge will be stuck on some chains. Shoot the plates holding the chains and the bridge will drop. Cross it and go through the double doors.

NOTE: Hanging from the ceiling of this large circular room is a hive/cacoon. Shoot at it repeatedly with your Shotgun and/or TMP until it falls. You'll get lots of RED and GREEN EYES and rare BLUE EYE or two. Use them to fill out your Butterfly Lamp.

Here you'll find a Typewriter and a MERCHANT. Sell the now completed Elegant Mask, Butterfly Lamp and the other normal fare. Tune up what you'd like. I recommend working on the Magnum and Rifle. SAVE.

Move along the hall and through the door. Break the barrels and note the circling Illuminados on the second level of the bell tower. Pick them off with your Rifle, if you can, then move forward. A quick cutscene will occur. Cross the bridge, hang a left and move up the stairs to the second level, eliminating any Illuminados along the way. Once the area is clear, move to the north side of the balcony and collect the RIFLE AMMO. Use it on those launching catapults your way. When they're out of the picture, go to the east side an pass through the door.

Climb the ladder and collect the items. Climb the next ladder, then make your way around to and up the stairs. Grab the GREEN HERB and the RITUAL PREPARATION file. "Operate" the lever. You'll discover the gears are stuck. Shoot the block of wood in the gears in front of you, then look down into the central area where you'll spot another block of wood. Shoot it. The third piece is a little tougher to find. If you have difficulty, the best thing to do is climb back down the ladders to your entrance, press yourself against the rail, then look straight up. Shoot the third piece, then return to the lever and "Operate" it. This will cause the North-South bridge outside the bell tower to move to an East-West bridge. You need to get back outside and cross that bridge west. However, before doing that, you need to eliminate the oncoming enemies. Pick them off as you work your way down. Go down to the bottom level (below where you entered), and more enemies will come your way. Focus first on the above enemy tossing dynamite your way, then eliminate the others and collect the various items. Leave via the large east door down here.

Outside, your enemies will be coming from in front of you. SAVE at the Typewriter to your left, then take out those coming at you with your Rifle and cross the bridge. As you move across, more Illuminados will appear from in front and behind you. Take out those behind you with your Shotgun, run to the door from which you just emerged, put your back against it, and shoot or toss grenades at the oncoming enemies. When they've been eliminated, collect what's on them (as one has a GOLD BANGLE), then cross the bridge. Enter the next building.

In front of you are four enemies. Two are normal and two are Scary Prison Guys. If you saved your Rocket Launcher, immediately pull it out, aim at the left Scary Prison Guy and blast away. This should kill the two Scary Prison Guys and, if you're lucky, a few other enemies. If you don't have a Rocket Launcher (or if you miss), take care of them the old fashioned way. You can take out the first two normal enemies with your Rifle. Then, tease the Scary Prison Guys with the bells and hit the soft spots on their backs, then shoot at the parasites when they emerge. Note, more Illuminados will emerge when you run up the second set of stairs, so avoid doing so until you've taken out the Scary Prison Men, or you'll have a lot to deal with at one time. I recommend running around the lower area like a wild banshee getting in what shots you can. Once you've killed the two, the surrounding gates will lift. Kill the remaining enemies and exit via the east door.

Collect the SPINELS from the two busts at the base of the stairs, then climb the stairs. Pass through the next door and you'll get a cutscene. Pay attention, as you'll have to use an on-screen prompt, or face death.

After a Comm call from Salazar, you'll find yourself at the bottom of the impaling pit. Collect the various items (YELLOW HERB, VELVET BLUE, INCENDIARY GRENADE and various AMMO), including the CROWN Treasure. There's a MERCHANT and a Typewriter. At the Merchant, sell any Spinels/Velvet Blues you have, along with the Gold Bangle. Keep the Crown for later. Sell your Riot Gun, as the STRIKER (Shotgun upgrade) is now available. Since the Stiker takes up less room, I purchased the Mine Thrower here, too (finally). Tune up what you want and SAVE.

Climb the ladder, then move north and up the sewer. Collect the RED HERB. You'll get a quick scary scene. Move on. Grab the SPINEL and continue on through the door. Continue along the grate walkway. To the east (AH...another scary scene) you'll come to a room with a powered down elevator. Collect the HANDGUN AMMO and FIRST AID SPRAY from the table. Note the liquid nitrogen tank. Exit out and continue north and up the hall. Look out for a few tentacles coming your way. Simply avoid the strikes by following your on-screen prompts, and don't bother trying to damage it, as it's pointless at this stage. To the west is a room with another nitrogen tank, and some TMP AMMO. Collect the ammo then, again, continue north.

In the north room, collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS and the GREEN HERB. Again, note the nitrogen tank, then hit the lever in the NE corner of the room. This powers up the elevator, but also locks you in the room with the tentacled monster. Run to the door to try to open it up, and the monster man will appear in front of you. Evade him (watch your screen for prompts) and run to the nitrogen tank. Now you can knock it over. Do so and the monster man will be covered in a hard and icy shell. Shoot him with your Broken Butterfly (Magnum) or your Striker (Shotgun) while he's in this state. Go for head shots. Continue shooting until he breaks out of his shell. Spend the rest of your time in this room avoiding his attacks. Eventually, the front door will open. Run out.

Make your way back to the elevator room, knocking down the nitrogen tank and shooting the frozen monster as you go. Don't forget the nitrogen tank in the west room. In the east room, knock over the fourth and final tank and shoot away. This will take out the monster man. Collect the CROWN JEWEL from his remains. This can be combined with the Crown. Approach the elevator and it will meet you. Walk in and "Operate" it. Cutscene and End of Chapter.

Chapter 4-2: The Castle

Collect the GREEN HERB, HANDGUN AMMO and LUIS' MEMO 2. Break the barrels to collect more items. Enter the Shooting Gallery if you want to do so, then speak to the MERCHANT. Sell your SPINELS and upgrade your weapons as you choose. SAVE at the Typewriter, then pass through the double doors.

Move north along the path and take out any villagers you encounter. Collect the VELVET BLUE and smash the barrels as you go. Read the trolley sign, then continue forward. You'll come to the end of the trolley tracks, where you will be looking over several villagers. Take them out from your position. Once you've eliminated them all, jump down and move north.

A large boulder is blocking your path. Look left and activate the switch. This will cause the trolley to move. You need the Dynamite inside the trolley, but, the trolley is stuck in it's current position (as the lever's power is now down). Make your way to the SE side of the room (climb the stairs to get there), collecting items as you go: SHOTGUN AMMO, VELVET BLUE and PTAS. Activate the switch up here to restore power to the trolley lever. Collect the 5000 PTAS behind the switch, then move back down to the lower level. This will cause more villagers to come your way. Return to the upper level (where you restored electricity) and use your position to take out the oncoming villagers, including the a Chainsaw Villager. Toss grenades from your position and use your Rifle to fire away. When the room is clear again, run to the trolley switch, activate it, and collect the DYNAMITE from the car. Use the Dynamite on the boulder to blow it up (move away before the boulder blows), then move north. Smash the barrels then move through the doors.

Boss Fight: Dual El Gigantes

Avoid getting too close to the east door and collect the SHOTGUN AMMO, the FIRST AID SPRAY and the FLASH GRENADE. Go ahead and operate the northern switch to note the central pit it opens up upon activation. Give it a few seconds and it will close up again. Check out the ladder to the south. Climb it and use the zipline. It takes you straight to the switch. With these things noted, approach the east doors. Two El Gigantes will emerge. Run over to the switch. Hit "X" once to get a view of what is going on behind you. If an El Gigante is over the lava pit, pull the switch and he'll fall in. If there isn't one in position, go ahead and run over to the ladder, climb it, wait for the Gigantes to approach (don't wait too long, or they'll kill you), then take the zipline down to the lever. Again, hit "X" to see what's going on behind you. If a Gigante is in position, hit the lever.

Once you do drop a Gigante into the lava, the lever will no longer work. You'll have to take care of the second Gigante the old fashioned way: Shoot him until the parasite emerges from his back, then either shoot the parasite, or "Climb" his back and slash at the parasite. Be careful at first, as, while the lava pit remains open, the fallen Gigante can grab you and take you down with him. I found the best way to do this was to go bait the Gigante by climbing the ladder, then zipping down to the opposite end. This will give you some good distance between you and the monster, where you can pump him full of lead. Repeat until the beast goes down. Collect the 15000 PTAS from his remains, and pass through the newly opened east door. Collect from the barrels and move through the next door.

Work your way trough the tunnel and you'll come to a statue, which states "The two lights shall shine light on a new path". You'll also come to a bunch of Monster Bugs. Collect the GREEN HERB, then begin shooting the Bugs. The Bugs will drop lots of RED and GREEN EYES and may even drop one or two rare BLUE EYES. Try to shoot the Bugs so that you can pick up the items they leave behind, most importantly, a BLUE EYE. In other words, don't shoot them while they're over the pit or they'll just drop down and you won't get a chance to pick up as many EYES as you could.

Work your way up and around the path, taking out Bugs as you go. Collect the FLASH GRENADE and the SHOTGUN SHELLS. At the SHOTGUN SHELL platform, check the Map. Notice the two circular branches extending off of this cave, one to the east and one to the west. You need to make your way into each of these. You can either continue up and hit them from this direction, or move along the flat path (and collect TMP AMMO) to reach them. It doesn't matter which path you take as they ultimately come together in a circle.

You will find GREEN HERBS in both circular branches. You will also find switches. Collect the Herbs and hit the switches to activate the two lights. After each light activation you'll be ambushed by the Monster Bugs. Eliminate them and collect their many RED and GREEN EYES. When the area has been cleared, approach the barred door. Collect the RED HERB, then press the switch on the door. Move through the gate.

As you move south in this tunnel you'll run into some dropping smasher blocks. If you find yourself under them when they decide to fall, you'll die. So, move carefully under them, climbing and jumping the ledges as you go. After the second block, look left and hit the switch. This changes the pattern of the smasher blocks, allowing you to move easier through the two in front of you. At the top, approach the podium and collect the ROYAL INSIGNIA Treasure. Combine this with your Crown to complete it. Check the Podium again, which will raise the platform, with you on it. End of Chapter.

Chapter 4-3: The Castle

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You will continue your journey up. When you arrive at the top, smash the barrels and grab the LETTER FROM ADA. There is a MERCHANT and Typewriter. Visit the Merchant and Sell your now completed Salazar Family Crown, your second completed Butterfly Lamp your Velvet Blues, your remaining Blue, Red, and Green Eyes (triangle jewels), and any of the other normal fare. You should have a decent amount of money at this point. This is also the first time you can Tune Up your Striker. Do so. Then Tune Up any other weapons you'd like. Then, SAVE, at the Typewriter.

Head East along the path. You'll get a cutscene of this ruins area. Go forward and you'll see several villagers. Kill them then continue on and you'll see more villagers around the fire. Either toss an Incendiary Grenade in the middle of the fire or go up either of the two ladders in the area and start picking them off. Feel free to toss an Incendiary Grenade from up here, too. The advantage to going up the ladder is that you can use your Blacktail to pick off villagers one-by-one as they climb the ladder. Once the area is clear, explore it for various items.

Go to the door in the NE and you'll be told you need something to "Sacrifice to the Lion." Turn around and enter the nearby shack via the open window. In the shack, turn the hand crack to reveal a floor opening. "Climb Down." Go up to the stone podium and it'll tell you the Sacrifice for the Lion is up ahead. Take the path (don't worry about the Treasure Star now).

At the end of the tunnel/cave take out your Rifle and start picking off any enemies that you can see in this half-wall stone maze area. Also, from this position, look into the structure on the left where there are various windows. Inside you'll be able to see the head of a Chainsaw Villager. Shoot him repeatedly until he dies. Once you've cleared out the stone maze area, collect the various items (looking out for bear traps as you do), then locate the underground staircase beneath the entrance to this area. Go down and open the coffin for the STAFF OF ROYALTY Treasure.

Head to the structure where you shot the Chainsaw Villager and go through the wooden door at its base. Inside is another Chainsaw Villager. Take him out, grab the 10000 PTAS from him, then watch out for more villagers (Ganados version) coming in. Clear out this structure of all villagers (Flash grenades help), then break the barrels and collect the items making sure to grab the KEY TO THE MINE on the second floor. This is the key to the East door. You may find a YELLOW HERB in a barrel. Getting the Key will trigger more enemies. The best way to deal with them is to remain upstairs, put your back against the wall, and shoot the villagers as they come through the window and/or up the stairs. When they're dead, exit the structure and pass through the East door using your Key to the Mine (there is a RED HERB nearby).

Now through the Mine door, continue East, breaking crates as you go. Go through the door. You'll be trapped and the spiked ceiling will start to fall. Also, some parasite bugs will come out. Ignore the bugs and shoot the four red lights in the ceiling. If any bugs attach to you, just shake them off then continue shooting the ceiling lights. Then, shoot the parasite bugs. Open the coffin for the PTAS.

Move through the East door. Go down the rounded stairs, break the barrels, then go through the doors. Here you'll get to a mine cart. First, break the barrels on the right, then grab the GREEN HERB, then "Jump Down" into the mine cart and go to the middle cart and shoot the lever on your left with the Blacktail. This will start the mine cart.

In this section, you'll be riding the cart while villagers try to stop you by jumping into the cart. Arm your Striker (Shotgun) or if you don't have enough ammo, your Blacktail or TMP. First, go to the back cart. That way, nobody can sneak up on you from behind. Watch as the villagers jump into your cart and shoot them. If you have time, grab the items that they drop. Also be aware that there will be a low wooden plank that you can either "Dodge" or shoot. Continue to do this and the cart will come to a stop. Here, many villagers will drop in, including a Chainsaw Villager. To make the cart start moving again look in front of you for another switch at track-level that you can shoot. You may inadvertantly shoot it in the ensuing battle. Anyway, take out the Chainsaw Villager and keep fighting. Continue to kill villagers who drop in, be aware of another "Dodge" wooden plank moment, and another Chainsaw Villager will drop in. Kill him. Watch out for another wooden plank and more and more villagers will hop in. Keep going. At the end of the spiral down, you'll reach a gap in the tracks and you'll be told to, "Jump". Be ready for this. Once this happens, you'll grab onto the ledge and you'll need to "Climb Up" by rapidly tapping the "X" or "Square" button.

Follow the path and go through the door. Grab the plethora of PTAS in the room and then go to the table and grab the STONE OF SACRIFICE. Go through the now opened West door and climb up the ladder. You are back in the ruins area. Go to the NE of this area and use the Stone of Sacrifice in the Lion Door. Walk into the elevator and "Operate". End of Chapter.

Chapter 4-4: The Castle

Move forward, collect the HANDGUN AMMO, and SAVE at the Typewriter, if you care to do so. Enter the room in front of you. Smash the various vases, then climb down the stairs. You'll be shown the huge Salazar statue. Continue down the stairs the try to cross the bridge to the left. The Illuminados will come and take out sections of the bridge, and Salazar's hands will move in a side to side motion.

Face the statue and move up the left set of stairs. Take out the enemy in red at the lever, then turn around and eliminate the Illuminado coming your way. Look up. More Illuminados. A single shot should cause them to fall to their death. Use your Rifle to pick off the enemies on the highest level, and watch your back, as someone might sneak up behind you and grab you through the bars. When you've taken out those in front of you, cross over and move up the stairs to your entrance. Again, turn around and eliminate those in front of you and above you. Climb the ladder.

If there's anyone left up here, take them out, then move over to the ledge. When the hand lowers "Jump Over" to it, then jump over to the middle platform. Hit the switch on the statue's body and the next hand will lower. Jump over to it and the level across the way. Jump down to the level below and operate the lever. This will cause a section of the bridge to return to position, the gate to open, and some Illuminados to drop down. Kill the Illuminados, then, again, look up and kill those who have appeared above you. When this is done, climb the ladder, then hop back onto the hand. Ride it up and jump over to the higher ledge.

Look out for arrow shooting enemies, kill them, then run behind the statue and hit the next lever. This will cause the statue's hands to come together. Return to the ledge, jump over to the statue hand when it's level with you, then ride it across and jump to the other hand. Ride it over to the next ledge, and jump across to it. Smash the vases and hit the lever. This brings up the second section of the bridge. Take out the enemies who appear, work your way back down to the base of the statue, and cross the bridge.

At the base of the bridge, the statue will come after you. Follow the on-screen prompts to sprint and dodge. At the far end, shoot the lock off the door, then pass through the door before the statue catches up with you. Continue to sprint and jump the gap. Approach the door and enter. Cutscene. Be prepared to dodge an attack.

Collect the HANDGUN AMMO and the YELLOW HERB. Climb the stairs and a barrels will come your way. Wait for one to smash in front of you, then run up the stairs and quickly dodge onto the left landing to avoid the next barrel. Extending from this landing are some wooden platforms. Move along the wooden platforms. Smash the barrels, then take out any enemies who come your way. Climb up the ladder and pull the lever to take out the enemies coming up the stairs. Shoot the Dynamite throwing man across the way. Climb the stairs for a GREEN HERB, then return to the ladder/lever area. Smash the barrels, grab the INCENDIARY GRENADE, then hop on the lift.

On the lift, collect the GREEN HERB, push the the two crates off the lift to reduce the weight, then hit the switch. Simply ride the lift up and take out the many enemies as they come (your Shotgun is quite useful). The lift will make a few stops, but you won't be able to get off until it reaches the top. Cross the bridge, then work your way around the outside of the tower, via the wooden planks. Work your way around, jump the gap, and collect from the barrels. Collect the HANDGUN AMMO, SHOTGUN SHELLS, RED HERB, and check your map to locate the Treasure Chest in the south. Open it up for the GOLD BANGLE Treasure. Climb back up and go to the next elevator. Activate it and ride it up.

Make your way up the stairs and you'll find the MERCHANT, a Typewriter, RIFLE AMMO, FIRST AID SPRAY, TMP AMMO, and MAGNUM AMMO. If you don't have the Broken Butterfly (Magnum) by now, it's a good idea to buy it. Sell the Staff of Royalty, the Gold Bangle, your Velvet Blues, and your Spinels to the Merchant. You may care to upgrade your Rifle and Magnum at this point, as they'll be our primary weapons fighting the upcoming boss. SAVE, the pass through the double doors. Move forward and you'll get a cutscene. Ashley has been taken away and you must finally face Salazar.

Boss Fight: Salazar

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Run around this upper level and collect the GREEN HERB, the HANDGUN AMMO and SHOTGUN SHELLS. Watch your on-screen prompts to dodge the attacks of the Salazar monster. Note, the Salazar Monster has one lethal attack, where he'll shoot forward and simply eat you. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason behind how and when he chooses to use his attack, and he gives you little warning before he does, but, if you pay attention, you can spot it before it does its damage. Look for a splatter behind his head, followed by a bit of a recoil. When this happens, either run like crazy in one direction, or jump of the ledge to the lower level. On the lower level are some Monster Bugs. Kill them or avoid them...it really doesn't matter. Collect the various and helpful items in the barrels, then climb back up.

Now that you know how to protect yourself from the Salazar Monster, it's time to kill the Monster. If you have a steady aim, it's quite easy and the monster can be defeated quickly. Pull out your Magnum and aim it at the red and yellow eye of the Monster. A direct hit will drop the head of the monster down and open up a "rib cage" at the base of his neck. Inside this cage is Salazar. Equip your Rifle and shoot him in the head as many times as you can before the monster comes to life again. Repeat this process a few times and you'll defeat the evil Salazar.

Collect anything you missed, then drop into the pit and climb up the east ladder. Collect the 50000 PTAS, then pass through the door. Smash the barrels, then "Climb Down" at the rappel point. Break the barrels (look out for snakes), then hop in the elevator. Hit the switch to go down.

Move down the tunnel and you'll come to a room with the MERCHANT and a Typewriter. Collect the FLASH GRENADE and the SHOTGUN, HANDGUN, and RIFLE AMMO. Smash the barrel and the crate. Sell the Spinel to the Merchant, then upgrade what you want. SAVE. Move through the south door and move forward. Ada will offer you a ride. End of Chapter.

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