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Lunabean's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. Deadly Designs

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5. Deadly Designs

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1. General Notes, Cursed Sands
2. Ominous Rumors
3. Dark Secret
4. Weapons of Vengeance
5. Deadly Designs
6. Deathshead's Playground
7. Return Engagement
8. Operation Resurrection
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5. Deadly Designs

Deadly Designs


Eliminate panzergrenadier team
You start out with a Tank (Panzer) in front of you. Follow it. When you turn the corner to your left, there will be a sniper in a building up above. Take him out then kill off the next guys who pop out of the alleyway on your right. Take the alleyway and clear the area around here. Before you go up the stairs, look for the flaming building in the courtyard. Jump in, crouch, go under the floor and pop back up. This is a SECRET AREA (1 of 2). You can go up the stairs on the left and eliminate the guys up there. At the top of the steps you'll get a Checkpoint. Continue clearing this area. When all the guys are dead you'll get Objective complete.

Escort the captured Panzer safely to the SWF complex
You are still upstairs. Grab the Armor Helmet, Health, Panzerfaust (rocket launcher) and Ammo. Go back downstairs and find the Tank. There is some barbed wire blocking your path. Find the alley on your right and go through the open gate there. If the iron gate isn't open, kill some more guys until it opens. Checkpoint.

Follow the path and you'll get to an open area. Kill the guards and the one in the first floor window. On the left side of this area, in a blown out building, is a mounted machine gun and a Flak Jacket. Jump through the window that the guy was shooting you from. Work your way through killing as you go. You'll get to another outdoor open area. Go forward and around to the left. On the other side of the area are two good guys and the scientist. Take out the guards shooting at them and then join them. Kill off any remaining resistance and collect all of the goodies, including the Flame Thrower, near where the scientist is located. This is Objective complete for the below objective.

Now, backtrack all the way back to where the barbed wire was blocking your path before. You'll see that the Tank is on the move. You must protect it. Run up ahead of it and take out any enemies. Objective complete.

Aid Kreisau Circle in safe defection of SWF scientist
See objective above.

Gain access to SWF Complex
Up ahead of the tank you'll see a blown out doorway. Go in and go right. Work your way through the rubble, killing as you go. If you climb up the collapsed beam and jump up to the small ledge connected to the beam, you'll get a SECRET AREA (2 of 2). Especially watch out for the Flame Thrower guys. They are tough to kill. Anyway, approach the grate in the ground and EXIT.

PS2 version, at the end when the tank stops, go down the alley right next to the tank, hang a left, then go right, up the stairs and into this ravaged building. The floor from the upper level has caved in, climb up it. The window nearest the ramp is directly across from a hole in another building. Jump through the two buildings, blow up the barrels in that room (beware the sniper in the room next to it) and enter the hole created by the explosion 5 or so gold bars are up here and a SECRET AREA. Tip provided by Trancer Tong.

Your reward is an Armored Helmet.

The Bombed Factory

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Infiltrate the Kugelstadt weapons factory
Go forward and up the ladder. Be ready to get killed. There is a mounted machine gun staring you down. Try to shoot the guard before he gets over to the machine gun. If you miss him and he mans the gun, you may as well start the mission over. Above him and to the right is a Sniper on a roof. Take him out. See the garage door on your left? Use the switch to open it for a SECRET AREA (1 of 2). Move forward, go around the corner on your right and you'll see another Sniper. Take him out. Go to the right and through the ruined buildings. Watch out for all of the baddies. There will be several in front of you and one above and behind you. Take note of the one that is above you, on the second floor. This is an office that we need to get to later to get the "Venom Gun" Book. Anyway, on the floor you'll see a grate. There is also some Health and Ammo. Checkpoint.

Blow up the grate and fall down. You are in some sewers. Go forward and you'll reach a "T" intersection. Kill the guy on your right and then pump a bunch of lead into the flame thrower dude coming from the left. If you need Health, you can go right and up the ladder. There are two Health packs. Otherwise, head left. There is a Health pack near the ladder. Go up the ladder and blow out the grate. There are several guards up there. You can either pop out and shoot them, or, shoot in the general direction of them and wait for them to drop down into the sewers and kill them there. Either way, once they're taken care of, go up the ladder and hide behind the armored vehicle. There is a guy shooting rockets at you. Get your Sniper Rifle ready and take him out. You can wait for him to use all of his rockets first if you want. From behind the armored vehicle, notice the ladder on the right wall. It isn't down yet, so you can't use it, but, you will. Go into the door on the left of the armored vehicle. There is an Armor Helmet on the left and a Health behind the door. Go up the stairs and take out the guy behind the crates. Go into the rooms taking out guys as necessary. When you get to the room with the crate, two Health Packs and a lantern, watch out. There is a guy above and behind you. Proceed up the stairs and you'll hear two soldiers mess up a bomb and it'll explode causing the floor to collapse. Kill the two guys down below then, blow up the gas barrels near the wall to make a hole in it so that you can get back up. Also in this room, there is another gas barrel. Blow this one up for a SECRET AREA (2 of 2).

PS2 version, in the room directly outside the room that you just blew up the exploding barrels, look at the crate and kick it for a SECRET AREA.

Go back up the stairs and jump across the blown up floor. There is an Armor Helmet on the other side and a Health. Go through the door. You'll get a Checkpoint.

Approach the broken out windows in front of you. Get your Snooper or Sniper Rifle ready. When you see shots coming at you, take out the two guys across the way, through the broken windows. Those guys are shooting you from the building that contains the "Venom Gun" Book. Anyway, move to your left and watch out for the guy shooting rockets at you. He is on top of the ladder that we need to climb...I mentioned that ladder earlier. Take care of that guy and then drop down and climb up the ladder. While still on the ladder, get your Sniper Rifle ready and slowly go to the top of the ladder. When you pop up, take out anyone that you see. There is a concentration of guys on your right.

Before we go on, we have to complete the objective below...find the "Venom Gun" Project Book. Get back on the ladder and pretend that you're coming up again. Get on the wall/ledge that the ladder is on and head left along the thin wall...you'll have to do a little jump over the iron of the ladder. From the wall, jump onto the blue/gray slanted roof. Then, walk up to the office area and you'll find the "Venom Gun" Book on the desk. There is some Health here, too.

Now, get back to the same ladder. This time, when you get to the top, head right onto the ruined platform area...where you killed the guys before when you came up the ladder. Jump across to where they were shooting you. Go through the door. You'll soon get your EXIT.

Obtain "Venom Gun" Project Book
See objective above.

Your reward is a Flak Jacket.

The Trainyards

Gain access to the main warehouse complex
You start in a ruined building. Make your way toward the door on the other end and snipe the guys shooting at you from across the way. Go through the door and take out the guards if any are remaining. Go through the next door and you'll see some Health and an Armor Helmet. Near where the Health is, there is a ladder down. Take it. You are now in the Trainyard. Opposite the ladder, there are some guards in a side warehouse. Take them out and grab the Health, Armor Helmet, and Ammo. Exit out and head toward the other end of the Trainyard. There will be several guards hiding in a rail car. Also, off to the left of the parked train you'll find a ladder going up a building. Go up. There used to be a Sniper here. There is some Health and a Panzerfaust (rocket launcher) here. Look down at the train. Note the opening in the roof of a car. You can actually jump over to that hole and drop down to find a SECRET AREA (1 of 2).

Now, exit out of the train. There is a large building in front of you. Go to the right side of it and go through the raised garage door. Beware of the Sniper shooting at you from above and to your left. Objective complete.

Locate the primary lift and proceed to the SWF
You are now inside the main warehouse. Snipe the guys up above then go to the large double doors. They will open and several guards will come out. Snipe or shoot them. Go through the double doors. It is here that you will encounter your first robot-dogs. They'll break out of the crate. Kill them. There is a door on the left, go in and kill the guy in there. Nothing there. Exit and go through the door directly in front of you. On the right is a room with some Health Packs, a guard, and two buttons. Go in, kill the guard and then push the two buttons. Exit and go through the door with the green light glowing. Go up the stairs. Kill the guards that come out. The door on the right leads to the outside. Nothing here but a sniper perch. So, go left. There is a Flak Jacket in this room and a note. Exit out and backtrack back down the stairs and through the door in front of you. When you get back to the area where the dogs broke out of the crate, go left through the now unlocked double doors. Watch out for snipers. Move forward and Checkpoint.

There are several well placed snipers in this area. Especially watch out for the guy above and behind you. On the left is an open door with a staircase. Go up the stairs. You are now on the catwalk above. Follow the catwalk and you'll soon come to a door. Go through. There is a Cold Meal here and some Ammo and Grenades. The door in this room leads you back to the up above area of the original place you first entered the warehouse. Anyway, backtrack out of the room, back to the catwalk and continue moving forward. On the far end, you'll see a yellow panel that reads, "Access." Open it up and push the button. This powers the elevator downstairs. Objective complete.

Before heading back down, move along the catwalk and notice the second story garage which you can't get to via the catwalk. You have to, instead, jump over to it. To make the jump you have to be standing on the catwalk railing. We chose to do so from the front of it. Jump over, then jump over to the control room to your left. Pass through the door and you will have found a SECRET AREA (2 of 2).

Exit out and go back downstairs and approach the now active elevator. Watch out! On each side of the elevator are robot-dogs in crates. Take them out, then, go into the elevator for your EXIT.

Your reward are some Panzerfaust (rocket launcher) rockets.

Secret Weapons Facility

Locate Deathshead's U-boat pen
You start out in an elevator going down. Once it has stopped, go through the doors and kill the guy in the room on your right. Go into the fenced in area ahead of you and on the left by blowing up the gas tank/canisters on its outside wall. This is a SECRET AREA (1 of 4). Stock up. Exit and go through the double doors. Kill the guard and then the guards that come up the stairs. The double doors in front of you are locked, so go down the stairs. Proceed forward and go up the little set of stairs and back down on the other side. Continue through the hallway. Checkpoint.

In the next room, kill off the guards and take note of the green crates. On the left is a door that is locked, further ahead on the left is a double door which is locked but doesn't even get the "locked" icon. So, hop up the green crates and onto the next level. On either side of this up above area, we have some double doors. Both are unlocked. In front of you is a supply room with a fenced window. Facing the supply room, go right. The double doors to the left were doors that were locked earlier and you had to go down the stairs. Again, facing the supply room, go right through the double doors and take out the guards. There are some more double doors in front of you and on the left is a button that opens the fenced window looking down onto the electric half-man bad guy. This is what you're going to have to face in a second, so get ready. Go through the double doors. Checkpoint.

You'll hear a loud explosion. Several of the electric half man guys are now free. You can now look down and see them running around. One will probably chase you up the stairs. This is where your big weapons are helpful. I used lots of well-timed grenades and a few Panzerfausts (rockets) to take care of the first three. Once you are confident, go down the stairs. At the bottom and behind you, you'll find the Venom Gun, and X-Shield, Ammo, and Health. Stock up. The Venom Gun takes a second to get going, but once it does it does some great damage. Proceed through the next room and you'll see a guard getting beaten by an electric dude. Take them both out. You will also notice that there is one more electric dude still caged up. Push the button to open his cell and take him out. Once he's toast, go to the back of this cell and kick in the crack in the wall. Congrats, you've found a SECRET AREA (2 of 4).

Go through the single door to the right of the double doors which are inoperable. Inside, push the button and pull the switch. Looking through the screened window, notice that a platform above and across from you lowers. Anyway, go through the next door, there is a Health Pack to the right of it. You are back in the green crate room. Jump back up the crates and now you can go right where you just lowered the platform (it was raised and blocked you earlier). Go across the now lowered platform and go forward. You'll get a Checkpoint.

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Go through the double doors on your left. Go through the door in front of you for some Ammo and such and kill the guard inside. Exit and go down the stairs. You cross an iron bridge with pipes under it and all around it. This is a path to a Secret Area, but, we need to flood the area with water so that you can float up once you are down there. So, for now, ignore it and move forward. Go through the double doors. Kill the two guards in this room and go ahead and drop into the water. To float back up, hold your Jump Button. Break the grate and go through. You have found a SECRET AREA (3 of 4). Work your way up the ladders, go through the door, open the Access panel and turn the red wheel. From where the red wheel is, look down. This is the iron bridge that I told you that you had to flood with water in order to get to that Secret Area. Go ahead and drop down from here if you want. You'll take a big health hit, but you'll be getting some more. Or, backtrack to the aforementioned bridge, hop in the water and when you see the hole above you, float up. Climb up the ladder and SECRET AREA (4 of 4). Stock up. Exit through the gate and go back through the double doors. Approach the double doors on your left and Checkpoint. Go through and Objective complete.

Obtain information on Deathshead's destination
You are now in the U-boat area. You'll see it sink and slowly leave. Take out the guards around the area with your Sniper Rifle. Proceed forward. Notice the door on your left. Go by it for now and all the way around. At the end is a supply room. Exit and go back to the door that we just went by and go through and up the stairs. At the top, go right and around to the next door. Go across the bridge and you'll see that the door is locked. Facing the locked door, look down and to your right. See the two gas barrels? Shoot them. This will blow a hole in the wall. Now, you have to jump down there. Go through the hole in the wall and Objective complete. Go up the stairs, turn right, go through the door, up the stairs again and EXIT.

Your reward is Snooper Ammo.

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