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Lunabean's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. Weapons of Vengeance

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4. Weapons of Vengeance

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1. General Notes, Cursed Sands
2. Ominous Rumors
3. Dark Secret
4. Weapons of Vengeance
5. Deadly Designs
6. Deathshead's Playground
7. Return Engagement
8. Operation Resurrection
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4. Weapons of Vengeance

Weapons of Vengeance

Forest Compound

Infiltrate supply compound
You are now outside in the forest. Nice change of pace as you can see where you're going now. Work your way forward along the path. As soon as you see the red roof building look on the ground for the "SNOOPER" rifle. Pick it up. It is a night vision enabled sniper rifle.

PS2 version, the guard station on the left when you begin this level has a crate that you can kick open for a SECRET AREA. Also, the SNOOPER rifle is not here in the PS2 version.

Move toward the red roof building, taking out guards as necessary. Or, you can use the Snooper to kill the guards. Behind the building is a pretty lake. You can go in. On the right bank is a Colt Pistol, some Health, and Ammo. Go back to the red roof building. Climb the ladder and you'll see some Treasure Items up in the loft. But how do you get to them? Well, go back outside the building and climb up the lattice work on the building. From there, jump onto the roof and drop through the hole in the roof to get a SECRET AREA (1 of 3) and 3 Treasure Items. Exit the building and continue down the path. You'll get a Checkpoint.

PS2 version, there is no secret area here. Also, as stated above, there is some Ammo, Health, etc., on the right bank of the pretty lake. This qualifies as getting the Airdropped Supplies objective.

Approach the next building and kill the guards around it. Inside is a phonograph. Break it just to annoy those stupid Nazis.

PS2 version, inside this house with the phonograph there are false bricks to the left of the fireplace for a SECRET AREA. Thanks to Trancer Tong for pointing this one out.

There is a truck nearby. From the building move forward and you'll see a guard tower and a bridge. Use your Snooper to take out the guard in the guard tower, then, get to the guard booth and take out the guard there before he can set off the alarm. Now, go underneath the bridge and find the small SECRET AREA (2 of 3), not a secret in the PS2 version. Go back up on top of the bridge. You'll see another guard tower. Shoot the guy up there. To the left of the second guard tower, you will see a large archway opening. Go through and Checkpoint.

PS2 version, at this point the mission will end. Just keep reading.

Quickly take out the two guards at the opposite end of the large tunnel that you are in. About half way down the tunnel is a door on your right. It is lit by a red light. Go in. This is a passageway which puts you to the right and above of the next area of guards. Exit up the ladder and you are outside. Go up and to the right. Go forward and down the hill. From here you'll be able to snipe the guy in the guard tower (if he's still there) and then kill off the soldier manning the mounted machine gun and the other guy, too. There is an Armor Helmet near the machine gun. Once you do that, explore behind that area until you get to a dead end. There is a cache of weapons and goodies here.

PS2 version, at this dead end you'll find the SNOOPER rifle and various other supplies

You get some Ammo, and Health. Once you have that, go back to the main road. Approach the compound and stay to the left (you could also backtrack and go through the tunnel to be more sneaky). Along the left wooden fence, you'll find a window that is open (you may have to shoot the propped open window to get in). Climb up and in to infiltrate the compound. Objective complete and Checkpoint.

Stowaway aboard supply truck bound for rocket base
Now that you are inside the building, sneak up on the guy in the other room and kill him. Then, approach the table by the window to get the Sniper Scope. Now, exit the building out the very same window you came in. You are now back outside the compound. We're going in the front gate. Go around to the front gate and take out the guard by the guard booth. Then, directly above him there will be someone shooting at you through the glass observation room/office. Kill him. Destroy the alarm in the guard booth. At this point, it's relatively safe to go after the final secret area in this level. Go back to the window where you originally entered the compound. Go through the window on your left once you're inside. Look for the power lines that you can reach from the roof of the building. Jump onto the crates, then up to the wall, go around to the roof and then drop onto the power line and balance on the line until you get across to the next roof with a hole in it. Drop down. This is a SECRET AREA (3 of 3). Blow up some crates to find a Treasure Item. Now, backtrack out back outside the compound and go through the main gates. Turn right and run to the truck that is backed up against the loading dock. Run as fast as you can to it and go in. This is your EXIT.

PS2 version, this is also your exit in the PS2 version. But, facing the area with all of the crates and your exit truck on the left, go to the far right crate and kick it open for a SECRET AREA.

*Note: I tried a bunch of different ways of doing this one without being detected including sniping everybody, being uber sneaky, going through the glass window as my main entry point, etc. The above is the easiest way I found.

Ensure that no alarms are sounded
Just follow the above.

Recover OSA M1S "SNOOPER" rifle
See "infiltrate supply compound" objective.

Your reward for all the secrets is a Panzerfaust, Flak Jacket, and some Health.

Rocket Base

Locate Main Control Room
You start out in the truck that you stowed away in. Open the gate and exit the truck. Go forward and up the small stairs on the left. Take out the guards and watch out for the guy up above on the catwalk. Destroy the alarm on the wall. Go down the hallway to the right of the alarm box (the two doors down the hallway behind you are locked). Go down the hallway. Enter the Infirmary on the right and get some Health and a Flak Jacket. Exit out and go down the hallway. You'll come to an elevator. Hit the button and wait for the elevator to raise. Step on. Checkpoint.

PS2 version, The other is in the large warehouse-type building you start this level in. After exiting the truck, there are only two boxes directly in the truck's path, the box closest to the wall can be broken into, and it contains a crown and SECRET AREA. Thanks to Trancer Tong for this tip.

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Hit the red handle to make the elevator go down. There is a secret area underneath this elevator. Hit the switch to make the elevator go up, hop off, and then break the grate in the floor, under the elevator. Go down the ladder for your SECRET AREA (1 of 3). Move forward, kill the guards in this room and follow the train tracks through the red lit tunnels, killing along the way. You'll soon get a Checkpoint.

Go to the end and kill the guy. There is an elevator here. A few guards will come down. Take them out then, take the elevator up. By this time you may realize that this mission is timed. You need to get to the main control room to prevent the rocket launch. There is a guy over the loudspeaker who says how much time you have. It shouldn't be a problem, just don't dilly-dally. Anyway, go up the elevator. Kill the guy there then find the ladder on the wall to the left of the elevator you just came up if you're facing it. Climb up, kill the guard, and go through the door. Objective complete.

Terminate launch of V2 Rocket
Kill the guys in this first room, then, go through the door to the next room of the control room. Kill the guys in there. Approach the panel to the left of the mesh screen window. There is a square red button sticking up. Hit it. This will terminate the rocket launch. Objective complete.

Locate exit and proceed to the outer compound
Backtrack out and back down the ladder. In this room, the large metal doors which were locked have now been blow open. Go through and get ready for a lot of bad guys. Kill them off, go around and down the hall/tunnel. Cross the bridge, go down the stairs...taking out baddies as necessary. There is a SECRET AREA (2 of 3) underneath these stairs. Break the wall open to find it. You'll soon get a Checkpoint.

Keep going down the hall. On your right, you'll see a gate with a medic cross on it. Go in to grab Armor, Health, and Ammo. Much needed. Keep moving forward, killing as you go. You'll get to a map/computer console type room. Break the maps on the wall until you reveal a secret panel that is locked. Turn around and find the red button underneath the table. This will open the panel for a SECRET AREA (3 of 3) with 2 Treasure Items. Go up the little stairs and through the door. Open it and Checkpoint.

There will be a door on your left. In front of you is the room you originally started in, oh so long ago. These two doors are the two that used to be locked. You just came through one, now, go through the one on your left, grab the Health on the wall and go up the stairs. Go through the door, kill the guy, you are now on the catwalk up above. Objective complete.

Now, to get out of here, continue moving forward and shoot the grate out in the wall in front of you. Crouch down and go through. EXIT.

Your reward is some SNOOPER Ammo and a Flak Jacket.

Radar Installation

Locate and destroy MVX-mk1 radar array
Crouch and move forward. Break the grate at the end of the tunnel. Shoot the guys down below. Drop down and work your way across the bridge.

PS2 version, fall off the bridge into the water and find the SECRET AREA with the two Treasure Items. You can just grab them, you don't need to break the little fence blocking them. Use the ladder to get back up.

Go into the small building on the right for some health. There is a guard there, too. By this time you'll probably hear the alarm going off. Don't worry about it. Exit the building and go into the guard station in front of you using either the staircase or by going into the door on the left and up the ladder...both lead to the same spot. Man the mounted machine gun and take out any remaining guards down below. Once you do that, continue on through the large tunnel. Also note that I picked up a Sniper Scope from one of the guards. Go through the tunnel and take out the two guards up above and in front of you. Once you pass under the bridge that the two guys were on and turn the corner you'll have a guard launching rockets at you from the left side and a guy manning a mounted machine gun on the right and ahead of you. There will also be various other foot soldiers coming at you. Use your Sniper Rifle if the mood suits you, otherwise, just take them out however you see fit. Go into the 2nd door on your left...the first one is locked. When you're inside, you'll get a Checkpoint, phew!

You are momentarily safe in here. There is health in the next room on some beds. Outside, you still have a bunch of guys to kill. Still inside, you'll see that there is a propped open window. Break it and go through. Man the mounted machine gun and do some damage. From the mounted machine gun, go forward down the road and go into the buildings on your left. In one of them you'll find some crates. Climb up them and drop into the corner for a SECRET AREA (1 of 2). In the other building is some Health and Ammo. Exit and continue down the road into the large tunnel. Take out the guards as you come to them. Go up the stairs on your right and Checkpoint.

There is a door in front of you and one on your right. Go through the one on your right. Break the grate in the floor, drop down, and follow it to the SECRET AREA (2 of 2) with some Ammo, Health, and a Panzerfaust (rocket launcher). Exit this area and kill the guard. Go into the fenced storage area directly across from you. Grab the Dynamite. Exit and follow the hall, kill the guards, go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the room directly on your left has several Meals for you to fill up on. The door to the right of you leads outside. Once outside, the door on the left has 2 Treasure Items inside.

PS2 version, in this room is the radio equipment that you need to destroy.

The door on the right is the way back out to where you could have originally entered if you hadn't gone the Secret Area route. So, from the top of the stairs, go through the hallway, you'll get a Checkpoint.

Go to the end of the hallway and go through the door. Outside, you'll see the huge radar spinning. Go through the door. Place a Dynamite inside buy the panels and get out of there! The building with the radar will blow up. If you missed the Dynamite, go back downstairs and into one of the fenced-in storage rooms, it's there. Once the radar blows, Objective complete.

Locate entrance to X-Aircraft facility
As soon as the radar blows, a few guards will come out the door. Kill them, go into the door, then through the next door. There will be a large opening in the floor with a ladder. Checkpoint.

Go down the ladder and shoot the guards when you get to the bottom.

PS2 version, on the floor you'll see a small metal panel. Open it to reveal a red wheel Spin it to get a SECRET AREA. Where that area is, I don't know. But, it counts, so hey. Update from Trancer Tong: The exit-room has power generators in it. Spinning the red wheel causes the power generators to explode. Lights out nazis!

Go through the door on your left, this is the entrance to the X-Aircraft facility. Objective complete. Go through the next door for your EXIT.

Air Base Assault

Gain access to "Kobra" launch silo
You start off in a small tunnel. Exit and you'll see the air base below you. Pull out your Sniper Rifle and pick off the guy in the guard tower on the right and anyone else who you can see. Stay on the right and move forward. When you get near the ladder to the guard tower you'll notice a grate in the ground. Break it and drop down. Collect the Ammo and Health and move forward into the garage with the crates and the truck. Kill the guys in here and take the goodies from the shelves. Exit out the door. You are now outside. At this point you can explore the various hangars on the left and in front of you. In between hangar 1 and 2 there is a small building. Find the door on the building and go in for a SECRET AREA (1 of 2). After you're done exploring the hangars, you need to go right. So, go right until you see the elevated guard station on your left and a large wall blocking your way. Kill the guy in the guard station/tower and go up the ladder. Move the red switch/lever to lower the wall. Go back down the ladder and proceed. Checkpoint.

Keep running forward and you'll get to a huge complex in the side of the mountain. Go through the slightly open huge metal door and you'll get your Objective complete.

Prep "Kobra" for launch
Now inside, kill the guards. Go up the stairs and around to the only door. Continue up the stairs. Checkpoint.

At the top of the stairs, go left. Go through the first door on your right. There are some Health Packs and two switches. You only have to pull the one on the left for now. There is a note on the hanging on the wall which tells you how to prep for launch. You have to hit Yellow, Red, then Green. We just hit yellow which raised the Kobra to fueling position. Exit out and go right. Go into the room at the end of the hallway, kill the guard, then hit the switch...there is a Health Pack in this room, too. This is the Red Switch. This fuels the plane. You can watch as the red fuel indicator goes up. When it's completely full, the flashing yellow light goes to green. Now, you'd think that you could just go back to the room with the Yellow and Green switches to hit the Green switch. Well, you actually have to manually open up the launch doors. So, go through the only door you haven't been through yet and you are outside. You'll see a bunch of paratroopers landing. One will land on the level that you are on. Kill him and you get a nice Sniper Rifle. Anyway, make your way up the series of ladders until you get to the top. Go through the door and the next one. You are now in a room with a red wheel and a guard hiding behind the crates. Kill him then spin the wheel. This opens the launch doors and Objective complete.

Capture "Kobra" and fly to OSA air base in Malta

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Exit and backtrack back down the ladders. You're going to have a lot of paratroopers who have landed to deal with. Take them out from above. Once they're all dead, go down the last ladder and back into the area with the switches. Remember the screen door at the top of the stairs that was locked, well, now it is open. Go through. Go up the stairs and through the door. Kill the guards in there and then push the red button on the control panel. This will open the metal doors on your left. Facing the rocket, look behind you and above the console area. You'll see a metal grate. Climb up on the consoles and such and get up to the grate for a SECRET AREA (2 of 2). When that's done, go back to the doors to the rocket and Objective complete and EXIT.

Ammo and Grenades.

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