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LB's Resident Evil 4
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Chapter 5

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Chapter 5

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RE4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Introduction, Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Separate Ways and RE4 Extras
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Chapter 5-1: The Island

You'll get a Comm call from Saddler. Make your way forward and jump down the ledge in front of you. Jump the gap and continue forward. Continue moving straight along the path to the dead end. Climb the ledges and smash the crates. Collect what's inside (EMERALD). Return to the west path, then make your way up it.

At the top of the path, jump the gap and move forward toward the ruins. Shoot out the spotlight (if you get too close too quickly the alarm will sound and all of the enemies will be alerted), then move into the building in front of you. Take out the prisoner, then climb the ladder to the upper level. This will trigger a scary man with a rail gun to come your way. Remain in position and wait for him to come to you. When he does, shoot him with your Shotgun until he goes down. Collect his 15000 PTAs. Collect the MAGNUM AMMO and take out anyone else who comes your way. Note the rotating mirror. You'll be coming back to it.

Hop back downstairs and prepare for an ambush. You can try to take them all from within the small shack where the GREEN HERB is located, but I suggest climbing back up your ladder and drawing them to you. Collect from their remains, then move up the main staircase. Try to open the door and a laser will emerge from it.

Move over to the North shack and climb the ladder on the backside of it. Go up to the mirror and "Check" it. Aim the mirror (move your control stick in the direction you want to turn it), so it hits the southern mirror. Drop down and return to the first mirror. Move it so the laser hits the orange circle just right of the main door. The door will open up. Jump down, make your way up the stairs and pass through the door.

Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS and move forward. Avoid the boulder the prisoners push over on you and continue moving along. Break the barrels as you go, and look out for arrow wielding prisoners. Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS at the end of the path, then make your way to where the first arrow wielding prisoner was and climb the ladder up.

Collect the EMERALD from the crate, then move outside. Take out the prisoner to your left, then collect the TMP AMMO. Jump the gap north, then climb through the open window. You'll find a few enemies and many items (including RIFLE AMMO and a RED HERB). Shoot the red gas barrel to blow out the rocks so you can collect the GOLDEN LYNX Treasure. Work your way back out and move north.

As you round the corner of crates, look north and up. Take out the two enemies above, then immediately take out the prisoner with the Rocket Launcher on the ground in front of you. You'll have many mean men in front of you. Take them out before they take you out.

Move up the path to your left (the cave area). As you climb, prisoners will appear from both in front of and behind you. Continue moving up. When you reach the bridge between caves, look north and shoot the barrels in the cart on the path in front of you. Turn around and take out any surviving enemies. Just past the bridge are some SHOTGUN SHELLS and GREEN HERB. With those in hand, return to ground level then make your way up the main path to the north, collecting items along the way. Press the switch next to the door and pass through.

In front of you is the MERCHANT and a Typewriter. Sell the Emerald. Buy the TREASURE MAP (ISLAND). SAVE. Continue forward. In front of you are more crazies. Look out for the arrow shooting enemy on the second level, and eliminate all of them. Pass through the door at the end of the path.

Collect the PTAS from the locker, then make your way down the south hall, past the locked door. In the pantry area, look out for the prisoner to your left. Collect the SHOTGUN AMMO from the suitcase and the GREEN HERB from the shelf. Continue forward into the meat locker. LOOK OUT! A fiery man will emerge from the oven. If he gets you, simply shake him off, as he'll die on his own. Collect the HAND GRENADE from the sink area, then continue through the south door.

Here you'll meet a fairly intimidating armored giant. A solid Shotgun shot to the head will take care of him. Ignore the door leading to your Destination Marker at this point, and move down the stairs. There will be many more enemies down here (head shots are key). Open the suitcase and collect the RED STONE OF FAITH Treasure. Combine it with the Golden Lynx. Locate the barrels in the back room, and collect what's inside of them. Return up the stairs and pass through the door to your Destination Marker.

Grab the HANDGUN AMMO then move forward and you'll get a cutscene. Locate the north door and move through it. Move down the hall, and check the file cabinet drawers for SHOTGUN SHELLS. Slip into the room to the right and collect the RIFLE AMMO and SHOTGUN SHELLS. Visit the MERCHANT and notice that you can now buy the KILLER7, an upgrade for the Broken Butterfly. Sell your Broken Butterfly then purchase the Killer7 (Magnum). If you have the money, but the TACTICAL VEST here, too.

Exit the Merchant room and equip your rifle. Move right and take position behind the half wall, so you're facing a garage door. Wait for the garage door to open. When it does, shoot one of the Dynamite throwing prisoners. The Dynamite won't hurt you as long as you're behind the half-wall. When the garage door opens again, shoot the other Dynamite enemy. Repeat this until both are dead. Then, another gang of enemies will stack up behind the garage door. Take them out however you want. Look at the filing cabinet drawer for an Emerald.

Go through the garage door. There is TMP AMMO in the red cabinet in front of you. Continue through the double doors. Check your map and note the Destination Marker to the North, a locked door to the West, and a Typewriter and Treasure Star in a nearby room. Go to the Typewriter and grab the GREEN HERB along the way, SAVE, and grab the BRASS POCKET WATCH Treasure inside a crate. Exit the Typewriter room and go ahead and unlock the door to the West. Don't bother going through it.

Go up the stairs. At the T-Intersection take the East path to the unlocked door...the operating room. Grab the INCENDIARY GRENADE from the red cabinet along the way and pass through the blue double doors. In this research room you can see a Mutant laying down on an operating table. Head right to the locked door with a console next to it. Puzzle.

This security door puzzle requires that you get the flow of energy to go from the flashing arrow in the upper left to the flashing arrow in the bottom right. To solve it, hit Blue once, Green twice, and Red three times. This will open the door. Enter the operating room and collect LUIS' MEMO 3.

This memo tells you about Regenerators. This is the mutant that you saw in the other, smaller, operating room. Regenerators have Plaga living inside of them. To kill them you have to shoot each of the Plaga inside of the Regenerator. The only sure way you can see them is with a Thermal Scope for you Rifle. You don't have that yet. Collect the TMP AMMO. Then, collect the FREEZER CARD KEY from the hand of the dead person on the floor. Upon doing this, the Regenerator from the other room comes through.

Since you don't have the Thermal Scope yet you'll just have to spray the entire Regenerator with bullets trying to hit each and every part of his body. Use your TMP and start in the torso, move up to the head, and then continue to spray him with bullets until his upper-half explodes. You can also try a Grenade to clear the Plaga, or a Mine Dart. If you have trouble with this, run away from him. There is an Emerald in the room where the Regenerator was. Collect it.

Take a look at your map. Backtrack to the now flashing blue door, the Freezer, for which you now have the key. On the way there you'll have to deal with another Regenerator. Again, spray him with bullets or explosives.

Use the Freezer Card Key at the freezer door. Upon entering, grab the RIFLE AMMO on the left and enter the small room on your right. Check the Card Key Rewriter and use it to make a WASTE DISPOSAL CARD KEY. Next, deactivate the Cryogenic Device the exit the small room. Go into the next small side room, open the briefcase and you'll find the INFRARED SCOPE. Combine this Scope with your Rifle. Now you can see the hot-spot (red) plaga inside the bodies of Regenerators.

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You'll get a chance to immediately test this out as a Regenerator will attack. Stay in position with your Rifle aimed at the doorway. When the Regenerator passes through, shoot the two hot spots on his body. Exit the Freezer and collect the Emerald from the briefcase to the South. Head north, to the waste disposal door, collecting the item in the red cabinet along the way.

Use your Waste Disposal Card Key on the door. Move forward, collect the TMP AMMO, and pass through the next door. Collect the HAND GRENADE, then "Operate" the levers to pick up and drop enemies off the ledge. You are only allowed three or four tries at this, so use the shadow for guidance and do your best. Once you've exhausted your tries, the surviving enemies will, most likely, come up to you. Kill them as they come. Pass through the door and climb down the ladder. Grab the GREEN HERB and pass through the next door. Grab the TMP AMMO and go up the stairs. You'll find yourself in an office of sorts.

In the office collect the items and note the security controls...you'll be using these later. Collect what's in the locker and go through the next door. Follow the halls and you'll come to two large armored enemies. Use your Shotgun on their heads. Note the locked door behind them (Ashley) then pass through the unlocked door to the north.

Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS at the bottom of the stairs, arm your Shotgun (or Magnum), and go through the next door. Here you will have many enemies. Take them out. Look out for the arrow man to your right (he's wearing armor, so go for the head). Collect the FLASH GRENADE from the desk and the RIFLE AMMO from the locker. Move down the stairs. Collect the AMMO from behind the staircase, then continue through the next door.

Move through the next hall. Pass through the south door to SAVE, collect the GREEN HERB, then move through the door to the east. Continue through to the next room. Take the RIFLE AMMO, then arm your Rifle and look out for the Spiked Regenerator. Run back to your entrance at the end of the hall to put distance between you and him. Use your Thermal Scope to pick off four plagas you can see on his front side. There's one more on his back side. It's easiest to simply toss an Incendiary Grenade at him to take care of this (or shoot a Mine Dart at him). You can also shoot out a leg then shoot the Plaga when his back is exposed. Do what you need to do and collect the STORAGE ROOM CARD KEY from his body.

Before heading back to Ashley, move south and collect the RIFLE AMMO from the suitcase. Hop through the broken glass to the lab area, then break into the glassed-in areas to the side for a RED HERB and a GREEN HERB. Open the safe for RIFLE AMMO and collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS from the shelf. Grab the EMERALD from one of the central structures, then exit out the east door, then through the next east door, and you'll find yourself outside. Run to the MERCHANT. Sell your Emeralds and your Brass Pocket Watch. Buy the TACTICAL VEST (if you haven't already) and upgrade what you want. Break the nearby barrels and ride the elevator up.

Collect the GREEN HERB then find your way into the control tower. You'll get a cutscene. The radio is jammed. Great. Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS, then backtrack all of the way back to Ashley. Note, there will be enemies a plenty along the way. Take them out as you do best.

Back at Ashley cell, use the Storage Room Card Key. Move forward for a cutscene. End of Chapter.

Chapter 5-2: The Island

Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS, then check your map. Move forward and a letter will be delivered to you. Collect the PAPER AIRPLANE File. It tells you to escape via the waste disposal vent. Make your way back there (note the Destination Marker on your map if you don't remember where it is). Clearly, there will be many enemies along the way. You may care to leave Ashley at the cell door while you take out the several bad guys in the next hall. Once you've taken them out, call Ashley to you and continue to backtrack to the aforementioned office. You'll be locked in (via the security switch) with many enemies. Take them out (blast them with something explosive), then make your way to the security console. A few more enemies will enter the room. Eliminate them and continue on.

Approach the Waste Disposal Vent and you'll get a quick cutscene. Get up and operate the lever. Pass through the door. A Spiked Regenerator will emerge. Quickly hit the lever on the other side to temporarily trap him. Stick Ashley in the dumpster in this area. Use your Rifle's Thermal Scope to eliminate the Regenerator. Feel free to raise the gate to the next room, and trap him next to the red gas barrel. Shoot the barrel to take care of the plaga on his back, or toss a grenade just behind him. When he's been eliminated collect his 20000 PTAS and call Ashley to you. Don't miss the RIFLE AMMO.

Move forward with Ashley and push the red dumpster until it falls. Cross over it. Collect the RIFLE AMMO and the GREEN HERB, then, again, equip your Thermal Rifle and take out the oncoming Regenerator. Collect the 20000 PTAS, cross the bridge and push the next dumpster which is blocking the door. Move through the unblocked door, then the double doors at the end of the hall.

Leave Ashley at the doorway, then take out the oncoming enemies. Collect Ashley and the GREEN HERB, then move through the next set of double doors. Tell Ashley to "Wait" then jump down into the lava/wrecking ball floor area below. You will be ambushed by many. A few Flash Grenades and Magnum shots provide for a good time in this area. If Ashley is taken, wait for her captor to drop down to your level and carefully shoot him. With Ashley, run to the control room. Collect the RED HERB and AMMO. Use the control panel to swing the wrecking ball. Either Ashley or Leon can use it. Three strikes will put a hole in the wall. More enemies. Deal with them, then move through the double doors behind the newly created hole.

Head into the room to the right and collect the RIFLE AMMO. Return to the main hall and pull the lever. A Regenerator will be waiting on the other side. Take him out and pass through the newly raised door. Move down the next hall and you'll hear another Regenerator coming your way. Kill him, then quickly head east. Collect the GREEN HERB and the SHOTGUN SHELLS, then hit the switch to activate the auxiliary power. This lifts the outer gate a bit. Exit out to the main hall.

Approach the half raised door and have Ashley crawl under. She'll raise the door completely. Collect the YELLOW HERB, then move west. Grab the RED HERB from the locker, then tune up your weapons at the MERCHANT as you see fit. SAVE.

Exit out and move toward the east door. Have Ashley wait by one lever, while you approach the other. Hit "Check". At the moment the red lights light up the central light, hit your "X" button to pull the levers. This will open up the door. Grab the RIFLE AMMO and the SHOTGUN SHELLS. Hop on the raised platform and Ashley will drive. Face behind you and prepare to be ambushed. After the cutscene, take out the oncoming enemies with your weapon of choice as they come at you. If any reach you, use your Shotgun to blast them off. Eventually a truck will come. Shoot it before it hits you, and continue eliminating enemies. The truck will come to life again. Shoot it until it crashes.

When the cart stops, jump off the back end and climb either of the two ladders. Again, kill those enemies in front of you, then drop back down to Ashley when she calls for help. Don't let the enemies get too close to her, and they'll kill her. Once you've cleared the room of enemies, return to the upper level, collect the TMP AMMO and the GREEN HERB, then activate the central lever. Return to the backside of the cart (bulldozer) and ride the lift up. Again, face the rear and take care of those who appear behind you. This time, stay closer to Ashley as enemies will be dropping in from above. When you hear a horn, face the front and shoot at the oncoming truck. You'll crash into a side wall.

Collect the HANDGUN AMMO and pass through the door. Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS, the HAND GRENADE, the 5000 PTAS, and the GREEN STONE OF JUDGEMENT Treasure. Combine the Green Stone of Judgement with the Golden Lynx. Upgrade what you want at the MERCHANT, then SAVE. Exit out.

Here you will receive a cutscene with Saddler. Ashley will be taken, yet again. End of Chapter.

Chapter 5-3: The Island

Collect the 5000 PTAS near the stairs, and the OUR PLAN file on the table. Head east. Cutscene.

Move forward onto the catwalk. At the east end, face east and shoot the enemy through the boarded up window below. Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS. Move down the stairs, collect the GREEN HERB, move through the door, and eliminate the enemies here. Go up the stairs here to collect what's in the locker, then pass through the south door. Move through the hall to the next room.

Collect the AMMO, then "Operate" the lift to raise you up. Move onto the main area of the catwalk and you'll meet Krauser. Prepare to follow your on-screen prompts closer than you ever have before. You will have a sort of cutscene battle with Krauser for some time. You'll either have to do the "O" + "Square" or the "L1" + "R1" combos and you never know which it's going to be. After the two of you flip off the higher level, prepare to guard a few more times, then tap "X" and "Square" to protect yourself from a knife in the face. Ada will come in and rescue you. When the battle is complete, you'll receive a Comm call from Saddler.

Head east and jump down to the lower level and pass through the two sets of doors. Wait for an opening in the lasers in front of you and move through them. Repeat at the second set, then "Dodge" the third set. Dodge the fourth set twice, then move to the end of the hall and hit the button. Turn around and face the entrance of the hall. Dodge the last set of lasers that come your way (look out, they come fast). Pass through the door.

Approach the chair and collect the EMERALD. "Check" the chair and you'll sit momentarily. Get up and shoot the shining object in front of you. Collect the ELEGANT HEADDRESS Treasure. Pass through the door behind the chair and "Operate" the lift. Continue to work your way east.

Beneath the stairs you'll find a GREEN HERB and EMERALD. To the south is a MERCHANT and Typewriter. Behind them you will find a small fenced room with MAGNUM AMMO and a RED HERB. Next to the Merchant you'll find LUIS' MEMO 4. Sell your Elegant Headdress and any Emeralds you have. Tune up your weapons as you see fit and SAVE. Head through the east door.

Move down the hall and grab the YELLOW HERB and TMP AMMO. Move forward and you'll get a view of a hanging cage structure of sorts. Approach it and you'll get a quick cutscene.

You'll end up inside the hanging cage structure...with a scary monster. There is no point in shooting the monster at this point, but be prepared to dodge his attacks. Collect the GREEN HERB and notice the console through the bars across from it. Make your way to the north (collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS) and wind your way around to the door blocking you from the console. Shoot the green switch and the door will lift up. Hit the button on the console. Find the next door (SE) and shoot the green switch. Follow the path around (notice the large locked doors), and hit the button on the next console. You'll be given 30 seconds to make it through the red doors behind you. That is plenty of time.

Upon making it through the doors, the first section of the hanging structure will fall. You need to do this two more times. In the second section of the structure, go right immediately and grab the INCENDIARY GRENADE. Move into the main hall and the doors and the monster will drop. Face south and run to the door. The green switch isn't there. Turn around and look up and at the beam to your left. Green switch. Shoot it and the door behind you will lift up. Make your way to the console and hit the button. Return to the main hall, face the north door and look up. Shoot the green switch and move through the door. To your left is the next console button, to your right is the exit to this section. So, go left and hit the console button, then run east to the red doors (collect the HAND GRENADE along the way). Pass through within the 30 second time limit. Another structure down. One more to go.

Directly in front of you is a red door. To your right is a console. To your left you'll find a locked door. Hit the button on the console and the red door will lift up (look out for the Crustacean Man), revealing a new path. Make your way along the path, through the middle of the structure. Wind your way around the structure and you'll spot a green switch through the bars. Shoot it. That locked door to the left of you entrance is now open. Backtrack to it, pass through and hit the button on the console. You have 30 seconds to make it to the red doors all of the way back east. Get there, then jump onto the hook provided for you. Phew. Just in time.

Move forward and you'll get a cutscene. Crustacean Man lived, and, boy, is he mad.

Boss Fight: Crustacean Man

This is one of your tougher fights, as Crustacean Man hits hard and moves fast. The key is to keep your distance and shoot with your Shotgun or Magnum whenever given the opportunity, and focus on the Crustacean Man, not his host below. Use your various Grenades to give yourself that opportunity. Also, use the red gas barrels to your advantage. One is behind the large rock formation in the middle of your "arena", the other is inside the tunnel, which connects the two gated doors to each other. Be sure to open up both gates before entering either side of the tunnel, or you could find yourself trapped. If you want you can try to trap the boss behind the gates, go ahead, but, be warned, his claws will cut through the bars. Use the time to rail into him with your Shotgun.

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Crustacean man will run quickly after you at times. When this happens, run for the tunnel and remain close to the inner wall, as you can outrun him and even lose him by doing so. When you hear that he's not behind you anymore, do what you can to sneak up on him from the other side, and surprise attack him. Put as many bullets as you possibly can into him as you possibly can or try a few Incendiary and/or Hand Grenades.

Toward the end of the battle, the boss will try a new attack of surprising you from below the ground. Simply follow your on-screen prompts to avoid him, and continue to shoot him when you get the chance. Note, the first time I played my weapons weren't as upgraded as they could have been. When I fought him the first time, Crustacean man molted and lost his claws. If this happens to you, use this opportunity to lock him behind the gates and shoot away. He can't cut through the bars if he has no claws.

Collect the 50000 PTAS reward.

Exit the arena area and pass through the NE door. Follow the path to the stairs. Collect the GREEN HERB from the base of the stairs and make your way up the stairs. Here you will find a tram which will take you west, if you want to go west. We don't want to go west, so climb the ladder up, instead.

Climb the next ladder, grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS and the HAND GRENADE, then pass through the door. Outside, smash the barrel and look over the ledge at the camp below. Note the enemies. Note the red barrels. Shoot the middle barrel to eliminate most of the prisoners. Take out the rest with your guns. Hop down and collect the TMP AMMO, the YELLOW HERB and whatever else is left for you. Once you have everything, enter the tent and jump down the hole.

Move forward, smashing barrels as you go. Locate the BLUE STONE OF TREASON Treasure (combine it with the Golden Lynx to complete it) in the tunnel to your right, and some PTAS in the crates in the tunnel to your left, then continue on to the MERCHANT, Typewriter and Shooting Gallery. Collect KRAUSER'S NOTE. Sell the Golden Lynx and upgrade to your heart's desire. SAVE. Climb the ladder up and out.

Move through the double doors to the north, then continue forward to the ruins. Jump down and you'll get a cutscene. You are told Ashley is through the next door, but you need three Insignias to unlock the door. One is to the north, one is to the east, and one is on Krauser. Oy vey.

Avoid Krauser's fire and run up the stairs and into the small room to the west. If you try to open the door to your right you'll be told it's "on a timer". It's not. It's on a "damage Krauser enough and I'll unlock" clock. Collect the GREEN HERB and whatever you find in the crate. Climb the ladder, grab the FLASH GRENADE, and smash the barrel. When Krauser catches up with you, start shooting away with your Shotgun or Magnum. Do look out for his attacks and follow your on-screen prompts to avoid them. If you need a second to regroup, feel free to jump back down into the area below. Whatever you do, don't run away from him. If you put too much distance between yourself and Krauser, Krauser will open fire on you. Simply keep at him until he tosses a Flash Grenade your way. Upon doing so, he'll disappear, and that locked door will now be open. Pass through it.

Carefully run forward, as Krauser is going to surprise you from the left. When he does, dodge and shoot him with your Shotgun or Magnum. Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS, then run down the small set of stairs and hang a right. Cross the stone bridge and enter the east building. Collect what's in the barrels and climb the ladder. Krauser might follow you inside. If he does, rail on him with gunfire until he disappears. See if there's any AMMO on the roof, then hop down and exit out of the building. Continue east and move up the curved stairs. Along the way collect the GREEN HERB.

At the top of the curved stairs you will get a cutscene. You will acquire the PIECE OF THE HOLY BEAST, PANTHER. Grab the RED HERB in front of you and locate the HANDGUN AMMO around the corner. Defend yourself from Krauser's attacks as you damage him as much as you can. Krauser will move faster now, so, if your TMP is upgraded to a respectable level, you may care to spray the area with your rapid shooting TMP rather than your slow loading Shotgun. You may get an odd little cutscene where Krauser speaks to you from above. If this is the case, simply "Respond", then duck his attacks. After you do enough damage to Krauser, he'll throw another Flash Grenade your way. This will open a hatch from which a statue will rise. Push the statue onto the square pressure plate just west of it. This lower the bars on two levers. One is in this area, the other is by the building near the base of the curved stairway (look for the locked door on your map).

Operate the first lever and move down the curved staircase. Run to the next lever. Look out for Krauser and operate this lever. Jump down the newly accessible ladder and you'll spot some mechanical bugs. Collect the GREEN HERB and the AMMO then clear the area of the bug bots. Destroy them before they spot you, as they will blow up upon approach. Wind your way around the open path and Krauser will speak with you again. "Respond", then take out the bug bots that attack. Pass through the archway leading to the circular staircase and the gate will shut behind you. Grab the YELLOW HERB, then move up the stairs. Note the barred door before the ladder, as this will be your exit later. Climb the ladder.

At the top, head east to collect the MAGNUM AMMO and GREEN HERB. Return west and step out onto the wooden platform. Move to the right to find the PIECE OF THE HOLY BEAST, EAGLE. One more piece to go. You're going to have to kill Krauser to get it.

Boss Fight: Krauser

Prepare for a "Dodge" and a "Climb" upon beginning this battle. You are timed, so you're going to have to battle efficiently here. Arm your Magnum and take aim at Krauser's legs (as they are the only truly exposed portions of his body). A solid knee or ankle shot will put Krauser on his knees, giving you a shot at his head. Take as many shots as you can at this time. Simply repeat this process until Krauser blows, providing you with the PIECE OF THE HOLY BEAST, SERPENT. If you are low on Magnum Ammo, use another gun to shoot his legs/feet then switch to the Magnum once you have him on one knee and exposed. You can also toss something explosive at him to do damage.

When Krauser goes down, the timer will continue to tick away. Hop down the ladder and pass through the now open door you were told to note earlier (don't go down the stairs). Hop down to the level below and place the insignias in the appropriate spots on the plaque. Pass through the revealed doors. End of Chapter.

Chapter 5-4: The Island

Grab the GREEN HERB and SAVE at the Typewriter. Go up the path and you'll get a Comm Call from Saddler. Continue up the path and equip your Rifle. You'll get a cutscene of a bunch of enemies, some with Rocket Launchers. An attack chopper will come in and cover you. Proceed up the path and you'll see a Turret Gun firing on you from a guard tower. Using your Rifle, zoom in and take him out. The chopper will take out the other guy on the guard tower. Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS from the tent on your left. Continue forward, break the barrels, and take cover behind the steel blast shield. The chopper will tell you to "take cover" stay behind this blast shield and wait for the chopper to do some more damage. Kill any survivors that come your way.

"Jump Over" the sandbags into the small alcove area (right of the blast shield), toss a grenade down into the lower pit, then "Jump Over" the wall into the pit below. Kill off any enemies in this area (the chopper will be helping you). Still in the pit area, head North to the gate/door with the large padlock on it. Shoot off the padlock and go through. You'll see another Turret Gun above. Take cover under the bridge, then grab the YELLOW HERB. The chopper will again tell you to "take cover". Just keep killing enemies.

Next, take the tunnel around to the ladder and go up. Go around the balcony to the front side. Grab the FLASH GRENADE. Enter the tower to grab AMMO and a GREEN HERB. Hit the Red button and pass through the open door.

Cutscene of an enemy wielding a rail gun. Quickly go back into the tower building to take cover and shoot any enemies that follow you in. Then, take out your Rifle and pick off anybody that you see, particularly the big enemy with the rail gun. When the path is clear follow it and go up the stairs. At the top you'll find a zip line, "Slide Down." Grab the HAND GRENADE and "Jump Down" and "Operate" the lever. This will raise a large door. "Jump Down" again then move through the now opened garage door.

Upon moving through the door you'll be in a heavily fortified area. You can "Crouch" behind the sandbags for cover. You can also use the tunnel to your left for protection. Watch out for enemies coming down the ladder behind you if you do go in the tunnel. When most of the ground enemies are killed, climb up the ladder in the tunnel, and use this protected blast shield area to take out enemies from above. The chopper will also take out a few guys and then will blow up the tower. After that, move right, along the catwalk, grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS, and move up the small set of stairs where you'll trigger the main gate to shut.

"Open" the gate in front of you and go up to the red switch and activate it. Now you have to get to the switch on the balcony across the way. "Jump Down" through the square opening into the main area, collect any AMMO you spot, then locate the ladder to the South. "Climb Up" and go along the catwalk to the red switch and activate it. If the chopper is telling you to "take cover" backtrack a tad and let it do its work, then activate the switch.

Upon activating both switches, the main gate will raise up. Go back down, collect the GREEN HERB, and go through the main gate. Pass through the double doors.

Go up the stairs for a cutscene. When it's complete, take the NW path to the wooden gate. "Open" it.

Move forward and "Jump Down" into the underground room. There is a treasure behind the ladder, the PEARL PENDANT Treasure. Head into the next room for a cutscene of you in pain and Ada visiting with you. You go a little crazy. Grab the HANDGUN AMMO and pass through the door. Go North and through the next door and you'll find a Typewriter. Collect the FLASH GRENADE then open the green cabinet for SHOTGUN SHELLS. Go to the side room for a YELLOW HERB. SAVE.

Head down the main South hallway. You'll hear a Regenerator coming your way. Run back to the Typewriter room, and use your Rifle, equipped with the Infrared Scope to shoot the red "hot spots" in the Regenerator. Then, toss a Grenade behind him which will finish him off (or shoot out a leg for a shot at the Plaga in his back). If you are out of Rifle Ammo, still use the Infrared Scope to find the "hot spots" on him, then use another weapon to shoot them.

Explore the cells for RIFLE AMMO and then take the RED HERB at the end of the hall. "Climb Up" to the left of the broken staircase and pass through the door. Take the GREEN HERB and break the crate, then head down the hall, go up the stairs and you'll see enemies waiting to ambush you. Take out your Rifle, "Remove" your infrared scope if you want, then pick off any enemies on the stairs, hiding behind sandbags. Go up the first set of stairs and note the many exploding barrels. Use these to your advantage to take out enemies. Soon, a rail gun enemy will emerge from the top. Use your Rifle on him or, if he hops down to where you are, use your Shotgun or Magnum. Collect the items that the enemies dropped.

At this point, reload all of your weapons and heal. Then, arm your Shotgun. Head to the locked door in the NW of this area, try to "Open" it. It won't budge as there are two consoles that need to be activated. This will trigger many enemies to come your way. Quickly turn around and start taking them out. One of them will have the EMERGENCY LOCK CARD KEY on them. Collect it and continue to clear the area. When you feel a bit under control, return to the door you just tried to open (for reference). From this door, head South and a new onslaught of enemies will occur, near the ladder. Use the exploding barrel to your advantage and continue to take out all of these enemies. Don't go up the ladder here. Instead, return to the locked door.

This time, from the locked door, head to the cage/fenced area to the East and go into it. Collect the RED HERB then climb the ladder. Grab the RIFLE AMMO, open the brief case for PTAS, and smash the barrels. Insert the Emergency Lock Card Key into the red lit machine. Take the catwalk to the South and go into the room for a crate and a locker with AMMO. Next, jump down to the level below, enter the room and "Operate" the green lit console. Exit out and move South along the catwalk, where you'll find another green lit console. "Operate" it and the locked door will open. Collect the FLASH GRENADE then hit then HANDGUN AMMO in the Locker. Jump down to the ground level and go through the now open door to the North.

Go down the stairs and through the door. A few wooden shielded enemies will come your way. Take them out. Turn around to find some SHOTGUN SHELLS on the shelf behind you. Then go through the double doors to your Destination Marker.

Here you'll see Ashley and Saddler. Ada will come in and save the day again. You grab Ashley. Upon starting back up the path behind is blocked by burning rubble. Pass through the door. Here you'll find a MERCHANT. Sell your Emerald and your Pearl Pendant. Tune up whatever you'd like. Grab the TMP AMMO, the GREEN HERB, and LUIS' MEMO 5.

Go through the next door. Leave Ashley by the door. Go along the hall and shoot down the two large armored brutes. Watch out for Ganados. Kill the remaining enemies and call Ashley back to you. Look at your map. You'll see a path to the South which leads to the Destination point and a path that goes West then North. Head South to the Destination point. You'll get a cutscene. End of chapter. End of Chapter.

The Final Chapter

Exit out North and take the West to North path I just mentioned. Go up the ramp and into the room where you saved Ashley earlier. Go up to the control room and grab the HANDGUN AMMO and the RED HERB. Backtrack back to the radiation room and go through the archway.

Go up the stairs, grab the YELLOW HERB, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and the OUR MISSION file. Your last file! Open the door. Here is a MERCHANT and a Typewriter. This is your last Save/Merchant area. Sell anything that you want and gear up. You may want to buy some First Aid Spray. SAVE. Grab the GREEN HERB, reload all of your weapons, then approach the elevator for the final boss.

Boss Fight - Saddler - Parasite Form

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First, learn the environment. Note that there are two bridges connecting the East and West sections of this battle area. When the lights on the bridges are green you can cross. When they're red, you can't. When you do cross a bridge it may turn to red on you. If this happens be prepared for an on-screen prompt to "Jump" then "Climb".

Next, note the SE corner and NW corner of this battle area. You'll see two parts that stick out. Each of these is a platform you can climb up where there is a machine that will swing huge steel I-beams into Saddler. To "Operate" the switch, remember to hit "X" once to grab the switch to view what's happening behind you. Wait for Saddler to get into position near you, then hit "X" again to make the I-beams swing and hit Saddler. This will knock him down. Quickly jump down, "Climb" him and you'll automatically stab him in the eye. If you miss him with the I-beams, it'll reset to give you another try. On the SE I-beam platform you'll find a GREEN HERB. Near the NW platform you'll find a HAND GRENADE.

Other than the two platforms where you swing the I-beams there are two other ways to bring Saddler down. One is to blow up an exploding barrel near him. This is easy. Just take aim at an exploding barrel and wait for him to draw near and shoot it. Then, "Climb" him and you'll stab him in the eye. There is one barrel each on the East side and West side.

The other way to make Saddler drop is to to shoot one of his leg eyes. Look at the top and middle of each leg and you'll see that there is an eyeball at the top and the middle that occasionally opens and closes. When you see a leg eye open, take you Magnum or Shotgun and shoot him in any leg eye. This will cause him to drop, whereupon you can "Climb" him and stab him again.

Once you drop him three times using the leg eye method (plus the four times you made him drop using the I-beams and barrels), Ada will yell down to you and toss you a Rocket Launcher. The Rocket Launcher lands on the West section of this area, so you may need to cross a bridge to get over there. Grab the Rocket Launcher. If you don't have enough room in your Attache Case it doesn't matter because this is the last weapon you'll need, so feel free to dump anything else. Aim the Rocket Launcher at the middle of his body and fire! You'll get a cutscene showing Saddler blowing up.

Ada will fly away in a helicopter but leave you with the JET-SKI KEY. You have about 2:40 to get off the island. Grab the 100000 PTAS from the dead Saddler then run to the elevator from where you entered the area. "Operate" it to take you down. Ashley will rejoin you. Run through the tunnel, jump down the ladder, catch Ashley, continue down the tunnel to the waiting jet-ski. Get on, use your Jet-Ski Key, and dodge the obstacles. Note, press forward to speed up. It may take a few tries to learn the path. After the first section, you'll see the island blow up. Now there is a wall of water chasing you. You are told to push forward to accelerate. You don't need to hold forward the whole time as it is easy to lose control. But, if you don't go fast enough, the water will catch up to you. Again, it may take few times to learn the path but you'll soon successfully emerge from the tunnel...and return to a happy world of rainbows and sunshine! YAY!

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