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RE4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Introduction, Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Separate Ways and RE4 Extras
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Separate Ways

This game is unlocked upon "Normal" completion of the regular game. Access it via the "Extras" menu.

Chapter 1: Ring the Church Bell

Your goal is in the title of the chapter: Ring the church bell. First thing to note is you have both a Blacktail and a Shotgun in your possession. Use whichever one you want on the oncoming villagers. When you take out the first wave, run forward, jump the fence, and enter the first house to your right. This is where you received the Shotgun for Leon. Inside, collect the HANDGUN and SHOTGUN AMMO, then exit to the roof via the upstairs window. Work your way around to the right and collect the SPINEL. Jump off the roof so you land back on the front side, then run across to the house across the way, with something sparkling in the doorway.

Upon entering the second house you'll hear a Chainsaw Villager. Grab the sparkle (HAND GRENADE), collect the CHICKEN EGG from the table, then shoot the padlock off the back door. Enter the small bedroom, collect the ELEGANT MASK, (and whatever's in the crate and barrel) then arm yourself, as the Villagers will begin entering this little house from the front. I suggest waiting for them to come to the door, then welcoming them with a double tap of "X", which will kick open the door, causing many Villagers to fall to the ground. Try to finish them off with your Hand Grenade, then continue blasting any survivors. At some point you should get a quick cutscene of a seagull flying away from the rooftop of the house, leaving a sparkle behind. When this happens, clear out the house, then run out the front door.

Continue shooting the oncoming Villagers as you move away from the door. Look for the "Grapple Gun" prompt. When you get it, hit "X" and you'll be whisked up to the sparkle on the roof, which is the INSIGNIA KEY. Collect it. The Insignia Door is just where it was before, on the east building (to the right of the bell tower, if you're facing the bell tower). However, before you enter it, I suggest you run up the NE path to collect the SPINEL at the end (and whatever you find in the shacks alongside the path). Don't worry about killing more Villagers at this point, just evade them. Remember, the bell ringing is what makes them stop coming.

Once inside the east building, collect the HANDGUN AMMO and whatever is in the crate (look out for snakes), SAVE at the Typewriter, and sell your two SPINELS. You should have enough money to buy the "Mission 1 Treasure Map". Do so, then pass through the next door and jump down the hatch.

Move along the tunnel, collecting HANDGUN and SHOTGUN AMMO as you go. At the wide part of the tunnel, grab the TMP AMMO from the ground and the GREEN GEM from the small crate, then look out for two oncoming Villagers. Take them out and continue forward, through the door and up the ladder at the end of the tunnel. More villagers will come to you as you're moving down the tunnel. Shoot them or evade them. The choice is yours.

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You'll emerge on the path leading to the cemetery. Take it, fighting as you go. Check your map and note the TREASURE in the middle of the cemetery. Collect it for a RED GEM. Backtrack to the shack near the cemetery entrance, and search it for various items. When that's done, make your way up to the church. Like before, the church door is locked. Shoot the nest in the tree next to the entrance for an item, then make your way to the backside. Here you must solve the cemetery puzzle at the podium just as you did before: 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 3. This will provide you with the ROUND INSIGNIA.

Grab the Round Insignia and the back gate will shut, locking you in with two Villagers. Take them out, then check the podium. It seems that taking the Round Insignia from its position locked you in. Replace it. You must find a substitute.

Exit the back area and move along the plank bridge to the east, killing as you go. Check the shack for items. At the end is a Chainsaw Villager. Take her and her friends out, then collect the GREEN CATSEYE from the end of the path. Return to the podium at the backside of the church, collect the Round Insignia and replace it with the Green Catseye. Fight your way to the front door of the church and open it with the Round Insignia.

Take out the Villagers at the altar, and look out for one behind you. Once you've cleared them out, collect the PURPLE GEM from the SW corner, then climb the ladder at the end of the north hall. Clear out any Villagers on this top level, then solve the color puzzle. This time, focus on the pointer on the rim of each color circle. Rotate the red circle until the pointer is in the "West" position, the green circle until the pointer until it is in the "East" position, and the blue circle until the pointer is in the "South" position. Combine them to ring the bell. Mission complete.

Chapter 2: Rescue Luis

First, combine the Red, Green and Purple Gems with the Elegant Mask, and sell it to the Merchant. Buy the "Mission 2 Treasure Map". Look at it an note the Treasure to the west of you. Run past the Merchant and out of the building. Continue west until you get to the treasure, hanging from above the well. Shoot the stick holding the well cover up, then shoot the treasure for a BRASS POCKET WATCH. Hop into the nearby shack and collect a SPINEL, then return to the Merchant and sell him the watch. Purchase the TMP. Save the rest of your money for the Attache Case (M). Collect what you find in the large bureau, the desk drawer, and/or the jewelry box, then exit through the metal door.

Collect what's in the small cabinet then run downstairs. Collect the various items (in particular the HAND GRENADE from behind the glass and the GOLD CHICKEN EGG from the oven), then run outside, grab the HANDGUN AMMO to your right, and face the same Chainsaw Villager you faced before. Once he and all of his friends are gone, collect the dropped RUBY and move forward along the path, fighting Villagers as you go. Pass through the large gate and you'll find yourself back in the Village.

Since you already collected the Elegant Mask, you can simply run to the door at the end of the NE path. Pass through it and look at your map. The open path here is to the SE. There's also a treasure in the SE barn. Clear the area as much as you care to do, collect the SPINEL from the well, use your Grappel Gun to reach the SPINEL atop the central barn, SAVE at the Typewriter, then enter that SE barn. Check the barrels and cabinets, then climb out the window at the top. Face east and approach the opening in the balcony. Drop off and you'll find yourself next to a crate. Smash it open for the GOLD BANGLE Treasure. Push the bookcase to exit the area, then jump the fence and pass through the SE gate.

Move straight down the path until you spot the above bridge. Pass under the bridge and move to the left of the path. You'll receive a "Grappel Gun" prompt. Use it to reach the bridge. Take out the Villagers waiting for you, then smash the barrels on both sides for an item and the BEERSTEIN Treasure. Drop back down to the path and continue forward, through the tunnel.

Fight through this area just as you did the first time around, being particularly careful around those with dynamite. Enter the barn for some HANDGUN AMMO and a cutscene of Luis and Leon are being carried out of the house. Exit the barn, shoot the birds' nest in the tree outside the house, then enter the house.

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Grab the HANDGUN AMMO from the table, SAVE at the Typewriter, and make your way to the back of the house, looking in cabinets as you go. At the back you'll run into a Villager. Take him out and collect the INCENDIARY GRENADE on the chair. Believe it or not, your work here is done (don't worry about the Treasure on the other side of the wall). You must go find Leon and Luis, who are all of the way back at the house where you started this mission (really, it's not that far). Backtrack there, fighting as you go. The center of the village can be tough. Feel free to run through the mass of Villagers, or hole yourself up in a house to best defend yourself. The choice is up to you. I opted to defend myself, then I collect the various goods lying around the village. Do what you want and head for the SW exit. There will be more Villagers there, letting you know you're in the right place. Kill them and pass through the gate.

Move forward and you'll get a quick cutscene. Continue forward and you'll get another one, which will, first, be familiar, then, end with your capture. Prepare to dodge, then shoot the Villagers in front of you. Once they've been taken care of, turn around and collect the GREEN CATSEYE from the Treasure Chest. Turn back around and work your way out of the tunnel, shooting as you go. You'll discover you are at the north end of the Gondola. Head up the stairs and enter the control room. Collect the IRON KEY and collect what's in the two lockers. Speak to the MERCHANT. Sell him the RUBY, and the GOLD BANGLE, then buy the ATTACHE CASE (M) and the RIFLE. Exit out and go back down the stairs, all of the way to the bottom. Take the north path and SAVE at the Typewriter. Continue forward to the Iron Gate. Use your newly acquired Iron Key to pass through it.

Run forward, toward the building at the end of the path. Before entering, collect the RED CATSEYE and the YELLOW HERB from the right side of the building. Once inside, you'll encounter a Chainsaw Villager and a couple Ganados. Take them out as you wish. The Chainsaw Villager will drop the LIFT ACTIVATION KEY. Collect it and everything else in the area. Exit out and return to the Control Room. Expect some new enemies along the way.

Once inside the Control Room, approach the Control Panel and use your Lift Activation Key. Run out to the Gondola and "Get On". At the top, make your way south to the MERCHANT and SAVE Typewriter. Grab the SPINEL along the way. Save and collect the TMP AMMO from behind the Typewriter shack. There's nothing you should need from the MERCHANT, so approach the SW door. Use your Grappel Gun to hop over it.

Pass through the open door in front of you. As soon as you do, slowly move along the right wall until you come to a "Grappel Gun" prompt. Use it to reach the above platform. Break the barrels for an item and the YELLOW CATSEYE Treasure. Hop down and collect the SPINEL. You'll get another Grappel Gun prompt. Use it to reach the above barrel. Hop off and continue forward. Enter each of the huts for the items inside. Run through the second open door and collect the RED HERB. Move a bit forward and your buddy, El Gigante will drop in on you.

The battle with El Gigante is nothing new, except that he actually seems weaker than ever before. Simply get as many shots into the big guy as you possibly can (I liked my TMP here), then "Climb" and slash at his parasite when you get the chance. Again, nothing new. When he dies collect the 10000 PTAs and continue moving west. Pass through the door and you'll get a cutscene. End of Chapter.

Chapter 3: Retrieve the Sample

Combine your Catseyes with the Beerstein and sell it, along with any Spinels you have, to the MERCHANT in front of you. The Merchant is, for the first time, offering the BOWGUN for you to purchase. While it's incredibly tempting (and useful) I went with the Mission 3 Treasure Map and the Attache Case (L). Do what you need to do, but keep in mind that I don't buy my Bowgun until the next level. Collect the BOWGUN BOLTS from the fountain behind the Merchant.

You are in the Maze outside of the Castle. Since you've already been through the maze in the previous game, I'm not going to give you guidance to exit. Find your way out, along with the many items in scattered chests and the GOLD BANGLE W/ PEARLS Treasure in the fountain atop the bridge near the maze's main gate. There are many nasty Illuminados along the way. Deal with them as you do best. I preferred spotting them from above bridges and taking them out with my Rifle. Once you've found the main gate, pass through it and move up the stairs, toward the castle.

Make your way around the outer balcony to the open door on your left. Enter the red carpeted bedroom and approach the bed. Look up at the canopy and note the sparkle. Shoot it down and collect the ELEGANT PERFUME BOTTLE. Smash vases, open cabinets and SAVE at the Typewriter. Return to the outer balcony and head west, to the door at the end. Pass through it.

Fight your way south and to the fountain. At the fountain, turn left, take out the two Bowmen, and note the locked door to your left. Stand beneath the open window and use your Grappel Gun to move through it. Eliminate the enemy inside and collect the items from the smaller chests, along with the HOURGLASS W/ GOLD DECOR from the larger chest. Exit out and continue south. Pass through the door at the end.

Move down and through the next door, smash the vase for an item, then pass through the open door to your right to take out the Illuminado waiting for you at the end. The door here is locked, so turn around and and pass through the north door. Inside, smash the barrel, crates and vases for items, grab the GREEN HERB from the table, and say "Hi" to the Merchant (although you don't need anything from him now). Continue through the next door, and kill the two Illuminados waiting for you on the other side of it.

Continue up the narrow passage to the dining room. You should have two more Illuminado waiting for you to your left. Take them both out, collect the HANDGUN AMMO and GREEN HERB from the table, then arm your Shotgun and move through the open door to the east. As soon as you move in, the cage will drop and, like before, you'll be locked in with Scary Prison Guy. Like before, focus on shooting the lock off any one of the doors (Shotgun) and exiting that cage. Run back to the dining room and wait in the doorway for the Illuminados to come to you. Take them out as they come. Once they've been cleared out, it's just you and Scary Prison Guy. If you're lucky you may be able to hit the soft spot on his back from your position (with, perhaps, the Rifle). Otherwise, find a position where you can hit that soft spot, then the parasite that emerges from it. Like El Gigante, Scary Prison Guy seems easier to kill than last time around.

Once you've killed the big man, approach the open treasure chest in the middle of the cage. Continue to examine it until you get the chance to place the Hourglass w/ Gold Decor in it. Do so and the barred door will unlock. Collect the Ruby dropped by Scary Prison Man, the FLASH GRENADE from the glass case and the GREEN HERB from the floor, then pass through that newly unbarred door.

Run forward for a cutscene, then move across the bridge. Illuminados will appear from in front and behind you. Take out the mass in front by shooting the hanging lamp, then focus on those behind you. Once you've cleared them out, jump down to the lower level to collect the ELEGANT CHESSBOARD. Climb back up, recross the bridge, and pass through the door at the end. Kill the Illuminados in the next hall, pass through the next door, move forward a bit and you'll get a cutscene. End of chapter.

Chapter 4: Stop Leon's Assassination

Move forward and speak to the MERCHANT. Sell him the Ruby, the Gold Bangle w/ Pearls, the Elegant Chessboard and the Elegant Perfume Bottle. This should leave you with enough to buy the Mission 4 Treasure Map and the BOWGUN. Do so and move forward.

You'll be charged from the left. If you want to experiment with your new Bowgun, now's as good of a time as any. Arm it and shoot away. Just make sure those whom you're shooting are a good distance from you, as the darts are quite explosive. Once those who charged are out of the picture, make your way down that left hall to the room at the end. Use your Grappel Gun to reach the high barrels and collect what's inside of them. You can also take out any oncoming attackers safely from this high position. Once the room is cleared out of enemies and items, return to the main hall and face left.

Up ahead you should spot a few enemies with their back to you. Use your Rifle to take out the red barrel to the right of them. When they're dead, collect their droppings and the wreckage. Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS and don't worry about the Treasure you can't reach. You'll get it in a second. Instead, pass through the door to your left and clear the room of enemies as they charge you. Collect the many items inside, then exit through the next door. You'll find yourself on the other side of the wreckage. Again, kill those coming at you (use your Rifle to pick off the man on the catwalk shooting darts at you, then approach the wreckage and look for a "Grappel Gun" prompt. Use it to land atop the pipes above the wreckage.

Move through the open vent and be aware of the enemy waiting for you inside. Aim for his head to take him out, then drop through the opening. Grab the YELLOW HERB and kill the crazy waiting for you here, then pass through the door and grab the GOLDEN LYNX Treasure. "Climb Up" the crates near the door and collect the BOWGUN BOLTS, and continue up the next set of crates. Hop down and move east, toward the catwalk (grab the VELVET BLUE along the way). Use your Grappel Gun to reach the Catwalk, then pass through the door at the far end.

Run forward, grab the TMP AMMO, and move down the stairs. You'll come to a Gun Battery the requires an Activation Key (blue) to work. Get yourself familiar with its location, as you'll be scrambling to get back here momentarily. Continue forward, grab the HAND GRENADE, and move down the stairs. Collect the HANDGUN AMMO at the base, then move forward. You'll be shown the ACTIVATION KEY (BLUE) on a crate across the way. You'll also be shown other gun batteries coming to life, along with many enemies coming your way. Your goal is to reach that Activation Key then return to the Gun Battery you passed a moment ago, where you'll be safe from any and all fire. To reach the key, I suggest tossing a Grenade of sorts at the onslaught of enemies, (grabbing the FIRST AID SPRAY on the crate to the right), then running for it.

"Check" the Gun Battery to insert the key, and take aim at enemies and gun batteries shooting at you. Again, you're safe while you're inside the Gun Battery, so, note where fire is coming from and take out the source. There are three other batteries shooting at you. They're all on the same level, across the way. Before you destroy the last one, do your best to pick off any enemies you see. When you do destroy the third battery, you'll be tossed out of yours. Return to the area down the stairs and collect the various items (Bowgun Bolts, included). Once you've done your collecting, climb the central ladder.

Grab the RED HERB and the VELVET BLUE, then use the Grappel Gun to reach the above level. Here, collect the GREEN HERB and the RIFLE AMMO, then check the second gun battery. It's asking for a Red Activation Key. From this position, look for any enemies across the way, and shoot them. Then jump down and "Get On" the lift. Ride it to the other side and "Get Off". Take out those who drop in from above, along with the Bowman standing on one of the rescue boats. Once you've cleared the area, collect the various items and climb the ladder attached to the wall (across from the rescue boats).

Take out the enemies and move up the stairs. Grab the BOWGUN BOLTS, jump the gap, collect the Ammo from atop the tanks, then climb the next ladder. Kill the two waiting for you at the top and move forward. More gun batteries. Move back a few steps to get the "Grappel Gun" prompt. Use it to reach the above level and collect the ACTIVATION KEY (RED). Walk onto the catwalk extension and you'll get another prompt. Use your Grappel Gun to zip all of the way over to the other side, next to the before-mentioned gun battery. Hop in and do your damage.

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Upon eliminating the first gun battery, you'll get a countdown clock. You must clear out the remaining gun batteries and leave the area before it runs out. There are more gun batteries this time around, but they're all on the same plane, so scan left to right to find them all. Once you've eliminated them, take the path you took before, up to the point where the second round of gun batteries emerged. There will be new enemies. Just take them out as you work your way back to where you were before you were so rudely interrupted, then pass through the door. Explosions galore.

Collect the various items and move up the stairs to the MERCHANT and Typewriter. SAVE and move through the door (I bought a FIRST AID SPRAY from the Merchant, as I was hurting here). Grab the GREEN HERB and move up to the catwalk. Kill the Ganado, grab the RIFLE AMMO, and continue forward, killing as you go. Hop down the ladder and move left. More Ganados. Kill them, grab the SHOTGUN AMMO, then approach the caged door. Locked. Reload your weapons and jump down to the lower level, where you will be ambushed. Take out those on the ground with a Grenade or Bowgun Dart, then focus on those shooting you from the catwalk ahead of you. Once they've been cleared out, move forward, grab the VELVET BLUE and use your Grappel Gun to reach the catwalk. Climb the ladder then move up the short staircase for the GREEN STONE OF JUDGEMENT. Turn around and move forward. Take out those that come after you then pass through the door.

Remain at the top of the stairs and eliminate the enemy that approaches you from below. Next, pull out your Rifle and take out the bowman atop the small shack in front of you. Enter the shack for a barrel item, then move behind it and up the stairs. Drop down for the YELLOW HERB and FLASH GRENADE and take out the two enemies approaching from your right. Move around the corner and take out the next enemy. Continue forward and up the ladder. You'll emerge in a new area.

Pass through the unlocked double doors and grab the RED STONE OF FAITH from the suitcase. Also find and collect the HANDGUN AMMO, HAND GRENADE and BOWGUN DARTS. Pass through the next door for a YELLOW HERB, then backtrack through the two doors to your original entry room into this area. Move up the stairs, SAVE and the Typewriter, and pass through the unlocked door.

Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS, then eliminate those at the bottom of the stairs. Along the way, collect the BLUE STONE OF TREASON from the landing. Pass though the door at the bottom of the stairs and eliminate the crazy waiting for you inside. Run up the stairs for a locker item, then return down the stairs and pass through the door. Make your way down the hall and into the next area. Grab the VELVET BLUE and use your Grappel Gun to reach the above platform. At the end of the cutscene, prepare for a prompt. Hit it to complete the chapter.

Chapter 5: Obtain the Sample

Collect the RIFLE AMMO and sell the Golden Lynx (with combined stones) to the MERCHANT. Buy the Mission 5 Treasure Map. I was a bit short for the XL Attache Case here, so I moved on. Kill the enemy hiding behind the crate, then use your Bowgun to quickly eliminate the Machine Gun Zombie. When he's dead, collect the VELVET BLUE and the TMP AMMO around the corner, then use your Grappel Gun to reach the BLUE EYE Treasure atop the small building. Also grab the Bowgun Bolts, then return to the ground.

Continue working your way forward, killing as you go. Watch out for the enemy tossing dynamite from above. Take him out, then climb up and collect the RED HERB. From this position, take out any remaining zombies in the area. Hop down and run across the bridge. Enter the shack at the end and take out those who drop in from above. There are a lot of them, so feel free to toss grenades and use your big guns to clear the area. Once clear, the red lit door will open up. Pass through it. Watch out for the two enemies at the base of the stairs, then climb up to the top and zipline to the next platform.

Eliminate the bowman, hit the lever and pass through the newly opened gate. Here the situation is exactly as it was last time. Fight off the enemies as you work your way to the above catwalks to hit the switches and open the main gate. Be weary of the machine gun man guarding each of the switches. Collect everything from the area and pass through the gate.

Move up the stairs, and take out the Bowman at the top. As you enter the main area, look out for the man with the Rocket Launcher with his back you you. Use your Rifle to quickly take him out. Grab the GREEN HERB at his feet, then turn around. You're aiming for the NW door. Collect the various items and kill those who appear in front of you along the way. On that path to the NW door, look up at the broken pillars. Atop on of them is a sparkle. Shoot it down for the RED EYE Treasure. Pass through the large NW doors.

Grab the AMMO from the ledge to your right, then jump down the hole in front of you. Collect the BOWGUN BOLTS and move through the archway for a cutscene. Head down the pathway and through the doors at the end. Sell the Velvet Blue to the MERCHANT, but the ATTACHE CASE (XL) (if you haven't already), and SAVE at the Typewriter. Head down the row of jail cells and eliminate those who appear before you. When they're dead, search the various jail cell for items, including a GREEN EYE. When that's complete, climb up to and pass through the door at the end of the hall.

Grab the HANDGUN and TMP AMMO from the base of the stairs, then prepare for a battle with Krauser. Fight him exactly as you did before. While avoiding his attacks with the prompts, aim for the exposed portions of his legs to take him down to his knees, then aim for his head. Use the Bowgun for an extra blast. After a few successful hits, you'll be taken to another rooftop. Grab the AMMO and GREEN HERB here (before you're zipped to another rooftop), then continue the battle. On the third rooftop you'll also have various AMMO and FIRST AID SPRAY. Collect them then focus on Krauser. This will be your last encounter with him.

Upon defeating Krauser you'll find yourself on a small ledge. Turn around and collect the BUTTERFLY LAMP then run the other direction and meet up with the MERCHANT. Combine your Red, Green and Blue Eyes with the Butterfly Lamp and sell it to the Merchant. Buy what you want (First Aid Spray could be good). When that business is done, grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS and the GREEN HERB, then collect the TMP AMMO and use your Grappel Gun to reach the above window.

You will find yourself in the middle of a battle with Saddler. Run forward along the catwalk and quickly collect the BOWGUN BOLTS. Saddler will try to cut you off on the catwalk. Run past him and pop into the Control Room to your right for FIRST AID SPRAY and AMMO. Pull out your SHOTGUN and aim for his head. Always aim for his head, otherwise, he can use your ammo against you. Saddler will try to swing a tentacle at you. Use your prompts to avoid it. If he gets you, again, follow the prompts or die.

When you get an opening, run past Saddler, back out onto the catwalk, and jump off the broken portion directly in front of you. Down on the ground is where you have the best chance at defeating the big guy. Again, aim for Saddler's head with your mightiest weapon. After a few direct head shots Saddler will expose the eyeball of the beast from within via his mouth. When this happens, run up to him and "Cut" that eyeball. Repeat three or four more times, until Saddler dies (well, kind of dies). Note, you can occasionally get the eyeball to appear with a single shot, if you time it so you shoot at the exact second he tries to launch an attack on you.

Of course, Saddler isn't dead. After a cutscene, you need to make your way to the Rocket Launcher across the way. Collect the FIRST AID SPRAY in the corner, then move to another corner for the Grappel Gun prompt. Here you'll be given a time limit. Quickly take down those who appear before you (just knock them out of your way, don't stick around to see if they're dead) as you make your way around and down the catwalks. At the bottom of the ramp, Grappel to the next set of catwalks and fight your way up them. At the top, move past the enemies with the Rocket Launcher and Grappel to the next platform. Jump down and grab the ROCKET LAUNCHER in front of you. End of Chapter, end of game.

RE4 Extras

Upon completing the game you will unlock the "Assignment Ada" and "Mercenaries" mini-games. These games are a ton of fun, and are self-explanatory. My only suggestion is to note that, in "Assignment Ada", there are spots where the enemies just won't stop coming. Don't bother trying to take them all out as it won't happen. Instead, find a way through them and run. Upon completing "Assignment Ada" you will unlock the Chicago Typewriter for 1,000,000 PTA purchase. This means you'll have to play through the game not spending any money until you acquire the 1,000,000 PTAS to buy the gun from the Merchant.

In "Mercenaries", get a 4 star rating to unlock the next character. Get a 5 star rating with each character to unlock the Handcannon. This will be available for 0 PTAS upon playing your next game.

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If you load your "Cleared Game" data, you will be given the option to use costumes for your characters. You will also get the opportunity to purchase the Mathilda 9mm Handgun for 70000 PTAS, or the Infinite Launcher for 1,000,000 PTAS. These will remain options as you play through the game. You will start with everything you had in your Attache case when you ended the last game. Don't confuse this with loading the "Professional" level game. When you do this, it's like starting from scratch. Upon completing the "Professional" level, you will earn the P.R.L 412 laser cannon, which is exclusive to the PS2 version of the game. For those who earn it, "tap" the "Square" button to flash and damage the surounding enemies. Otherwise, when fighting enemies who have the Plaga inside of them, hold "Square" to charge the battery, then release to let the laser beam do its job on the infected.

The back of the PS2 cover also mentions the Gunpowder Bowgun. You get to use this in the "Separate Ways" chapters unlocked when you finish the game on "Normal" mode. Please check out our LB RE4 - Separate Ways Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for help in getting through these new levels starring Ms. Ada. Not only will you have a fun time, but the storyline of "Separate Ways" actually explains a lot of the mystery surrounding the story of RE4.

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