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Lunabean's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Dark Secret

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3. Dark Secret

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1. General Notes, Cursed Sands
2. Ominous Rumors
3. Dark Secret
4. Weapons of Vengeance
5. Deadly Designs
6. Deathshead's Playground
7. Return Engagement
8. Operation Resurrection
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3. Dark Secret

Dark Secret


Infiltrate the village through secret passage
You start in a room with Kessler. He disappears down the stairs to the right. In this room is a Hot Meal, Binoculars, Guns, etc. Then, follow Kessler down the stairs. Kessler opens the passageway for you. Go ahead and take it. You'll get to a hole in the floor. Drop down. Objective complete.

Locate the archaeological dig site
You are in a wine cellar/basement area. Kill the guards. Find the stairs going up and take them. You'll hear some Beethoven piano playing. Take out the guards. Go into the room on the right and be sure not to kill any civilians. There is a Hot Meal here. Exit out and work your way forward. Exit out the door and you are now outside. There is a courtyard here. Before you venture into the courtyard, go through the door on your right. This will take you to the upstairs part of the saloon/cafe. Explore the side rooms to get Guns, Health, Meals, etc. At the end of the hall, go through the door. Kill the guard manning the mounted machine gun and use it to kill the men below. Once you have everyone cleared out, backtrack to the courtyard area. Enter the courtyard and go right, down the alley. You will get a Checkpoint.

Continue moving forward, killing guards. There is a nasty sniper here, so be careful. When you turn the corner he is in a building in front of you and above. Turn right at the corner, kill guards, and you'll see an open door on the right. Go in. A guy will help you. He gives you a Flak Jacket, Ammo, Shotgun, Health, etc. Exit out the way you came in. Head right and you'll see a locked gate in front of you. You need to move to the left and up the stairs. There is a ladder on the left. Go down. Go through the water way, under the bridge, and head right to get a Checkpoint.

PS2 version, before you go through the gate that is next, go into the house in front of you. There is a locked bookcase. Find the step switch on the floor by the lamp and step on it. This will open the bookcase for a SECRET AREA with 2 Treasure Items.

Go through the iron gate and head left. You'll hear some voices and some piano. Kill the two guards chatting. More will come out. Continue forward. Go through the door and kill the guards on the inside. There is some Ammo and Armor in here. There are also some bookcases in here. Go back and forth along the bookcase until you get the Hand Icon. Push the book in which will drop a staircase. Go down. SECRET AREA (1 of 2) with 3 Treasure Items and some Health. Go back up and exit the building.

PS2 version, at this point the level abruptly ends. You begin the next level needing to disrupt the supply ability of the Nazis. You start in a motor pool with some trucks backed up to a building. Clear the area to achieve your objective. Inside the building with the trucks outside, go up the stairs and jump over the green crates on the balcony area. Go right and you'll have found a SECRET AREA. There are 3 Treasure Items and some Ammo. Exit this building and go across the street to the other building. Go inside, take out the guards, don't kill the civilian. Go up the stairs, go into one of the bedrooms, and exit through the window. Go right around the ledge outside and work your way around to the open window. You are in another bedroom. Go through the door, take out the guard, and go through the open window and drop down.

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Back outside, follow the path and go back into the courtyard with the waterway where you got the checkpoint. There will be some stairs leading up in front of you. Go up them, you can go left or forward. Go left and take out the guards that you come to. There is a door on the right. Don't go in there yet. First, go down the stairs and through the gate in front of you and then in the door on the right. This is a major supply room: Health, Ammo, etc. Near the supply room, find the stairs with the railing and the balcony on the window above. Use the railings to get up to the little balcony. This is a SECRET AREA (2 of 2) with 2 Health Packs. Now, go back to the door we just passed. Go in and down the stairs. You'll get a Checkpoint.

You are in a wine cellar/basement. Through the door on the right are few guards and a Cold Meal. Take out the remaining guards in this room and go through the door on the other end of the wine cellar. You are now back outside. There is a sniper directly in front of you, through the iron gate. Avoid this area. Go left into the graveyard. Take out the guards there. Go through the graveyard to the stairs on the other side. Objective complete.

Go around the back of the building where you will collected some Dynamite. Go to the front of the building and place a Dynamite on the stone tablet door. This will blow a hole in the building and you'll get your EXIT.

Your reward for all the secrets is an Armored Helmet.


Locate Professor Zemph's Journal
You start off in the catacombs. It is lit by fire. Go forward and down the stairs. Follow the path to the hole in the floor. Take out the zombies and guards down below then drop down. Take out any remaining baddies. There is some Health on a table. Go through the only door. Great, now the zombies have weapons. There is a locked gate on your left, keep going forward, down the stairs. Take out the zombies. Just keep to the path. You'll get a Checkpoint.

Right after the Checkpoint, there is a lever on the left, but it is covered by a wall plaque/stone, so you can't get to it. Don't worry about that now. You will see that you have a gap to jump. Below you are some spikes. Jump the gap and on your left you will see a lever. Don't pull it yet. First, clear the area of zombies. Now, pull the lever which will reveal the lever that was covered just a second ago. Jump back over the gap and pull the now revealed lever. This will make the spikes go away and will raise the gate below. Go ahead and drop down. Kill the zombies. Go through the now opened gate. Follow the path killing zombies as they pop out. There is a door with a lever next to it. Pull the lever and the door will raise up. Keep following the path and up the spiral staircase. Continue along. There is a very dark corner here.

A door will raise for you. You'll be in a room with 3 directions to go. The path to the left will take you back to the original room that you dropped into. Take the path directly in front of you, cross the bridge and you will drop down. Fight the zombies and move forward. You'll get a Checkpoint.

Some guards will come out and you'll be in a well lit room with a table that has some Health, Ammo, and the Journal that we are looking for. Objective complete.

Pursue SS Paranormal personnel through the catacombs
Facing the table, the catacombs on the right don't have much. Break open the walls on the left and go through. Kill the zombie. Climb up the rubble. Go through the door on the left. Go down the small set of stairs and you'll see the bridge on the left. Go straight and into the small catacomb, kill the zombies, get health. On the wall opposite the door is a panel you can push. Do so. This opens a door to a Secret Area. Exit out and cross the bridge. You'll get a Checkpoint.

PS2 Version, in the same room that you push the wall panel to open the door to the other secret area, kick the first coffin on your right for a SECRET AREA and 2 Treasure Items. Thanks to Brian Edney for pointing this one out!

From the checkpoint, the bridge splits. To your left is an open door (if you pushed the panel in the other room and if you got here in time). Go through it and you will have found a SECRET AREA (1 of 3) with a Treasure Item. Exit out, and go left on the bridge. Go up either side and you'll be locked in a room. Kill the zombies. There is a central fire burning here and a zombie who will breath fire on you. Be careful. You've cleared this room and now are stuck. In one of the side cutouts, next to a gate, you will find a lever. Pull it. This will complete you objective. Now, go toward the central fire. The door behind it will open. This is your EXIT.

Please note: for SECRET AREA 2 and 3 you have to activate a series of 3 unlit torches throughout the level. You'll get a hand icon and nothing will really happen when you "pull" the unlit torches until you do the third one. The first unlit torch is right in the starting point area. The second one is past the spike trap. The third one is in the same room as the panel you had to push for the first secret. When you've activated all 3 unlit torches the caskets on either side of the last room with the fire-breathing zombie will open for SECRET AREAS (2 of 3, 3 of 3).

Your reward is a bottle of 1938 La Tour wine.


Navigate the catacombs to the Wulfburg Church entrance
From the get go there will be someone in front of you. Kill him and move forward through the room with the zombies. There is a locked door in front of you and one to your right. Go up the stairs to your left and move along the hallway, killing any zombies or Nazis that appear. Cross the bridge. In the small room, there is a cross to your left. Step away from it and shoot it. Once it falls, there will be a hole in the ground. Crouch and drop down and you are in a SECRET AREA (1 of 2). Here you will find ammo and health. Step up to the casket and pick up the Holy Cross (activate it to kill all zombies in the room). Behind the casket is a lever. Pull it to raise the gate. You've been here before. Just move up the stairs in front of you, along the path to where you found the entrance to the secret area.

PS2 version, there is no Holy Cross in the PS2 version, but the switch to raise the gate is still there.

Now, continue along the path to the right. Move forward until you run into a panel on the wall. Press the panel and zombies will emerge from the room behind you. Kill them (this is where we used the Holy Cross), then backtrack all the way down the stairs to where you emerged from the secret area. Instead of re-entering the secret area, head through the newly opened door to your left, then go down the stairs for a Checkpoint.

You are now in a scary foggy area. Zombies will emerge. Kill them all (this might have been a better place for the Holy Cross usage), then move to the other side of the room. The door will raise. Kill the Nazis and Zombies behind it and move forward. You will be in a room with many pillars and doors. Be very careful. Through these doors are mega booby traps. Here's what you need to do:
Go through the door on the left. Be careful. There's a hole in this hallway. If you drop down in, you will die. Jump the hole, hit the lever and run back out into the central area (if you don't move fast, you'll be smooshed). Now, move through the door that is directly across from the original entrance. Move slowly and a spiked block will fall. Press yourself against it so when it raises back up you can pass under it and hit the lever. Back to the central room. Now for the last booby trapped room. Enter the hall and look on the ground. There are three pressure plates on the ground. Don't step on any of them or you will be sawed in half. Bad news. Hit the lever and get yourself back into the central room. Notice the pillar in the middle has now lowered. Step on it and you'll be raised up. A platform will extend to meet you. Get on to it and cross over. Move forward toward the lever in front of you and you will get a Checkpoint.

In order to get the second SECRET AREA, you have to activate the booby traps in this order: Spiked Block, Sliding Walls, Saws. If you do the booby traps in this order, then take the middle elevator up, look to either side of the switch where all the zombies came from. Either side leads to SECRET AREA (2 of 2).

Hit the lever in front of you. This will temporarily raise the door directly opposite from you. Run to it and pass through. You are in a torch lit room with some bad guys and altar at the far end. Grab the Treasure Item on the alter and back away so you don't get spiked. Grabbing this item will release many more bad guys. Kill them, while avoiding the fire coming from the wall. Once you've killed everyone, your objective will be complete. Then, an earthquake will rattle the room and open up a hole in the floor. Drop down and open the door. Move through the tunnel and you'll reach the EXIT. YAY! That place was scary.

Your reward is the Holy Cross (eliminates all undead in a room), Health, and an Armor Helmet.

The Defiled Church

Infiltrate Wulfburg Church
Move forward, collecting health as you go. Follow the voices and kill the guards on the right. There is health and ammo in this area. Go through the door near the corpse. Move forward a little bit and you'll get a Checkpoint. Continue through the next door. Through the door, move forward and kill the guard. There's some health around.

PS2 Version, in this room there are some stacked crates in the middle. Kick one of them to reveal a SECRET AREA and a Flak Jacket

Move up the stairs on the right. At the top of the stairs you will be shot at. Take out any bad guys, then pull the lever to open the gate to the right of the stairs. Pass through the gate and you will have completed the first objective.

Pursue Helga von Bulow to the ruined cathedral
Move through the gate and along the path up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, use the lever to open the gate and pass through. Here is a Checkpoint. There is health and Armor under the window. Continue moving along through the door. You are now in the main area of the church. You will be attacked in this area. Shoot away. Facing the altar area, head to the right and through the door. Up on the altar area is a note. A guard will come out to kill you. Kill her and head to the opposite door. There's a ladder leading up. Unfortunately, there's also a guard up there tossing grenades at you. Wait for one to explode, then run in the room and up the ladder as fast as you can. Take out the guard at the top. Grab the health if you need it and pass through the door. Here you will have more Elite guards to kill. Do so and move forward through the door. Work your way around the upper area until you get to the balcony opposite the altar. If you're facing the altar, jump to the ledge to your right and go through the door. This is a SECRET AREA (1 of 1). Exit out and keep going around the upper part of the church until you get to the spiral staircase going down. Take it and you'll get a Checkpoint.

There is a guard at the bottom of the stairs. Kill her and go through the archway. Hit the lever and the iron gate will open. Pass under it and go through the door. Here you will have many Elite guards to kill. Do so. Grenades work well. Killing these guards should complete the objective below.

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There is health, armor and ammo in this room. Collect it if necessary. Go through all of the crates and break the board across the door. Once it breaks, you will have completed this objective. Pass through the door, and this is your EXIT.

PS2 Version, Just before you exit this level in the last room where all the Nazi Girls gang up on you. There's a box with the same markings as the Flak jacket box. The Best way to describe the location is it's the only box on it's own against the right hand wall if your facing towards the exit. Give it a boot and you've got 2 Treasure Items and a SECRET AREA. Thanks to Brian Edney for discovering this secret!

Eliminate all of von Bulow's personal "Elite guards"
Completed in the above objective.

Your reward is the Holy Cross, Dynamite, and some Ammo.

The Defiled Church - Part 2 (Dagger of Warding)

Eliminate Helga von Bulow
Move forward and the floor will fall. Collect the Ammo and Health if you need it. Go through the opening in the wall. You are now outside. Go around the path and enter the ruined church. There are some zombies and a huge beast that you need to kill. Run back for Health if you need to. The huge beast just takes a ton of Ammo. Keep pumping it full of lead and use Grenades if you need to. Lo and behold, the huge beast was Helga. Objective complete.

Retrieve the "Dagger of Warding" for further study
Go to the gate that the beast broke through and on the left you'll see a shrine room with lots of candles. Approach the shrine room for your objective and to EXIT.

There are no secrets here.

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